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event photos sep.04

Flyers for events photographed in September 2004 appear below. A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 09.02.2004 "I" Debut Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club Kansas City, MO 09.03.2004 First Fridays Crossroads Arts District Kansas City, MO 09.03.2004 Club Evolution Preview featuring Xan Lucero & Atam Bryce Club Evolution Kansas City, MO 09.03.2004 Moonshine Fridays featuring Jevon Jackson Moonshine Chicago, IL photos by heather 09.03.2004 Origin featuring Tony Markham, Ric Roberts, Drumloc & Patrick Adams Chakra Kansas City, MO 09.03.2004 Birthday Twang featuring Tony Markham & Johnny Scott The Stray Cat Kansas City, MO 09.04.04 Bliss featuring DJ Maxx Grand Emporium Kansas City, MO 09.04.2004 BigWig Saturday featuring Diz, Justin Long, Dayhota BigWig Chicago, IL photos by heather 09.04.2004

september 2004 on decks

Here's what I have received this month on CD. Get me a copy of yours and we will have a listen and post a thought or three up here. Eventually, we may even create some sort of rating system or somthing. Until then, this is what's on the street this month! 4Star vs Sigma - Bassment Sessions Volume One (Drum N Bass) contact: Beginning to end, good solid hard driving DnB! J.A.H. - Eye Matter (DownTempo) contact: 913.677.0010 Great downtempo mix with a little minimal Jazz & Ragga. Shaken, not stirred. J.A.H. - Summer's End (DownTempo) contact: 913.677.0010 Good ragga-feelin downtempo, though I found the levels slightly high in a few spots.


This is a new column we're trying out for a while. The idea is, we are going to randomly ask... random questions and post a select few up here. An idea that I have been fostering for a while, Brent brought it to me and I decided that it should happen. He and I are slowing putting this together and if you would like to help, send us an eMail! For now, on to this month's question.     Why ... Do You Dance? "Because I can dance to any layer, depth, or subtly I hear and it doesn't look like I'm having a siezure" Crazyglow - Omaha, Ne “It’s how I break free and express myself.” Becca - Overland Park, KS “Because I can feel it.” Ashley - KCMO

tinsley charts

Intro by Brent Crampton ~ Photo by Don Edmundson  ~ Don is back again to keep us up to date on what's hot. Many of these tracks aren't set to hit the record shelves anytime soon, so keep your eyes peeled to see what you'll be playing and jackin' to in a few. Just in case you forgot, Mr. Tinsley is the house brotha of St. Louis. Don is also a member of Urban Jazz Naturals. UJN has just had their track "How Can I" remixed and released by JT Donaldson on the Gallery Music Group label. In addition, Don will be teaming up with Ben Armstromg, to release "Finger Funkin Good" featuring a Jason Hodges remix on Houston, Texas' Uniform Recodings and with DJ ION on "le Swing" a Urban Jazz Naturals re-work featuring a DJ Mes remix, on Austin's Headset label. Demarkus Lewis feat: Lena Wade - Your Touch - Fair Park Pure Demarkus goodness! This track has lovely textures and a great vocal to boot. Highly Recommended! Jonn Hawley - Steppin Out

solaris september 2004 techno

photo by todd ~ DJ Solaris hails from Kansas City. He produces as wells as spins-up HardTechno and can be found pounding out of the speakers in many of the larger cities around the United States. He plays Hard Techno, has always played Hard Techno and will probably continue to play Techno until the day that falls over dead on top of his turntables. Here's Solaris' picks for the month! PrimEvil - Felipe & Nicholas Bacher - RVL049 – This one is defiantly worth the trip to the sandman. A nice floor chiller after a hard night of bangin’ it to the break of dawn. Bring them down like this, and you will leave them in the happy place. Cluster - LDC vs The Shredder , Lenny Dee - CLUSTER66 - What can you say about a label that has proved itself over and over? Well at least they are consistant. And this one doesn’t stray away from the pack. A good cruncher that beggs for prime time. Keep your finger on the pulse cause the trigger is bound to get pulled. Iturnem - Mistress Barb

flash charts

Intro by Brent Crampton ~ Photo by Morgan Claiser ~ DJ FLASH is a DJ, re mixer and producer with 8 years of experience. With countless residencies, guest spots, opening and headliner spots throughout the Midwest over the years Flash has gained a reputation inside and outside of his community as a progressive musician and a high energy performer. As a producer, Flash has developed a style all his own through his 3 full length self-produced albums and his remix work for artists such as Fugazi, Classic, MC DL, Eye's Last Glance, James D Stark & more. As a promoter, Flash has organized and developed over 100 events throughout the years and has recently been the co-organizer for Iowa's "515 ALIVE" electronic music festival, head organizer for the PRESENTER series (see info below) of events & as head resident DJ at Des Moines' LIFT OFF weekly event. Flash recently opened a new 24 track production and recording studio in Des Moines specializing in Dance & U

