by Brent Crampton ~ So what’s up with Omaha lately? The one-off events haven’t been too successful in the last year or two, and although while many new clubs and bars are opening in the area, most of them are going for a buffet of musical styles trying to appeal to a mass audience while sacrificing an intelligent atmosphere in the process.

So what’s a scene to do? In steps one cheeky British man by the name of Adrian Basford, aka MC ADB, and you have yourself a solution - Simplicity. Instead of putting on a grand-ole opry of an event that often times eats up more money than a sister-in-law on crack, just do it the simple way. ADB Entertainment is now doing a monthly event entitled “Simplicity” which will be held on the final friday of each month. The whole idea of the event is to “keep the show basic” as ADB says, “but also affordable in these financially hard times.” Take six local and regional dj’s, a booming sound system and some quality drink specials, and you got yourself one night filled of good-time post rave era music.

ADB’s goal is to “hopefully build the scene in the area and bring some stability” by doing a monthly show to start “other nights and larger scale events.” And with ADB doing the DJ selecting, expect to hear high energy underground sounds.


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