Thursday, December 01, 2005

black liquid on decks

Originally, from London, Iheanyi (Ike) Ngwaba aka Blackliquid, came to Los Angeles armed with 16 years DJ experience and 12 years of production. His intention was to spend as much time with the best of the best talent in the United States writing, producing and DJing. After a quick six years, he accomplished that goal and established a solid reputation as a one of LA's best House DJs, Entertainers & Producers, playing right alongside of the biggest names in the industry.

Only recently, he finished a remix for DJ Colette's "Hypnotized" and I had the rare opportunity to preview that track. It is definitely hot! It just so happens that this particular track has also been released on the new compilation CD,"Femme Fatales". In addition,he has new EP, entitled "The BlackLiquid EP" that is very near release on Magnify Music, though no date has been given.

Just a few days before this publication, Blackliquid took a little bit of time out to mix us up a little somethin'. Be sure to make it out for his performance at "4 - The phocas 4th Anniversary Party" on December 10, 2005 at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub for the full effect!

All tracks are written, produced and remixed by Blackliquid. Hope you enjoy! For more information, visit
  1. Tump - Original jam from the BL vault
  2. Keepin Up - Original house jam from the BL vault!
  3. Havin Sex - One of Blackliquid's fun remixes. Having sex vocals courtesy of La Tour track 'People Are Still Havin Sex'
  4. Sex Healin (BL 05 remix) - slightly more bumpy version of the classic Marvin Gaye hit 'Sexual Healin' remixed by Blackliquid
  5. Track Me Down - Original jam from the BL vault.(Imagine searching for the mischievous and mysterious piccolo whilst grooving in a club with your friends.)
  6. Spaced Invader (BL 05 remix) - After jamming the original mix some years ago the 'Liquid Invasion' mix was created for the soul driven house dance floor.
  7. Don't Believe The Hype (BL 05 remix) - Public Enemy are a
    favorite of Blackliquid. This is a ethnic percussive house bump remix made strictly for the dance floor.
  8. Come Enjoy - An original funky groove based soulful house jam. Produced for the London (UK) club night 'Got To Go' as seen on DSI

shadowrunner may 2005 trance

November flew by fast and I hope you all are giving thanks for all that is great in your lives. Now that it is December it is definitely a time to be giving thanks. We can all be thankful that we have a scene that can cater to many different tastes, and very competent local dj's to help bring electronic music to the forefront. We can give thanks to the coolest people in the Midwest who spread the positive vibes and come to support their local electronic music scene. Last but not least, we need to thank the bars, venues, concert halls, proprietors, and politicians who support our local and regional scene. It is my hope that we can make the scene grow immensely in the next year. So, in this holiday season, I hope that we can find you all happy, prosperous, and loved.

Many people lately have asked me how I keep in tune with the trance scene while being stuck here in the Midwest. After I give them the "The Midwest is so rockin, and you don't even know" sermon. I point out that there are many outlets to seek out all that is new and strange in the outside world of electronic music. This has prompted me to include in this months review a link to an Internet radio station that caters to trance music.

Dance Community Network

Founded and based mostly in the United States, ETN is a primarily a trance and progressive streaming site with lots of extra content. Time slots are allotted to many well known and respected trance & progressive dj’s and producers such as: Airwave, Mark Norman, Yves Deruyter, and Gabriel & Dresden. If you have no clue as to whom these producers are, its ok. There are many links next to their bios that you can check out for yourselves. With so many extras like articles, full dj and live pa sets in downloadable formats (mp3 & wav.), chat rooms, and forums, ETN is a integral part of the trance culture. Please check it out and have fun streaming.

BaLi - 'Construct'

Sometimes it is my pleasure to review a mix cd that has a higher level of quality and programming. Coming out of San Fransisco, BaLi has put forth his newest effort “Construct”. This psycho-active deep tribal progressive pumper hits right down to the core. This cd starts out dark and sensual with deep percussive energy and moves into a banging progressive massive that smoothes out with some grooving breakbeat. Finally, this cd funks out with some understated vocal sample and a solo bass guitar riffing a dirty bass line. The programming is very fluid as it transitions from one track to another. Many genres like psytrance, tribal, and latin percussive house are used like paint on a canvas to aid in the overall expression of emotion and movement here, but make no mistake, this is truly an intense progressive thumper. BaLi has an impressive rise to fame and continues to work hard as a producer and dj. I invite everyone to check out his web site, listen to his mixes, and try to convince your local venues or promoters to book BaLi for a night to remember.

In this dry and cold time of the year, it is only befitting that I bring you the newest tracks that get you hot and wet. The outdoor festival and party season is over and many producers are turning their efforts towards the studios again. This is a great thing because, by the time World Music Conference rolls around, we all will be benefiting from their efforts soon. Wish them a merry hibernation and we shall see them soon.
Mike Foyle vs Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk – Armind

If you plan on witnessing moonbeams glitter in the dark, you will need beautiful music to set the mood off. If you just want to bang away in the dark the Airbase remix takes the dark percussive trip up to the break then opens up into a lavish piano driven descending melody. M.I.K.E. heads up the second remix in his usual energetic fashion with hard driving synths and baselines. But the Signal Runner’s Sunrise Mix is the one that knocks it out of the park. Faster, stronger, better is the Signal Runner way. All these tracks have such a sensual undertone with mad percussion.

Pink Floyd Feat. Afrika Baby Bam - You Better Run (Alfix Remix) – Foot Fetish
Dark beats and inspired flow from Afrika Baby Bam, DIZZAMMN!!! This two tracker on the Foot Fetish label took me back to a time when I had a black light and a black felt Pink Floyd poster in my room. COUGH COUGH, and it was a gooood time, just like these two tracks.

Jon Silva - When I Kill EP – Shayan Music
Hop in my time machine and we are going to go back and witness the birth of the lil’ silver box we call the 303. The first of three tracks reminds me of an old Lil Louis Vega track that just was a simple building masterpiece. As time goes by in the track it just keeps building then breaks and builds all over again. Acid 303 tweeky goodness!!! Then if you are a fan of electro then the next two are gonna get your groove on. Beatstreet flavah comin at cha’.

TDR - Squelch - Pt 2 (Housetrap Remix) – Oxygen
Damn! Who set off the alarm? All you mutha fuggahs in trouble now! Once these two tracks get a hold of you on the dance floor, they gonna beat you like you owe them money! The percussion hits harder and hopes to make you bleed a fusion of house and trance.

Gambas - Explode (E-Craig + Steve Murano Remixes) – Kontor
I put this one on here so that you can track it down and hear one of the best break downs I have heard in a long time. The Germans have invaded your sound system and they mean business. Hard driving trance with sick breaks will be unleashed upon the masses when you drop this in prime time.

solaris december 2005 techno

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Goodfellas - Michael Burkat, Sven Wittekind - FELLAS008
A nice acid techno on the A side that is what I would find back in the day. The B side however, is right up my alley. This dark drum track makes life worth living again. I would even consider jumping in a Martian spaceship with some hand grenades if I was listening to this.

Blipped Out – Pete North - BLIP005
A nice track here, not driving but something different and fresh. We like fresh, and this also has a funky melody and more of a house feel. The B side keeps the labels form that I know with more of a driving edge to it. A must pick for anyone worth their grain as a techno connoisseur .

Infected – Permanent Damage - INF022
A nice floor rocker here, sweeping synths and the edge that would make your chin smooth as a baby’s bottom. Keep in mind the b side is not my cup of tea, but give it a whirl, Seems a bit slow Rotterdam stuff there. But some like cleaning chalk from the erasers.

Template – Various - TEMPL8R1
A must get here, and yes you are a git if you don’t. This thing has everything a man could ever want. Those old school break feeling with the early electro type techno. I love this stuff, it reminds me of that one time in band camp.

