crampton december 2004 house

Brent Crampton has a passion for house music. In fact, you could say he is a disciple of house music, as he says, "Some people pray with words... I pray with music." His style is driven towards jazz, funk and soul - the elements from which serious house music abounds. He can work it with jackin' sounds or take it deep when the crowd lets him. Most importantly, his music has a message. He began his love affair with house music in the fall of 2000 and after the successful launch of his career with the 'Deep Coffee House Tour' which brought house music to coffee shops all over Omaha, Crampton has gained residencies at the top clubs in Nebraska - Bricktop and 415. From his weekly at Bricktop entitled 'Rhythm - Spiritual Music For The People' where true house heads come out to work their bodies on the dance floor, to his art and music fusion show - 'ColorSound' - Brent Crampton has been pushing the boundaries of house music in the midwest. He has performed in Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Iowa, New Mexico, and South Dakota, along side names like Skylab 2000, Venom and H-Foundation. "The music is relaxing yet invigorating, diverse but not disjointed - something many strive for, but few pull off." - The Omaha Weekly Reader

Wagon Cookin' - Every Day Life rmx - Lovemonk
Instrumental, soulful, jazzy and bossa nova come to mind when I think of this beautifully composed master piece. Make sure to check out their new full length album at their web site.

Johnny Fiasco - Soundz feat. dj Heather - uni.form
Anything that Mr. Fiasco does is smooth as butter. I chose this EP because it mixes so well out of the "Pista" remix of Every Day Life.

Julius Papp - Fall For You - Neodisco
Sometimes a room full of people just need a straight drum track to set an atmosphere, and this cut has plenty of them.

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - Sony
A bit old, but undeniably a classic of post-bop jazz. While mixing this with a beat is nearly impossible, most of the tracks on here go rather well with house music when you drop the low and highs out.

Blaze - My Beat feat. Palmer Brown- Slip n Slide
Anything with intelligent spoken word courtesy of Palmer Brown is an automatic winner. Add a high energy beat and a break down that samples an accapella from Q-Tip (formerly of Tribe Called Quest) and you have a guaranteed classic.

Joey Youngman - D-Funk - CDR
Peak-time house with a synth line that raises the energy level.

Swirl People ft. dj Heather - We Used To Party - Aroma
Can we say instant classic? I'm predicting that Heather's vocals on this track will be sampled for years to come. Any old-schooler can relate to the message in this song: "When we were young, we were having fun. Our lives in music had just begun. Now that we're older, the game has changed . . . It's up to us to bring it back."

Joey Youngman - Goosebumps EP - Tango
Typical Joey Youngman style with that get-down-and-boogie jazz type of flare with the hip-hop influence.

Johnny Fiasco - Rhythmic Solutions - Tonic
Johnny is infamous for perfectly blending together the emotional release of deep house and peak-time percussion of a house stomper. This track is an intelligent display of his vast knowledge in music theory and cross-genre appeal.

Miguel Migs - 24th St. Sounds LP - NRK
Need I say more? After being the poster child for Naked Recordings, everyone knows this guy can deliver the goods.


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