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event photos dec.04

Flyers for events photographed in December 2004 appear below. A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 12.03.2004 Frisky featuring The Simply Soul Syndicate, Matthew Brian & Alan Alda, Rob Divozzi Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO 12.03.2004 Wicked Fridays featuring Paul Wicked Empire Room Kansas City, MO 12.03.2004 Time Machine Flashback featuring DJ Delirium, DJ Venom, Gonzo, Dread, Myth 1-3, The Germ, J Costas, Heathcliff, Pinky N the Brain, and Eco in Area One  /  Area two hosted Annalyze, Sykopath, Joe Jack, Jim Mas vs How Hard, Rocksteady, Integrity, Mama C vs DJ Massacre, The Manchild, Mindgame, and others (unreadable from flyer).   /  Krazyglue, C-Tag, Brain Dunn, DJ Candy Kid, Tommy D, and others (also unreadable on flyer) in Area three. Somewhere in New York photos by senseone 12.04.2004 Essential Saturdays featuring Steve Thorell Grand Emporium Kansas City, MO

on decks december 2004

Here's what I have received this month on CD. Get me a copy of yours and we will have a listen and post a thought or three up here. Eventually, we may even create some sort of rating system or something. Until then, this is what's on the street this month! The HiddenAgenda - Touchez vos orteils, chienne DownTempo Chilly. Kinda kewl on a late night with fire. Bobby Duracel - N-Pyst Wow! PsyTrance. You shocked the hell out of me. I luv it! Jon NuSkool - The Deep Blue This got stuck in my hand again and now... it's stuck in my car's CD deck again. Kid Icarus - Unified Citizen Project Haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, but I'll post a comment here when I do. Heard parts of it at a friends house and it sounded pretty good.

xplicit december 2004 charts

intro & photo by todd ~ It's been more than a couple of years since we've had the opportunity to hear Xplicit play here in Kansas City, but he's coming back, with a vengeance and a taste for Booty House and he'll be dishin it up for us on December 11. Here's just a little taste of some of the tracks you might hear. Believe me, there's a lot more where that came from. These are just his Cream of the Booty Crop. Dance Mania #241 Playground Productionz "Orgy" A sick track that makes everyone on the dance floor blush. Assault Rifle Dj Assault "Detroit Summer" Hot mix that has a lot of familiar samples, but the bass will definitely remind you that this is definitely a booty track. Dance Mania #270 Jammin Gerald "Factory Forever" Has a Prince sample that makes the ladies weak in the knees. Dance Mania #249 Jamming Gerald "If you see em point them out" All around booty classic Dance Mania XTC #205 "Dj Fun

crampton december 2004 house

Brent Crampton has a passion for house music. In fact, you could say he is a disciple of house music, as he says, "Some people pray with words... I pray with music." His style is driven towards jazz, funk and soul - the elements from which serious house music abounds. He can work it with jackin' sounds or take it deep when the crowd lets him. Most importantly, his music has a message. He began his love affair with house music in the fall of 2000 and after the successful launch of his career with the 'Deep Coffee House Tour' which brought house music to coffee shops all over Omaha, Crampton has gained residencies at the top clubs in Nebraska - Bricktop and 415. From his weekly at Bricktop entitled 'Rhythm - Spiritual Music For The People' where true house heads come out to work their bodies on the dance floor, to his art and music fusion show - 'ColorSound' - Brent Crampton has been pushing the boundaries of house music in the midwest. He has perf

brock december 2004 charts

bio courtesy of dave brock ~ photo by kourtney anderson ~ Brock began dj'ing in 1989 on WKNC-fm, where he founded and hosted a mix show while attending North Carolina State University. His early influences are his most profound and come through in his playing to this day. In the early 90's, UK progressive house by way UK artists like Sasha and Digweed combined with Orlando's Dave Cannalte, Chris Fortier and Andy Hughes dominated his sphere of influence. However, as he traveled from party to party across the US, Brock picked up much from the likes of Garth and Jeno of the Wicked crew and the Hardkiss brothers in San Francisco, Danny Tenaglia and DJ Duke in NYC, and Derrick Carter and Terry Mullan in Chicago. He moved to Chicago in 1995 to swim in a larger pond and expand his musical horizons. From 1999 through 2000, he held a residency at the fabled SmartBar with Robbie Hardkiss and continued to play there regularly until moving to Florida in 2003. In the 8 years he live

ac & lannan chill charts

photo by DJ Hardrive ~ After a fantastic performance at the recent phocas event, phlashback, many folks expressed a desire to see these two perform another Chill set together again. phocas figured what the heck. Let's do it again at the third anniversary party as a kind of pre-party cocktail hour. With new, unreleased and original tracks, combined with live Sitar, you don't want to be left out in the cold on this one! Here are just a few of the tracks you might here. Kerry Lannan is a Washburn University Music Performance Honors graduate and has performed in many different musical settings including new music, electronic, free jazz, improv,symphonic, and ska. He has performed, toured and recorded with the Ray-Guns, Andrew d'Angelo, Morthana, Billy Higgens, and AC. Kerry was recently honored to perform with Karlheinz Stockhausen in Germany and received a Stipendien Music Prize at the 42.Internationalen Ferienkurse Fur Neue Musik at Darmstadt (imd). He performs on trumpet

