Wednesday, November 30, 2005

event photos nov.05

Flyers for events photographed in November 2005 appear below.  

A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that.

J Fortune, Jon NuSkool, phocas, dj oe
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Miss Michaela, Sara, Lee, Arrhythmia, and resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City,MO
photos by joe

Jeff Bloom, Trevor Matthews, and residents ... 
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

David McGlothlin, and residents Steve Thorell & Eric Sheridan
Grand Emporium
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Micro & Tony Markham
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

DJ oe & resident Jon NuSkool
News Room
Kansas City, MO

Bucho, phocas, DJ oe
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

Jack & Jill, Bucho, and resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City,MO
photos by joe

Atmospher, Blueprint, POS, and DJ Rare Groove
Granada Theater
Lawrence, KS

Gonzo, DJ X Dream, Havok, Jen Mas vs How Hard, Soma vs Ritalin, The Terror Twins, Integrity vs Joel Tweeks, Tommy Ryde, Jimmy X, Sprite, Mike D, Link, Brak, DJ Candy Kid vs DJ Makin Moves, The Mannchild vs Mama C, Sheik Mon, DJ Big Ears, Tommy D, Cypha, Cast the Sky, Eshin, Simon Genius, MC Joey Flowz, VJ Avias
Brooklyn, NY
photos by senseone

No Turning Back LP Tour
Calyx, SvS, D-Syfa, Illfingas, Oz, B'Banion, MC JD, Dirty P & DS-1, Mowgli & Hooli, Oldcomm & Itch
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
photos by SvS

Diz aka 012, Pat Nice, Uriah West, and the Simply Soul Syndicate
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

featuring Control Freeks & Bill Pile
Club Rust
Kansas City, MO

DJ oe and DJ Fool
Kansas City, MO
photos by chris

Dante Everglade, SL8R, Tobias and resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City,MO
photos by joe

Adam Jay, Lady Espina, Clockwerk, cQuence, Bucho vs JAH, and DJ Fool
Knights of Pythias Hall
Independence, MO
photos by jen, chris, david, & shaun

Circuit Breaker, Hectic, Kaiya vs B-Fly, Hidro, Swing Kidd, Anubis, Sound Paranoia, L Nino, Messiah, Andee vs Anton, ?Chaser vs Tay Shark? Gicky, Windbender vs Celena, Kismet vs Mickey V, Elvis Sanchez, Architech, MC High iq, and MC Mic Souljah
The Vaudeville Theater
Philadelphia, PA
photos by senseone

Nick Steady, with residents DJ Fool & DJ OE
Kansas City, MO

Tim Hjersted, Alan Paul, Vinyl Vixon
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO
photos by jen

featuring Arryhtmia, Blindman, Aldrin, and cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City,MO
photos by todd & jen

featuring Buch, Clockwerk, and Casey
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO
photos by jen

Jimmy Van M with resident Paul DeMatteo
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Sydeburnz, Andrew Boie, Mark Jones,and residents Jack & Jill
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas city, MO

warm-up set by the Control Freeks
Voodoo Lounge
Kansas City, MO

Richard Vission, David Garcia, and resident Paul DeMatteo
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & shaun

warm-up set by Steve Thorell & Paul DeMatteo
Grand Emporium
Kansas City, MO
photos by jen

featuring Nick Steady with residents DJ Fool & DJ OE
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

jack & jill on decks

on decks w/ Jack & Jill

One of the newest sounds in Kansas City is coming from the house duo, Jack & Jill. This tag team knows how to pack a house. "We met on the dance floor and moved it to the decks." Jack & Jill started their adventures together in November 2004. The clever name was formed around the two members; Brent Higginbotham (Mr. Nuro) and Amanda Pate (AmJanda). Currently, they hold a residency at one of the hottest Friday House nights in Kansas City, Propaganda @ Jilly's on Broadway.
Brent (Jack) started playing records in 2000 and within a year was playing at various events around town. He has held down a few other residencies and has opened for many big names. Most recently, he placed 1st in the phocas DJ Battle - House Night and took 3rd overall in the Finals. Brent's sound started with bass-driven deep house and has progressed over the years. Now you can catch him throwin' down classic Chicago cuts blended with the newest acid house while dropping in live remixes.

Amanda (Jill) got her start later than Brent. She first touched vinyl in 2002; however was a bedroom Dj until the later months of 2004. Deep, soulful house is what initially drove Amanda to the decks. Over the years, her tastes have changed considerably. Currently, the sounds of quirky and funky Chicago tracks are being pulled from her bag, along with some acid house house. This sound is also very prominent in the records she lays down.

Jack & Jill have played almost every weekly in Kansas City. This includes Monday's at the Newsroom, True Tuesdays at Balanca's, The Wednesday Perk at The Cup 'n' Saucer, Inertia at Vermont St BBQ, Frisky at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub and Patio Beats at the Newsroom. They have also played along side major headliners such as Trevor Lamont, DJ Assault, Paul Anthony, JBreak, Vicious Vic, Evol Intent, DB, and Pat Nice. Be on the look for these two around town and throughout the midwest. Jack, Jack, Jack… Jack yo body.

The Adventures of Willi Ninja is the newest release from Jack & Jill. This mix has captured their mixing style to the fullest. Listening to this mix gives you a taste of what you will experience when hearing these two play. Along with live remixes, a wide track selection, and one of Jack's own production's (Rug Burn), it gives you the feel of a jackin', peak-hour set.