JLI Records – Various - JLI003
I threw this one in here because I don’t know anyone who put Rotterdam into reviews, but here you go this is no stopping until the cat has hung himself from watching these men grinding children and meth for breakfast. This stops just north of a heart attack. Beware those with pace makers, you might have a defect.

Q-RECORDS - Soul Preacher - Q-RECORDS019
A great club groove for anyone who might need it. This thing is chill and suave. It might even take your girl on a date for you, if you don’t mind her loosing herself to the music, because everyone knows vinyl is a girl’s best friend.

brent crampton december 2005 house

Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment. And with the Winter Music Conference just behind us, so many great choons are now on the market.

Colette - Feelin Hypnotized remix by Blackliquid - whiteFrom the headlining DJ at the forthcoming four-year phocas anniversary party, Blackliquid out of LA was nice enough to treat me to his unreleased remix. Colette, who is internationally renowned for her live-vocal-DJ duo, released her full length album, Hypnotized, over the summer. Blackliquid does a remix of the mainstay song from the album with a breezy, crystalline air. With a synth-laden melody and a piano line reminiscent to BT's early work, Blackliquid takes more of the symphonic and classical approach to match Colette's classically-trained vocals. One more for the CDR collection!

Matthew Bandy - Changing Directions - Coastline Recordings
Another hit from Matthew Bandy titled "Changing Directions" features a rising melody, thick electro-esque bass line and a soaring symphonic chord. Matthew Bandy's skill for interweaving emotion via a house beat has taken him to all sorts of altitudes in house music. A sampled vocal proclaiming, "I got to keep holdin' on," keeps the message on this track positive. The Rick Preston remix speeds up the BPM, makes the beat a bit thicker and the guitar funky. With layered drums and a Tandoori Indian spitting off quirky lines, this two-tracker gives the DJ a range of dance floor intensity while still staying in the realm of deep house.

Bryan Jones - Jackmaster Jazz Jocky - Black Cherry
Low symphonic disco blows, filtered bass line and jazzy piano riff, Jones' original cut is hypnotically rhythmic. But I must say that Ion's remix is takes it to a new level. With a rounded feel to the track, Ion builds upon the melody, making a bit more dance friendly. With a Natural Rhythm feel, he chops and cuts up samples of spoken word and musical riffs. All in all though, the Sound Republic remix takes the cake by taking a whole new approach to the track. With a wicked drum pattern thrown on top of the cut-and-sample rewiring, the track brings anticipation in the break down.

Chuck Love - Funky Ass Beat - Fetish
Taking on a nostalgic tone of Brett Johnson's past work, Funky Ass Beat is pretty self explanatory. Giving off an air of clean, smooth production, tight beats and a shuffling percussion, Chuck's giving off plenty of love to the dance floor on this one. The key stab and dirty bass line is really what sets this track apart from the rest, giving off a fun and funky feel. There's a nice little accapella for those DJs looking to get tricky, and for those DJs looking to be trendy (if such a thing exists for underground house), there's two delicious remixes by Joey Youngman.

DJ Sneak - Inside - Magnetic
Let's get things straight here - Sneak's unbelievably talented both as a producer and mostly DJ talent. Having said that, Sneak's latest cut, "Inside" will be left outside of my flight case. The original mix has some old-school drum patterns with a more mellow, poppy electro sound. The remix lays down some heavy hand drums and intense acid lines. It's been done before.

Franck Roger - Earthrumental Project Pt. 3 - Real Tone
Starting off with a repetitious and hypnotic melody with random interjecting African percussion in "Stormy Seas," an eery and dark vibe is set as the kick drum comes in, then the bass, then added layers of percussion. A breezy, organically-minded track, continues. Just as my interest is starting to sway, ocean waves brisk in and a deep chord layers the beat of the track rounding it off as a great summer track to have (in the middle of Fall). "Dub Life" is stripped down, with an airy, bird-chirping feel. Similar to Mr. V's Cosmic Ritual Dub of "Jus Dance," it's all centered around the subtleties of the beat.

Reggie Watts - So Beautiful - Amenti
A deep techer, this ones got West-Coast written all over it. A male vocal that's not sampled from another song (as far as I know) makes this an all around original piece of work.

Jon Lemmon & Dan Milan - Mud Bug - Tonic
Forget the gin and tonic's you usually need to get loosened up before hitting the dance floor. Lemmon and Milan have put together quite the little three-tracker. Overall, deep, latin, uplifting and moving. On the self titled track, "Mudbug," a samba beat with a whaling guitar makes this a track mass-appealing. "Too late" is a perfect fusion of deep and bumpin'. With a thick rhythm section influenced by tech-sounds, the melody is of a lighter tone bringing a strong contrast. "Tribal Fusion" only serves to build upon the spacey and serious-toned contrast. Heavy rhythm with an ethnic flair softened by the melody. Both of these latter tracks display Lemmon's influence from Johnny Fiasco, and that's why I'm buying it!

DJ Pope - Addicted - Hustle
Straight New York style deep house here. Whether it's the weekly Roots at Cielo, Shelter, Deep Where House Lives in LA or Utopia Boston - this is the kind of sound and feel that would fit perfectly amongst these vibrant vibe nights. The original track carries moody keys, a tender and tuff bass line, light hand drum percussion and a lush female vocal. The dub side breaks it down and plays with the melody a bit m

get funk'd

Troy Gilmore ~ photo courtesy of Blue Moon Productions ~ Nationally renowned for his truly innovative and creative sets, as well as his extremely sharp mixing skills, DJ MCB is quietly becoming a house hold name in the dance community, and behind the decks of dance clubs throughout the United States. MCB is revered by many as one of the most talented House DJ’s to come out of Arizona. His inept ability to master multiple aspects of house music and integrate them together, throughout his 12 years in the industry, is simply breathtaking. Whether he is spinning a very groovy/ sexy, “Deep House” mix, with a sprinkle of funk to a crowd of 200, or throwing down a slamming “Hard House” set with a touch of “Breaks”, to a crowd of 5000, MCB keeps the masses moving, and thirsting for more. His ability to master many styles has allowed him to develop his own style in a sense. Choosing not to be categorized as simply a “Deep House” or “Funky House” DJ but rather an artist with a universal flavor. His style knows no boundaries and can be adapted to any crowds liking, whether it be a huge nightclub or an intimate setting. MCB truly is a master of all trades when it comes to Dance Music. This mastery is reflected in his growing popularity in the dance music community throughout the United States.

Much of DJ MCB’s sensational musical skills were developed by working with, and learning from the very best in the industry. Having played alongside the likes of: Bad Boy Bill, DJ Irene, Richard Humpty Vision, Dj Rectangle, David Garcia, Robbie Rivera, George Acosta, Felix the Housecat, and many others. MCB has gained a true understanding and appreciation for all aspects of dance music.

Currently MCB continues to rock crowds from coast to coast with his breathtaking talents, and is in constant high demand. When not on tour MCB currently holds residency at Arizona's world renowned Mega Club Myst, where his prized night, “House 7340” has become one of the most sought after DJ destinations in America.

2005 will mark a historic year for MCB as he makes his debut performance at Winter Music Conference in Miami. Additionally, “06” will bring many more tour performances, and non stop crowd rocking through out the world. If you have yet to catch a performance by this magnificent artist, you are in for a performance you will not soon forget.

For more information, visit


Betty Kang ~ Crosstown Rebels reach a milestone as they line-up the release of the label’s first artist album with Pier Bucci, an artist considered to be one of the Chilean holy trinity of techno along with Ricardo Villalobos & Luciano. Pier Bucci ‘Familia’ is already being talked about by the great and the good as quite possibly the electronic album of the year with its emotive, South American melodies juxtaposed against the intricate electronic micro-house leanings and minimal techno excursions. The album is at once trippy and beautiful and continues the cutting edge path that the Chileans have been forging from Berlin to Ibiza to the Americas.

