Tuesday, February 28, 2006

event photos feb.06

Flyers for events photographed in February 2006 appear below.

A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that.

featuring Bridge Kaiser and others
Kansas City, MO

Nick Steady, RJBass, and residents Milo & J.Fortune
The Hangout
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & jen

Pat Nice, Simply Soul Syndicate, Marcus Shadden, Rob Divozzi
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

Roy Davis Jr, Freaky Flow, Control Freekz, Clandestine, CRC, Allen Paul, Tim Hjersted
Club Liquid
Lawrence, KS
photos by joe

Reid Speed, Pendulum, D-Bridge, AK1200, Gridlok, MC Dino, Genome, MC Duh, Audio Angel, Aaron Jae vs Bam vs M.O.D., Ripple
The Blue Cube
San Francisco, CA
photos by mikeZ

Clockwerk & Bucho
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Paul DeMatteo & Bill Pile
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

EdenFlux, Devil Skunk, OneMillionTinyTinyJesuses
El Torreon Ballroom
Kansas City, MO

DJ Nyx with residents DJoe, Fool, and phocas
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Clockwerk, with residents Clintoris and Trevor House
Bar Sake
Overland Park, KS
photos by jen

Max Groove, along with DJs JAH & Ben Fuller
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

Reverend Rob, Doctor's Orders (Bucho vs Mr_Nuro), and Amanda vs True
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Gaia, Always 420, and residents Milo & J.Fortune
The Hangout
Kansas City, MO
photos by jen

Q-Burns Abstract Message, Simply Soul Syndicate, Alan Alda
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

Kid606, Drop the Lime, Clipd Beaks, OonceOonce
The Hemlock
San Francisco, CA
photos by mikeZ

DJ Nyx, SvS, Skizm
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

cQuence, Lady J, Madame E, Waves
The Hangout
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Ty-Tek, with residents Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo, Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

Jon NuSkool & Soul Savant
The News Room
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Sugar Puppy and the Lovely Dumplings, phocas, Fool, DJoe
Kansas City, MO

Pat Nice, Control Freeks, and resident cQuence
Cup and Saucer
Kansas City, MO
photos by jen

cVaughn, Sku, 151, and Drumloc
Overland Park, KS
photos by jen

Aaron Lee, Rob Lee, and residents Jack & Jill
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

The Ground Floor
Belleville, IL
photos by brian

Steve Thorell & Eric Sheridan
Grand Emporium
Kansas City, MO

Paolo Mojo, with residents Paul DeMatteo & Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Nick Steady, True, Clockwerk, cQuence, and others
An Apartment
Overland Park, KS
photos by todd & jen

SVS, Xan Lucero, Kinky, PDP, Joe Kochen
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO

Andy Caldwell, Brent Scholz, and resident Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & joe

DDR, Sun Rize, Spree, DVS1, Jack Trash, MBC vs Symmetry w/ Arion Lee, Page the DJ, Phenix M, Web of Deception, TheGoldenChild, Squiggles, Broken Logic, Lime, Clear, Mustang Sally, Jon Ackerman, Phil Martinez, Shiny McShine, Lane, Twilight
Unknown Location
Minneapolis, MN
photos by brian

Shadowrunner with resident Two Heavy
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO

Pat Nice, phocas, Fool, DJoe
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd, joe and a camera passed around

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

shadowrunner february 2006 trance

The dead of winter is upon us but, we have never been so alive within the music and culture. The beats keep coming and with the advent of spring, WMC is around the corner. For those of you who dont know, WMC (Winter Music Conference) in Miami Florida, check it out at WMCon.com

This conference is in it's 21st year of existance. It has so much to do with the electronic music culture I would need so much space to describe to you the talent, gear, and vibe that goes on there. Expo's, trade shows, demos, networking, festivals, partying, and so much more. And if you do go down there, check out the Ultra Music Festival too. This is the big one of the
year, check it out at UltraMusicFestival.com

This month's mix CD Pick:

Trousey - Mixed by Matthew Dekay - ARMADA

This 2cd dj mixset will take you on a progressive journey around the globe with some of the hottest tracks that are fueling dancefloors everywhere. Infectious stuff like this should be registered with CDC, cuz, once you catch the fevah you wont stop till ya drop. Danger danger.

This month's Trance reviews:

Basscore (Original & Dallas Superstars Techcore Mix) - Miika Kuisma - Subtraxx Recordings

If you like your music like you like your lovers, DUURTY NAASTY and up to no good. This double A side freak is for you. The original is the sleazier of the two. Having a mix of 4/4 and breaks is usually a bad thing. This one is an exception with masterful workings of the dark side of progressive breaks and trance. Drop it on a sweaty dance floor and get lucky, you know its a sure thing. The Dallas Superstars Techcore Mix is the Proggy big room driver. This track drives a dark groove up to the break then opens up into a atmospheric pumper. Echoes, sweeps, panning, and all the little tricks to help anyone who is out for a late night trip. Caution: Only trained professional DJ's should be allow to administer these controlled substances to audiences.

Set: 6 Compiled by Frequence - Various Artists - Iboga Records

Iboga is a label that brings us the psychedellic side of progressive. In this 8 track wonder I thought I would point out the highlights. First, there is "Strange Attractors (Liquid Soul Remix)" by Freq, This reminds my of pumpin parties between 93 and 96. Sounds were getting deeper and producers were really starting to experiment with the fullness of sound and DJ's and crowds were eating this stuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Next, Nyquist's "Singularity (Freq Version)", is a trial psy-tech journey into the darkside of sexy. Almost all of the tracks on this compelation groove. It's a Trippy must have.

