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shadowrunner may 2006 trance reviews

Summer is right around the corner and its time for my harder picks for the season. Festival and parties are gonna need some of the hottest new tracks to power prime time. Give these a spin and know that you will be responsible for many undulating bodies on the dance floor.Brownsville Station - Interflow - KYR Records

Dark psychotic pulsations drive home an eerie groove that lifts into an atmospheric breakdown and then builds right back into a mad driving tech terror. Put this one in your pipe and smoke it.

F-16 (Original Mix) - Simon Patterson - 2 Play Records

Your mission plan includes delivering records of mass destruction to targeted dancefloors everywhere. With this vinyl payload you will be destroying the kiddies with eardrum piercing acid synthlines and bunker busting beats. Drop this smart bomb and head back to bass.

Stargazing (Sebastian Brandts Funky Business Mix) - Selu Vibra - Somatic Sense Recordings

Do you ever feel like beating up something small cute and furry? If you do then Somatic Sense has your muppet beating jam right here!!! Drop this and BEAT THE STUFFINGS OUT OF THEM!!!!

Because We Can - Lostep - Global Underground

The use of electro is highly effective in identifying and confusing the clueless clubbers. The uninitiated will stand still stupified while the cool kids eat this stuff up. In thier stunned state they will turn and leave the dance floor. Thus, clearing a little more room for the cool kids to dance. Effective, Simple, Trust Electro!!!!!

Poison - Love Machine - Coldharbour Recordings

Hypnotic thumping delayed synths thrust out of very big speakers. Close your eyes and take the daydream express to La La Land. Echoed pads float over big beats and you find an etherial getaway on the dance floor. Its ok No One is watching, Dance your ass off!!!

solaris may 2006 techno reviews

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Seen The Future – Dave the Drummer – SP Groove

Something very different from The Drummer this time. A great club mix if I ever heard one. Nice tag line with the rhythm only a true head would love. This makes me think of the old days of techno once again.

Alliance V – The Anxious vs. Bas Mooy – Audio Assault

Anxious wasn’t so this time. He took his time and made a monster. This thing will have the floor jackin and people quaking in their former skin. I am telling you to watch out if you unleash this beast its effects will hit you faster than dumping a gallon of that axe shite all over you.

Mouseville Theme – Cirez D - Mouseville

This has got bite more so than barq’s dog. Keeps us grooving with some electro style techno and takes it back to the days of electric boogaloo. It has the Global Underground sound on lock. Trust me, drop this and you too will have them walking on the walls and ceiling.

The Germ & Myth-I-S EP – Marina & Bad Boy Pete - Getafix

Ok, I like em’ hard, and this one is about as hard as a diamond jaw breaker. Get the dentist cause the cavity fighting protection of irradiating your gums after an onslaught like this will not weaken even the most basic beats in this wax.

Start The Fire – Unknown – Big Beauty Whites

We are all pyro’s at heart and with this you wont have to do anything but let the kids spontaneously combust. Now I am warning you, and take it to heart that if you don’t get this one you will regret it after hearing me drop this monster on the masses. So don’t be a sissy and beat it already.

Skalskadda – FMS – Crowbar

Now I have to give you something good. And this does not disappoint. The best for last as always, you have yourself a real quirky and funky track here. Keeping the techno deep and tossed with some vinegar and a hint of grit to help the flavor. I also hear it works great as an anticeptic if you gnaw off your foot for not getting it. Don’t worry I will dose you with mine.

gaia on decks

JungleRecon ~ Her smooth mixing, varied track selection, and ability to create a journey through sound have proven Gaia's solidity and talent as a DJ. Anyone who's experienced one of Gaia's live sets can vow for enjoying the ride on rhythms, blended with precision. Gaia, with her crew Jungle Recon, has created a following not only in the Midwest but across the US as well which is accredited to their passion, drive, and dedication.

