xplicit december 2004 charts

intro & photo by todd ~ It's been more than a couple of years since we've had the opportunity to hear Xplicit play here in Kansas City, but he's coming back, with a vengeance and a taste for Booty House and he'll be dishin it up for us on December 11. Here's just a little taste of some of the tracks you might hear. Believe me, there's a lot more where that came from. These are just his Cream of the Booty Crop.

Dance Mania #241 Playground Productionz "Orgy"
A sick track that makes everyone on the dance floor blush.

Assault Rifle Dj Assault "Detroit Summer"
Hot mix that has a lot of familiar samples, but the bass will definitely remind you that this is definitely a booty track.

Dance Mania #270 Jammin Gerald "Factory Forever"
Has a Prince sample that makes the ladies weak in the knees.

Dance Mania #249 Jamming Gerald "If you see em point them out"
All around booty classic

Dance Mania XTC #205 "Dj Funk"
A true booty anthem record.

Dj Godfather "Work That"
This song usually moves all house heads who are unfamiliar with the "rawness" of booty house.

CNTMN8TD Urban "Bust a nut"
This record is phat because it's a true mix of hardcore beat's with booty flavor added on top of it.

Dj Chip "Aww shit"
One of my favorite tracks because I love to watch people on the dance floor sing along, than half-way thru the mix, they realize they don't know the words. What can I say, I love having fun with the crowd!

Dance Mania #258 "Pump on the floor"
One of the few tracks that I still tend to loose it behind the decks. That's why I strongly prefer Shure needles (they don't skip on me when I accidentally bump the tables).

Assault Rifle Dj Assault "Ass-N-Titties"
Everyone who know's me know's that this is the track that pushed me to spin primarily booty house. Dj Assault is one of my icons!


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