In Your Eyes (Original & Greed Edit) - Glamour To Kill - SOG Chrome
Glam euro-rocker punk meets naughty drum machine. The original is more of what you would hear in a concert setting with more of natural sounding drums and guitars ripping from the speakers while an understated vocal talks over it all. Bite your upper lip and grab an air guitar cuz its time to rock!!!!! The Greed Edit is more of the stuff that makes SOG so famous. Dark sinful tasty Shizzle that rocks dance floors. Greed is one of my personal favorite producer/remixers and his ominous style of turning tracks to the dark side of proggy never seems to tire with the dance crowds.

Single Gun (Original & Solid Mix) - Subsky - Pangea Recordings UK

Its no secret that im a fan of proggy breaks. And when I get a record that is a double A side with both breaks and 4/4, I'm purring like a content cat. This lite and floaty effort shows that your beats can go many different ways just as long as you have a catchy hook and solid flow. This one carries on with an almost sythed sounding xylophone that echoes over melodic synths and pads. Single Gun has a very warm and moody feel to it.

Being (Original + Sterio &McGrath Trojan Mix) - Alex Stealthy - Pangea Recordings UK

I thought for my final pick I'd go back about six months and tell you about one that hopefully you haven't missed. This AA sided monster is a morning trance DJ's wet dream. Two sides of absolute deep atmospheric floaty stuff. Warm synths lay down a baseline while metallic synthy sweeps echo over delayed pianos. Bad things are done in the cover of darkness. Just make sure you have some of this stuff playing in the background when you are doing those bad things.

brent crampton february 2006 house

Now that we’re setting into the new year, it means that the Winter Music Conference is just around the corner. Most marketing strategies for labels at this point is to hold off on the goods and then hit the shelves right in time for March in an assault to fill every potential WMC’ing DJ’s bag for the pool side parties. But as for me, this means very little material to review. Yet below you’ll find some creamers, steamers and pleasers for you to consider.

C&M Productions – In Full Effect – Jan. 2006 mix

From Switzerland, these European deep house dons always keep their music fresh and free. And while some of us DJ’s can barely find the time to put out a mix CD every year, these guys have made a healthy habit of putting one out about every month, making it available as a free mp3 download and building nearly a whole website around the promotion of their mixes! Call them C&M Productions – the DJ duo who’s maximized the benefits of promoting yourself through the mix set. And if you like a track they play, you can always check out their play list. Check out www.truehouse.ch and go to their live mix page to pick up their latest addition, In Full Effect. In every mix I’ve encountered of theirs, I heard impeccable track selection, smooth and almost predictable transitions. Highlights of this mix include Spirit Chaser’s “Visions” with its airy breath and C&M’s exclusive re-edits of tracks by Frank Roger, Julian Jabre and a special encore Jamiroquai track.

Noir vs. Nu Rhythmix – All About Babylon

Checking out C&M’s new mix, I came across this hot and limited number. Available only on www.traxsource.com, they claim this track is never going to be released through a label, so once the promo mp3 is off the site – it’s off to the Discogs archives. Grant Nelson does a remix job and incorporates many elements from the original edition, Babylon, which was made popular on the streets of New York. To the remixed issue, Nelson adds a solid message with a preacher-man’s voice proclaiming – “if you’re not in it for the love of the music, would you please f**** off.” Peak energy and peak piano for those hard-soul dance flo’s.

Kaskade – In This Life remixes – Quiet City Recordings

Apparently In This Life was a big track because Quiet City’s put out eight new remixes of it! The original track has that prissy white-girl vocal with the poppy guitar line similar to It’s You, It’s Me. I usually pass on Kaskade. His style over the past few years seems as though he’s focusing more on making chart topper tracks instead of tracks that sound fantastic as an end in its self. Not surprisingly, I passed on all the remixes, but Mario Fabriani, aka Joey Youngman’s mix caught my ear. This is mostly because Fabriani cuts out the vocal to only an echoed layer to a deep, sexy and chopped up track. My only question is – when is Kaskade and Madonna going to hook up for a release?

Franck Roger – Say You Love Me – Seasons

Right along with Alex Alivarez and Mr. V, Roger has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues most recently when it comes to the New York soul scene. News must be traveling because West Coast based Seasons is going to put out his full length album in late March (hmm, perfect timing for the Winter Music Conference). Say You Love Me is a track will be featured on the album, We Walk To Dance, and if it’s a glimpse into what the rest of the album will sound like – buy it! Say You Love Me brings the cowbells, subtle brass-attack and cool keys to make this a deep summer track. And instead of the usual soulful vocal, Roger gets a bit pushy opting for a Green Velvet spoken word feel when he demands, “Say it, say it – you love me.”

LC – Live Mix – Jan. 2006

Our main man with the house-mastered plan, LC, is keep his boompty dreams alive and well down in the good ol’ Midwestern stream known as Springfield, Missouri. With his Sumo Saturdays gig, you can find him combining sake, sushi and seductive beats on a weekly basis. On one particular Asian-cocktail-infused night, LC put together this livid live mix. With a delicious blend of tracks from artists such as Chuck Love, Swirl People and Jazzy Eyewear, LC’s pumpin’ pantry herb and spice track selection is deliciously mixed for your side of pancakes and buttered dance floors. To check it out, go to his site at www.dj-lc.com.

svs february 2006 dnb

Drum and Bass dj and producer S.V.S. gets down and dirty at this month’s new releases. With dnb/jungle flooding the market there’s plenty of sleepers to miss out on. Here’s his list of hot hits and ones you may have missed just for your flight cases.