bliss charts

Intro by Brent Crampton ~ Photo by Tim Toll ~ Ethan Bliss is entering his third year as host and resident DJ of "The Saturday Night Rave", a weekly mix show on K-State's student radio station "The Wildcat 91.9". Coming from a musical family (having taken piano, trombone, and drum lessons during his younger years), he began experimenting with DJing and beat matching using computer software and MP3's four or five years ago, but then later moved on to start buying decks and records. His background gives him an interest in musical variety in his mixes so that now he spins a range of house, progressive, and breaks, while still keeping a smooth flow. Beside the radio show he also spins at the occasional party or club night, and has recently started spinning on a regular basis at Chakra. Here's a look at some of the releases he's been digging lately and that have been getting airplay on his show and when he plays out. Infusion - Better World, Audioriot

charity mastermind

An Interview with the Mastermind Behind Sublunary AM ~ by Phelyne ~ photo by unknown ~  If there has ever been a person who has greatly contributed to the Midwest scene, Charity with Sublinary Artists Management would have to be one of the power players. Not only does this very busy lady spin jungle whenever she can, she is also the person in charge of one highly impressive booking roster specializing in jungle. She has been handling bookings for a few years for talented producers/DJs such as Gridlock, Evol Intent, E-Sassin, Echo, Jo S, Odi, Stakka, and many more. Visiting Iowa several times in the past 4 years, it has been very apparent to me that Iowa has some really great events going on there where top notch DJs perform with hundreds of fans in attendance to show support regularly. Charity has been involved in making the great party scene of Iowa vibrant for several years now, and I felt that she would be a great person to ask a few questions about the state of the jungle scene f

london on fire

an Interview with Legendary London DJ, Tom Baker ~ by Michael Bradshaw ~ Introduction (Bio) and Photos courtesy of Tom’s musical vision has constantly aimed at the dance floor and has searched for fresh ideas and pursued a forward thinking edge. From initial influences in the acid house explosion of ’88, through to the thunderous underground house and techno of the post-millennium. “I’ve got a pretty short attention span and get bored of records quickly so I’m always on the hunt for fresh and emerging sounds and ideas” Initial club bookings in ‘91 led to his first residency at London’s Coliseum and guest spots at pre super-club, Bagleys alongside DJs like Billy Nasty and Darren Emerson. By 1995 he was playing at The Ministry of Sound and was awarded the winning entry in Mixmag's nationwide DJ competition. A bi-monthly residency in Holland in ’99 opened the door to the global network of the underground house and techno scene, sending him on numerous missions o

hot jamz

Story & Photos by BPositive ~ Why do some promoters and even many members of the public persist in accepting sub-standard conditions at clubs and dance events? This practice is not limited to amateur promoters or even to raves. I have been to supposedly “world class” clubs where the environment was too hot or too crowded to dance. Or, let’s not forget what is a growing problem in the music industry – dangerously loud sound levels. Recently, I traveled halfway across the continent to attend a large rave festival. The promoters are very experienced and known for throwing world class events. Nevertheless, this did not prevent them from missing one very important element of event quality – providing a safe, enjoyable environment. The temperature in the building that functioned as the main stage had to be well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and soon was also very humid. And this was despite unseasonably cool weather outside. Imagine if the weather had leaned more towards the normal


by Brent Crampton ~ So what’s up with Omaha lately? The one-off events haven’t been too successful in the last year or two, and although while many new clubs and bars are opening in the area, most of them are going for a buffet of musical styles trying to appeal to a mass audience while sacrificing an intelligent atmosphere in the process. So what’s a scene to do? In steps one cheeky British man by the name of Adrian Basford, aka MC ADB, and you have yourself a solution - Simplicity. Instead of putting on a grand-ole opry of an event that often times eats up more money than a sister-in-law on crack, just do it the simple way. ADB Entertainment is now doing a monthly event entitled “Simplicity” which will be held on the final friday of each month. The whole idea of the event is to “keep the show basic” as ADB says, “but also affordable in these financially hard times.” Take six local and regional dj’s, a booming sound system and some quality drink specials, and you got yourself one


A Process of Change ~ Story & Photos by todd ~ After several months of delays, Club Evolution finally opened just a few weeks ago. It was completely unexpected. They had been waiting on licenses to come back and at that particular moment, they were due back any time. They finally opened though, seemingly with no notice at all. However, according to RJ Bass, the new Production Manager for the club, what they thought was going to be a flop night because of the last minute notice, turned out nearly 100 people at the door. Not bad for getting the word out in a matter of hours. After a brief interview about all new goings on, the following weekend RJ offered a tour of the newly renovated space, formerly known as XO Nightclub. Consequently, I was anxious to see this new Club Evolution and agreed to meet him there the following Thursday night for the opening night of their new weekly. With the main room dedicated to the alternative lifestyle crowd, the back room offers a bit of a t

the grand emporium of house music

Story & Photos by todd ~ Recently, with a building that was badly in need of repairs after being neglected for years, the new owners of The Grand Emporium were forced to face the reality of having to remodel. Not everyone wanted to, and still there are those that say it will never be the same, but after years of neglect, the 100+ year old building was in serious need of repair. I had an opportunity to speak with the new Club Manager, Karl Shikles about some of the improvements that were made. He indicated that it was not an easy task deciding on exactly how to remodel the space that has always been known in Kansas City as the premier spot to hear some of the finest Blues and Jazz, be it local or international talent. There were a lot of things to consider, but either way, the entire place had to be torn out. The bar itself was barely standing on it's own, the kitchen area that had been there was a nightmarish health hazard and the rest of the facility was in a general stat