Two critically acclaimed EP’s already released with the Rebels, ‘Cinetico Andino’ and ‘Advanced Romance’ have both set the tone. Pier Bucci’s debut album was always going to be something special but nothing has prepared people for this. ‘Familia’ is a masterpiece from an artist at the very top of his game. Presented as a seamless piece of music, these 10 tracks overflow with the kind of harmonies and rhythms that make ‘Familia’ such a unique and trippy proposition. The perfect balance of headphone sensibility and dance floor abandon, it sounds like nothing else on the planet. Recorded in Berlin and Paris, all tracks are new and exclusive and the album artwork is courtesy of Pier himself, a serious artist on all fronts.

The haunting vocals on ‘L’Nuit’ and ‘Tita’ are by Armelle Pioline, who has recorded with Atom Heart, and Macha who contributes vocals to ‘Hay Consuello’. Early reactions to ‘Familia’ have been electric as Pier Bucci has clearly established himself as one of the most exciting propositions in electronic music. His live show debuts in the US this November with dates accompanied by DJ darling of the underground, Crosstown Rebels boss Damian Lazarus.

cease and desist

Justin Kleinfeld ~ Emerging producer / remixer / DJ Morgan Page makes history by self-releasing Cease and Desist, the first white-label house music album ever! The album features 100% unauthorized house music versions of popular tracks from artists including David Bowie, Esthero, Sam Phillips, The Kills, and Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones.

Each mix takes the original in a new direction: melting genres and blurring the lines between mainstream and underground appeal. From Coldplay’s funk laden "White Shadows," to the epic strings of Antone Dvorak’s "Symphony #9" Cease And Desist is bound to change a few minds about electronic music and garner a few friendly lawsuits in the process. A technically skilled producer / remixer, all of the album was produced using Pro-Tools in his studio in Silver Lake, Los Angeles with only one of the split tracks provided!

In 1999, Morgan Page was working in college radio and remixed "Angels" by Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones, using the acapella from the 12" single. The band (including Norah herself) loved the mix and it was passed around Atlantic Records' offices. Morgan began creating more of these unauthorized mixes adding his own style by layering live bass and guitar to add a warmer sound to the mixes. Soon, he began to receive a tremendous reaction to the mixes from radio DJs, club DJs, and music supervisors (Morgan’s tracks have been featured in national campaigns from top retailers including Adidas, Subterranean, Arden B, Nike, Chanel, and Nine West.) To date, Morgan’s tracks have been supported by many superstar DJs including Sasha, Deep Dish, Danny Tenaglia, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Mark Farina, Jason Bentley and Roger Sanchez. In fact, his track "Landline" was recently signed to James Zabiela and Paul Sidoli's Hearing Aid Records.

Now, at age 24 with several remixes under his belt and dozens of critically acclaimed EPs out on labels like Bedrock, SAW, and Nordic Trax featuring collaborations with Colette, Gregory Shiff, and Astrid Suryanto - Morgan has established himself as a profound producer and highly sought-after remixer.
Morgan Page - 'CEASE AND DESIST' Tracklisting
  1. Esthero – “We Are In Need Of A Music Revolution” (Intro Edit)
  2. Coldplay – “White Shadows” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
  3. Tegan & Sara – Walking With A Ghost” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
  4. Imogen Heap – “Hide & Seak” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
  5. Sam Phillips – “If I Could Write” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
  6. The Kills – “The Good Ones” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
  7. Hyperboreal – Tijuana For Dummies” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
  8. David Bowie – “New Killer Star” (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
  9. Antone Dvorak – “Symphony #9” (Morgan Page Remix)
  10. Wax Poetic Feat. Norah Jones – “Angels” (Morgan Page Remix)
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balance 008

Betty Kang ~ The Balance series continues to evolve and always has the ability to deliver elements of surprise and intrigue with each release, none more so, than introducing the latest addition to it’s already impressive list of compilers, Desyn Masiello. Desyn is one of the very few DJ’s in recent years that has stood out and caught the ear of some of the worlds largest DJs (with Deep Dish, Sander Kleinenberg and Danny Howells nominating him as their 'future DJ Hero' in DJ Magazine's Top 100 poll). With many established DJs and newcomer DJs leaning towards a particular style and musical range many are pigeon holed into a 'genre' of music. Desyn, however, has managed to establish his own sound that crosses boundaries and makes difficult to categorize.

Desyn incorporates house classics, deep, tech, funky and progressive in his sets. His musical taste takes inspiration from everything and anything that he feels. "I listen and take inspiration from almost any type of music. Many tracks I find may not be instantly playable, so I use technology such as Pro Tools and Ableton live to re-edit tracks or update them so they will then fit into my vision of how the music should sound on the dance floor”.

2002 saw Desyn's career skyrocket; with Deep Dish's exclusive US booking agency, Bullitt, signing him up to their US roster. 2002 kept Desyn packed with tours and performances. Kicking off the year with a cover mount CD for DJ Magazine (WMC issue), headlining at Glastonbury, and performing notable 6-hour sets around the globe and guesting in venues such as Cream (Liverpool), Gatecrasher and Renaissance (Worldwide).

During a hectic 2003, Desyn embarked on a global tour supporting his Yoshitoshi 3 'In House We Trust' CD. Performing 80 dates in 100 days, in some of the world's largest venues, for some of the most renowned companies, sponsors and festivals around the UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Malaysia, Asia, Middle East, North and South America. Having already released the highly acclaimed mix CD 'In House We Trust 3' (Yoshitoshi), and DJ magazines' WMC '02 cover mount, Desyn was steering his exciting new label Alternative Route (house and progressive) into the forefront of the scene. With his first signing (2001) being the mighty KC Flight 'Voices' and one of the most recent and successful releases being the colossal Chable & Bonnici 'Ride'. Other releases have included tracks from friends and producers, 16B, PMT, Creamer & K and DJ Vibe. The success of these tracks On Alternative Route are testament to Desyn's A&R ability to unearth superb originals, both new and old.

2004... Desyn's productions pointed the way to an exhilarating future. His first two singles with co-idiots Omid 16b and Leon Roberts, The Idiots 'Feel The Rush' and 'Keep it Real' (Sexonwax) were featured on Danny Howells' 24/7 Compilation. His first remix (Solar Plexus) is exhibited on Deep Dish's Global Underground (025). Desyn has completed remixes and edits for Yoshitoshi - Brother Brown's 'King's of Tomorrow', Eddie Amador's 'Psycho Ex-girlfriend' and the merging of 'Loudeast and Luzon'. The Idiots produced 'Dogman', remixed Danny Howell's, 'Spikes' (Sexonwax) as well as two remixes’ of 'Sharpside', Belgian Resistance (Renaissance). John Digweed requested Desyn join him on his 'End Of Summer Tour' around the USA. Having joined forces with The Collective Agency (USA) and Excession (UK), a nomination for BBC Radio 1’s “Essential Mix of the Year”, together with being handpicked to lead off the Original Series CD (OS_1) on Bedrock Desyn's profile continued to grow.