Psidream & Gabriel / Demo & Cease – Slangin’ Beats / Turf War – Cymbalism (CYMB004P)
Toronto continues to take over the world as Psidream and Gabriel tag up on ‘Slangin’ Beats’. Bass driving and heavy hitting with all the new school sounds and a touch of the old when they bring back some classic techstep synths. Demo and Cease hold up the flip side with ‘Turf War’ as they take it back to the streets the only way they know how… hard, nasty, and dirty. Gut pounding bass and face punching drums make this hit on everyone’s list. www.cymbalismrecordings.com

Mason & D Star – Zerosum (Klute Remix) / Roots – Gasm Recordings (GASM004)

Klute come in to remix a hard hitting smash from the duo of Mason and Dstar. The Zerosum remix goes top
speed with its rolling drums and nice use of vocals. This is a definite track to get the heart pumping. Flying solo on the flip, Mason and Dstar hit hard with ‘Roots’. Equipped with old style piano stabs, rolling kicks, and eerie vocals this track is bound to start the apocalypses.

Gein – Hate / Father Of Lies – Freak Recordings (FREAK017)

These mad men from the great north city of Killwaukee come at it once again with their latest release on Freak Recordings. Hate is a powerful and emotional track that will have you in an uproar. It’s everything a track with that name would be expected, anger, pain, and riding bassline from the depths of hell. ‘Father of Lies’ starts off as if you were being beaten with an aluminum baseball bat. Hard metal drums and stabbing bass takes you to the drop of the track where the bat beating worsens and the track explodes in horror. *Not for the faint hearted. *

Spor vs Infiltrata / Infiltrata vs Kano – Three Faces / Poor Bomb – Barcode Recordings (BAR014)

Spor and Infiltrata team up here for ‘Three Faces’, a hard masher of a track with heavy pounding drums.
Smash techniques and grumpy basslines make this track for all hardcore fanatics. On the other side Infiltrata is back at it again, this time with Kano for a total mind warp classic underway. Thick drums and a bouncy bass soon take control in this schizo pounder. Be on the look out for many more released from all three artists.

jfortune on decks

J. Fortune lived in Minneapolis for 5 years before returning to Kansas City after graduating from University of Minnesota. While living in Minneapolis he was exposed to a wide variety of musical concepts, especially techno and acid techno, which is no surprise given Minneapolis’ storied techno scene. Even though those two genres were a huge influence, the pull of the brokenbeat was undeniable. This lead him to starting buying records and searching for his own sound. His musical journey lead him two directions; towards drum & bass and techno influenced by other psychedelic genres. He split his time between both beginning in late 90’s, but decided to devote his time and energy to the brokenbeat a few years ago.

He has performed at clubs and parties all around the greater Midwest playing dates in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. Along the way he has had several residencies in Minneapolis alongside some of the best talent the city has to offer.

Fortune’s goal in all his musical endeavors is to communicate with the crowd the passion he has for music.

This was an important factor in developing the concept behind ‘Fourmation’ –Kansas City’s only weekend club night dedicated to all forms of brokenbeats, be it DnB, breaks, grime or hip-hop. J. Fortune’s production group, Lotus Inq., has been working in partnership with 4Corners Entertainment to take this night from the drawing board to the dance floor. With monthly headliners of the highest calibre, expect big ‘tings from Fourmation.

Fortune’s mix, Return to Shadow, comes out of leftfield with a mix that brings together the classic sounds of the 90’s with the upfront DnB selection he is known for, all while keeping the psy and techno influences he loves. This is a special mix for the ‘Headz.

Return to Shadow - Tracklisting
  1. Pieter K -“TRIP”
  2. Commix -“Go Between”
  3. Amit -“The Tube”
  4. Nasty Habits -“Shadow Boxing”
  5. Amit -“MK Ultra”
  6. Amon Tobin -“Rosies”
  7. Photek -“Fake I.D.”
  8. TeeBee & K -“Droids”
  9. Klute -“Faceless” Black Science Labs’ rmx
  10. Source Direct -“Technical Warfare”
  11. Angel Zero -“Double Edge”
  12. Selini -Twitchy Droid Leg
  13. Special Forces –“Something Else…The Bleeps Tune” Photek rmx
  14. Johnny L -“Treading”

hello waveforms

Betty Kang ~ Grammy Award-winning writer/producer and contemporary music visionary, William Orbit, returns with an eagerly anticipated new album ‘Hello Waveforms’ on Sanctuary Records out on February 7th.

His first solo release since 2000’s critically acclaimed ‘Pieces in a Modern Style’, the new album was performed and produced by William. ‘Hello Waveforms’ is ethereal, ambient, subtle and distinctive in style, fusing strong melodies with electronic synths to produce his definitive signature sound.

Recorded in London and America, the new album features a collection of collaborations and influences - the track ‘Humming Chorus’ is taken from Madame Butterfly, ‘Spiral’ features the Sugababes and Kenna on vocals, while Finley Quaye plays acoustic guitar on the dreamlike ‘Who Owns The Octopus’.

William has also reunited with his former Strange Cargo band member Laurie Mayer, who plays piano and synthesizer on ‘Surfin’ and provides vocals on the tracks ‘Bubble Universe’ and ‘Who Owns the Octopus?’.

The full track listing is: ‘Sea Green’, ‘Humming Chorus’, ‘Surfin’, ‘You Know Too Much About Flying Saucers’, ‘Spiral’, ‘Who Owns The Octopus?’, ‘Bubble Universe’, ‘Fragmosia’, ‘Firebrand’ ‘They Live In The Sky’ and ‘Colours From Nowhere’.

An artist who individually determined the new age of modern mixer/producer credibility, William’s most high profile projects to date include his contribution to Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ album - on which he produced, co-wrote and performed - U2’s ‘Electrical Storm’, Blur’s ‘13’ and his smash-hit single ‘Barber’s Adagio For Strings’. In 2001 he performed as part of Barbican’s celebrated Elektronik Festival.