Gaia's style can vary from dark, hard, and mood-driven drum and bass, to the smooth and minimal, or energetic dance floor sounds of tech-step, as well as old school, atmospheric jungle. Gaia continues to bring the darkness with her nu-skool break flavor and also has an abstract trip-hop and downtempo collection. Gaia has been billed at a wide variety of events, from regional Burning Man gatherings to small coffee shops, camp-outs, charity events, weeklies, and everything in-between. She has performed as both headliner and support, and has had the enjoyment of playing along-side prominent DJ's including Soul Slinger, Gein, Dj Craze, and Tester to name a few.

Gaia represents 1/4 of the crew Jungle Recon, along with Craveone, Zen2, and Big $paid. Gaia and Craveone host a weekly net radio show, broadcasted worldwide, Wednesday evenings 6-8pm CST on Other affiliations include Street Kings Marketing and Foul Play Records.

Gaia's first nu-skool breaks mix comes correct with dark, dynamic bass lines and her signature seamless blends. This mix features recently released as well classic tracks by top nu-skool producers such as Deep Impact, Dylan Rhymes and many more.

Gaia - Bass Theory Tracklist:
  1. the breakfastaz - hardknox (control z rmx)
  2. distortionz vs deep impact - rock da house
  3. amnexiac - action heroes (transformer man rmx)
  4. deep impact - six million ways
  5. w. brooks and d. evans - the angels fell
  6. unkown - vamped out (white label)
  7. dj mutiny - the distance
  8. super fly & shakka - hate my bassline
  9. soul of man - shak 'em down (dylan rhymes rmx)
  10. dylan rhymes - nightbreed
  11. pmt - afro lava lamp (zulu dawn mix)
  12. vanno feat susanne bentley - the language you need
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because we can lostep

Justin Kleinfeld ~ Luke Chable and Phil K who both hail from Melbourne, Australia, are successful DJ’s and producers in their own right. They have mixed albums and released records for some of the biggest labels in the world and have played at some of the biggest clubs across the globe. Phil K has turned his producing with Andy Page, PQM and Habersham. He’s also got a Therapy Sessions and a Y4K compilation album under his belt. He ranked at #5 in The Technics Top 50 Australian DJ Awards. He was also one of the first DJ’s to become an official global ambassador for Pioneer ProDJ when they created the DVJ-X1. Luke has collaborated with the likes of James Holden, PQM, Austin Leeds, Cass and Nubreed. He’s remix discography is an impressive one; Sasha, Bjork and Gus Gus to name a few. Like Phil he’s also got a mix album under his name, Renaissance presents Therapy Sessions Vol 2 with Dave Seaman and is definitely one to watch.

Originally working under the guise of "Dark Alley” with Ivan Gough is where Phil and Luke began their fondly remembered silly studio sessions. After working hard in the studio one night, the duo started having some fun with some noises and this is when the happy accident occurred. It was during this ‘silly’ session that they came up with one of their masterpieces. “The Roots,” which features vocalist Lior Attar, came about and DJ Dave Seaman was one of the first to hear this track. He loved it and put it on his Global Underground Melbourne compilation then was quickly snapped up by Global Underground as a single. The next single "Burma" was another "happy accident" which came together again after-hours one evening. They then sent that track to Sasha who loved it and subsequently remixed it for his Billboard #1 ‘Involver’ album.
May 2, 2006 sees the release of their first long player Because We Can. Its epic six-track experimental intro section is like a modern day prog-rock indulgence into a world of dream like sounds. Then suddenly it kicks in with some fantastic tracks that really rock the floor. It really is like nothing you’ve heard before. This is an album that shows the breadth of what these boys are capable of doing.

