brent crampton december 2005 house

Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment. And with the Winter Music Conference just behind us, so many great choons are now on the market.

Colette - Feelin Hypnotized remix by Blackliquid - whiteFrom the headlining DJ at the forthcoming four-year phocas anniversary party, Blackliquid out of LA was nice enough to treat me to his unreleased remix. Colette, who is internationally renowned for her live-vocal-DJ duo, released her full length album, Hypnotized, over the summer. Blackliquid does a remix of the mainstay song from the album with a breezy, crystalline air. With a synth-laden melody and a piano line reminiscent to BT's early work, Blackliquid takes more of the symphonic and classical approach to match Colette's classically-trained vocals. One more for the CDR collection!

Matthew Bandy - Changing Directions - Coastline Recordings
Another hit from Matthew Bandy titled "Changing Directions" features a rising melody, thick electro-esque bass line and a soaring symphonic chord. Matthew Bandy's skill for interweaving emotion via a house beat has taken him to all sorts of altitudes in house music. A sampled vocal proclaiming, "I got to keep holdin' on," keeps the message on this track positive. The Rick Preston remix speeds up the BPM, makes the beat a bit thicker and the guitar funky. With layered drums and a Tandoori Indian spitting off quirky lines, this two-tracker gives the DJ a range of dance floor intensity while still staying in the realm of deep house.

Bryan Jones - Jackmaster Jazz Jocky - Black Cherry
Low symphonic disco blows, filtered bass line and jazzy piano riff, Jones' original cut is hypnotically rhythmic. But I must say that Ion's remix is takes it to a new level. With a rounded feel to the track, Ion builds upon the melody, making a bit more dance friendly. With a Natural Rhythm feel, he chops and cuts up samples of spoken word and musical riffs. All in all though, the Sound Republic remix takes the cake by taking a whole new approach to the track. With a wicked drum pattern thrown on top of the cut-and-sample rewiring, the track brings anticipation in the break down.

Chuck Love - Funky Ass Beat - Fetish
Taking on a nostalgic tone of Brett Johnson's past work, Funky Ass Beat is pretty self explanatory. Giving off an air of clean, smooth production, tight beats and a shuffling percussion, Chuck's giving off plenty of love to the dance floor on this one. The key stab and dirty bass line is really what sets this track apart from the rest, giving off a fun and funky feel. There's a nice little accapella for those DJs looking to get tricky, and for those DJs looking to be trendy (if such a thing exists for underground house), there's two delicious remixes by Joey Youngman.

DJ Sneak - Inside - Magnetic
Let's get things straight here - Sneak's unbelievably talented both as a producer and mostly DJ talent. Having said that, Sneak's latest cut, "Inside" will be left outside of my flight case. The original mix has some old-school drum patterns with a more mellow, poppy electro sound. The remix lays down some heavy hand drums and intense acid lines. It's been done before.

Franck Roger - Earthrumental Project Pt. 3 - Real Tone
Starting off with a repetitious and hypnotic melody with random interjecting African percussion in "Stormy Seas," an eery and dark vibe is set as the kick drum comes in, then the bass, then added layers of percussion. A breezy, organically-minded track, continues. Just as my interest is starting to sway, ocean waves brisk in and a deep chord layers the beat of the track rounding it off as a great summer track to have (in the middle of Fall). "Dub Life" is stripped down, with an airy, bird-chirping feel. Similar to Mr. V's Cosmic Ritual Dub of "Jus Dance," it's all centered around the subtleties of the beat.

Reggie Watts - So Beautiful - Amenti
A deep techer, this ones got West-Coast written all over it. A male vocal that's not sampled from another song (as far as I know) makes this an all around original piece of work.

Jon Lemmon & Dan Milan - Mud Bug - Tonic
Forget the gin and tonic's you usually need to get loosened up before hitting the dance floor. Lemmon and Milan have put together quite the little three-tracker. Overall, deep, latin, uplifting and moving. On the self titled track, "Mudbug," a samba beat with a whaling guitar makes this a track mass-appealing. "Too late" is a perfect fusion of deep and bumpin'. With a thick rhythm section influenced by tech-sounds, the melody is of a lighter tone bringing a strong contrast. "Tribal Fusion" only serves to build upon the spacey and serious-toned contrast. Heavy rhythm with an ethnic flair softened by the melody. Both of these latter tracks display Lemmon's influence from Johnny Fiasco, and that's why I'm buying it!

DJ Pope - Addicted - Hustle
Straight New York style deep house here. Whether it's the weekly Roots at Cielo, Shelter, Deep Where House Lives in LA or Utopia Boston - this is the kind of sound and feel that would fit perfectly amongst these vibrant vibe nights. The original track carries moody keys, a tender and tuff bass line, light hand drum percussion and a lush female vocal. The dub side breaks it down and plays with the melody a bit m


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