For more information, visit WilliamOrbit.comSanctuaryRecords.com or PlexiPR.com!

tweek'd crobar takeover

Justin Kleinfeld ~ 2005 was quite a year for New Jersey-based house label Tweek’d Records. Led by the guidance of CEO Ralph Cedeno, Tweek’d bombarded the industry with over a dozen hit releases from some of the most respected producers in the business. Tweek’d tracks like TKC featuring Melanie S. “Reflections” and BPT “Moody” (Creamer & K / Saeed Younan Remixes) are in constant rotation at the world’s finest clubs and show no sign of letting up. Tweek’d Records is building on the momentum gained in the past year and has some amazing things lined up for 2006.

Tweek’d Records kicked off the New Year on January 21 with a mind blowing performance by That Kid Chris at New York City super club Crobar. That Kid Chris rocked a killer set that featured a slew of new tracks such as “Show U Love” and several other bombs from the Tweek’d catalogue slated for release this year (2006). However, the highlight of the night was the absolute devastation that hit the dancefloor when That Kid Chris dropped the Austin Leeds remix of DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta’s “Move Your Body.” This is the kind of track club systems were made for and the crowd went absolutely crazy for the electro madness!

One of the tracks that made the Crobar event special - DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta’s “Move Your Body” (The Remixes) are now available for purchase digitally on Beatport, DJdownload.com and iTunes and through your favorite record shop for classic vinyl along with the very soon to be released newie from That Kid Chris “Show U Love”. Both projects continue the Tweek’d Records “more bang for your buck” attitude in that both releases are jam packed with remixes. DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta’s “Move Your Body” (The Remixes) features no less than six remixes from the likes of Austin Leeds, Armand Pena, Eric Entrena, Danny Woo, DJ Gio and Tarot while That Kid Chris’ “Show U Love” features remixes from Jaimy (Fatal Music), Kemist and Joubin & Nicola. These remix packages run the full gamut of the Tweek’d Records sound from electro house to sizzling tribal stormers – it’s all here.

As we move on in the year be on the look out for more quality 12” releases and remixes, the labels first-ever mix CD releases and more great parties around the world. If you’ll be in Miami for the 2006 Winter Music Conference be sure to keep an eye out for the official Tweek’d Records party. More info coming soon!

For the more information on Tweek’d Records visit Tweekd.com or RephlektorInk.com !

satoshi tomiie 3d

Betty Kang ~ Renaissance is delighted to announce a very fresh start for 2006 – 3D, a compilation that welcomes a new concept and DJ to the label’s ever-growing series of albums.

First to take up the challenge is NYC-based Japanese wunderkind Satoshi Tomiie. An integral member of Manhattan’s prestigious Def Mix collective, Satoshi is famed for his blistering productions and remixes, and his pioneering SAW.Recordings label. Clubbers across the world know him for the incredible DJ sets that see him criss-cross the globe on a regular basis, making him one of dance music’s most respected ambassadors and an immediate candidate to launch the 3D project.

As the name suggests, 3D is a triple album, with each disc drawing on the key musical aspects of Satoshi’s career. First up is Disc One: Club, a bang-up-to-date recording of his live sets; then there’s Disc Two: Studio, a CD that really proves Satoshi’s commitment to the project with its seven exclusive remixes and re-edits of his own material, such as the seminal ‘Love In Traffic’ and the likes of Photek, Kosheen & Hybrid; finally Disc Three: Home CD switches gear and delves into Satoshi’s favorite selection of chilled cuts that have also inspired him over the years.

“It takes a unique artist to qualify for 3D,” says Renaissance’s director Geoff Oakes. “They need a major body of studio work, a high-profile performing schedule and the depth of musical knowledge to put together an interesting mix of home favourites. Given this criteria, Satoshi was an obvious choice.”

Satoshi Tomiie US Tour Dates

01.13.06 - Crobar - NYC
03.01.06 - Karma on Broadway - San Diego
03.02.06 - The Mayan - Los Angeles
03.03.06 - Element - Seattle
03.04.06 - Ruby Skye - Seattle
03.07.06 - Club 686 - Vancouver
03.09.06 - The Church - Denver
03.10.06 - Sound-Bar - Chicago
03.11.06 - Seven - Dallas
03.17.06 - Club Five - Washington DC
03.18.06 - Eleven50 - Atlanta
03.19.06 - Blue Room - Jacksonville
03.24.06 - Shine - Miami
Renaissance Presents 3D: Satoshi Tomiie Tracklisting

Disc One: Club
  1. Spirit Catcher – Polysquasher
  2. Dan Berkson – People
  3. Only Freak - Viper Vapour
  4. Stereo Type – Somewhere
  5. Jim Rivers – Future
  6. Audiofly X - Stolen Goods
  7. Martin Eyerer - Wicked Line (Original Mix)
  8. Electrochemie - Big One
  9. Uppfade - Panga (Gui Boratto’s ‘Ace of Spades’ Remix)
  10. Cass & Mangan - I Love Your Shoes
  11. Guy Gerber - X Factor
  12. Jim Rivers - Restore
Disc Two: Studio
  1. Loop 7 - The Theme (Reprise)
  2. Satoshi Tomiie - Tears (3D Slightly 303 Version)
  3. Chab - Lover (Satoshi Tomiie 3D Remix)
  4. Cass - Mind Rewind (Satoshi Tomiie Mind Blister Remix)
  5. Graffik – A Lesser Man? (Satoshi Tomiie Mix)
  6. Slok - Lonely Child (Satoshi Tomiie 3D Remix)
  7. Kosheen - Hungry (Satoshi Tomiie Vocal Remix - 3D Edit)
  8. Photek - Mine To Give (Satoshi Tomiie 3D Private Path)
  9. Satoshi Tomiie featuring Kelli Ali - Love In Traffic (3D Private Path)
  10. The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Main Path)
  11. Hybrid - Higher Than A Skyscraper (Satoshi Tomiie 3D Dub)

