shadowrunner april 2006 trance

Spring is here and the world is emerging from it's winter slumber. Not only will the temperatures start to heat up, but so will the activity in the electronic music community. Fresh music from artists that were waiting to drop the new hotness at WMC will be out and ready for mass consumption.

Dance floors are hungry for the latest tracks to fuel the frenzied masses of clubbers and party patrons. Soon enough the outdoor festival season will be upon us. I hope to see everyone out on the dance floors with much love and respect. Until then, please enjoy the picks and peace and safe journeys to all.

April Featured Artist: Markus Schulz

I won't waste your time by explaining to you how this man simply ROCKS!!! Artist/Remixer/DJ, is what we call a triple threat. Take the time out to find out more by visiting: or

April CD Pick: Global Underground: Shanghai Nick Warren

Besides being one of my idols, Nick Warren is one of the most respected DJs in the world today. His latest 2CD mix set takes him to the exotic locale of Shanghai where he drops it like only a seasoned pro can. Both CDs feature artists and remixers I have reviewed in the past like Alex Stealthy, Shiloh, and Kosmas Epsilon. His progressive style is so refined it should be an institution. Trust me when I say this is a must have in any good CD collection. Pick one up today and thank me tomorrow.Check him out

April Reviews:

Mr Roboto - Hanna & MV - Little Mountain
I can remember the 80's. I was a youth at the time but the music had such hook and energy but didnt have the Phat beats we have today. Thank the gods that be for remixers of this era. This STYX favorite gets triple reworking on Sander Kleinenberg's Little Mountain label. This is deffinately for the proggy and club jet set. Cool with the edge of 80's retro meeting the grungy teched out club beats of today. Drop it on your dance floor and stand back and watch the sweaty bodies groove.

UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar Remix/Leama & Moor Remix) - DJ Tiesto - Magik Muzik
Junkie XL + Dj Tieso = smooth rockin vocal trance. The silky moaning male vocals here are so sexy accompanied with soft guitar riffs. Save me a spot on the dancefloor for that track!!! The Leama & Moor Remix is a beautiful floaty synth lavered piece of the etherial. This one glides along soft and echoed with pulsating basslines. The posh lounge feel is in full effect.

S.O.S. (Message In A Bottle) - Filterfunk - Tiger Records

Ok, maybe this is my month for the nostolgic trip back to the eighties via great remixes. When the stuff is pressed you had better be there to get your copy before it is snatched up. The Police were masters at putting out songs with deep passion and universal appeal. The Hi Tack Remix is a wonderful remix that builds upon and merges seamlessly with a timeless track. There are five remixes on this release to choose from. So hurry up and choose already. Dance floors are standing by!!!!

Right Here feat. Jesus Jones - Robbie Rivera - Nebula

It seems my musical trip has left the eighties and landed in the early nineties. I can't help myself this month, it's just like a had a freebie flashback through my musical past and my head is still spinnin. An original and two remixes magically whisk you back to a time when pastels ruled fashion and lunacy raged on the dance floor. Many different types of people co-existed in harmony and good times cuz it just felt right. The flavors served up here are house and progressive with a smidgeon of club to add a little seasoning. As an artist, I like to strive for the new. However, as a DJ, sometimes its fun to take them back and give them a taste of the past.


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