steppa style

interview by by phelyne ~ photos by bassbinboy ~ Steppa Style is my favorite dj/producer at the moment. I've heard this man play entirely flawless sets live on his radio show on multiple occasions, blending and manipulating everything from old funk records, all the way into the most cutting edge ragga. On top of that, he has so many wonderful tracks and remixes under his belt that I feel I have truly gotten to hear a one of a kind musical skill that is unparallel. This seemed to be a great opportunity to ask him a few questions about his world of music, since a few people have expressed interest in learning more about him. He will be here for a small event I'm throwing in December, called Operation Oldschool. There is a lot to learn about him. He runs an online radio station Movement Radio, that has a very large and dedicated fan base. The station has 24/7 dedicated streams each of jungle, hiphop, and raggae. This man is a professional Chef to boot. You can't get any bett

sense one

interview & photos by phelyne ~ Sense One is a not-so-native native to the Missouri area. No longer in our area, but still reppin hard for both the east and the west, is my good buddy Sense One. This cat is originally from New Jersey. Through circumstances of life, he ventured here. Since his arrival a few years ago, Sense One has been very involved in the Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan, and surrounding scenes. Always bringing the old school mentality to the plate and passing the positive vibes, you would have remembered seeing Sense One on the mic, in the break circle, or next to the speaker. He has recently taken up DJing as well. Sense One is a true hiphop head. He possesses the 4 basic elements of hip hop, which are BBoying, Graffitti, MCing, and DJing. Now that our good friend and supporter has moved back to the east, now staying in Pennsylvania, I wanted to see how he has been doing. So for this first question, I'd like to know why you decided to come to the midwe

lady d

interview by Brent Crampton ~ photos courtesy of ~ Chicago has grown many house enthusiasts over the years, but unlike Lady D, most weren't around from its inception. From those early years of inspiration, Lady D has been carrying on the tradition of innovation and creativity. Starting the For Soul Only deejay collective, Lady D brought together notable names such as Mark Grant and E-Smoove. They put on a number of memorable parties in the Chi-town area and then moved on to AM after-hours parties which were the first dine-and-dance events in Chicago. Next came the SuperJane Collective which includes deejays Colette, Dayhota, Heather and Lady D. The all-female roster toured the nation, made TV appearances and were featured in magazines such as URB and SPIN as well as the cover of XLR8R. Her newest endeavor includes the record label D'lectable. With releases already out with artists such as Glenn Underground and Thick Dick, Lady D has all the right connecti


interview by sense one ~ After my move to the east coast recently, I was able to track down two of the innovators behind HardMind productions, a crew that has been dedicated to bringing quality events to the Tri-State area for almost four years now. Both respected DJ's in their own right, HowHard and Integrity have been putting their heart and soul into the scene since well before they started throwing events. On December 4th, they're gearing up for "Flashback, The Time Machine", their biggest event yet, a warehouse party designed to give the new-schoolers a taste of the old, and put a smile on the old-schooler's faces. How long have you guys been around? Howard: Brian & I have been in the scenes for quite some time... one of them being the rave scene. We didn't really know each other until we entered the DJ realm. About 4 years ago, I started a crew called Hardmind with my friend Jamie (DJ Mindgame). How HARDMINDgame. Jamie came across Brian someti

dj cbx

interview by phelyne ~ photos courtesy of Dj CBX, out of California, runs the record label LA Abstract. He has been independently running it for a while now. This guy has a first hand perspective of what its like to be a musician and business owner in today's economy. Good music is hard to come by, thus inspiring people to make change to accommodate that craving for good tunes. Here is a guy who has decided to dive in, take a risk and start a label, in the name of the music. Not a easy thing to do, but worth the effort. This is how he sees things. So, tell me how you got involved in the music industry? Well, it started about a year ago. I was getting kind of sick of a lot of the crap that was coming out in the D&B scene. So I decided to do something about it. That's when I started La Abstract to promote the sound I enjoyed. Take me back a little farther. Tell me about what your influences in music have been before you discovered electronic music. Well, basically,

coincidence of musique

by Brent Crampton ~ photos by Misha ~  With the every internet slob to zoo animal coming out with a website, it is no surprise that domain names are hard to come by. But what are the chances two entrepreneurs would be looking for the same domain name, at the same time, in the same city? That's what happened when Dan Pieper wanted to start a website for free music downloads, and Ethan Bondelid began a website to promote his electronic music production company. To break it down, over a year and a half ago, Pieper bought the domain, and then soon after, went to buy the domain. Unfortunately, by the time Pieper got to it, it had been bought by Bondelid, just minutes before. Oddly enough, Bondelid originally wanted the website url for his company, Musique, to be Since Pieper had already bought the website, Bondelid went for EssentialMusique and snatched it up just before Pieper could. Confusing?