Disc Three: Home
  1. Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars
  2. Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
  3. Miles Davis & Gil Evans - Solea
  4. M.F.S.B. – Mysteries Of The World
  5. Bou-Kahn - Magic
  6. Aphrodisiac - Song of the Siren
  7. Jaco Pastorius - Portrait of Tracy
  8. Weather Report - Palladium
  9. Roy Ayers - Running Away
  10. James Brown - Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose
  11. Lonnie Liston Smith - Summer Days
  12. Azymuth - Fly Over The Horizon (Vôo Sobre O Horizonte)
For more info check out RenaissanceUK.comSatoshiTomiie.com or PlexiPR.com


Betty Kang ~ All aboard for the Porterhouse express! Get ready for a ride with one of the most exciting US artists to be making the rounds on the global dancefloor. Steve Porter is set to release his first-ever mix compilation ‘PORTERHOUSE’ with 26 tracks melded together on 1xCD in his signature genre-defying, pulsating, energetic Porterhouse style. The album merges his DJing and production style with 9 of his own original tracks, further blurring the distinction between DJ and producer into one compelling artist to watch.

The ‘PORTERHOUSE’ ideology of “no rules, no borders” to dance music resonates here on the album with an eclectic range of funked-up house beats with a techy-edge, breaks interludes, electro action, techno twists, and sound-clash attitude that blurs the boundaries between musical genres. All this is induced by his own re-edits and mixes that mold his highly individual DJ sets and track selection, as Steve soldiers on in his mission to furiously push his Porterhouse sound.

‘PORTERHOUSE’ is a unique, personal mix album for Steve. After receiving over 300 tracks for consideration Steve says, “I received so many amazing tracks (thank you labels!) and I entertained any and every piece of music. However, I always had the idea in my head that I wanted to keep the project as in-house as possible and ultimately having a sense of family on the album is the concept that won me over.” In completing the album with a whopping 26 tracks, Steve has the innate ability to hone down tracks to make their moments more distinct and he says, “I like to get right to the point when I mix, deliver the goods, and drop into the next record.”

The album’s music draws upon Steve’s close network of talent that comprises a new Porterhouse Regime from the Boston area. These are fresh and exciting young producers whose studio production skills have been honed out of the music media spotlight, and while they might not be the biggest names in the industry (yet), the tracks they produce are played by world class DJs from every continent. Some of these artists include his long-term collaborators; Agent 001 cohort Eli Wilkie, Emjae, and Chris Reavey, as well as emerging artists Bons, Hush, Musky, Aaryn Blain, Chris Micali, Jonathan Hart, and the Island 9 crew. On this strong support network Steve says, “it's a crew that has always supported one another, no matter how dingy the gig.” At the end of the night, Porterhouse is all about a party with friends.

In 2005 Steve Porter released his debut artist album ‘HOMEGROWN’ to much high praise regarding it as the “future of dance music” (BPM MAGAZINE) and as an “infectious new sound that blends elements of funk, techno, retro-electro, trance and progressive house.” (INNERPHASENY.COM). After touring extensively across the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe, Steve settled back in NYC to compile

‘PORTERHOUSE’ and a separate studio session with Lee Burridge during his NYC residency for Lee’s impending ‘365’ album. Steve will now embark on a relentless, non-stop North American, UK & European tour before returning for his annual Porterhouse party at Winter Music Conference 2006.

Steve Porter ‘Porterhouse’ US Tour Dates

01.19.06 - Cielo - NYC - Kick off World Album Tour
01.20.06 - Stereo - Montreal
01.21.06 - Eleven 50 - Atlanta
01.27.06 - Soundbar - Chicago
02.03.06 - Avalon - Boston
02.04.06 - Kool House - Toronto
02.18.06 - Surface - Ottawa
02.23.06 - One 14 - PhiladelphiaOne 14
02.24.06 - The Church - Denver
02.25.06 - Aqua - Vancouver
03.24.06 - State - Miami

Porterhouse Mission: US, UK & Europe dates TBA for March & April 2006. Asia dates TBA for May 2006.

For more information check out DJStevePorter.comPorterhouse-Online.comFadeRecords.com or PlexiPr.com

next life electric violence

Justin Kleinfeld ~ You simply aren’t ready for Next Life. So rare is it that you discover a band with such an original sound, coming from somewhere within their own universe that when you do find a band such as this, it’s always surprising. We proudly introduce you to Next Life.

Hailing from Oslo, Norway Next Life are Hai Nguyen Dinh and Tormod Christensen. They make music that fetishistically explores the twin worlds of Death Metal and video game music with a preciousness that some how skirts into the art-rock realm. Around the office we call their sound “Gameboy Death Metal” and when you hear a second of the record you’ll know why. It’s real guitar, synth guitar, Nintendo “vocals” and programmed beats made to fit a metal archetype. This refined and personal new music somehow always winks at the artifice through which it was created (which is why it’s also completely un-nerdy).

Lastly, a side note here about Next Life. These guys ROCK live. You wouldn’t believe it could work, but their live show is like vicious robots spasmodically jerking to every power chord and chugging riff. If you don’t believe us, just pop the CD in any computer and watch the awesome 4 minute live video they included.

You can also check out a clip online.

For the more information on Next Life check out www.cockrockdisco.com or RephlektorInk.com!

mr anonymous

Justin Kleinfeld ~ KAB America, previously the record label home only to Ryuichi Sakamoto, recently announced that Mr. Anonymous was their first new artist signing.

