Sunday, April 30, 2006

event photos apr.06

Flyers for events photographed in April 2006 appear below.

A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that.

it's over, Last Call Girls, Mark Smeltzer, Stuck in a Straitjacket, Rocky Flamingo, Mike Medeiros, Sugar Puppy & The Lovely Dumplings,  Gnarla Natayet
Record Bar
Kansas City, MO

Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo, & Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

Blank & Jones, Rank 1, Signum, Perry O'Neil, Deep Voices, Thomas Datt, St John, Doc Martin, DJ Dan, Richard Vission, Kaskade, Colette, Carlos Alfonzo, Ed Rush, Optical, Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Evol Intent, Fury, Bicolas, The Colonel MC, Enemy, Blix Cannon, Ron Reeser, Filipe Avelar, Angel & Rohan, DJ Hill, John Beaaver, Alain Octavo
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
San Francisco, CA
photos by mikeZ

Dara, DJ Rap, Tommie Sunshine, Nigel Richards, Kenneth Thomas, Mark Almaria, John Kelley, Chuck Lepley, and many others
Oasis Hotel & Convention Center
Springfield, MO
photos by joe & brian

DJoe, Fool, & phocas
Kansas City, MO

Diz aka 012, Pat Nice, & Alan Alda
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Mike Dileo, Brent Scholz, Paul DeMatteo, Steve Thorell, Bill Pile
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Sol Cantina
Kansas City, MO

DJ Tabitha
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO

Julius Papp and residents
St Louis, MO
photos by brian

J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science, with residents Paul DeMatteo & Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

No Left Turn, Danny Maze, Timid vs Spree w/ MC ADB, Plan 9, Pandemic, Lunatik, Shan, James Ehrman, Matte-E, Aaron Lee vs Comrade, Jon von-Tech, Boogie, Brent Crampton w/ Shif-8, Switchblade, Punk Master Tacks, Daniel Larusso, Koolaid, Squiggles and many others
unknown venue
Minneapolis, MN
photos by joe & andrew

cQuence and residents DJoe, Fool, & phocas
Kansas City, MO

featuring Josh C, Alan Paul, and resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO

DJ Tabitha
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO

Steve Thorell & Eric Sheridan
Grand Emporium
Kansas City, MO

Kaos, General Malice, Paul Anthony, and others
unknown venue
St Louis, MO
photos by brian

Phelan, and residents DJoe, Fool, & phocas
Kansas City, MO

Arrhythmia with resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City, MO

The Field Experiment
The Hurricane
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Psidream, cVaughn, and residents Mile & J. Fortune
The Hangout
Kansas City, MO
photos by jen

Pat Nice with resident Two Heavy
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO

Green Velvet and residents Paul DeMatteo & Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

Solaris with residents DJoe, Fool, & phocas
Kansas City, MO

DJ P with residents Paul DeMatteo & Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Amjanda, Nick Steady, Mage
Kansas City, MO

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

shadowrunner april 2006 trance

Spring is here and the world is emerging from it's winter slumber. Not only will the temperatures start to heat up, but so will the activity in the electronic music community. Fresh music from artists that were waiting to drop the new hotness at WMC will be out and ready for mass consumption.

Dance floors are hungry for the latest tracks to fuel the frenzied masses of clubbers and party patrons. Soon enough the outdoor festival season will be upon us. I hope to see everyone out on the dance floors with much love and respect. Until then, please enjoy the picks and peace and safe journeys to all.

April Featured Artist: Markus Schulz

I won't waste your time by explaining to you how this man simply ROCKS!!! Artist/Remixer/DJ, is what we call a triple threat. Take the time out to find out more by visiting: or

April CD Pick: Global Underground: Shanghai Nick Warren

Besides being one of my idols, Nick Warren is one of the most respected DJs in the world today. His latest 2CD mix set takes him to the exotic locale of Shanghai where he drops it like only a seasoned pro can. Both CDs feature artists and remixers I have reviewed in the past like Alex Stealthy, Shiloh, and Kosmas Epsilon. His progressive style is so refined it should be an institution. Trust me when I say this is a must have in any good CD collection. Pick one up today and thank me tomorrow.Check him out

April Reviews:

Mr Roboto - Hanna & MV - Little Mountain
I can remember the 80's. I was a youth at the time but the music had such hook and energy but didnt have the Phat beats we have today. Thank the gods that be for remixers of this era. This STYX favorite gets triple reworking on Sander Kleinenberg's Little Mountain label. This is deffinately for the proggy and club jet set. Cool with the edge of 80's retro meeting the grungy teched out club beats of today. Drop it on your dance floor and stand back and watch the sweaty bodies groove.

UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar Remix/Leama & Moor Remix) - DJ Tiesto - Magik Muzik
Junkie XL + Dj Tieso = smooth rockin vocal trance. The silky moaning male vocals here are so sexy accompanied with soft guitar riffs. Save me a spot on the dancefloor for that track!!! The Leama & Moor Remix is a beautiful floaty synth lavered piece of the etherial. This one glides along soft and echoed with pulsating basslines. The posh lounge feel is in full effect.

S.O.S. (Message In A Bottle) - Filterfunk - Tiger Records

Ok, maybe this is my month for the nostolgic trip back to the eighties via great remixes. When the stuff is pressed you had better be there to get your copy before it is snatched up. The Police were masters at putting out songs with deep passion and universal appeal. The Hi Tack Remix is a wonderful remix that builds upon and merges seamlessly with a timeless track. There are five remixes on this release to choose from. So hurry up and choose already. Dance floors are standing by!!!!

Right Here feat. Jesus Jones - Robbie Rivera - Nebula

It seems my musical trip has left the eighties and landed in the early nineties. I can't help myself this month, it's just like a had a freebie flashback through my musical past and my head is still spinnin. An original and two remixes magically whisk you back to a time when pastels ruled fashion and lunacy raged on the dance floor. Many different types of people co-existed in harmony and good times cuz it just felt right. The flavors served up here are house and progressive with a smidgeon of club to add a little seasoning. As an artist, I like to strive for the new. However, as a DJ, sometimes its fun to take them back and give them a taste of the past.

solaris april 2006 techno reviews

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Master Traxx - DJ Mika - MAXX007

This is nice and a bit different. I am not sure how to describe it. sounds like a mix of hard techno with some latin and Miami sound to it. It sure isn’t bad, it is just a bit different yet workable into many different things.

Omega Audio - Spiros Kaloumenos - OMEGAAUDIO007

Perhaps it is just me amped up from Miami, but this one is good as you can get from the sound the techno boys were pushing there. Nice, minimal, drummy, and a bass line that will make the girls panties quiver.

Apex – Dave The Drummer & KN - APEX016

Leave it to Henry to gimme a jonesing need to have some more acid techno in my vein. Then again, who doesn’t? this one has a build up that would blow you mom, and then go to your dads mistress for seconds…sound good? Well common now techno is always a little bit dirty.

Fresh Grind - PG, Jan Liefhebber & Nimbuz - FRESHGRIND10

We like a range of things, and this has got most of the hard and minimal tip on lick. Just don’t take it skeet shooting, you might need it if those snipes come a knocking on your door.

RAW - Guy MCaffer & Cyber Simon - RAW034

Not yet released, and well worth getting if you can find it. leave it to these old timers to make the funk so fun and enjoyable. The flip is a bit more acid like, but that is the flavor that makes it so good. Always trust your technolust…as raw as it might be.

Neonate - Z & Morgan - VCRN008

Another preview that you must get. No words can describe it but it has a building precussion and synth that would make my girlfriend switch partners…if I didn’t have it already. But who can keep up? Take it and get some.

CLR - Alex Bau - CLR14

W what else to leave you with than a nice new release from a tried and true label that I love… its dirty, its gritty and it stays to ya like that present you never want to take out of the box…but do it and everyone will love you all the more.

brent crampton april 2006 house

Fresh from the shores of South Beach, everyone producer and their respective momma’s have saved all their tender loving worth in solid tracks for this time. Lest I say that in shadow of the Winter Music Conference, there are so many quality tracks out right now that I took out a small business loan to keep up with the lot?

Here’s what’s moving the soul-shakers currently . . .

Kenny Knight - Back to the island - Coastline

The label runner, Kenny Knight, gets from behind the desk and dives into the studio to put out this two-tracker. The original cut is aiming at the dancefloor, fulfilling all the necessary check marks to get you moving: funky guitar, catchy piano line, forward-pushing bass line and trumpet stabs. The sampling of some British documentary about house-music/rave culture was a bit unexpected, but definitely fit right in with the airy Deeper Journey Dub that Knight composed. The dub is what I felt the most. With it's smooth percussion, bass line and melodies, this is a sure set early morning summer stomper. Sampling a sax line that's reminiscent of an early Aphrodite set, the track has an overall cool and refreshing tone that is sure to please.