2005… A third record label “Symphonic” will be launched in July and run in conjunction with 4 international artists based around the world. With one of his best WMC’s to date, a Radio 1 “Live” Essential Mix and this outstanding “Balance 008” double mix compilation, we should be seeing Desyn further establish his name as one of the high, ranking, international DJs.
Desyn Masiello US Tour Dates

12.09.05 - Five - Washington, DC
12.10.05 - Bed - NYC
12.14.05 - Anu - San Francisco
12.16.05 - King King - Los Angeles
12.17.05 - Shine - Miami

For more information, check out or !

aol music dj sessions

Betty Kang ~ New York, NY - In a digital showcase for world renowned DJ, John Digweed, AOL Music and INgrooves have teamed up to release a their first album featuring mixes from his exclusive AOL Music DJ Sessions set that will only be available for sale online. AOL Music debuted the album on Monday, November 14 in a full Listening Party - giving fans the opportunity to hear it in its entirety at Then beginning on Tuesday, November 15, fans could purchase AOL Music DJ Sessions: Mixed by John Digweed exclusively from Apple’s iTunes Music Store. In December, fans will be able to visit other online outlets including AOL Music Now and others to purchase the digital album.

Recorded in September of 2005, AOL Music DJ Sessions: Mixed by John Digweed is comprised entirely of recordings from Digweed’s own progressive house label, Bedrock.

The release of AOL Music DJ Sessions: Mixed by John Digweed marks the first time AOL Music and INgrooves have partnered to produce and market a full length digital album that will be distributed online.
AOL Music features exclusive DJ mixes by world-famous DJs including Sasha, Hybrid, Sander Kleinenberg and Roni Size on its Dance/Electronica page and on the DJ Sets station on AOL Radio.

John Digweed is ranked as the number six DJ in the world according to a recent DJ Magazine poll. Formerly part of the world-famous DJ Duo Sasha & Digweed, he was the first British DJ to hold a residency in legendary New York City hotspot Twilo. The Hastings, England native scored two Top 30 hits in 1997 with remixes of Chakra's "I Am" and Bedrock's "For What You Dream Of" (featured in the hit movie Trainspotting).

AOLMusic is a leading online destination for music, reaching millions music fans a month through a rich array of programming, products and services that make it easy to discover, experience, listen to and buy music online.

INgrooves is a digital record label and technology company that provides artists and indie labels with distribution, marketing, and licensing services through its INgrooves™, INgrooves Mobile Music™, and Digital Music Access™ brands.

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bill patrick gourmet

Jennifer Danko ~ photo courtesy of Industry88 ~  Chicago - Bill Patrick (112 Crew, Robots, Made/New York City) has joined the elite roster of international electronic music talent on Gourmet Bookings, a Chicago-based DJ booking agency.

Patrick is already no stranger to global stardom. He an DJs Nick AC and Dennis Rodgers currently make up ROBOTS, a techno collaboration hosting one of New York City’s most successful, weekly club events. Since 2004, the resident trio has hosted the likes of Matthew Dear, Magda and Sven Vath, to name a few. Showcasing a flawlessly blended brand of electro, minimal house and techno, Patrick continues rise to the top of an increasingly crowded underground electronic music scene.

Additionally, the trio took their weekly parties one step further and recently launched an Internet radio show broadcast live on every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. The aptly titled RobotsRadio includes live performances, interviews and promotional giveaways.
Patrick’s signing to Gourmet Roster culminates his years of hard work and self-promotion. The NYC-bred DJ delved into dance music in 1998, when the legendary Twilo nightclub inspired him to take up DJing. In 2001, he formed the 112 Crew with Tom Amoroso, Dennis Rodgers and Matt Licata. Together, they refined their blend of techno and house, infusing sets with elements of breaks, dub electro, and minimal electronica.

His work with the 112 Crew launched an international career that took him to South America and continental Europe. In the past two years, Patrick has debuted on the main floor of England’s prestigious Fabric nightclub and headlined the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt, Germany. Additionally, he landed three dream gigs in Ibiza, including the “We Love…” party at Space and a fist pumping performance for Circo Loco at DC-10. Patrick topped off his string of success with a 2004 New Year’s Eve set at the world-renowned techno club, Tresor, in Berlin, Germany. Patrick earned additional praise from his colleagues when both Lee Burridge and Danny Howells named him 2003’s “Best Undiscovered DJ” in DJ Mag’s 2003 Top 100.

Now that Patrick has signed onto the Gourmet Roster, the secret is out. His signing to Gourmet solidifies his status as a respected global DJ. He joins the ranks of technically elite artists including: Pier Bucci (Crosstown Rebels/London, UK), Terry Francis (Fabric/London, UK) Garth (Grayhound/ San Francisco, Calif.) Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels/London, UK), Mazi (Gourmet/Chicago, Ill.), Paolo Mojo (Music is Freedom/London, UK) and Bryan Zentz (Disruptor/Virginia, US).

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stickin with madtizzy

Shelli Andranigian ~ New York, NY - November 2, 2005-- Veteran producer/remixer/DJ Mike Cruz, whose remixes and productions have topped the Billboard dance charts, has retained New-York-based Madtizzy Productions, Inc. and George Dellinger for management. Cruz's two-CD set, Arrival, was released in September on Live/Music Plant.

Renowned DJ Junior Vasquez has high praise for Cruz. “Mike Cruz is one of the most up-and-coming remixers on the scene today," he said. "He’s remixed two Jason Walker singles and Deepa Soul’s “As I Am” for Junior Vasquez Music. His mix of “As I Am” is definitely the BEST of the bunch.”
Already well known globally for his trademark house-fusion sound, Cruz has been DJing for over a dozen years in both the U.S. and abroad. He had quite a year in 2005, with six remixes including Deepa Soul's "As I Am" and one production topping the dance chart along with two more of his remixes in the Top 10. Cruz has had a total of 13 #1's and 8 Top 10 Billboard dance chart hits since 2001.

His #1 remixes in 2005 also included Jukka's "True Faith," Sisaundra Lewis' "Shout," Georgie Porgie's 'Sunshine," and Anna Visi's "Call Me" along with a #1 production for Inaya Day of "Lift It Up." Jaycee's "Bring in the Rain" and Laura Hildebrandt's "Burnin' Out" were Top 10 remixes by Cruz. Upcoming remixes include Inaya Day's remake of the 80's classic " Spin Me around" by Dead or Alive. Cruz will also soon drop his own production with Joi Cardwell, which is titled "It's Over," and is from his latest album Arrival.
Madtizzy Productions, Inc. began in 1998 with Sunscreem as its first act and David Knapp as its first DJ. They currently represent a number of other name DJ's including Billy Carroll, Chris Cox, Wayne G, Chad Jack and Manny Lehman.

Cruz's residencies include New York's Spirit, Chicago’s Hydrate, Tampa, Florida’s Chrome party; Providence, Rhode Island’s Fuel @ Diesel along with Krash at Chelsea in NYC (where he has manned the decks for nearly a decade). Internationally, Cruz holds residencies at both FFF/TLV in Tel Aviv, Israel and Le Boy in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. He has also spun in Vancouver, Cancun and Mexico City, in addition to Madrid and Ibiza in Spain (including the famous Club Space and Anfora Disco).

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viva recordings

Justin Kleinfeld ~ World-leading DJ / music artist Steve Lawler has announced radical new plans for 2006, with his landmark decision to launch his new record label only online. Steve Lawler is to close down his physical Harlem Records, Harlem Trax and Harlem Electric imprints to make way for Viva Recordings – only online. Viva is Steve’s latest musical venture – the name of his hot new night on the new Space terrace in Ibiza every Thursday. Lawler’s Viva label will launch in January 2006, and he’s currently in negotiation with two major online organizations.

“This is the way forward for me as a record label. Times are changing so quickly, and I want to start 2006 by leading the way with how people receive and enjoy the music I release. I am excited by the proposition of only being online, which is where a lot of my music buying audience tend to live. The technology is now good enough for the sound quality to work for DJs, and I see this as a step forward to position the label at the forefront of not just music but also technology,” says Lawler.