The brainchild of former Samples drummer, Jeep MacNichol, Mr. Anonymous features performances from Sly & Robbie, Dave Wakeling (English Beat), Michael Rose, Cutty Ranks, Bounty Killer, and many others. MacNichol created a unique blend of reggae, trip-hop and dub titled, Mr. Anonymous. "I decided to call the project Mr. Anonymous, because it seemed like the best way to represent the collaborative effort of all the musicians involved," says Jeep.

MacNichol tracked the album during a ten-week period that involved three separate trips to Jamaica. "This album," says Jeep, "is about enjoying the moment and taking in the experience. There are songs about love, family, sex, and life."

"Working with these guys was the experience of a lifetime. I spent every second of my high school years listening to most of them, studying their different styles, and teaching myself how to play drums to their tunes," says MacNichol. "To go from that, to working and writing in the studio with these guys still blows me away."

The project was signed by Evan Balmer for KAB America, who was initially struck by the unforgettable songs, "When I first got a copy of the CD from Jeep, I thought someone was screwing with me! I was sure this project already had to have a home, and likely an expensive major label home at that! I was jamming this CD 24/7, and it really fit with what we do at KAB. In some ways it reminded me a lot of a few of Ryuichi's earlier genre-bending releases in the sense of the passion behind the entire project and total disregard for any cultural or musical boundaries."

The self-titled release from Mr. Anonymous will be available worldwide on April 11th.

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kicking the national habit

Justin Kleinfeld ~ Recall Records is pleased to announce the highly anticipated North American release of Grand National’s Kicking The National Habit. Released on February 21, 2006, the North American package will feature seven bonus tracks not available on the original UK release, including remixes by Sasha and The Glimmers. Also added is a bonus video for “Drink To Moving On,” directed by Ramon & Pedro.

For those in the know, Grand National (AKA Rupert Lyddon and Lawrence “La” Rudd) is a band to watch. Even without a proper U.S. record release, the act’s debut Kicking The National Habit has found a cult following stateside. Some of America’s finest publications are also singing the early praise. URB featured the act as one of the NEXT 100 acts to watch in 2005, while BPM recently featured Grand National alongside The Killers, The Bravery and New Order as part of its special dance / rock issue. Esteemed publications including Spin, Billboard and CMJ have also written glowingly about the act, while influential radio stations including the world famous KCRW have provided early spins.

America is only beginning to learn what much of the world has already known for quite some time – this band has “it.” Grand National’s sound is unique, evoking equal measures of The Police, The Happy Mondays, and New Order, while maintaining an originality all the while. There’s mass appeal here too, from the rockers, to the reggae fans, to the dance heads, and, dare we say, a pop hook or two. Live, a full six-piece band ensures that standout tracks like “Drink To Moving On,” “Peanut Dreams,” “Playing In The Distance” and “Cherry Tree” vividly come to life.

2005 has seen great success for Grand National. The band is approaching star status in the U.K. and Australia, with France going especially crazy over the band (Sofia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst were spotted in the front row at a summer Paris gig.) Additionally, the band’s original music has appeared in popular television shows including CSI: MIAMI, SIX FEET UNDER, and ENTOURAGE, while a remix of “Talk Amongst Yourselves” was the first (and standout) track on Sasha’s critically acclaimed Involver CD.

Watch out for North American tour dates in 2006!

Grand National - Kicking The National Habit

  1. Drink To Moving On
  2. Talk Amongst Yourselves
  3. Playing In The Distance
  4. Boner
  5. Peanut Dreams
  6. Cherry Tree
  7. Coming Round
  8. Daylight Goes
  9. North Sound Off
  10. Litter Bin
  11. Your Rules Obey*
  12. Strange Magnificent Noise*
  13. Sixty Seven Up*
  14. Rabbits Facts*
  15. Playing In The Distance (Elliot James Mix)**
  16. Playing In The Distance (The Glimmers Mix)**
  17. Talk Amongst Yourselves (Sasha Mix)**
Video: “Drink To Moving On”

* Bonus Tracks / ** Exclusive bonus tracks not available on the original UK release. Also added is a bonus video for “Drink To Moving On,” directed by Ramon & Pedro

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djs are alive

Justin Kleinfeld ~ “It has been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a musical project. With remixing getting less challenging by the day, and underground dance music still losing ground in clubs throughout the US, I was looking for a new challenge and found it with DJs ARE ALIVE.” – The Scumfrog

With the rising use of laptops and digital files, live dance music and DJing have become as exciting as watching people check their email. Looking to bring the excitement back into the genre, five of its most visible names have united to present DJs ARE ALIVE, a collective formed by The Scumfrog, featuring dance music heavyweights D:Fuse, Static Revenger, DJ Skribble, and Kristine W. The act will unveil its live show this February in New York City and at the Winter Music Conference in March.

DJs ARE ALIVE is a unique exploration into a “live DJ set.” The group will play “mash up” versions of classic club tracks and their own material with the aid of 2 complete onstage DJ rigs, drums, percussion, guitar, keyboards, sax, FX, and an iconic female vocalist (who also plays an impressive array of musical instruments). Just wait until you see Kristine W. kick it on the saxophone! Check out the video a look at the first-ever DJs ARE ALIVE rehearsal at Kristine’s ranch in Las Vegas:

After the band was formed they immediately got to work on recording a single; The Scumfrog started a groove on Pro-Tools and sent it out to the rest of the band who added additional parts. The result is “Gimme Some Love,” a track so good that DJs around the world demanded a copy before it was even completed. The finished track will be released this spring on Effin Records.

