april 2006 editor note

You can almost feel the tension in the air with the lack of parties outside the club. Spring is here though and there are definitely some massive events on there way all over the MidWest! Even as I write this, Joe is on his way to Springfield for what looks to be a really awesome lineup at Terminal Groove! I wish that I could have gone myself and I am really looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

Shaun and Tim just got back from one the biggest parties you could possibly go to, stateside. Winter Music Conference Week in Miami. Check out the cover shot by Shaun! The Tribe is growing! It looks like they had a lot of fun down there too. I should have all the rest of the photos up this afternoon and you can find direct links to every event behind the cover story, which is short, sweet and to the point.

The club events have been getting more and more awesome too though! Kabal's month kicked off in KC with Mark Farina, who was followed up the next day by DJ Rap spinnin a House set which had everyone rockin! D:Fuse and Iz showed up for their usual outstanding performance, though DJ P was missing last week. According to sources, it was due to a last minute Award that he had won in Miami. Congratulations!
Rooster (Brian), our new St Louis Correspondent, has been givin us some really good peeks at St Louis events too. I really want to get out there again soon, myself. They've got great lineups every single weekend, it seems.

Out in San Francisco, Mike showed us around the inside of Ruby Skye with what looked to be a bit of a Cirque de Soleil type of performance with Frenchy LeFreak.

Meanwhile, Chris, our in Philly gave us an Electric Clover for St Patrick's Day. Deitrich Schoenemann!! Didn't vJones bring him here a while back?

Either way, it just so happens, that was when the shot here was taken, by godonlyknows at Jilly's in Kansas City. Fridays are always good there, after droppin in on Fourmation and you still have time for Frisky!

Finally, this month, I would like you to welcome Kim Helig! She just came board to show off First Friday's art showings in Kansas City! Check out March's, there is some interesting stuff in there.

Until next month, I'll see ya on the dance floor!


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