"It took about two years to complete” says Phil, “when we get in the studio we like to create everything together...the experience of writing music with someone else can be very special. It certainly feels more like being in a band this way. You live it together and you experience that joy of creating it. We are great friends and we share great memories of our creations, that’s what’s so fun about it, everything that goes with the creating experience becomes a great memory which ties us closer together as friends"

“We experimented a hell of a lot” adds Luke. “We listened to so much other great music from a very diverse range of artists. We tried some 'concept" tracks and obviously we had to make music that would work on the dancefloor as that is where our passion comes from. We think this album works as a dream sequence not as a DJ mix and that is the effect we wanted to create."

“We hope that this album will make people listen to music differently” says Phil.

Because We Can Tracklisting

  1. 6am Sedna
  2. Theme From A Fairytale
  3. Construction Of A Deep Space Station
  4. Naughty
  5. Because We Can
  6. Computer Crash
  7. Little Peaking
  8. Dr King’s Surgery
  9. Shortcut to Granuland
  10. Burma
  11. Villain
  12. Family Tennis
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lotus strength of weak ties

Justin Kleinfeld ~ On May 16, Lotus will release their brand new CD The Strength Of Weak Ties. The new album combines the rock edge of live guitars and percussion with the synthetic bleeps and crushing beats of dance music - and it works to a stunning effect. In a live setting Lotus, plays every note on the spot and nothing is ever prerecorded. The improvisational nature of the live show leads to a spontaneity and excitement that just can’t be achieved by “pushing play.” The act is already an underground sensation having sold out countless gigs across the country thanks largely in part to great word of mouth and will embark on their largest North American tour this spring.

Lotus - AKA Steve Clemens, Jesse Miller, Luke Miller, Chuck Morris and Mike Rempel – formed in 1999 and quickly developed a huge and loyal fan base thanks to non-stop touring in U.S. markets big and small. Fans started following the act across the country and traded tapes like they were baseball cards. This lead to Lotus's 2002 debut album VIBES, recorded live in concert during the fall of 2001. The first pressing of VIBES sold out in February of 2003. Follow-up albums Germination (2003) and Nomad (2004) cemented Lotus’ close knit relationship their fans and provided a tasty appetizer of what was soon to come. The new album, The Strength Of Weak Ties, is an exciting album that unites house and drum 'n' bass with elements of jazz, funk, and worldly music from India, Africa, and Latin America. The album digs deep into musical connections and explores where the familiar meets foreign - glitch-hop programming meets rock 'n roll drums, overdriven guitars meet overdriven synthesizers, primitive drum machines meet funky back beats, and post-rock meets electronica.

“Musically we wanted this album to contrast raw and dirty sounds like guitar feedback, roomy sounding drums, with obviously electronic sounds like drum machines, and analog synths. We worked to give it a loose yet tight feel; have the details of a headphone trip, but still rock out.” – Luke Miller

Live, Lotus' seamless mixes and interlocking rhythms sound like the work of a DJ, but with a human touch. This results in a sophisticated yet accessible form of dance music with the versatility to react instantaneously to the crowd and atmosphere of a room. Lotus' most recent cross-country jaunt during this past Winter 2005 showcased just how well the band has grown by word of mouth and internet communities. They sold out venues such as the Fox Theatre in Boulder on their first true headline in the room, sold out Tribeca Rock Club in NYC, supported the North American leg of the Ozric Tentacles tour, and closed it out with an opening slot for Michael Franti & Spearhead.

To date, Lotus has been featured in Relix magazine, SF Examiner, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Times Leader, Weekender, Fort Collins Weekly, Hittin' the Note magazine,,, The Onion, as well as many more regional magazines, newspapers, websites and specialty radio shows. Be sure to catch Lotus on the road when they visit a city near you!