DJs ARE ALIVE is truly one of the most exciting projects to hit dance music in recent history, and while the genre is definitely Dance, the spirit is a whole lot of rock and roll. DJs ARE ALIVE sweeps the whole prima donna DJ thing under the rug, and most importantly, it’s really, really good. There is some kind of magic that’s created when these five dance icons get in the same room and jam. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.
  • “DJs Are Alive is about pretending to be a rock star for an hour or so. You know, don some mascara, bang on the drums, and sing a little to the crowd. Maybe even sling bottles of water on 'em.” – D:Fuse
  • “Wow, when DJs come alive…it will set a new industry standard. I can honestly say, there is nothing like it. We will be the turntablists of the dance community! The opportunity of working on a project like this is amazing…” -DJ Skribble
  • “Turns out, unlikely + talented = f**kin' good and DJs ARE ALIVE are no less than that, and worth your full attention!” – Static Revenger
DJs ARE ALIVE will unveil its live show this February in New York City and at the Winter Music Conference! For the more information on the project contact RephlektorInk.com23West.com or MySpace.

kansas city on the rise

Heidi Mikhail ~ The Bacchus Foundation, Kansas City’s oldest and largest philanthropic organization for young professionals, will host its 51st annual Bacchus Ball on Saturday, February 18th at the Rotunda in Town Pavilion. The theme of the 2006 ball is “Kansas City on the Rise”. The event will celebrate Kansas City’s revitalization by highlighting the growth of the downtown districts and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Proceeds from the Bacchus Ball “Kansas City on the Rise” will benefit The Children’s SPOT at St. Luke’s Hospital. The Bacchus Foundation has pledged a commitment to fundraise for a sensory development room in The Children’s SPOT new building.

“Kansas City is growing at an unprecedented pace,” said Bacchus President Kevin Farrell. “In addition to helping our beneficiary, the Foundation is also bringing young professionals to downtown venues like the Crossroads District, Town Pavilion, and Union Station, which ultimately helps Kansas City grow.”

The ball begins at 7:00pm with dinner provided by Pierpont’s and the Hereford House, two of the city’s most recognized restaurants. Attendees will have the chance to bid on premium items and packages provided by local businesses in a silent auction until 10:30pm and local band, The Clique, will entertain throughout the evening.

A Patron’s Party will be hosted in the Cordish Offices on the Pavilion’s 30th floor from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Patrons attending will have the privilege of viewing Kansas City’s most current reconstruction sites including the H&R Block building, the Sprint Center, and the forthcoming Kansas City Live district. This VIP event will entertain with Kansas City jazz music, appetizers, and an open bar.

Ball tickets are available online at www.bacchuskc.com.

delta heavy documentary

On February 7, System Recordings will release Sasha & John Digweed Present Delta Heavy, a DVD documentation of the most important DJ tour to ever hit America.

I had the opportunity this month to preview this DVD and, if you were there, you might want to get your hands on this one. Those in Kansas City are going to pleasantly surprised at the amount of footage that was shot at the Uptown. Honstly, I expected to see none at all. About 30 minutes into it, bam! It takes you a minute to figure out that it's the Uptown, but that room is unmistakable, especially when the lights go up and they set the camera down on the table facing the crowd.

For those that weren't there, what you missed was probably one of the most groundbreaking electronic music tours, whcih featured the extraordinary DJ talents of Sasha, John Digweed, and Jimmy Van M. Visiting all corners of the States in 2002, the tour - promoted by Clear Channel - was attended by more than 85,000 people in six weeks and was voted by the American public as Best Event at DanceStar USA 2003.

Along with other touring acts such as The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Underworld, Sasha & John Digweed are responsible for America’s mid-90’s dance music explosion. As a launching pad, their monthly residency at New York City’s famed club Twilo was a larger than life event that drew fans from all over the world. This was a cultural phenomenon that lifted the DJs to an almost mythical status across the country and opened the doors for a wave of other top international DJs. Despite releasing several popular mix CDs and playing to crowds in other cities, Sasha & John Digweed couldn’t possibly reach all their fans in a vast land like America. As a result, Sasha & John Digweed’s protégé Jimmy Van M. conceived a massive first-of-its-kind touring electronic music event. The revolutionary event was called Delta Heavy.

Kicking off spring 2002, Sasha & John Digweed’s Delta Heavy Tour was the most important DJ tour to ever hit America. Produced by Warped Tour creator, Kevin Lyman, the 31 live dates forever raised the bar for large-scale electronic music events. Technically produced like a rock concert, complete with touring sound, lighting, staging, laser and video production courtesy of award winning designers Imaginary Forces, Delta Heavy catapulted Sasha & John Digweed into arena headlining status.

Produced and directed by Ben Turner, who has championed electronic music worldwide for 15 years, and executive produced by Sasha & John Digweed themselves, Delta Heavy is a compelling and intimate documentary film that takes the viewer behind the scenes of the largest DJ tour ever mounted in America.

Featuring over an hour of exclusive live footage and interviews plus bonus materials with Sasha, John Digweed and co-creator/opening DJ Jimmy Van M, Delta Heavy is a must-have remembrance for those who were there and an essential purchase for all Sasha & John Digweed fans everywhere.