SUMO feat. Clarisse Muvemba - Nini - Heya

Garnering an EP of some fine Swedish afro beat cuts slated for SUMO's forthcoming album release, if this release is a sign of what's to come - buy, buy, buy the album! The vocalis in this track, Clarisse Muvemba is can sing in the language of Lingala, which is spoken in Kongo. Pair this Swedish soul singer with SUMO, and you got a fire fledged four tracker with complimentary acapella. The original is your typical guitar-hooked, swank female lyrical afro vocals and trumpeted disco hits. The Claude Monnet remix is a bit dark and totally a disco drum roller. The instrumental fills in what you'd expect. The shining star of the release, though, is Bo ningisa, which means "shake it" in Lingala. Starting out with a pitter-pattering drum roll, a tribal chant repeats until it summons a UK Garage-like base line making this afro-stomper an original tuff track.

V/A - King Street/Nite Grooves WMC 06 Sampler

If you haven't caught the dowloading tidal wave yet, grab your board, hit the surf and ride those rhythms of compressed audio. With lots of promo cuts available up to a month before it's commercial release, has become a bragging right on the weekend amongst DJs. This particular EP from King Street and Nite Grooves is an exclusive Traxsource release, geared toward the WMC'er. Loads of gold packed into this $7.98 320 kbps package. Mr. V does a tingy vocal job on house music's most sampled line - Beat that bitch with a bat. With a Louie Vega remix on Johnny Dangerous' work, this New York-angled deep house hip-hop hustler is too good to turn down. Another Johnny track is in the lot with Emerald City perversing a Doc Martin remix. Displaying dub appeals on the spacey bassline, the vocal line, "Just as long as I got you - I got enough" doesn't drop until the track is past the halfway mark - I love that. Formerly of Dubtribe Sound System, Sunshine Jones does a dark and wide track along with a Quentin Harris remix of Joi Cardwell's What it feels like, and just one more remix of the classic Wonderful Place by Blaze. Oh, let's not forget the tribal drums with a house beat provided by the Louie Vega remix of Latin Ritual. Lovely package, indeed.

Jaime Lewis feat. Michelle Weeks - Be Thankful (Jazz-N-Groove Mixes) - Purple Music
Even though this came out in mid-February, I accidentally slept on this. Don't do the same. I often hear the gospel-esque house numbers and pass because of the cheesyness. But Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy really did a number on this track that made a big roar at last years WMC. Peak hour work with a twisted little melody that's infectious beyond belief.

Franck Roger - We Walk To Dance - Seasons

Slated to come out late April, Franck Roger's is amongst a new wave of soulful producers that are changing the name of the game. This release does not disappoint for the reputation he has put together. With that typical deep, quirky and soulful style, the gem of the four-tracker is the final touch mix. With spacey melodies and chords, the celestial feel is enough to make you want to get lost on a coastal highway.

KM - Afrikarina - Look At You

Four tracks along the lines of that afro-house style that erupted in '94. I'll cut to the chase and say that the release would have been passed up if it were not for the Nathan G Elektra-Soul mix. With a tender and tuff feel, the bassline resembles current Miguel Migs, samples the Chemical Brothers line, "It began in Africa," and has floating flutes. You can't go wrong with contrast in a track, and this one has plenty of it.

95 North - Do You Really Want It? - Large

Another promo I grabbed off of Traxsource, there is no released date announced fro this one yet. This one's all deep and sexy with a female vox saying, "Do you really want it - get back to love." Piano solo's jump in there, a light percussion with the marching drum and crescendoing rises. Tastey number!

