svs february 2006 dnb

Drum and Bass dj and producer S.V.S. gets down and dirty at this month’s new releases. With dnb/jungle flooding the market there’s plenty of sleepers to miss out on. Here’s his list of hot hits and ones you may have missed just for your flight cases.

Psidream & Gabriel / Demo & Cease – Slangin’ Beats / Turf War – Cymbalism (CYMB004P)
Toronto continues to take over the world as Psidream and Gabriel tag up on ‘Slangin’ Beats’. Bass driving and heavy hitting with all the new school sounds and a touch of the old when they bring back some classic techstep synths. Demo and Cease hold up the flip side with ‘Turf War’ as they take it back to the streets the only way they know how… hard, nasty, and dirty. Gut pounding bass and face punching drums make this hit on everyone’s list.

Mason & D Star – Zerosum (Klute Remix) / Roots – Gasm Recordings (GASM004)

Klute come in to remix a hard hitting smash from the duo of Mason and Dstar. The Zerosum remix goes top
speed with its rolling drums and nice use of vocals. This is a definite track to get the heart pumping. Flying solo on the flip, Mason and Dstar hit hard with ‘Roots’. Equipped with old style piano stabs, rolling kicks, and eerie vocals this track is bound to start the apocalypses.

Gein – Hate / Father Of Lies – Freak Recordings (FREAK017)

These mad men from the great north city of Killwaukee come at it once again with their latest release on Freak Recordings. Hate is a powerful and emotional track that will have you in an uproar. It’s everything a track with that name would be expected, anger, pain, and riding bassline from the depths of hell. ‘Father of Lies’ starts off as if you were being beaten with an aluminum baseball bat. Hard metal drums and stabbing bass takes you to the drop of the track where the bat beating worsens and the track explodes in horror. *Not for the faint hearted. *

Spor vs Infiltrata / Infiltrata vs Kano – Three Faces / Poor Bomb – Barcode Recordings (BAR014)

Spor and Infiltrata team up here for ‘Three Faces’, a hard masher of a track with heavy pounding drums.
Smash techniques and grumpy basslines make this track for all hardcore fanatics. On the other side Infiltrata is back at it again, this time with Kano for a total mind warp classic underway. Thick drums and a bouncy bass soon take control in this schizo pounder. Be on the look out for many more released from all three artists.


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