“This DVD takes you from the middle of the dancefloor to backstage and into the world of Sasha and myself on a 9 week DJ tour across America on a scale that had not been done before and has not been recreated since - this really captures every aspect of a DJs life and then some!” – John Digweed

“The Delta Heavy tour was a landmark moment for electronic music, and it was my ambition to simply shine a light on the creativity that was going on in that period. To work so closely with Sasha and John, two artists not renowned for letting the cameras in close, was a personal career highlight. It’s important the genre’s best moments are documented.” – Ben Turner
DVD Features (for preview, click here)
  • Crystal Clear Video
  • Chapter Selection
  • Documentary
  • Bonus Interviews
  • Audio / Visual Mix
  • Photos / Slideshow
  • Artist Bios
  • Artist Discographies
  • NTSC
  • Plays: All regions
  • 16 x 9 Widescreen:
  • Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
For the more information on the project check out SystemRecordings.com or RephlektorInk.com or just Go Buy It!

clubbin ibiza style in new york

Michael Bradshaw ~ Against the awesome backdrop of the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Intrepid, New York City’s newest, big-name club venue Pacha is housed in an unimposing warehouse along the Hudson River four blocks west of Times Square. Situated on the fringes Manhattan’s Hell's Kitchen district, Pacha and the accompanying clutches of danceteria-types crowded outside, are as conspicuous in this part of town as a glow stick in a VIP room.

Unlike most clubs residing in industrial locales, Pacha beds in a bustling shipping zone among freight trucks and warehouses, which are active well into the wee hours. Standing in line to enter the club, one can expect to be on the receiving end of more than a few stink-eyes from the tenacious souls working late on the loading docks—This while donning club couture and fighting fashion models for a place beyond the seemingly absurd, velvet ropes.

However, once you’ve paid your $40 cover (!!!) and mantra’d the muck of by-passing hotties out of your aura, you discover why Pacha is the premier clubbing experience favored the world over. With franchises in Buenos Aires, London, Munich and Madrid; plus developing projects in L.A., Singapore and Dubai, the Ibiza-based club chain is, for the international club scene, the gold standard among even the most discriminating clientele. The problem however, is that Pacha NYC only lives up to this reputation by its most essential facilities.

Entrance to the club from the VIP line feels a bit pedestrian at first but this feeling gives over to exhilaration as you empty onto a grand square mezzanine, sprawling above the main dance floor. The floor itself opens to the viewer as a well of light guiding one’s eyes as would a coin plunging into a vast fountain of neon and twirling quasars. The central lighting truss sprouts from the middle of the main dance floor like a tree twisting on its axis, opening into octopus legs, which observed from the mezzanine, rain light in precise jets of cool blues and purples.

Making your way past the many posh satellite rooms (which cost so much to occupy I won’t trouble you, gentle reader, with the numbers) and down the stairs toward the main floor, the thunder of bass assumes a droning effect and the sheer, pulsing violence of an utterly massive sound system dilates the pupils. Equal to that of a perfect night sky both in clarity and magnitude, the Pacha sound system could make even the hammer of Thor wince with inadequacy.

Additionally, there are shower stalls located around the dance floor that one can only assume are supposed to look cool but, unfortunately, the word that comes to mind, even in the presence of girls writhing around in their underwear, is trite. However, located opposite the DJ booth, a series of platforms in which (female) dancers clad in fantastic head dresses and skimpy white chiffon costumes dance in slow, choreographed, tai chi-like movements within a seemingly, falling mist under the aforementioned tree of light. This, is certainly the most impressive element of the Pacha environment.

Pacha’s interior, coupled with the stylings of resident DJ Erick Morrilo, who told DJ Magazine that Pacha NYC will surpass the infamy of Studio 54, makes for what should be the ultimate in New York City clubbing. However, the club came to a dead stop around 1:30am it’s opening night as the New York City police department filed through the doors and ordered party-goers to leave. If Pacha is attempting to capture the true vibe of the underground dance scene, so far it has only been successful in it’s ability to get busted. The club opened again the next evening for it’s Made in Sweden event featuring Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso, but seemed to suffer a significant loss in attendance surely due to internet speculation that the club would not open again for another month. Most postings on New York City message boards categorized the opening as a complete disaster.

Anyone worth their hand-stamp knows the term, “super club” is a dirty word these days, so if “underground” is what Pacha is going for by choosing an off-the-beaten-path location, they still have a ways to go in terms of clientele and innovation. If Pacha is going for posh, they may be well on their way. Posh and underground are two conflicting elements in the dance music scene. Sometimes conflict yields beauty—In this case, it’s bemusement at best. However, if you’re looking for something dazzling, out of the way and you’re not afraid to drop some serious coin, Pacha NYC may be the perfect destination for your next nightlife excursion in the Big Apple.

For more information about Pacha New York, check out their web site at PachaNYC.com.

february 2006 editor note

Between the fact that Fourmation kicked off with a really good start and one of the resident's, JFortune, is featured in this month's "on decks" and the fact that I really liked the artwork, I decided to use a portion of their February flyer for February's cover (artwork by ForestAlien). That night is on it's way to becoming the very best Drum & Bass night in Kansas City.

Headed up by Four Corners, they aren't holding back at all, serving up some of the finest in regional and national DJs on the first three fridays of every month. Not only that, they got a built in chill lounge with some fine KC jazz. Drum & Bass & Jazz all in one spot. It doesn't get any better, so if you're in town, drop in and check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Dropping in is definitely one of my favorite pastimes too. The photo in this column (taken by Joe) was a Monday or two ago when I dropped in on The Empire to visit my good friends Shannon & Bridget, who will be featured again at an opening entitled "Rage Against Apathy" at The Graffiti Room (39th & Broadway) in KC for this First Friday in February. Drop in and check it out!

Overall, January was kind of a slow month though. There just didn't seem to be anything truly spectacular going on last month, so we took a breath and got our thoughts in line on how to approach the springtime festivities that are sure to be every where. There is a lot of really good things comin, but you may have to drive a little ways to get the really good stuff.

O! I almost forgot. We're giving you a little Valentine's treat this month! We will have a couple of very special guest appearances on Valentine's Day at our weekly event, PHATuesdays. We might even have to charge a little bit of a cover, but I guarantee it will be worth it... so, mark your calendar... and I'll see you then!

february 2006 issue