Chuck Love - Spread The Love - Salted

Chuck Love - a man of Minneapolis mystery. Who would have thought that the next guy set to blow up on OM records would be nestled in the Twin-Cities. But he's there, playing live instruments at hip places such as The Lounge in Minneapolis, alongside DJs. With a nasty electro-lined bass, the cool keys and vocals make the track have a slight poppiness to them, but walks the line of key musicianship, which makes me forgive the former. Be sure to keep your eye on this guy. He's sure to be the next Kaskade, only with good tracks.

the control freeks on decks

The Control Freeks have been praised throughout the country as two of the most energetic djs hailing from the Midwest and well known throughout as two who can build a set into a house music frenzy. They have shared the stage with such names as Derrick Carter, Crystal Method, Moby, Donald Glaude, The Lawnchair Generals, George Clinton, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Sneak, BT, Junkie XL, Angel Alanis, The Bassbin Twins, Charles Feelgood and the list continues. With their own headlining gigs throught the midwest, all the while holding down multiple residencies is second nature for these two . The Control Freeks studio work is much anticipated by numerous record labels and fans alike. They are known to annihiliate dancefloors with tracks that range from banging peaktime disco and driving funky techno, to vibey soulful, and straight up jackin acid records, proving that every show caters to whatever the crowds needs. Their non-stop work ethic, sweat, and persistence has put them in a permenent spot sharing the stage among house music's elite artists.

About this Mix

Well what can we say about Chaos Theory. The biggest annual indoor dance event in the midwest drawing thousands of people from the entire region, kind of forces you directly into the spotlight. It was our responsibility to set the pace for the evening. We just kind of cleared our minds and felt the vibe that was already present in the room. We didn't plan this set because we never do, we just went with the flow of the energy of the room and built off of that. We definately knew no matter what we wanted to climax by the end of our set and feeding off the energy of the crowd it was somewhat robotic in the sense that they directed us.
As far as track selection, we wanted to hook the people with some drums and slowly pull them in with a more sexual type of energy. The people were feeling it and the natural progression into our more disco flavored driving funk happened on its own. We were lucky enough to have CDR's from artists such as Mark Almaria and Bryan Jones, and that combined with the cutting edge records we are known for dropping, the entire set pretty much culminated into what we are known for doing: making people go crazy and dance. Scenario MC as always accompanied the main room as host, but also gave us some special vocal attention which added to the frenzy.

We would like to thank all the crews that keep this machine running, and specifically Will Crabtree and friends for designing this party for us all to enjoy. Also thanks to for being the eyes of the midwest, and giving visual life to our weekly lifestyles!

Recorded LIVE, in front of a capacity crowd at Kansas City's Uptown Theater during the MidWest's Annual Dance Party, Chaos Theory v3.0: The Catalyst (KC's BEST in 2005 -

this mix features music by....

  1. Peace Division pres. Supacell feat Pesca Faison - its hear its now
  2. Dave Spoon - regeneration
  3. Freeform Five - no more coversations :: Alter Ego rmx
  4. Montoxo - tribalero :: Larson rmx
  5. Inkfish vs Tronso - slipped my mind e.p. :: F**k Me orig mix
  6. Terry Mullen vs Angel Alanis - rouge system :: orig mix
  7. Bryan Jones - Get Loaded !
  8. Mark Almaria - feel my heart
  9. Chris Bonn & Jeff Ramirez - the other side :: orig soundstation mix
  10. Norway-Oslo e.p. DJ Vitamin D - e.m. rmx
  11. Alenia - rough cabaret
  12. da Fresh - on tha way
  13. Czr feat Alex Peace - satisfaction
  14. Renato Cohen - just a dance
Fore more information, just bounce on over to

balance finds their mojo

Betty Kang ~ photo by Shaun Williams ~ Due to be realeased in the US on April 25th, 2006, Australia’s EQ Recordings turns up the heat once again with the exciting ninth installment of the Balance DJ mix series, handcrafted to perfection by one of the hottest young stars of the global house scene, Paolo Mojo.

Following Balance 008, the critically-acclaimed “compilation of the year” (M8, 2005) mixed by that other vanguard of neo-house Desyn Masiello, Paolo is set to deliver a genre-defying, funk-infected double CD mix of booty-shaking house, jittery techno, and every wicked groove in between with some classics thrown in for good measure, that turns traditional mix CDs on their head and gives the word “progressive” a whole new meaning.

Paolo Mojo's sound might be difficult to pin down, but this broad, innovative approach to his craft is making him a name on everyone's lips in 2005. His style incorporates elements of house, funk, techno, breaks, electro, disco and acid. “I’ve never understood this 'genre' bollocks” he says. "To me the best DJs always select the best bits from a wide range of sounds and put them together in a way that just makes sense to people."

