drc seeker release tour

by Troy Gilmore ~ San Francisco legendary pioneer DJ DRC is taking the Electronic Music Industry by storm. With her Mixed Album "Undefined" in the works and a list of releases on IMIX, Vision Music, Off World, Merge, Twin Soul, Ovum and her own label Undefined Musik, DRC equivocates the expeditious pace of her new stomping grounds. Her original music is also featured in two movies, “Vision of Vibe” with Carl Cox and “Intellect” featuring Paul Van Dyk and many others. DRC’s latest blockbuster single "Seeker" can be heard on the Spankee clothing line web site. Currently DRC is undertaking a whirlwind tour supporting this recent blockbuster release. With all this under her belt and more, it is obvious DRC has already had her finger on the pulse of the Worlds Dance music scene.

DRC strives to interpret the diversity of our world through her music. It is hard to believe that such groundbreaking talent was spawned in a small town, in a state famous for it’s potatoes. Raised near the Nez Perce Native American Reservation in Idaho, performing in Arabian horse shows, acting and singing in many local theater productions exposed DRC to an ore of music and dance at a young age. DRC also has five years of classical voice training which she uses to embellish the occasional track, inspiring listeners with a unique and modern sound of her own.

DRC has exceptional abilities that have taken her all throughout United States, Canada, Germany, Holland, and Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world, for performances at the best nightclubs and venues anywhere. Her unmatched skillfulness on the decks and high voltage performances keep her in huge demand throughout the world as she continues to set new standards in our megaton Dance Culture. To experience the captivating energy DRC harnesses in her performances will forever change the way you hear and feel music. DRC is one of America’s most inspiring and talented DJs. She is a true artist and should not to be missed.

For More Information on DRC, you can visit her web site at DJDRC.comMediaServiceNYC.com,BlueMoonProductions.org or Spankee.us!


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