solaris april 2006 techno reviews

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Master Traxx - DJ Mika - MAXX007

This is nice and a bit different. I am not sure how to describe it. sounds like a mix of hard techno with some latin and Miami sound to it. It sure isn’t bad, it is just a bit different yet workable into many different things.

Omega Audio - Spiros Kaloumenos - OMEGAAUDIO007

Perhaps it is just me amped up from Miami, but this one is good as you can get from the sound the techno boys were pushing there. Nice, minimal, drummy, and a bass line that will make the girls panties quiver.

Apex – Dave The Drummer & KN - APEX016

Leave it to Henry to gimme a jonesing need to have some more acid techno in my vein. Then again, who doesn’t? this one has a build up that would blow you mom, and then go to your dads mistress for seconds…sound good? Well common now techno is always a little bit dirty.

Fresh Grind - PG, Jan Liefhebber & Nimbuz - FRESHGRIND10

We like a range of things, and this has got most of the hard and minimal tip on lick. Just don’t take it skeet shooting, you might need it if those snipes come a knocking on your door.

RAW - Guy MCaffer & Cyber Simon - RAW034

Not yet released, and well worth getting if you can find it. leave it to these old timers to make the funk so fun and enjoyable. The flip is a bit more acid like, but that is the flavor that makes it so good. Always trust your technolust…as raw as it might be.

Neonate - Z & Morgan - VCRN008

Another preview that you must get. No words can describe it but it has a building precussion and synth that would make my girlfriend switch partners…if I didn’t have it already. But who can keep up? Take it and get some.

CLR - Alex Bau - CLR14

W what else to leave you with than a nice new release from a tried and true label that I love… its dirty, its gritty and it stays to ya like that present you never want to take out of the box…but do it and everyone will love you all the more.


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