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on decks w/ Jack & Jill

One of the newest sounds in Kansas City is coming from the house duo, Jack & Jill. This tag team knows how to pack a house. "We met on the dance floor and moved it to the decks." Jack & Jill started their adventures together in November 2004. The clever name was formed around the two members; Brent Higginbotham (Mr. Nuro) and Amanda Pate (AmJanda). Currently, they hold a residency at one of the hottest Friday House nights in Kansas City, Propaganda @ Jilly's on Broadway.
Brent (Jack) started playing records in 2000 and within a year was playing at various events around town. He has held down a few other residencies and has opened for many big names. Most recently, he placed 1st in the phocas DJ Battle - House Night and took 3rd overall in the Finals. Brent's sound started with bass-driven deep house and has progressed over the years. Now you can catch him throwin' down classic Chicago cuts blended with the newest acid house while dropping in live remixes.

Amanda (Jill) got her start later than Brent. She first touched vinyl in 2002; however was a bedroom Dj until the later months of 2004. Deep, soulful house is what initially drove Amanda to the decks. Over the years, her tastes have changed considerably. Currently, the sounds of quirky and funky Chicago tracks are being pulled from her bag, along with some acid house house. This sound is also very prominent in the records she lays down.

Jack & Jill have played almost every weekly in Kansas City. This includes Monday's at the Newsroom, True Tuesdays at Balanca's, The Wednesday Perk at The Cup 'n' Saucer, Inertia at Vermont St BBQ, Frisky at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub and Patio Beats at the Newsroom. They have also played along side major headliners such as Trevor Lamont, DJ Assault, Paul Anthony, JBreak, Vicious Vic, Evol Intent, DB, and Pat Nice. Be on the look for these two around town and throughout the midwest. Jack, Jack, Jack… Jack yo body.

The Adventures of Willi Ninja is the newest release from Jack & Jill. This mix has captured their mixing style to the fullest. Listening to this mix gives you a taste of what you will experience when hearing these two play. Along with live remixes, a wide track selection, and one of Jack's own production's (Rug Burn), it gives you the feel of a jackin', peak-hour set.

The Adventures of Will Ninja TrackListing!
  1. Too Shai – Too Shai Dub – White
  2. Dr. Dre feat. Eminem – Forgot About Dre (Accapella)
  3. Justin Long and Andrew Emil- Game Over- .dotbleep 002
  4. Jacob London – Funky and You Know It – Wildcard
  5. East Coast Boogiemen – Marrying Janie – Moonshine Red
  6. Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell – Drop it Like its Hot (Accapella)
  7. Half Pint – Red Light Green Light – Junior
  8. Bambi – Me, Myself, and I – Who
  9. Filthy Hot Jizz- T.O. Frontin'- White
  10. Put Your Hand Up (Accepella)
  11. Pharcyde – Passing Me By (Accepella)
  12. JT Donaldson - Make You Higher- Robsoul
  13. Pat Nice- Then and Now- Mixed Plate EP
  14. Derrick Carter- Where Ya At (Accepella)
  15. Unknown – Knockin Boots – White
  16. Dan X - Skattered Jazz (dirty skat dub) - CDR
  17. TradeMarq – Broken Waggin – Bananza
  18. Mr. Hall Lee – Jump to Tha Funk – Cadang
  19. TradeMarq – Work For Me (No Assembly Firm Remix) – Bananza
  20. No Assembly Firm – Martian Beats – Robsoul
  21. Mr. Nuro – Rugburn – CDR
  22. Piccolo Marco – Who’s Pimpin Who - Peaches


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