The Adventures of Will Ninja TrackListing!
  1. Too Shai – Too Shai Dub – White
  2. Dr. Dre feat. Eminem – Forgot About Dre (Accapella)
  3. Justin Long and Andrew Emil- Game Over- .dotbleep 002
  4. Jacob London – Funky and You Know It – Wildcard
  5. East Coast Boogiemen – Marrying Janie – Moonshine Red
  6. Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell – Drop it Like its Hot (Accapella)
  7. Half Pint – Red Light Green Light – Junior
  8. Bambi – Me, Myself, and I – Who
  9. Filthy Hot Jizz- T.O. Frontin'- White
  10. Put Your Hand Up (Accepella)
  11. Pharcyde – Passing Me By (Accepella)
  12. JT Donaldson - Make You Higher- Robsoul
  13. Pat Nice- Then and Now- Mixed Plate EP
  14. Derrick Carter- Where Ya At (Accepella)
  15. Unknown – Knockin Boots – White
  16. Dan X - Skattered Jazz (dirty skat dub) - CDR
  17. TradeMarq – Broken Waggin – Bananza
  18. Mr. Hall Lee – Jump to Tha Funk – Cadang
  19. TradeMarq – Work For Me (No Assembly Firm Remix) – Bananza
  20. No Assembly Firm – Martian Beats – Robsoul
  21. Mr. Nuro – Rugburn – CDR
  22. Piccolo Marco – Who’s Pimpin Who - Peaches

stunt rock 3

by Justin Kleinfeld

If you dig deep enough in some underground videotape trading circles you can find a tape from back in 1999 of William Flegal aka Stunt Rock performing in a band called "Meat." He can be seen slashing himself with razor blades, urinating in cups and drinking them, smashing computer monitors on his head, all while a band plays mediocre Black Sabbath covers and Dan Doormouse shoves meat up his bum. Perhaps the tape was just a product of Midwest boredom and youthful ambition, but whatever the case, let us introduce you to the confusing and zany world of Stunt Rock, the most legendary, reclusive, and talked about artist to rise from the ashes of the Midwest-USA Breakcore scene.

Stunt Rock built his career on countless spray-painted CDR's given away at shows in a drunken stupor. A total disregard for sequencing and obsession with samples gave way to a reputation as the new "punk rock" of the electronic scene in the Midwest.

Addressing the emptiness of existence, while at the same time mocking it, “This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3” is the most genuine assertion of the modern lifestyle ever committed to disc. Built on loop after loop of drum, guitar and movie dialogue, the album becomes a sort of looser’s Music Concrete. But is it actually funny? Yeah! “This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3’ is like a new sort of rock n roll comedy meltdown; irreverent, blue collar, foul mouthed, and beer fueled. “This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3” will be an instant classic!”

For more information about Stunt Rock, visit orRephlektor Inkorporated!

saeed younan remixed

by Justin Kleinfeld ~ On November 15, 2005 Star 69 Records presents Saeed Younan’s debut artist production album, Saeed Younan Re-Mixed. As a top international DJ and producer, Saeed Younan has developed into a true artist of the global dance scene. Carving a sound all his own, Younan seamlessly blends house, techno, tribal, and percussive grooves with building momentum, making him a favorite among club goers as well as promoters.

Much more than just another house music compilation, Saeed Younan Re-Mixed features every tool in this talented DJ / producer / remixers repertoire. Not only is the disc packed to the hilt with Younan’s in demand original productions and remixes, but it also displays his skills behind the decks. The track selection here is impeccable, including such standouts remixes of BPT’s “Moody,” Star 69 Records’ release of Saeed’s remixes of Club 69 “Warm Leatherette” and Suzanne Palmer “Sound Of The Drums,” Saeed’s brand new 2005 remix of CELEDA “The Underground” (EXCLUSIVE TO THIS ALBUM) and his own “You Know I’ve Got It”. All of the tracks have a fresh new sound thanks to Younan’s policy of creating whole new tracks using only the original vocals. This results in remixes that sound drastically different than the original – the way it’s supposed to be!

Younan has been DJing, producing, and remixing music for major and independent labels (including Addictive, Strictly Rhythm, Yoshitoshi, Star 69, Tweek’d, Bamboo, Distinctive and Sondos) since the early 90’s. He’s had numerous Top 10 hits and a #1 spot on Billboard Dance chart (Celeda “The Underground”). Younan’s nomination for “Best Breakthrough DJ” in the 2003 DanceStar awards is a testimony to his worldwide appeal. This milestone provided an opportunity to push his sound even further, and while doing so, he’s captivating audiences worldwide.

Saeed Younan has headlined at prominent clubs across the globe in places such as Space and Cream (Ibiza, Miami), Pacha (Argentina, Israel, and Spain), Cave, Acabus (Dominican Republic), +Soda, and Venue (Greece), Vinyl, and Avalon (New York), Womb, (Tokyo), Sona (Montreal), and Boa (Toronto). To date, Younan has released two mix compilations (with Palash): Tide Edit (2002 on UCMG/Europe & STAR 69/US) and Addictive Beats (summer 2003 on STAR 69/US and SPG/Canada). These compilations showcase not only Saeed’s tribal sound, but also a deep and minimal side. Both compilations have received rave reviews from critics around the world.