Viva Recordings will follow the success of the Harlem Records labels, currently one of the most downloaded labels on the Beatport site in America. Lawler’s Hollywood remix of “The Skeleton Key” is also one of the most downloaded tracks in the history of the DJ Magazine DJ Download chart. Harlem Records itself has provided huge dance floor hits including the summer 2004 smash “I Can’t Explain” by Bombdogs (remixed by Lawler) and his own production “Illectronic Music.”

Lawler has announced that all his work from 2006 will be under the umbrella Viva. His hugely successful residency at The End will be renamed Viva Harlem Nights, his residency in Ibiza simply titled Viva Space, and a new residency in Europe to be revealed. Lawler also launched the highly- collected Viva merchandise range in Ibiza, and he’s in discussions with fashion houses about turning it into a lifestyle collection. Lawler will release the first Viva compilation in May, just before the summer residency at Space.
About Steve Lawler

Steve Lawler is a definitive DJ and producer. It has been a steady rise from the infamous 'motorway raves' of the early ‘90s, to his legendary residency at Space in Ibiza, Harlem Nights at The End, and his Lights Out tours of North America. Lawler continues to build an ever-growing band of avid followers who pack out any venue that bills his name. He is one of the most powerful touring brands in electronic music – period.

Steve Lawler is currently in the midst of the busiest time of his life. He has just completed a mammoth US tour to promote his third and final Global Underground compilation Lights Out. He recently remixed ‘The Conjure’ title track from the Universal Pictures film The Skeleton Key – starring Kate Hudson. Along with his own new production ‘That Sound’ (Joia Records), Steve’s production is at its finest point to date. In July, Lawler launched his own weekly club in Ibiza with Viva. Moving from his Sunday residency for We Love where he was crowned King Of Space, he’s standing alone with his own Thursday night event at the refurbished Space Ibiza venue.

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pacha nyc

Betty Kang ~ New York City, NY – November 17, 2005 – World-renowned lifestyle brand Pacha is teaming up with DJ/producer Erick Morillo to launch Pacha in New York City this fall. The newest member of the international nightlife consortium will be the first North American branch of the club.

Pacha was founded by Ricardo Urgell in 1967 with a single club in Sitges, Spain. The family-run business has since grown into a global brand that encompasses more than 25 nightclubs, restaurants, a hotel, a record label, a radio station, a bilingual lifestyle magazine and a full-scale merchandising division built around their recognizable cherry logo. This year, they entered the resort industry with Isla de Pacha, a private island off the coast of Brazil.

“After 36 years and 25 nightclubs, it has been the dream of Pacha to host a New York venue. We believe New York is the spiritual home of discos and nightclubs and we are happy to be a part of its great history.” says Pacha brand director Danny Whittle.

The four-tiered, 30,000-square-foot club and event space is already a part of New York nightlife lore, having housed the second incarnation of legendary nightclub Sound Factory. Armed with the expertise of New York nightlife veterans Eddie Dean and Rob Fernandez, and the musical guidance of co-owner and resident DJ Erick Morillo, Pacha will offer a unique experience, combining European flair and New York energy.

Showing its commitment to music and DJs, Pacha has commissioned New York’s first Dynacord alpha concept sound system, imported from Germany. The system, built specifically to play dance music, is also in place in Space Miami. Unlike other large New York clubs, Pacha’s DJ booth is set in the center of the dance floor, providing a connection between DJs and dancers.

“I want this to be a club where the best DJs in the world will come to play on the best sound system in the world,” says Morillo. Known for consistently drawing unprecedented crowds to Pacha’s flagship club in Ibiza, the producer and Subliminal Records label head will serve as a resident at the New York location.
Frequented by celebrities like U2, Kelis, Kylie Minogue, and Shakira, Pacha Ibiza has long been a fixture of the international party circuit. In addition to Morillo, prominent DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, David Morales, and Deep Dish have played there in the span of a single season.

The name ‘pacha’ comes from Spanish folklore and loosely translates to “live like a king.” New York’s Pacha will fully embrace that philosophy.

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murk mansion

Justin Kleinfeld ~ Miami - November 28, 2005 - Miami house music legends Murk (AKA Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon) are pleased to announce the launch of their new residency at South Beach super club Mansion. This new residency marks the first time ever that Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon will hold a Miami residency under their acclaimed Murk name.

Although Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon both hold their own residencies at separate Miami clubs (Oscar is a monthly resident at Space, while Ralph takes to the decks monthly at Crobar), they have never before shared the stage as Murk. Uniting as one, Murk is about to prove once again why they are the dominant force behind Miami’s dance music scene. Commencing on Sunday, December 4, 2005 and following each Sunday night thereafter, the Miami dance music community will experience Murk - the residency. This landmark weekly event will be known as “Made In Miami” and is presented by respected Miami promoter Biz Martinez and Murk Records label manager David Orth.

"We hope to create something very special and home-grown. Ralph and I have been touring the world for many years but have never had the opportunity to build something together at home. We’ve always been very proud of our Miami history and this will be our chance to turn a new page." - Oscar G.
"Oscar and I have been very fortunate throughout the years to receive an incredible amount of support locally. This party will allow us to bring home what we have been doing globally for 15 years. We are and will always be MADE IN MIAMI." - Ralph Falcon

Murk’s new weekly residency at Mansion launches in conjunction with several exciting new projects. Oscar G’s hot new mix CD “Made In Miami” was recently released on Star 69 records and has received high marks for bringing his trademark Miami sound to stereo’s all over the world. From the Murk Records camp, Steve Lawler’s new mix of the Funky Green Dogs classic “Reach For Me” continues to tear it up, while a brand new Murk single, “Some Lovin” (featuring remixes from Robbie Rivera and Nick Fanciulli) is on the horizon. Watch this space for further updates!

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spree & adb

an Interview ~ intro by Brent Crampton ~ interview by MC ADB ~ photo courtesy of Spree

DJ potluck and Spree passing out ear-wax marshmallows. Sumptuous salad from Slick-Cell, a splash of DJ Blac's finest jungle juice, a healthy portion of Jeff Hunter's breaks, a generous dollop of Spree & ADB with a dessert topping of Lunatik's sweetest electro beats.

No, this isn't a DJ potluck, but Flatline and ADB production's latest event, Gobble Gobble took place on Nov. 25th at the Mile-Away-Hall-Deuces Bar in Crescent, Iowa (just outside of Omaha), this post-Thanksgiving event dished up everything but the leftovers.

ADB took the time to interview his long-time colleague, Spree.

Spree, I firstly want to thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat about yourself and your life as a word renowned Hardcore DJ. After 8 years of DJ’ing you are still here, and there is still a major demand for DJ Spree, how does that make you feel?

Pretty surprised actually, I never thought I’d be still doing this eight years later, when I first started. I’m pretty happy about it though.

What initially inspired you to take up the art of DJ’ing?

When I was 20 years old I stumbled onto a Bonkers compilation that had a mix by DJ Hixxy. I didn't know anything about electronic music and hadn't even attended to my first rave yet. I remember thinking that the music was just pure raw energy unlike anything I'd heard before. It floored me. I wanted to experiences that level of energy from music first hand. Unfortunately there weren't really any Hardcore DJ's in my area back then, so if I wanted to hear it, it was up to me to play it

What styles of dance music have you played, and why did hardcore appeal so much to you?

In addition to hardcore, I play jazzy D&B under a different name as it reflects my musical tastes outside of the ‘scene.’ As for the appeal of hardcore, I’m drawn to it’s raw positive energy, it’s unlike anything else I’ve heard.

After experiencing the many highs and lows of being a rave DJ, how do you feel about the fact you have had to face so much adversity because of the style music you play?

Challenges that you can walk away from, build character. I’ve gotten to see a lot of places I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to had I not been a DJ. I’ve also seen both the very positive, and very dark sides of human nature. I’ve learned a lot in my travels and I feel blessed that I was able to have such an opportunity.

