phocas.net ... documenting a variety of music, dance, life, art, cultural events through the street photojournalism style that originally made it popular.
Originally launched August 24, 2000, the site started off as a project site and testing ground for various internet-related concepts, as well as a portal to work with web design projects, and other emerging online concepts.

One project dominated the domain from 2001 through 2009, transforming this space into an online social and media source, documenting the electronic dance music culture of the time.

It likely contains the largest single collection of photos related to underground dance music, prior to the emergence of the social media giants, hosting more than 100,000 photographs.

A snapshot of an era, this collection encompasses the people, the DJs, and performers in and around Kansas City.  Other locations are also heavily involved, from Miami to San Francisco, Minneapolis to New Orleans, nearly every point between, and even a few points beyond, thanks to various contributors.

The story for that stage of the site begins in December 2001, documented loosely under the backstory tag, beginning with "inspiration."

Access to photos and video are available under the original event date through the story archive.

Those taken during the time of the zine that ran from 2005 through 2006 are compiled in a single monthly "event photos" post for each of the months during that time frame.

Contributors continued posting beyond that, and their content remains hosted as part of the collection of events.

A more diverse selection of events populate this web presence these days, reflecting a different cross section of society.  While there are different actors, they still seek much the same thing in this continuing photo-historical observation on culture and society.

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