stunt rock 3

by Justin Kleinfeld

If you dig deep enough in some underground videotape trading circles you can find a tape from back in 1999 of William Flegal aka Stunt Rock performing in a band called "Meat." He can be seen slashing himself with razor blades, urinating in cups and drinking them, smashing computer monitors on his head, all while a band plays mediocre Black Sabbath covers and Dan Doormouse shoves meat up his bum. Perhaps the tape was just a product of Midwest boredom and youthful ambition, but whatever the case, let us introduce you to the confusing and zany world of Stunt Rock, the most legendary, reclusive, and talked about artist to rise from the ashes of the Midwest-USA Breakcore scene.

Stunt Rock built his career on countless spray-painted CDR's given away at shows in a drunken stupor. A total disregard for sequencing and obsession with samples gave way to a reputation as the new "punk rock" of the electronic scene in the Midwest.

Addressing the emptiness of existence, while at the same time mocking it, “This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3” is the most genuine assertion of the modern lifestyle ever committed to disc. Built on loop after loop of drum, guitar and movie dialogue, the album becomes a sort of looser’s Music Concrete. But is it actually funny? Yeah! “This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3’ is like a new sort of rock n roll comedy meltdown; irreverent, blue collar, foul mouthed, and beer fueled. “This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3” will be an instant classic!”

For more information about Stunt Rock, visit orRephlektor Inkorporated!


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