phocas.net is an ongoing media project and publication related to events.  Art, cultural, and music events are the primary focus (no pun intended), as well as other sorts of storyboards and columns.

Originally launched 08.24.00, the site started off as a project site and testing ground for various internet-related concepts, as well as a portal to work with web design projects, and other personal concepts.

One personal project dominated the domain from 2001 through 2009, transforming this space into an online media source documenting the electronic dance music culture of that time.

Quite possibly the largest collection of pre-social media photos related to underground dance music, the site hosts more than 100,000 photographs.

It is a snapshot of an era, encompassing the people, the DJs, and the performers in and around Kansas City, as well as other locations from Miami to San Francisco, Minneapolis to New Orleans, points in between, and even a few points beyond.

Currently, review and restoration of the photographs taken during that time is underway, along with a few reflections on those events, beginning with the post "inspiration."

After review, update of Meta Data, and Geo-Tagging, photographs are uploaded to Google Photos in their original size and any associated video uploaded to YouTube.

The associated publication, which ran briefly from 2004 through 2006, is fully restored and accessible through the story archives, under their associated month.

Access to photos and video restored thus far is available under the original event date through the story archive.  The restoration is expected to take awhile, having started in December 2013.

A couple of the old collections of photos now live over on Facebook. All new photos, and those previously on the site, are being restored on Google Photos these days.

Updates related to the restoration among other musings are available in the social media realms noted below, and of course here on the site, under the backstory tag.

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