Saeed Younan Re-Mixed Track listing
  1. Patrocinio Beltran – “Too Far”
  2. Suzanne Palmer – “Sound Of The Drum”
  3. Stephan M & Nicky Scanni Feat. Nadia – “Go Deeper”
  4. BPT Feat. DM Binxter – “Moody”
  5. Saeed Younan – “Rock The Rhythm”
  6. Ariel G – “Behold Malfunction”
  7. C&M Production – “True House”
  8. Celeda – “The Underground” (Exclusive unreleased remix)
  9. Saeed Younan – “You Know I Got It”
  10. DJ Wady – “Mazka”
  11. Club 69 – “Warm Leatherette”
  12. Krypz – “I Love The Bass”
  13. Sumantri Feat. Plural – “How Does it Feel”
  14. Tom Sawyer – “Freedom”
For the latest information on the Saeed, check out or Rephlektor Inkorporated.

de9 transitions

by Betty Kang ~ The next project from one of electronic music’s most prolific artists, Richie Hawtin, is due out November 1 via novamute/Minus.

Titled DE9: Transitions, it’s part of his DE9 series that started with Decks, EFX & 909 (1999) and was followed by DE9: Closer to the Edit (2001). With the use of new recording advances and automation techniques, Hawtin uses his new-found freedom to expose a new area of the mix--that of the "transition."
Realized in 5.1 surround sound and using the latest recording technology to create an immersive sonic experience, DE9: Transitions encompasses 95 minutes of altered perception. Hawtin has used Abelton Live and ProTools software to strip apart, and then reassemble, his component tracks to make completely new pieces of music, combining multiple elements simultaneously into a constantly shifting collage of sound. Technique aside, DE9: Transitions is a powerful and compelling trip. To fully maximize the apprehension of this concept, DE9: Transitions will be released as a CD/DVD complete package, including a 75 minute stereo mix (CD) featuring extended 96 minute stereo and 5.1 surround sound versions of the album, as well as high-resolution audio versions, two new videos, an 'About DE9' short film and live footage from Time Warp, the major electronic music event in Germany.

DE9: Transitions combines everything from original Hawtin productions to unreleased tracks straight from the studios of cutting-edge producers like Ricardo Villalobos, and adds flashes of classic techno moments which inspired him when he was a young clubber. But most of the tracks are fundamentally transformed from their original states. Some fade in and out over a period of minutes, while others are reduced to one single sampled note. The on-screen read-out on the DVD version of DE9: Transitions illustrates the smoothly shape-shifting outline of a remarkable complex project. In fact, the tracks are so close to becoming entirely new compositions that Hawtin has made the decision to give them his own names.

“It’s taking a chance, doing a mix CD and giving the tracks my own titles representing what these pieces have become,” Hawtin admits. “But I believe it’s gone far enough that I can do that. Some people might get pissed about it; we’ll see. The CD artwork plays with that; it’s a picture of my face which is totally made up of these track names, so it shows you that although this is made by me, I’m no greater or lesser than the information I’m using.”

In support of DE9: Transitions, Richie Hawtin's confirmed US Tour Dates at this time are:

10.06.05 - Axis - Boston
10.07.05 - Spirit - New York
10.27.05 - The Quest - Minneapolis
10.28.05 - Soundbar - Chicago
10.30.05 - Cielo - New York

For more information visit or!

drc seeker release tour

by Troy Gilmore ~ San Francisco legendary pioneer DJ DRC is taking the Electronic Music Industry by storm. With her Mixed Album "Undefined" in the works and a list of releases on IMIX, Vision Music, Off World, Merge, Twin Soul, Ovum and her own label Undefined Musik, DRC equivocates the expeditious pace of her new stomping grounds. Her original music is also featured in two movies, “Vision of Vibe” with Carl Cox and “Intellect” featuring Paul Van Dyk and many others. DRC’s latest blockbuster single "Seeker" can be heard on the Spankee clothing line web site. Currently DRC is undertaking a whirlwind tour supporting this recent blockbuster release. With all this under her belt and more, it is obvious DRC has already had her finger on the pulse of the Worlds Dance music scene.

DRC strives to interpret the diversity of our world through her music. It is hard to believe that such groundbreaking talent was spawned in a small town, in a state famous for it’s potatoes. Raised near the Nez Perce Native American Reservation in Idaho, performing in Arabian horse shows, acting and singing in many local theater productions exposed DRC to an ore of music and dance at a young age. DRC also has five years of classical voice training which she uses to embellish the occasional track, inspiring listeners with a unique and modern sound of her own.

DRC has exceptional abilities that have taken her all throughout United States, Canada, Germany, Holland, and Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world, for performances at the best nightclubs and venues anywhere. Her unmatched skillfulness on the decks and high voltage performances keep her in huge demand throughout the world as she continues to set new standards in our megaton Dance Culture. To experience the captivating energy DRC harnesses in her performances will forever change the way you hear and feel music. DRC is one of America’s most inspiring and talented DJs. She is a true artist and should not to be missed.

For More Information on DRC, you can visit her web site at, or!

remix hotel

by Shelli Andranigian ~ Los Angeles, CA - Remix Hotel, a technology and music driven event courtesy of Northern California-based Remix Magazine, will make it's first Southern California appearance when Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood plays host November 4 - 6, 2005. A pre-registration event and DJ set on Friday kicks off the three days of free access to total technology immersion.

Numerous sponsors have already signed up for Remix Hotel Los Angeles, including Akai, Alesis, Allen & Heath, Apple, Digidesign, Edirol, Line 6, Mackie, M-Audio, Music Marketing, Numark, Pioneer Pro DJ, Propellerhead, Obedia, Rane, Serato, Stanton and Universal Audio.

"Los Angeles is a key market for young and up-and-coming music producers, DJs and musicians," said Remix Magazine's Associate Publisher Joanne Zola. "We are excited to bring the Remix Hotel to their backyard! In addition to Musician Institute's 1300 active students plus alumni, we are expecting record crowds this November."