It's certainly making sense to lots of people at the moment. Already well established for his tweaked out sets with the likes of Tyrant and Sasha at Fabric, and a well thumbed global passport, he's really come to the fore this year thanks to a succession of well received productions on labels such as Alternative Route, Big Love and Sabotage - and one of the best BBC Radio One Essential mix debuts ever.

Tom Pandzic (EQ) states “We’re very excited to have someone of Paolo’s talent on the Balance roster and believe he has the ability to compile a mix that will become another classic release for the series.”
Radio One, Mixmag, DJ Magazine and IDJ have all been quick to cite him as one to watch this year - with his first mix CD 'Heretic' already released in 2005 on Cass’ Sabotage Recordings. Forthcoming remixes and projects with the likes of Alex Neri, Nic Fanciulli, Paul Woolford and Eric Prydz are set to raise his bar even higher.

Yeah baby yeah, no doubt about it, this kid’s got some serious mojo...

“Paolo Mojo is one of the most talented new DJs; he’s a man you’ll be hearing a lot more from.” - John Digweed

“He plays good music!” - Lee Burridge

“I think (Paolo’s) is one of the best demo cds I have heard for a long time.” - Danny Tenaglia

“He is constantly pushing and finding quality house music. One of the best new DJs for sure.” - Hernan Cattaneo

For more information, check out or


Justin Kleinfeld ~ New York - rephlektor inkorporated is pleased to announce the launch of Interference, a groundbreaking new collaboration between superstar DJ and producer, Sandra Collins, and acclaimed director/VJ Vello Virkhaus. Interference combines world class skills with superlative technology to create a complete aural and visual experience. It will forever change the way you think about clubbing.

Interference integrates over 40 original animated works on DVD, which Collins blends together throughout the night utilizing three Pioneer DVJ-x1 video turntables. The video feed coming from Collins’ DVJ’s is then fed to Virkhaus and remixed along with additional audio reactive animations and live cameras. Utilizing various hardware and software solutions from Apple, Edirol and Brash Live, Virkhaus twists and blends the video streams together. Virkhaus’s primary applications are Modul8, Livid Union, Edirol PR-80 and the CG-8 visual synthesizer. Collins and Virkhaus utilize several different groundbreaking techniques to mix DVD-video and animated footage (much as traditional DJs scratch records.) Combining these mixing styles with Collins genre smashing performance, the duo create a mesmerizing marriage of sight and sound.
“The merger of the visualists and the disc jockeys is going to feed the media hungry youth the kind if interactive stimulation they need to continue to capture their imagination and attendance to electronic music events in the future,” says Virkhaus.

“I knew from the start of my career as a DJ that it’s easy to be become pigeonholed when you regularly perform live and so I’ve always experimented with different styles of music in my shows,” she says. Imagine the experience of such forces combined. Or, rather than simply imagining it, check out the spectacular results at the INTERFERENCE performance nearest you, says Collins.

Interference has been auditioned several times in Los Angeles area clubs and received high marks from fans and DJs alike. Superstar DJ / producer Paul Oakenfold attended a March 11 performance at Avalon Hollywood and was floored by just how ahead of the curve this project is. Check out an EXCLUSIVE link to the Avalon New York City, New Years Eve performance!

The successful execution of the Interference VJ/DJ concept has also led Virkhaus and Collins to be sponsored by Pioneer, Edirol and Brash Live for 2006. Propelled by the enthusiastic response in L.A., Collins and Virkhaus have decided to take their collaboration on the road with several live dates at the 2006 Winter Music conference. Don’t miss Interference on Friday, March 24 @ Crobar (w/ Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo) and Saturday, March 25 @ Ultra Carry On (American Airlines Arena). If you can’t be in Miami, look out for more Interference dates later this spring.

About Vello Virkhaus

Vello Virkhaus has worked on visual content creation and VJd live for a wide range of both mainstream megastars and electronic artists. Vello has been profiled on the Apple Pro video website and won an award from Clubsystems in 2005 for “Best Video System” for Crobar NY. His company V Squared Labs has created and performed visual work for artists such as Sting, Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, 50 cent, Blink 182, Green Day, Bon Jovi, Jay Z and Korn. Vello was also voted by DJ mag UK the #8 VJ in the world.
“Flanked by a stage-wide screen, Korn were backed by dramatic images of TV static, flames, worm-covered skulls, maggots, and images from their music videos created by Vello Virkhaus…Images of the group continued to project in front of Korn, and when the crowd's screams reached a crescendo, the screen dropped, revealing the band chugging away at full-throttle. Korn's performance was sonically and visually scorching!”