After the success of ‘Never Ending Hardcore’, you must feel proud to have created a track that has given many happy memories to so many ravers across America.

For sure, but I didn’t create it by myself. My friend Jason H. did much of the technical aspects, and we really co-produced it.

Do you formulate your sets before you perform, or do you bring a mixed bag of treats in your records bag and just play-off the crowd’s reaction?

A little bit of both: I usually plan the first 3-4 records or so, just to give me time to get used to whatever sound system I’m playing on. After that, it’s a mixed bag based on the crowd’s reaction.

What does it mean to you to be performing again in Omaha after igniting your career initially at ‘Plur 99’ (which is widely considered one of Omaha’s best parties)? What’s your best memory of that evening?
I’m always happy to play in Omaha; it’s a great town with lots of positive people. My favorite memory of that evening was the giant beach ball…

Every experienced DJ has been placed in strange and often-hilarious situations, please tell us the story about the bum in Detroit and your unfortunate earplugs.

Ha! Well, in 1997 there were not really any UK Hardcore style parties going on in the states. Up in Toronto, however, there was going to be an all UK Hardcore party with several DJs from across the pond. I decided to make the road trip out there with two female friends of mine. We stopped on Friday night in Detroit to see a show, and then made out way through downtown afterwards around four a.m. We drove by The Fox Theater, which had a gorgeous marquee, and the ladies wanted to take a photo. I pulled up next to the theater, and the ladies hopped out. Immediately a guy wearing a purple satin jump suit, looking to be about 50 years old, came over to the ladies and started talking to them, then he walked over to the unlocked passenger door, opened it and stepped inside. I was more then shocked, but played along since I had no idea what his motives were. He asked me if I had any spare change, and being that I have a hard time controlling my sarcasm, I said, “nope, all I have is this used earplug, you want it?” Unfortunately, he must not have comprehended what I said, because he nodded his head, so I handed him the earplug I wore at the show an hour earlier. He examined it for a moment, squeezing it in his fingers, and then said “oooh, a marshmallow!” and popped it in his mouth before I could protest. He instantly looked over at me, and scowled, spitting it out. He must have been a bit dazed, because while he glared at me, he quickly got out of the car, and walked away. The ladies jumped back in, and we sped off. It was an extremely surreal moment.

mixtape meditation

by Brent Crampton ~ by Callie Tacket ~ Unconventional, uncanny and completely underground – the Mixtape Meditation recording label is all about pushing the boundaries. Whether it be indie-rock, electronic-infused bossa nova or Pete Rock-in’-esque hip-hop, it’s all music you gotta meditate on in order to figure out that despite it’s apparent diversity, this label is based in the undiverse state of Kansas.

Based in the city of Lawrence to be exact. But it’s a fact that despite the Kansas stipulation, Lawrence is known as a sub-cultured art and music community amongst the sprawling plains. And while talent such as Digable Planets, LCD Soundsystem, The Coup and Atmosphere make their way into Lawrence, David Fulton’s label is what’s coming out.

More than just a label started in 2003, Mixtape Meditation is a sub-division of the parent company, Mixtape Media, which also is composed of their recording studio, which goes by Mixtape Soundlab. See a pattern in their marketing?

There’s also a pattern in the intensity of Fulton’s life-interwoven passion for music. Here he talks about his grass roots approach to a record label, obnoxiously bangin’ on the drums and his connection to the awe-inspiring Lawrence.

Highlighted Quote –

“but beats are a gateway drug, so anything that has power and groove will find its way here.”

I like the name Mixtape Meditation, what’s it all about?

Of course the scope of our label is to put out quality music with the purist intentions towards our artists. We only sign those who are whole-heartedly committed to music and I believe it shows in the work. Granted we are a small independent label, which means very limited budgets, but our belief is that if the music is meant to be heard, then it will be. It’s an optimistic view point to have in times where piracy is killing retail sales. But as any one nowadays should tell you, a good buzz can be made with a $3,000 budget, ample touring and utilization of the web. This label is run solely by myself, however all of our artists make up the "staff" if you will. Everyone I’ve signed knows I believe in him or her and in return, they believe in the label. All I have done is set up a framework for us to exist and all of us make it what it is and what it can become. We all have high hopes for future.

Tell me about your slogan, “future music for present people.”

I’ve adopted the slogan "future music for present people" and I believe it’s very applicable to the sounds that shape our label. Whether it is the lyrical content of the new Archetype record or the micro slicing and dicing that electronic whiz kid Mo-Sys accomplishes with his tiny computer is representative of the progressive sense of the Mixtape family. Pushing the envelope in any and every sense is at the heart of the label, whether on a technological end or just by being a great song.

Any other record labels influencing your approach?

As you might tell from our roster, Mixtape embraces no one sound. We have hip-hop, indie rock, idm, soul, funk/samba - the list goes on. My vision for this label was to be like Ropeadope records, where if the record is good, then it’s good. That’s why the Mixtape Meditation moniker is appropriate. To me a good mixtape is one that can take you on a rollercoaster ride through many genres of music while simultaneously educating your soul. You can get lost in a good Mixtape and enjoy so many sounds that culminate in one cohesive journey. Outside of the deeper meaning, I think it just sounds cool.

Whether you're making a peanut butter sandwhich or thinking about your path in life in terms of metaphorical rhetoric - where is music for you in these processes?

Not to be cliché, but for me music is life. It’s literally tattooed on my body and metaphorically in my brain. It’s grown from hobby, to obsession to profession. I simply cannot live without being involved with music to some capacity. A lot of the way I’ve pursued music is because of my amazing parents. Not only did they let a 5-year old have drums, but they encouraged my musical growth from a very young age. That calls for a standing ovation!

A 5-year-old banging on the drums – that must have been grand for them. Tell me more about your family’s influence on you.

God the noise they have heard! But the more I showed my devout love and interest towards music, the more they helped me grow with its many directions. Of equal importance was the creative and entrepreneurial spirit they have. They are both business owners, and since day one, I have been surrounded by their strong sense of creating your own path in life and the business world by following your heart and trusting creative instincts. Art and commerce is hard to mix, but my upbringing proves my inherent optimism about making music my only means of survival. I break it down like this - I wouldn't have life without them, I couldn't live without music and I couldn't be doing what I’m doing now without my parents encouragement. Family is life, music is life, and that is what I hope Mixtape Media can be - one giant musical family. Truth be told, I do not know if I could do anything else except music. I’ve always been told that I am lucky that I’ve known exactly what I wanted to do since I was 5 and because of this bond with music, I must be humbled by its power and not let down that kid instinct inside myself I’ve trusted so far. I feel if I question the drive of music I question my entire existence. If I don't believe in music, I can't believe in myself. If music is taken away, I would be for the first time in my life, completely lost and helpless. I believe that my devout respect for music is why I don't fear the enormous challenge that is making my living in this industry.

What steps led you to where you are now with music?

It had been a dream of mine to start my own label since my freshman year of high school. During these years I was an official musical elitist geek, you know the types, and I typified that stereotype for sure! You have to be at least fifteen in the state of Texas to have a job, and as soon as that birthday came knocking, I was working at the coolest record store in Dallas being schooled by the musicologists clerks I had been bugging for a job since thirteen. As high school progressed I started writing music reviews for my high school paper and zines, interned at independent and major labels and booked as well as played in bands. I tried to make music my drive in school and outside of it and totally lived music 24/7. This is where it all came together for me: I enjoyed being a producer and musician, promoter and agent, label and artist, and finally critic and fan. But ultimately the mystique of small labels and the heart that was there really embodied everything I was looking for - a true commitment to music and vision without being blinded by status quo. It is still more impressive to me to watch labels like Ninja Tune, Good Looking, Thrill Jockey, etc. defy any trend and amass the rapid fan base more than any money machine could ever manufacture.