The event has already successfully been held in a number of major U.S. cities the past few years including Chicago, Miami, New York and San Francisco. MI is home to students whose ultimate goal is a career in the music industry. Remix Hotel Los Angeles, meantime, will add to the curriculum by featuring panel discussions with industry leaders including artists, producers, music supervisors, project and commercial studio operators. Subjects include Music for Film, TV & New Media Technologies, Women In Music, Record & Radio Production in the Digital Age, How to Make Your Music Sound Great, and VJ's & DJ's: Breaking New Ground. Panelist info will be announced shortly at

“It’s one thing to have a two-dimensional experience learning about music production and performance" said Remix Magazine's Editor Kylee Swenson. "It’s another experience entirely to interact with it. Our Remix Hotel events are the 3-D version of the magazine. Whereas DJs, VJs, producers, engineers, bands, artists, etc.—as well as our writers—deliver a lot of information about making music in the pages of Remix, at our events, you can talk to those people in person and ask your own unanswered questions. The Shocklee Entertainment group, founded by Public Enemy’s original producer Hank Shocklee, always brings the best celebrity and industry experts to answer the audience’s most burning questions, from the technical side of making music to the business side.”

Remix Magazine serves to educate it's reader about the latest in music technology and has been in existence since 1999, while Musicians Institute launched in 1977 as a guitar school and bills itself on its web site as "The World's Most Innovative School of Contemporary Music."

"When MI started as a guitar school, recording technology was still in the hands of the professional engineer, " according to MI's VP of Programs Keith Wyatt. "Home recording technology and electronic music were in their infancy, and a musician was defined as someone who played a "real" instrument. In the years since, digital technology has brought professional-level recording to the masses, along with a host of instruments that wouldn't previously have been recognized as such, from the turntable to the virtual synth. As musical capabilities and definitions change, music education also has to change to keep pace. Guitar is still the biggest single program at MI, but many guitar players now produce their own recordings and create their own rhythm sections inside the computer. At the same time, MI offers recording programs that encompass both traditional pro studio and electronic music, and our keyboard program is less about the black and white keys and more about how they can be used to access a whole universe of sounds. For those who associate MI with a certain style or tradition, this event will probably raise some eyebrows, but for the students who are currently attending the school it fits right into what they're already doing."

For more information about the upcoming Remix Hotel Los Angeles, just visit Free registration is available through November 6th.

come together

by Betty Kang ~ photo by Misha Vladimirskiy ~ San Francisco, CA - Love was in the air on Saturday, September 24th for the second annual Loveparade San Francisco. On this day, 89,000 participants joined together in an alliance of music and diversity.

The spectacular weather provided an ideal setting for Loveparade San Francisco. Twenty four floats paraded down Market Street, the city’s main thoroughfare, for the procession. The marching line-up was comprised of large floats, art cars, dancers, performers and costumed participants, all championed by crowds stretching through the heart of downtown San Francisco. The parade culminated in an all day festival at Civic Center Plaza where more than 200 DJs performed. Participants gathered to observe, dance and listen to the diverse spectacle of electronic music and creative pageantry.

“This year’s Loveparade far exceeded our expectations in terms of the enthusiastic crowd, orderly conduct and cooperation with the City of San Francisco. We’re so proud to bring together the nation’s largest celebration of electronic music, and we look forward to carrying on the tradition next year.” - Joshua Smith, Loveparade San Francisco Board President

The success of Loveparade is a great testament to the City of San Francisco and to the current state of electronic music in America. The prevailing sentiment had a carnivalesque feeling of merriment and celebration, where everybody was happy to be a part of something significant for electronic music in America, a moment that instilled a feeling of optimism in all the participants.

Inside City Hall, the VIP / Press area was brimming with people who have supported Loveparade all year and contributed to its success. The Heineken press area hosted interviews and photo opportunities with artists like Carl Cox, The Crystal Method, Mark Farina and others. Meanwhile, The Mutaytor (a Los Angeles based 30 person performance troupe incorporating tribal drums, electronic music, hoop dancers, acrobats and visual effects) performed at the top of the grand marble staircase, under City Hall's impressive rotunda transforming it into a colorful affair with dancing, song, and revelry.

Outside City Hall at the festival, the Skills/Spundae float, positioned directly in front of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, entertained large crowds all day. The Official Skills/Spundae After party was brimming with 9,000 party people and featured sets by UK break beat duo Evil Nine, superstar techno DJ Carl Cox, along with US DJs Bad Boy Bill, DJ Dan, Markus Schulz with the highlight set performed by international DJ star Ferry Corsten.

“It was a good day to be in San Francisco if you were interested in the celebration of good spirit and dance music.” -CNET

“[Loveparade]…took over like a collective heartbeat and left the throngs on the sidewalks bobbing their heads in unison.” -San Francisco Chronicle

“Celebrants danced alongside the music-blasting floats. Electronic music shook the concrete under the feet of onlookers, sucking them out into the street to follow their preferred brand of electronic music. By Civic Center, the parade filled the street and the sidewalk with all types of colorful pretty people.” -Oakland Tribune

The organizers would to thank everyone who helped create this year’s Loveparade San Francisco. Without your support we would never have such an event. A special thanks goes out to all the DJs of the world: both those that contributed to making Loveparade San Francisco what it is, and to the others dropping beats all over the world. We are already looking forward to next year’s Loveparade as we continue to grow a new legacy for electronic music in America.