About Sandra Collins

Sandra Collins has won numerous awards including “Best DJ” at Dancestar 2003, “Outstanding Electronic Artist” at the Bammie Awards (for her debut album Lost In Time), has tied with Lauren Hill for URB’s “Best Female Artist” and graced the covers of top dance magazines including URB and XLR8. Collins has also received praise from respected publications including The New York Times, Spin, Time Out, BPM, Vibe, Mixmag and Mean Magazine. A tireless experimenter who is always in search of new sounds and platforms for her music, Collins is truly in a class of her own, whether she’s performing to a 5-10,000 person club, a festival or an imitate gallery space.

For more information visit

the human resource

Justin Kleinfeld ~ New York, NY - Step into Dieselboy’s laboratory, April 4, 2006, as he builds the beast known as THE HUMAN RESOURCE – a 2xCD. Disc One “SELECTED WORKS,” is the first CD compilation from Dieselboy’s mighty drum & bass label, HUMAN. This 12-song sonic monster includes club anthems and VIP remixes from )EIB(, DJ Fresh, The Upbeats, Dieselboy + Kaos and more. Disc Two “EVOL INTENT ASSEMBLE THE MONSTER” features a continuous DJ mix from one of America’s top d’n’b DJ/producer crews, Evol Intent, hand-picked by Dieselboy to stitch together some of the best of the HUMAN catalog, plus exclusive tracks and remixes from Gridlok, Infiltrata + Hochi, Vector Burn, Dieselboy + Technical Itch and others.

A part of the stateside electronic movement from the very beginning, Dieselboy is hailed as one of the Founding Fathers of American drum ‘n’ bass. His passions for the music and his rigorous touring and production schedules have earned him a slot in that upper pantheon of DJs able to perform to enthusiastic audiences the world over. Dieselboy is consistently rated as one of America’s Favorite DJs in the annual BPM Magazine reader’s poll, and received a nomination for Best Breakthrough DJ at the 2003 American Dancestar Awards. Dieselboy’s most recent mix CD, 2004’s The Dungeonmaster’s Guide, received critical acclaim for challenging and breaking down the barriers between drum ‘n’ bass, techno, house, trance/progressive. Approaching some of the most notable progressive artists in the world - including BT, Sasha, and Tiesto, as well as techno prodigy and Philly compatriot Josh Wink - Dieselboy embarked on a mission to create something unique by having these artists’ tunes remixed by a slew of the largest names and hottest up-and-coming drum ‘n’ bass producers.

Founded in early 2002, the primary design behind Dieselboy’s label, HUMAN Imprint, has been explicit: first, to provide an outlet for the release of Dieselboy’s material, second, to promote domestic drum and bass, and finally, to convey Dieselboy’s distinct vision, concept and aesthetic. At HUMAN Imprint, output is never rushed; everything proceeds organically – from Dieselboy’s venerable Project HUMAN 2xCD, through the numerous vinyl releases, to the ambitious Dungeonmaster’s Guide 2xCD, the maxim is always ‘Excellence First.’ The 2xCD HUMAN RESOURCE is nothing less than a comprehensive anthology of HUMAN Imprint’s finest moments to date and blueprint for the future. This particular undertaking has literally been years in the making. As a unique addition to the CD1 unmixed label compilation, the fine gentlemen of Evol Intent have been hard at work in their laboratory stitching together various bits and pieces from HUMAN Imprint’s varied catalogue for the accompanying DJ-mixed CD2. The end result is monstrous…

Atlanta’s Evol Intent are among the greatest purveyors of the incendiary, modern jungle sound. Operating as a three-piece power troupe (comprised of Knick, Gigantor and the Enemy), they have produced some of the most ephemeral and progressive drum ‘n' bass to date. Birthed out of the hardcore-punk culture, the trio developed a unique method for wrecking sound systems. The Evol Intent approach is unmistakable - It utilizes incredibly dynamic drum mechanics, razor sharp edits, sawtooth synths and an element of discord resonant of their punk youth. In a very short period of time the group has amassed a substantial discography while recording for their own Evol Intent label as well as numerous prestigious imprints such as Renegade Hardware, Outbreak and Human.


