next life electric violence

Justin Kleinfeld ~ You simply aren’t ready for Next Life. So rare is it that you discover a band with such an original sound, coming from somewhere within their own universe that when you do find a band such as this, it’s always surprising. We proudly introduce you to Next Life.

Hailing from Oslo, Norway Next Life are Hai Nguyen Dinh and Tormod Christensen. They make music that fetishistically explores the twin worlds of Death Metal and video game music with a preciousness that some how skirts into the art-rock realm. Around the office we call their sound “Gameboy Death Metal” and when you hear a second of the record you’ll know why. It’s real guitar, synth guitar, Nintendo “vocals” and programmed beats made to fit a metal archetype. This refined and personal new music somehow always winks at the artifice through which it was created (which is why it’s also completely un-nerdy).

Lastly, a side note here about Next Life. These guys ROCK live. You wouldn’t believe it could work, but their live show is like vicious robots spasmodically jerking to every power chord and chugging riff. If you don’t believe us, just pop the CD in any computer and watch the awesome 4 minute live video they included.

You can also check out a clip online.

For the more information on Next Life check out or!


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