For more information, visit or!

interview with lady espina

by Chris Milbourn ~ photo courtesy of MinaCapa Productions ~ As one of the most anticipated DJ's in the Midwest, Lady Espina has the curious and investigative nature that breeds new and perhaps foreign concepts behind the decks. A youthful zing allows her to genuinely enjoy perfrming live and in stere-ere-o. And to you ladies who aspire to spin records...listen up. Lady Espina is a dreamer, and I draw the notion that she's not completely content, which is a good thing. Taken from her own web site, Espina says "Never stop believing."

She has aspirations to record a new studio mix with the integration of Final Scratch, MP3's and vinyl before the new year. Bogged down at the moment with work and more work, she relishes the looming new year in which she will be able to "experiment with production here and there, and this area of my life will grow soon as well," and she adds "I hope to DJ and produce more in the spring when my work and school schedule aren’t quite as hectic, which is when I can concentrate on my hobbies more." She has roots in the south...the deep south. But don't ask to take her out for gumbo.

You mentioned school has been kicking your butt lately. What college do you go to?

I’m a lifelong learner. Currently, I’m enrolled in courses in the Spanish department at the University of Iowa; my main area of interest is Spain. I love Spanish history and XVI/XVII century literature. Spain was undergoing changes from a more feudal to capitalist society, and I enjoy reading work in this genre. In particular, Don Quixote by Cervantes and the work Lazarillo de Los Tormes. You could say I sort of geek out on this stuff, but it’s good for the mind. I’ve completed my requirements in the Communication Studies dept and am aiming for double degrees to be completed in December 2005, so just around the corner. My future academic or school plans are to possibly look into graduate studies or in another vein, I’d like to explore either alternative/traditional medicine, culinary arts or massage therapy.

Are you aiming for to be a kind of online magazine?

The plan was something like that. Before I decide to expand in that vein, I’d like to teach myself some more advanced graphic design such as Flash or Dreamweaver. I haven’t had the chance to experiment with other formats so sprucing up the look of my page is my first priority. From there I’d like to work with a format that will be easily updatable and accessible to a public. So I’ll probably go with some sort of a blog or livejournal format so that people are actually reading. Kind of silly to have a site with all this extra info if no one knows it exists. So, yes, I will be expanding Mina Capa Productions into more than it’s current state. My goal is to have this completed by Spring 2006. It’ll be a fun hibernation project.

I listened to your live mix with Terrence Parker and I came away with very exotic undertones. Tell me about your roots and ethnicity.

I was born in Concepcion, Chile and raised in Iowa City, IA. I’m a mix between Spanish and Indigenous blood. My father’s side is of Spanish descent and my mother’s side is Indigenous from the Diaguita Indians of northern Chile.

As far as the mix goes, I wanted to play some tracks that had enough variety for the dance floor. As a warming up DJ for Terrence Parker, it was important to set just the right vibe for him and for the crowd. I love to dance, and usually will end up dancing while mixing as soon as I feel comfortable enough. Depending on how sturdy the set up is will determine if I’ll bounce around very much. There have been a couple of times where I have to take it easy cause I’ll end up skipping the stylus, in the end, it is all in good fun!

How do you approach DJing on the radio as opposed to DJing at a party?

The main difference with my approach to either one is taking into consideration the listening audience. As a DJ for 89.7 KRUI FM, “Iowa City’s Sound Alternative”, I would usually plan my sets out more meticulously and try and find out more about the artist, any news I might talk about, new releases, new projects or collaborations etc. I would play a lot of different styles including IDM, hiphop, various electronica and dance, and try to keep up to date as possible. The environment is different, usually it would just be me, for one semester I had a co-host, Bret aka DJ Glitch, and the rest is just talking into a microphone and messing around. You really never know who is listening.

When I’m playing vinyl out, my audience is right there, and I’m trying more and more now to not plan my sets out at all. It’s important to have general direction, but room for spontaneity is necessary so that you can create a feeling between DJ and the receiving end. It is a reciprocal process really because the DJ needs to feel love back from the crowd in order to perform their best. I think the same would go for anyone in rock group or a band, the way in which your audience responds in part of an important process of communication between both parties. My favorite DJ’s and live acts are with those musicians who are enjoying themselves while performing. I like to see live instruments and movement, not just the musician and their laptop, who knows what they are doing really, they could be checking their email or playing solitaire. Laptop live p.a.’s can sound good and all, and I know it is not easy, I don’t know how to do it, it just isn’t very engaging for the audience in my opinion.

What kind of advice would you give to up and coming female DJ's?

I sort of consider myself and up and coming female DJ still. I’ve established myself in the Midwest, so I guess that counts for something! To aspiring DJ’s in general, you are going to get a bunch of shotty gig’s with some organizer who doesn’t know what they are doing half the time, and you’ll end up playing on some shafty system. I’ve played on all of it, those gigs are sometimes annoying and discouraging, but it comes with the territory. There are tons and tons of DJs out there, the most important thing is to have fun and when you do land that gig that goes smooth as butter, and you play your heart out and your face hurts because you smiled so hard, it is worth all the bullshit you’ve endured. Just do what you are into, and don’t let anyone pull you down.

As far as female DJ’s go, look towards the various female DJ support sites on the web. You’ll be able learn about other women into electronic music, their styles, links to mixes, production information, interviews, bios, etc. My recommendations are,,, and Each site features a community of female DJ’s and producers. There are so many women doing amazing things with electronic music, more and more are producing, and have moved into the forefront. Some of my favorite producers are women, such as Bjork, Ellen Allien, Electric Indigo, Miss Dinky and Miss Kitten. I learned of a female DJ from Chicago who rocks my socks off known as SubK. Knowing that other females are pushing particular sounds is very encouraging to keep growing and learning more about techno.

