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interview by phelyne ~ photos courtesy of Dj CBX, out of California, runs the record label LA Abstract. He has been independently running it for a while now. This guy has a first hand perspective of what its like to be a musician and business owner in today's economy. Good music is hard to come by, thus inspiring people to make change to accommodate that craving for good tunes. Here is a guy who has decided to dive in, take a risk and start a label, in the name of the music. Not a easy thing to do, but worth the effort. This is how he sees things.

So, tell me how you got involved in the music industry?

Well, it started about a year ago. I was getting kind of sick of a lot of the crap that was coming out in the D&B scene. So I decided to do something about it. That's when I started La Abstract to promote the sound I enjoyed.

Take me back a little farther. Tell me about what your influences in music have been before you discovered electronic music.

Well, basically, I used to be into metal when I was younger. Back in high school I was a lead singer in a metal band called Detox. But after that fell through, I started making Hard Techno. I did that for about, I would have to say, 2 years. Then I moved onto hardcore, back in 1998. I found it rather limited because there is only so much you can do from a production stand point. That's when I started really getting into D&B (drum and bass). I remember the first song that hooked me was Noise Check by Capital J. So that's really what got me into the scene.

Okay. So you started up L.A. Abstract. What were your immediate goals with it?

Wow! That's a tough one. Let me see. I just wanted to bring that hard hitting sound that I fell in love with coming into the D&B scene to the masses. That was the ultimate goal. But in a financial aspect, I was hoping to make money, but that idea quickly faded. When I come to think about it, a lot has changed from when I started the company.

So would you say that you are still doing it because you love it and it's not all about the money, even though it takes money to keep the art alive?

Definitely. Here is a word from the wise; People. If you want to make money start up a boy band label or a metal label or even a polka label. There are only a few people actually making money in the scene and even then it's not enough. But ya, I have put way to much money into this company. But you know. Live and Learn. I know I'm getting wiser with my business ventures. But it's my passion. It's a very expensive passion, but still what I love to do.

Would you see yourself still doing it several years down the road from now, if the money wasn't a factor?

Well I don't care if money is a factor. I will still be doing this. It's what I love to do. There is nothing short of a bullet or maybe a heavy car that can stop me. I see myself producing D&B when I'm 80, have a grand child in one arm, and a 40z in the other. D&B 4 LIFE!!!!!

I'd love to still be rocking out to jungle when I'm 80, as well. Sounds like a grand old time. Thanks for the interview, Dj CBX. For more information about Dj CBX or La Abstract, please visit


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