I couldn't wait to get to Lawrence to start climbing the ladder. When I got here, I spent a year diving into Lawrence and all that it had to offer. My sophomore year I started a mobile DJ company that was pretty successful for two years, then I finally landed an internship with Avalanche Productions above the Bottleneck, and that same location is where my business is now. It is there that I got to experience the inner workings of the music business on an entirely new level. I mean in that one tiny office, I got to witness five awesome booking powers of the Midwest music business work together to build this towns and the Midwest’s notoriety and watch them evolve to where they are now with there own businesses. You had Jeff Fortier, Josh Hunt, Bill Pile, Jackie Becker and Jesse Jackson! Seeing that take place really inspired me to take the plunge further. When they moved down the street and I knew that the recording studio across the hall, mercy records, was going under, I immediately found the landlord and made a call and the rest is history. Getting this location in the heart of downtown, in a space where so many important music ventures happened is a dream come true and I hope to, as Jeff Fortier recently said in an interview, "keep rock and roll alive above the Bottleneck.”

Tell me about the artists - how are they selected and what kind of music are they making?

Well, the running joke is that we sign anything that would make it onto one of our mix tapes. That’s not to far from the truth. I have a very diverse palate of music as well as those around me. There is obviously a commitment to regional electronic music - half of our roster is electronic in nature, but beats are a gateway drug, so anything that has power and groove will find its way here.

We are very proud to have released, in my opinion, the best live DNB record on the planet, that being Siamese’s “Ancients of days.” They are a live DNB band from Seattle who've played with Amon Tobin, LTJ Bukem, etc. and are driven by the hands down best live DNB drummer on this planet, Kevin Sawka. The new Archetype record "Bleed for them" is coming out in a week and we can't be more proud to be working with Nesbeat and I.D and co-releasing this with Datura records, which is owned by Willis and Approach. I.D just did a record that came out on Mush and Nez has made beats for Murs, Mac lethals’ new record coming out on Rhyme Sayers and countless of others so this will probably help the buzz, but overall this masterpiece speaks for itself. Lets see, oh Mo-Sys signed with us right before moving to Paris and his album should be out in 4 months. The last release for us this year will be our first wax pressing which is a Johnny Quest/Stikfiga 12" and it's very promising debut from Stik.

We have 6 more releases coming up next year including the new DJNOTADJ album, the Tanner Walle solo record, Pleasuremaker, as well as my solo project "banging x numbers". We have a few surprises up our sleeves as well so stay tuned. Our entire roster at the moment includes
Archetype, Asterales, Banging x numbers, Blackout Gorgeous, DJNOTADJ, Drouble Bass, Entrpronegro, Johnny Quest, Mo-Sys, Nezbeat, O.D.B.D (original drum n bass duo) Pleasuremaker, Siamese, Stikfiga and Tanner Walle.

Have you released anything? Has a distributor picked it up? Where can I get your music?

Up until now we have only released five records. We had distro with I.D.N but lost it when Kindercore split. With the limited amount of funds available to each release we are sticking to the mostly digital downloads and vinyl model of business while we organize the label and make our ascent more structured. We press 1000 cd’s at least for each release and those forthcoming, but the emphasis will be on our use of Itunes, which is getting hammered out right now, as well as other DDA vendors and the vinyl buying public. Retail is something we hope our buzz moves us into, but unless you have $50,000 to properly put a record through the system, grassroot tactics are the only rational choice.

With all the bands and hip hop going on, it seems like Lawrence is stuffed with creative talent. How do you feel about the city?

I am born and raised in Texas, but the 7 years I’ve lived in Lawrence really feel more like home than Dallas. I love the energy of our town and I’ve never experienced such a tight knit arts community all working with each other for a common goal, putting and keeping this town on the map. There is so much good local music, it's almost unfathomable. I’m glad to try and play a role in the ongoing creative development of our town along side so many great peers who are making this town what it is. I am so thrilled to be able to record our town’s bands in the studio, release our town’s talents on my label and just be an artist myself in this great city. It’s never been a better time to live in the "city of arts!"
Any shout outs?

Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ben Jackson for moving up here from Dallas to be the head engineer at Mixtape Soundlab. This kid is a sonic genius and I think he is a new secret asset to this towns band’s. He came to us from one of the biggest and baddest studios in the South. No one leaves that type of job in this industry climate, but this town’s charisma drew him here. It’s very inspiring to see Lawrence have that type of affect on someone.

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love wins a world of its own

by Michael Bradshaw  ~ image courtesy of Hawke ~   For more than 13 years now Gavin Hardkiss has been making the global underground swoon with psychedelic breaks, plucked from memories of his native South Africa and from beneath the streets of San Francisco. Hardkiss has spearheaded dance music for decades, wooing the weary-hearted with the sweet sounds of what he calls, “positive subtraction.” His latest album, Love Won Another—dedicated to his new(ish) daughter—is a delicious array of such positive-thinking delicacies which leave the listener chasing melodies like a child running with a butterfly net through an endless, pastoral springtime. Hardkiss spoke to about the new album, being a rock star DJ, and family life.

Love was released the day of the summer solstice this year and features collaborations with the likes of Steve Miller Band original guitarist David Denny, Earth Wind and Fire back up singer, “Maestro,” as well as legendary Michael Franti guitarist, Jay Bowman. Hardkiss invited musicians to his Calistoga retreat in the hills of the California, Napa Valley where they divided their time between harvesting fresh olives, crushing grapes with their bare feet and generating Love’s unique, musical universe.

The project took two years to complete and was culled from sessions not only with a variety of musicians but friends, lovers and other artists who visited the retreat. Of the retreat itself, Hardkiss said it serves as a place where he, his wife and his new daughter can bond as a family unit and make beautiful music.

“One day we just packed up and moved to the country,” Said Hardkiss. “I’ve got a studio setup up there and we’ll have different guests come in, different types of musicians and stuff. It’s a dream come true.”
As an accomplished producer, DJ and co-founder of the legendary Hardkiss record label, the name Gavin Hardkiss (AKA, Hawke)is synonymous with the global electronic dance scene and has been so since the early nineties. With releases in Spain, France, Italy the U.K. and U.S., Hardkiss is credited as one of the founding fathers of the San Francisco rave scene. With three full-length albums under his belt, both Hawke and Hardkiss are content to kick back in unified bliss and enjoy the splendors of peace, love, music and family.

This unification, it seems, has paid off. If it was indeed Gavin Hardkiss/Hawke’s goal to conjure up an esoteric world of sound with Love, then he has succeeded. Track for track, it moves with the continuity of a good concept album. However, if it is flawed in any way, it is due to an over abundance of balance. Although the fourth track, “Monkey’s Wedding,” offers some contrast, by and large the album plateaus on one vibe and rides it through to the end. The good news is, said vibe is a positive one and should be regarded with the same consideration as, say, Sacre bleu by Dimitri From Paris or the early work of Dub Tribe. Point of fact, Hardkiss said Love is a departure from other music being produced today in that it promotes an indiscrete message of positivety. The title track states, “Raise your hands to all the loving / All you people are still living / Now’s the time for rejoicing / You’re young.” This brand of youthful optimism resonates throughout.

“I wanted to make something that a lot of different age groups and interests would get into,” Said Hardkiss.
“I didn’t want it to be like, ‘Hey, this is for the cool crowd of 2005,’ you know? I think my key demographic here is like, three to eight year old girls.”