Disc One: Selected Works
i. Vector Burn - Paradise Lost (D-Star Remix)
ii. Bad Company UK - Mass Hysteria (Hive Remix)
iii. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Houston
iv. Styles of Beyond - Subculture (Upbeats Remix)
v. DJ Fresh - Wargames '03
vi. Skynet - Catherine Wheel
vii. Evol Intent + Ewun - The Rapture
viii. Bad Company UK - Grunge 3 (Dieselboy + Kaos + Karl Remix)
ix. Dieselboy + Kaos feat Messinian - Barrier Break (Infiltrata + Hochi Remix)
x. Evol Intent + Mayhem + Thinktank - Broken Sword
xi. Dieselboy + Kaos - Submission
xii. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Studio 54

Disc Two : Evol Intent Assemble The Monster

I. Evol Intent + Dieselboy - Vivify
II. Infiltrata + Define - Parallel Universe
III. Evol Intent + Mayhem + Thinktank - Broken Sword
IV. Upbeats - Piss Fiend
V. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Moonraker (Gridlok Remix)
VI. Evol Intent + Mayhem + Psidream - Assimilation
VII. Styles Of Beyond - Subculture (Upbeats Remix)
VIII. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Xanadu (Stratus Remix)
IX. DJ Fresh - Wargames '03
X. Bad Company UK - Mass Hysteria (Hive Remix)
XI. Dieselboy + Kaos - Barrier Break
XII. Dieselboy + Kaos - Barrier Break (Infiltrata + Hochi Remix)
XIII. Evol Intent + Ewun - Reality Check
XIV. Upbeats - Le Mammoth
XV. Evol Intent + Ewun - The Rapture
XVI. BT - Knowledge of Self (Evol Intent Remix)
XVII. Bad Company UK - Grunge 3 (Dieselboy + Kaos + Karl K Remix)
XVIII. Ewun - The Divide
XIX. Stratus - You Must Follow (Anthology)
XX. Dieselboy + Technical Itch - Atlantic State (Gridlok Remix)
XXI. Dieselboy + Kaos - Submission
XXII. Sasha - Fundamental (Gridlok Remix)
XXIII. BT - The Great Escape (Alliance Remix)

For more information, check out or

burn it

Justin Kleinfeld ~ Filastine's Burn It is one of those rare debut albums that reveal an artist operating at the height of their powers. A Hip-Hop backbone supports live polyriddims, collaborating musicians, lush electronica, field-recordings, and an array of guest MCs and singers. The result is genuinely fresh, streetwise, and solid. From start-to-finish.

Set to be released on April 25th, Burn It redefines the term “laptop artist” as someone who uses portability to record and produce anywhere. While Burn It will satisfy beat-heads, the album also exhibits a deeper musicality. Check the upright bass, horns, and sultry French vocals of “Palmares” (track 3) or the trio of singers on “Ja Helo” (track 14). “QuĂ©malo Ya” (track 2) was composed on a Brazilian rooftop with vocals tracked in Havana, while Filastine assembled his studio in the medina square of Marrakesh to get the snake-charmer flutes of “Judas Goat” (track 5). If you were to circle the Earth a few times, listening closely to the beats and noises of the streets, it might sound something like this album. Street artist Swoon contributed her signature cutouts to create the cover art.

Most folks who've spent years studying percussion are afraid to bend live beats into computers, but Filastine uses his drummer's skill -- along with laptop & microphone – to redraw the musical map. He has studied under tabla superstar Zakir Hussein, played with coke-fueled samba bands in Rio de Janeiro, and soaked up knowledge in North Africa. Filastine’s live performance is a clash of laptop, loudspeaker, midi triggers, live percussion, and often a vocalist. This spring he'll tour Europe alongside DJ/rupture.
Sound is action in Filastine's world. He founded the 20-piece anarchist marching band Infernal Noise Brigade, conducts guerilla activist interventions with custom-built soundsystems, and has been gassed, assaulted, or arrested by police of many uniforms.

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Psidream is commonly regarded as one of the fastest up-and-coming drum & bass producers in North America. His music has been supported by many of the world’s top drum & bass DJ's, including Andy C, Bailey, Ed Rush, Dieselboy, Zinc, L Double, and Pendulum.