It is a very large world of electronic and dance out there, with multiple facets involved. There are various online record stores, forums, zines, communities and ways to explore your area of interest. It can be overwhelming; it just takes patience, time, perseverance, and dedication. I’m learning new things everyday about who’s making what, new labels, old artists and the roots of the techno movement. Look every which way you can and try not to get lost, never stop growing and learning more, you can only go up.
Finally, out of pure curiousity, what do you think of DJ's in McDonald's commercials?

I’m not a fan on McDonald’s, the food or fast food in general. I eat sushi, lots of fruits and vegetables, buy strictly organic milk and yogurt, and usually don’t make many stops to fast food joints. It’s really hard to DJ after eating a cheeseburger; it makes my hands too greasy.

It’s a tough question what I would do if I was asked to be sponsored by McDonald’s, do it for the money and for publicity, although I can’t stand food, or not do it based upon my strong dislike for the corporation and it’s effects.

DJing is beginning to more and more a part of pop culture in a way. You can DJ together two I Pods, two virtual decks on some computer program, use mp3’s to DJ with time code records like on final scratch, or use two CDJ’s. The possibilities are endless. I’ve seen DJing in candy commercials, fast food commercials, retail commercials (some Sear’s or JC Penney advertisement), it works as a selling device and is catchy, and corporations know this, that is why they use it. If I was asked to be featured in a commercial other than McDonald’s, I would probably consider it.

Don't Miss DJ The Lady Espina, Live at PHALLOUT on November 18, 2005! Check the calendar for details!

To learn more about The Lady Espinay and to download special performance sets directly from her web site,!

interview with adam jay

by Chris Milbourn ~ photo by todd ~ DJ Adam Jay’s musical tastes have evolved in a way that some can agree with, but not all. Growing up with DJ’s and musicians in his own family spurred his passion for music at a young age. At just 16, he spun at the world-famous East Town Theatre in Detroit and never looked back. Since then, record labels Primate and Primevil have allowed him to flourish as a DJ and highly regarded producer among the techno massive from coast to coast and across a couple oceans. Even when Carl Cox plays he almost always lays down some of Adam’s original wax.

So tell me, how did you get into DJing and producing?

Well my sister was a college radio DJ when I was a young teenager. She played a lot of industrial stuff and that kind of spurred me onto listening to industrial - which lead me onto techno. Djing was a natural evolution, as that’s the most common way to perform, but also to hear the new stuff you needed a turntable as it was all vinyl. And I was in a lot of bands as a teenager, got tired of working with other people so solo production made it easy for me to have a creative outlet on my own terms.

Is it more difficult to network as a solo artist, as opposed to being a member of a band?
It certainly is, for the most part I'm my own agent, publicist, secretary, and assistant. There's a lot of responsibility that goes with being solo. But as long as you have the drive to continue with good work, people will listen and eventually you can put the whole "machine" on auto-pilot and just focus on making good music.

What kind of bands were you a part of?

Funk bands mostly. I played bass and keyboards. In school I also did jazz band.

Did you initially find refuge in techno the same way many kids have?

I don't know, how did kids find refuge?

I have met a lot of people that suddenly discovered Techno only to think, "Where's this been all my life?"
I would say not so much. I think I found it along a path. It just seemed like the music I was interested in gradually and overtime became more raw and hypnotic. It was more of an evolution for me rather than a discovery.

Of the various countries you've played in, were you ever surprised about the way a specific crowd reacted to one of your performances?

Certainly, in Australia the crowds seem much more reserved and difficult to read. I think it comes down to how people in different parts of the globe react to different sounds. In Brasil they really vibe off of techno with complex rhythms, in Japan the crowds seem to relate to a more basic and focused polyrhythms with less hooks.

What unlikely U.S. cities are your favorites to play in? I'm talking outside of NY, LA and Chicago...
I had an incredible time in San Diego earlier this year. There's a small but well established techno community there that really supports keeping techno going by any means necessary. Its not a very industrial or hard-knocks city that you would expect techno to be welcomed in, but never the less they do a great job of welcoming it.

I love SD! For those that don't know, how did the renowned Shiva versus Adam Jay performances come about?

We used to throw a lot of parties together in Indianapolis. And naturally we like to play at our own parties. At first the tag-team sets were a way to make room in the time slots for both of us to play and still have plenty of time for the guest DJs to throw down. But after the first versus set, we knew that we both enjoyed playing off each other, so we just kept up with it. Its much less predictable than a solo set, and that makes it exciting. I can start off in one direction and she can take it an entirely different direction that I would not have thought to. The sets end up taking on a sort of life of their own, and I think the crowds have enjoyed that.

Are there more Shiva versus Adam Jay sessions to come in the future?

Nothing planned right now actually.

What records have caught your ear in '05?

A lot of the Thomas Schumacher stuff on Spielzeug, the Tony Rohr remix of Paul Birken's "Put Your Head in the Speaker,” Joris Voorn's "A Dedicated Mind,” and Greg Gow's Echalon EP on Beretta Music.
CD's or vinyl?

Some of those were promos and some were Vinyl’s, I can't say for sure which was which.

My apologies, I meant to ask; Whas is your preferred medium when you play out?

I prefer Vinyl but its always good to play the stuff you wrote in the studio the night before, so CDs come in real handy in that case.

There is something human, yet somewhat menacing about one of your mixes in particular (live @ Natural in Cincinatti). Do you try to scare the hell out of people when you mix?
Certainly not! The club was pretty dark and dingy, so i wanted to incorporate some industrial stuff in certain parts of the mix.