Hardkiss said his future is paved with more musical projects as well as family matters. He’s already working on his next album and said despite all his work as an internationally renowned DJ, he is most proud, in musical terms, of the work he’s done in the studio. Some of his more famous releases, such as “3 Nudes in a Purple Garden,” are considered some of the most influential tracks of all time. His DJing has carried him around the world however, it’s his album compositions such as “Love Won Another” and the prospect of family Hardkiss said, which are the biggest things in his world.

“Of course, it’s a lot more work and effort,” Said Hardkiss with a laugh. “But I like to wrap my head around pretty big ideas.”

Hardkiss/Hawke invites readers to listen to Love Won Another at his website,

4 ~ the 4th anniversary event

It really has been 4 Fabulous years and we are definitely looking forward to our fifth year of keeping you in touch with with what's hot in electronic dance music, not just in Kansas City, but all over world!

As with every event we do, we strive to introduce you to what we know and feel to be among the best talent in the United States and abroad. This year we have searched all over to give you a night to remember, as well as provide you with a proper introduction to one of the best DJ and Producers from Los Angeles to warm us up with a little West Coast House.

Before we get to that though, beginning the evening in the upstairs lounge and holding it it down for the night will be Kabal resident, DJ Ataxic. He is definitely one of the best, and certainly one of the most popular HipHop DJs in Kansas City. He said that he might even drag in a special guest to change things up a little.
Meanwhile downstairs, starting off the night right, will be Kansas City's very own House Diva, DJ Manders. She will be warming things up for us with her own sexy brand of House that has earned her a special place in the hearts of so many in Kansas City.

Just when you think it couldn't get any hotter, all the way from the Los Angeles, for a special 3-Hour 4th Anniversary Party Set, to be recorded Live, DJ Blackliquid, (Magnify Music, Mixxology Recordings, Shaboom (USA) and Laughing Bubble Entertainment!). With 20+ years as a DJ/Producer/Composer and now educator, his soul-full blend of House, unlike any heard in Kansas City, will get your body groovin all night long.

Until he gets here though, BlackLiquid has took a little bit of time just a few days before this article was published to lay down a new mix, exclusively for Be sure to drop in on this month's "on decks" column for a little pre-party sip of BlackLiquid.

This will be Blackliquid's first and only appearance in Kansas City on December 10, 2005 at "4 - The phocas 4th Anniversary Party", hosted by Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub, 503 Walnut, Kansas City, MO.
Come out early and celebrate with us all night! We have special reduced priced admission before 11 pm and few giveaways and other surprises in store! If you can't make it early, watch the message forum thread for a special announcement on how to skip the line at Kabal!

december 2005 editor note

Again, the cover this month is a graphic that Chrissy whipped up for me, based on the name of the headliner for our 4th Anniversary Event that will be held at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub on December 10th, 2005.
I am definitely looking forward to that every bit as much as I was for PHALLOUT, where Brent Crampton grabbed this shot of me with Lady Espina. Down from Iowa City, she did a great job opening up for internationally known talent, Adam Jay! It was good to hear some real Techno boomin' through speakers once again in Kansas City.

The photos this month saw us headed in a new direction at Balanca's. DJ True decided to pursue other goals and we took the month to form what is now called PHATuesdays, still at Balanca's, still on Tuesdays. We are hosting open decks there until Midnight. After that, our latest discovery, fresh in KC from Lincoln and fresh off a great set at PHALLOUT, DJ Fool takes the decks for a couple hours with a bit of a different style of House than he usually plays. Closing out the night, DJ O.E. (also known as Joe... the other camera guy, spins up some retro that keeps me wondering, "Now where did he get his hands on that!" Come down and check out it some time. It's really chill little night with good friends, good music, cheap drinks and it's not in the same old place.

Micro came to town at the first of the month as well. Opening for him, as part of the prize package for winning the phocas DJ Battle, was local House legend, Tony Markham. He definitely warmed it up right for those that came out.

We made a few detours to various points as well. I went off on a tangent and checked out the Atmosphere show in Lawrence. Though it probably would have passed under my radar, I was glad it didn't. It was really good... and a really Sold Out show! SvS took a detour up to Canada to play the MadBar in Toronto for Leaden Beatz vol 10 and brought some pix from that and SenseOne chimed in with Crush from Brooklyn.
Meanwhile, on the home front, the boys at DeepFix Records hooked up the passing through DJs, Jeff Bloom and Trevor Matthews, giving up residencies for the night to allow them to make a special appearance at Frisky! As well, they jumped on an opportunity to bring Diz in on a Saturday night to serve up a good solid does of House on wax to a nearly packed house.

Jack & Jill started their new residency at Jilly's on Broadway and it's looking good for them, though Propaganda is still in effect on the first of the month. Jimmy van M popped in to Kabal for a special night of fun on Thanksgiving and that very next Saturday, we landed on Voodoo at Harrah's and followed it up with a dose of Richard Vission at Kabal in an overflowing room!

It was definitely good to have finally been able to arrange a time to visit Voodoo. I thought that the venue was beautiful and the staff to be fairly friendly, despite rumors I had hear to the contrary. Unfortunately, I did find that the rumor of fluctuating drink prices was somewhat accurate. It is really unfortunate that a couple of the bartenders could not seem to remember the price of a drink. As well, the gymnastics... get rid of 'em. It's cute and it's interesting until it's 3 deep at the bar. At that pint, it's just annoying, especially if the person isn't very good at their juggling act.

In addition I was really sad to hear that the one night we choose to go and check out Voodoo, turned out to be the final night of them bringing in world-class electronic dance music talent. Apparently, they are shifting their direction and moving to more mainstream musical interests. It would be a waste if this truly was the end of being able to see world-renowned DJs in such a world-class room.

Closing out the month, I do still have a couple of sets of photos on hold that I will be putting up in the next day or two. Our new contributor, Jen Runnels did the photo work at the recent performance of Infusion, just last night and Senseone just sent me some photos from the Polychromatic Techno Party 7.0 in Philadelphia.
It really has been a fun month for all of here at and we're gonna have some more fun, especially on December 10, 2005! Even though I knew they were beat from all the work they did on PHALLOUT, I told my whole staff that I still needed one more thing from them. I needed them to come out to the anniversary party and do just that, Party. I want them phocas on that and nothing else. I hope you will too, so come out and party with us, because it's going to be one fun night!

Finally, I would like to extend a very special thanks to the following people's contributions to PHALLOUT: Jason the Benefactor; the Knights of Pythias for allowing us to mess up their place for the night; Chrissy for a bomb-ass flyer and taking the role of art director, running with it and seeing it through to the very end; Justin and David's perseverance through scissors and spray paint and all the logistics involved in putting the puzzle together, Jon... The Security Guy... all 4 or 5 of them (how did that happen?!?); Kate, for jumpin in where we needed her; Shaun for creeping me out with the gas mask and black commando suit; Nate for Oompa Loompas!; The Decontamination Unit & Restricted Area Personnel; Ashley & Kristin for helping to expand some minds with their relentless flyering; Joe & Ho for makin it GLO; bPositive & Brent for coming all the way out for little ole' me; 3rd Degree Burn for spinnin some stix (wish we coulda had fire in there); Arrythmia (i probably spelled it wrong again) for making that last run for me; Da Pizza Place for the last minute munchies; Larry Miller & The Guys from Audio House Sound for most excellent sound & lights; Mark Jones for coming in to work sick as dog anyway and then tearing up the check; Solaris for the Tennis Ball Theory; Shadowrunner for running in the shadow of his need for sleep, Stephanie for the "woah" look that was plastered on her face all night and Sherri sittin in a window most of the night and putting up with it all, before... during... and after. Last but not least, thanks to everyone that contributed something to making this a truly special event, the the talent and everyone that came out and had good time! Keep your eyes peeled, you know we can't help but do it again!
Until then...
I will see you on the Dance Floor!
(especially December 10th)

december 2005 issue