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Justin Kleinfeld ~ KAB America, previously the record label home only to Ryuichi Sakamoto, recently announced that Mr. Anonymous was their first new artist signing.

The brainchild of former Samples drummer, Jeep MacNichol, Mr. Anonymous features performances from Sly & Robbie, Dave Wakeling (English Beat), Michael Rose, Cutty Ranks, Bounty Killer, and many others. MacNichol created a unique blend of reggae, trip-hop and dub titled, Mr. Anonymous. "I decided to call the project Mr. Anonymous, because it seemed like the best way to represent the collaborative effort of all the musicians involved," says Jeep.

MacNichol tracked the album during a ten-week period that involved three separate trips to Jamaica. "This album," says Jeep, "is about enjoying the moment and taking in the experience. There are songs about love, family, sex, and life."

"Working with these guys was the experience of a lifetime. I spent every second of my high school years listening to most of them, studying their different styles, and teaching myself how to play drums to their tunes," says MacNichol. "To go from that, to working and writing in the studio with these guys still blows me away."

The project was signed by Evan Balmer for KAB America, who was initially struck by the unforgettable songs, "When I first got a copy of the CD from Jeep, I thought someone was screwing with me! I was sure this project already had to have a home, and likely an expensive major label home at that! I was jamming this CD 24/7, and it really fit with what we do at KAB. In some ways it reminded me a lot of a few of Ryuichi's earlier genre-bending releases in the sense of the passion behind the entire project and total disregard for any cultural or musical boundaries."

The self-titled release from Mr. Anonymous will be available worldwide on April 11th.

For the more information check out or Rephlektor Inkorporated


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