Finally, what is your ideal scene, and how can it be attained today?

I don't really believe in an ideal scene. Obviously there are limitations today and I think while it may make things difficult and it makes the music difficult to come by, it also puts more of an urgency into the roles of the promoters, DJ‘s, and producers. The whole idea of a Utopia would really defeat what Techno has been about in the past. Struggle and perseverance.

Don't Miss DJ Adam Jay, Live at PHALLOUT on November 18, 2005! Check the calendar for details!

To learn more about Adam Jay and download special performance sets directly from his web site,!


story & photos by todd ~ graphic art by Chrissy Laing ~ This is a fictional account, based on the facts of the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Facility. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. :P

USSR - Officials stated in a report today, that at roughly midnight, in preparation for testing, power levels on a reactor at one of their Nuclear Power Facilities had been decreased to 720 MW(t) and continued to be reduced to 500 MW(t) over 30 minutes. Control was transferred from the local regulating system to the automatic regulating system, but either the operator failed to give the signal to hold power at required levels or the regulating system failed to respond to this signal, leading to an unexpectedly rapid decrease in power to 30 MW(t).

Spokesman for the plant indicated that in response, the operator retracted a number of control rods in an attempt to restore the power level. Within 30 minutes, the reactor power had risen to 200 MW(t) and, as part of the preparations for testing, an additional pump was switched into the left hand cooling circuit in order to increase the water flow to the core. Shortly after that, an additional pump was switched into the right hand cooling circuit. This was also part of the testing procedure and operation of additional pumps removed heat from the core more quickly, reducing the water level in the steam separator.

At approximately 1:15 am, automatic trip systems to the steam separator were deactivated by the operator to permit continued operation of the reactor and feed water flow was increased in an attempt to address the problems in the cooling system. Some manual control rods were withdrawn to increase power and raise the temperature and pressure in the steam separator. Operating policy required that a minimum effective equivalent of 15 manual control rods be inserted in the reactor at all times.

At this point it is thought that that the number of manual rods was reduced to eight. Automatic control rods were in place however, thereby increasing the total number. Feed water flow rate was reduced below normal by the operator to stabilize steam separator water level, decreasing heat removal from the core. Spontaneous generation of steam in the core began. The reactor seemed stable at this point and all stations were on standby for testing.

The indications received by the reactor operator, although abnormal, gave the appearance that the reactor was stable and at 1:23 am, testing commenced. Initially, turbine feed valves were closed to start turbine coasting and automatic control rods were withdrawn from the core.

Officials stated that this was the normal response to compensate for a decrease in the reactivity following the closing of the turbine feed valves. Usually this decrease is caused by an increase in pressure in the cooling system and a consequent decrease in the quantity of steam in the core.

Spokesmen indicated that the expected decrease in steam quantity did not occur due to reduced feed water to the core. Steam generation had increased to a point where, owing to the reactor's positive void coefficient, a further increase of steam generation led to a rapid increase in power.

Thirty seconds into the test, the steam in the core began to increase uncontrollably and the emergency button (AZ-5) was pressed by the operator. Control rods started to enter the core. The insertion of the rods from the top concentrated all of the reactivity in the bottom of the core. The reactor power rose to a peak of about 100 times the design value, fuel pellets started to shatter, reacting with the cooling water to produce a pulse of high pressure in the fuel channels, in turn rupturing them.

Thirty seconds later, and one minute after the test had been started, two explosions occurred. One was a steam explosion; the other resulted from the expansion of fuel vapor. The explosions lifted the pile cap, allowing the entry of air. The air reacted with the graphite moderator blocks to form carbon monoxide. This flammable gas ignited and a reactor fire resulted.

Officials are not commenting futher at this point, but experts from the scientific community tell us that it is likely that some 80 of the 140 tons of fuel, which contained plutonium and other highly radioactive materials (fission products), were ejected from the reactor along with a portion of the graphite moderator, which was also radioactive. These materials were scattered around the site. In addition, Caesium and Iodine vapors were released both by the explosion and during the subsequent fire.

In addition, they say that this deadly mixture of fission products and vapors have also been ejected into the upper atmosphere. They believe that prevailing winds will scatter it around the globe over the next several weeks in a sort of band of radioactive storm that will leave only desolation in it's wake.

Though minimal damage is expected in our area, this cloud of phallout will definitely drift through on the night of November 18, 2005. Officials are urging everyone to take shelter from the hours of 9 pm until 5 am.

Unfortunatley, in anticipation of mass panic, officials have refused to release the location of the shelter until a day or two prior and are advising everyone to begin preparations immediately.

Tune to Message Forum Thread T1943 on this site for immediate Shelter information, as soon as it is available. Directions will be provided from your location. In addition, information will also be provided in the calendar section to help facilitate a broader range of information distribution.

Tell Everyone You Know!

It is Not All Bad News Though...

Officials have informed us that shelter perparations are well underway and the facility to be used will be clean and comfortable, containing multiple amenities to pass the time. phocas Staff will be on hand to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, as well as Security and EMTs to assist those needing it. There will be video feeds to keep you informed on what's going on outside of the shelter, a coloring area for the kidZ and appropriate facilities for decontamination.