Recently, Psidream has produced various releases for legendary UK label Renegade Hardware and its sub-label Barcode, most notably "Zero Hour", "Stomping Ground" and "In Effect", a collaboration with fellow Vancouver producer Pacific. Two more tracks with Pacific, "Hazardous" and "Afterburner", have recently been released on Rymetyme's highly respected 1210 Recordings. Other highlights include "Unsung", a collaboration with Shadow Law Recordings owner Mayhem, which was recently released on Optiv's Red Light imprint, and a well-rinsed remix of "808" by oS for Cymbalism Recordings.

Psidream has also been busy in the studio finishing some big remixes, including his rework of "Lost Contact" by hot up-and-coming producers Alliance for Incite Recordings, a drum & bass remix of "Audio Damage" by well-established breakbeat producer Future Funk Squad, and most notably, his remix of Dom & Roland's 1998 techstep classic "Trauma", slated for a 2006 release on Renegade Hardware. Psidream is also set to appear with two tracks on the next Shadow Law single, with "Faceless Witness" (his second collaboration with vocalist Mecha) and "Ready To Roll".

Outside of the studio, Psidream has been consistently headlining events for years, as well as sharing the stage with various top drum & bass DJ's including Fresh, Bad Company, Dom & Roland, Hive, Evol Intent, Marcus Intalex, Concord Dawn, AK1200, DJ Teebee, and Storm, as well as top acts from other genres such as Paul Oakenfold, Coolio, Crystal Method, and more!

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wmc week 2006

Tim & Shaun got back from their little whirlwind tour of South Beach Miami, FL last week for one of the biggest parties in the United States!

Every year The Massive descends on Miami for a week that is regarded as the singular networking event in the dance music industry. Attracting professionals from over 60 different countries. it is definitely a week to see some of the biggest and best acts in the world. Every aspect of the industry is represented including the top technological innovators, artists, DJs, producers, radio and video programmers, retailers, distributors, audio manufacturers and many more. There are countless reasons why people from all over the world return year after year for this event, but the biggest reason... is just to get their groove on!

That is exactly what the guys from did this year. It looks like they had a great time down there and they brought back a ton of photos from a wide range of events. They are still trying to sort it out and haven't had an opportunity to write, so we will just let their photos tell you the of the story!  Visit the gallery for the full set of shots from over 20 different events!

april 2006 editor note

You can almost feel the tension in the air with the lack of parties outside the club. Spring is here though and there are definitely some massive events on there way all over the MidWest! Even as I write this, Joe is on his way to Springfield for what looks to be a really awesome lineup at Terminal Groove! I wish that I could have gone myself and I am really looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

Shaun and Tim just got back from one the biggest parties you could possibly go to, stateside. Winter Music Conference Week in Miami. Check out the cover shot by Shaun! The Tribe is growing! It looks like they had a lot of fun down there too. I should have all the rest of the photos up this afternoon and you can find direct links to every event behind the cover story, which is short, sweet and to the point.

The club events have been getting more and more awesome too though! Kabal's month kicked off in KC with Mark Farina, who was followed up the next day by DJ Rap spinnin a House set which had everyone rockin! D:Fuse and Iz showed up for their usual outstanding performance, though DJ P was missing last week. According to sources, it was due to a last minute Award that he had won in Miami. Congratulations!
Rooster (Brian), our new St Louis Correspondent, has been givin us some really good peeks at St Louis events too. I really want to get out there again soon, myself. They've got great lineups every single weekend, it seems.

Out in San Francisco, Mike showed us around the inside of Ruby Skye with what looked to be a bit of a Cirque de Soleil type of performance with Frenchy LeFreak.

Meanwhile, Chris, our in Philly gave us an Electric Clover for St Patrick's Day. Deitrich Schoenemann!! Didn't vJones bring him here a while back?

Either way, it just so happens, that was when the shot here was taken, by godonlyknows at Jilly's in Kansas City. Fridays are always good there, after droppin in on Fourmation and you still have time for Frisky!

Finally, this month, I would like you to welcome Kim Helig! She just came board to show off First Friday's art showings in Kansas City! Check out March's, there is some interesting stuff in there.

Until next month, I'll see ya on the dance floor!

april 2006 issue