hello waveforms

Betty Kang ~ Grammy Award-winning writer/producer and contemporary music visionary, William Orbit, returns with an eagerly anticipated new album ‘Hello Waveforms’ on Sanctuary Records out on February 7th.

His first solo release since 2000’s critically acclaimed ‘Pieces in a Modern Style’, the new album was performed and produced by William. ‘Hello Waveforms’ is ethereal, ambient, subtle and distinctive in style, fusing strong melodies with electronic synths to produce his definitive signature sound.

Recorded in London and America, the new album features a collection of collaborations and influences - the track ‘Humming Chorus’ is taken from Madame Butterfly, ‘Spiral’ features the Sugababes and Kenna on vocals, while Finley Quaye plays acoustic guitar on the dreamlike ‘Who Owns The Octopus’.

William has also reunited with his former Strange Cargo band member Laurie Mayer, who plays piano and synthesizer on ‘Surfin’ and provides vocals on the tracks ‘Bubble Universe’ and ‘Who Owns the Octopus?’.

The full track listing is: ‘Sea Green’, ‘Humming Chorus’, ‘Surfin’, ‘You Know Too Much About Flying Saucers’, ‘Spiral’, ‘Who Owns The Octopus?’, ‘Bubble Universe’, ‘Fragmosia’, ‘Firebrand’ ‘They Live In The Sky’ and ‘Colours From Nowhere’.

An artist who individually determined the new age of modern mixer/producer credibility, William’s most high profile projects to date include his contribution to Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ album - on which he produced, co-wrote and performed - U2’s ‘Electrical Storm’, Blur’s ‘13’ and his smash-hit single ‘Barber’s Adagio For Strings’. In 2001 he performed as part of Barbican’s celebrated Elektronik Festival.

For more information, visit WilliamOrbit.comSanctuaryRecords.com or PlexiPR.com!


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