In addition, the following performers will be on hand to provide you with some of the best in electronic music available so that you may dance your cares away all night long. In no particular order, they are:

Adam Jay - Techno
Primate, Azure, Chromagnon, Sublunary Artist Management - Indianapolis
photo courtesy of

More than a year ago, this man rocked your world in a fantastic tag team match with Shiva and since then he has taken the global techno scene by the throat with continuous output on the most respected labels worldwide. His releases on the renowned Primate and Primevil labels are caned on a regular basis by such techno heavyweights as Carl Cox and Adam Beyer. Known amongst the global touring circuit as one of the essential live PA acts to hear. In addition to running his own redcording label, Chromagnon Recordsing, his touring schedule has him everywhere from Australia to Brazil to Germany, Belgium, and Austria. You do not want to miss this rare opportunity to experience one of today's essential building blocks in the world Techno! Check out the interview that we did with him in this month's issue or visit his web site at

Lady Espina - Electro
Mina Capa Productions - Cedar Rapids
photo courtesy of MinaCapa Productions

An intricate part of the Iowa electronica scene since 1999, the past couple of years she has become well-rounded, finding a niche within electro, breakbeats, German and Detroit influenced techno, experimental and even underground hiphop. As a performer, her energetic stage presence, mixing ability and choice in tracks has made her an up and coming DJ that knows how to keep a dance floor satisfied. She has played on the roster with several well known artists such as Tommie Sunshine, Terrence Parker, Woody McBride, Boo Williams, Nick Santillian, The Faint and Donald Glaude, amongst others all over the MidWest! We sat and had a talk with her this month too and more information can be found at her production company's web site,!

ClockWerk - Breaks
Breakbotix, NugLIfe - Kansas City
photo by todd

Staying busy with his own production, TShirt business and gigs with BreakBotix, it seems likes it has been forever since we have heard this man play out on his own. Making a very special appearance for us on this, he will serve you a plate of BreakBeats that are sure to leave you twisted upside down in the middle of the floor. bBoys! Let's see what you got! In the meantime, if you want to read up on him a little, he had a few words to say a while back in an interview with Breakbotix!

cQuence w/ Alaska - Drum n Bass, Live Vocals
Tsunami, DeepFix - Kansas City
photo courtesy of cQuence

Well known as one of the best of KC's DnB scene, as well as your host every Wednesday night at The Cup & Saucer, cQuence is gonna get the groove rollin with her unique sound. Add a little Alaskan vocals and this should be a very special birthday set, produced live by the birthday girlz themselves! A while back, we interviewed cQuence for our August 2004 Issue.

The opening and closing of the shelter will be hosted by:

Bucho & JAH - Broken Beats

The Heavy Lounge - Kansas City

These two members of The Heavy Lounge will be sharing the stage to bring you an interesting collection of broken beats that will put you in just the right kind of mood to get your party on.

Fool - House - Kansas City

Recently relocated to KC from Lincoln, NE where he played various events. This runner-up in the phocas DJ Battle House Week will be bringing his hard & funky house out to get your body groovin.

Live Video Production by:

Kansas City

Known in Kansas City as the man that loves nothing more than Techno and his video displays, vjOnes will be producing a very special service of Retinal Destruction this night. Check his web site to see what he may be up to.

Sound & Lights By:  Audio House Sound - Lawrence

Remember phlashback? Remember that crystal clear bone crushing sound? We've got the same system. Actually, a little bigger this time.They've grown a little in the last year and recently did the lights for the Dance Tent at Wakarua! As a result, they will be providng sound and a light show for this event. You know these guys know how to do it right. Check 'em out on the web at!

phallout shelter Provided By: Knights of Pythias of Independence

november 2005 editor note

Shaun got one last snapshot of me and Robin (& everyone else) before runnin off to St Louis. I'll miss ya, but I'm sure that our paths will cross again. They have parties there too. :)

The cover this month is different than any other month prior, in that instead of being a photo, it's a portion of the artwork by Chrissy Laing for the phallout flyer. I liked it so much, I figured what the heck, but the story is one that's been developing for months. As well, there is more interesting art being created for the event itself. Be sure to check back a day or two before the 18th to find out the location of the shelter.

This has been an interesting month to say the least. Kicking it off was the Pajama Gala at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub, followed a week later by visit from one of the masters, Carl Cox. The same night, Frankie Bones & Josh "The Funky 1" were throwin down in Lawrence.

We put together an event with Reveal Magazine & u:Move at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub, called Paparazzi that brought out all kinds of interesting people. While all of that was going on, Senseone was getting his party on in Philladelphia at Whistle before bouncing out here to play at Resistance.

Lee Burridge came to town, as well as another visit from Chicago-based Surreal, while Senseone gave us another view of Carl Cox, from Philly.

The end of the month went completely off the chain though, in one night we were 5 different places. In Springfield, SvS played the Faces of Halloween party and brought us back a few pix, and Joe ran away to Lawrence for the Nightmare on Mass St.

I kicked my Halloween weekend night off at The Bacchus Foundation's Terror at the Train Station 3, while Shaun dropped in on Martini Corner's Halloween on the Hill. After that we both landed at Kabal and spent the rest of the night with DJ P, now holding down residencies in Las Vegas. It's good to see that he's really start to get the recognition he deserves.

Meanwhile, Bad Boy Bill was showing off his skill at the newest addition to the club line up, Harrah's Casino. This particular night there was some confusion regarding cameras and we couldn't get any footage of this place. I'm not quite sure what they are calling it yet, but we'll be talking to them real soon to get the low down before you go down. I've heard that it's quite a fabulous room.

Ending the month though, was a great little party at the Newsroom. It seemed the perfect way to end Halloween night, in a warm little room with great music.

Speaking of warm little rooms with great music, True Tuesdays is goin just as chill as always. We have built up a great little Electronic Music Lounge, stayin True to what we wanna do, so if you get a chance, stop in...  otherwise... see Ya at The PHALLOUT Shelter!


november 2005 issue