Lotus Spring 2006 Tour Dates

04.06.06 - Lancaster, PA, The Chameleon Club
04.08.06 - Baltimore, MD 8x10 Club
04.11.06 - State College, PA Crowbar
04.12.06 - Syracuse, NY Mezzanotte
04.13.06 - Burlington, VT Higher Ground
04.14.06 - Boston, MA Harper’s Ferry
04.15.06 - New York, NY Knitting Factory
04.18.06 - Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection
04.19.06 - Milwaukee, WI Miramar Theatre
04.20.06 - Madison, WI High Noon Saloon
04.21.06 - Minneapolis, MN The Cabooze
04.22.06 - Chicago, IL Schuba’s
05.25.06 - Iowa City, IA University of Iowa
04.26.06 - Cincinnati, OH Poison Roo
04.28.06 - Philadelphia, PA Theater of Living Arts
04.29.06 - Falls Church, VA The State Theater
05.01.06 - Richmond, VA Alley Katz
05.02.06 - Charlottesville, VA Starr Hill Music Hall
05.04.06 - Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre
05.05.06 - Charlotte, NC Neighborhood Theatre
05.06.06 - Charleston, SC The Pour House
05.13.06 - Plains, PA River Street Jazz Cafe
05.20.06 - Joshua Tree, CA Joshua Tree Music Festival
05.23.06 - Yokohama, Japan Green Room Festival
06.08.06 - Lawrence, KS - Wakarusa Festival
06.29.06 - Quincy, CA High Sierra Music Festival

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judge jules global warm-up

Justin Kleinfeld ~ photo by todd ~ Judge Jules, one of the most popular DJs on the planet and currently ranked in the top 10 DJ Magazine poll of The World’s Most Popular DJs, will be releasing two CDs on KOCH Records in 2006. The first, a DJ-mix set, entitled The Global Warm-Up features 16 hard-edged tracks chosen and mixed by Jules for release on April 18th. Proven Worldwide is Jules’ much anticipated debut artist album and will be released on May 23rd. Combined, this will be the first domestically released material from Judge Jules since his classic Journeys By DJ mix CD set was released on Moonshine in 1993.

Born in 1965 with the proper name Julius O'Riordan and educated at the London School of Economics where he studied law, Judge Jules took his stage name from his legal background. He began his music career as a DJ on early London pirate radio station KISS-FM before he joined global BBC Radio 1 in 1997, where he now has a regular Saturday night show called “The Weekend Warm-Up.”The The Global Warm-Up mix CD is titled after this radio show that also is simulcast on Sirius Satellite Radio in the states. The CD captures the global hard-edged house and trance sounds that Jules is known for spinning in some of the biggest clubs from the UK to the Far East to South America to the United States. Jules has had a slew of successful releases over the years in the UK and Europe on a number of high profile imprints including Ministry of Sound, Universal UK, Blanco Y Negro and Euphoria.

Jules is responsible for launching many huge dance tunes and acts via his UK radio show, and is a pioneer for commercial contemporary dance music. He is crossing over into the North American territory as a producer issuing his first ever solo artist album ever, Proven Worldwide on May 23rd. His past productions have appeared under the name Hi-Gate where he scored a top 10 hit in the UK in 2000 with the song “Pitchin’ (In Every Direction).” His first single off his solo album “So Special” is already Top 15 on the U.S. Dance Radio and Club Play Charts and looks to be a commercial crossover success for the summer of 2006.

Judge Jules is best known beyond his radio show for his legendary DJ residency on the “white isle” of Ibiza, Spain called Judgement Sundays. The night runs for the entire summer season and as well as being the main resident DJ at this night he also promotes it. Because of the work involved, Jules has a second home in Ibiza as well as owning the restaurant “Kasbah” on the island. Recently, due to his long-term knowledge of the island, CNN featured him in an interview about Ibiza on a travel digest of where to stay, what to do and when to go.

A lifelong and passionate follower of football, or soccer as it is known in the United States, he is a huge fan of Arsenal and was asked to remix the English Premiere League’s offical anthem in 2005. An entire feature on him was presented in August of 2005 for the show “English Premiere League Preview” which airs weekly in the U.S. on Fox Soccer Channel.

Judge Jules first album, The Global Warm-Up Mix CD is a 16 track DJ-Mix featuring the World-Wide dance hit, “So Special.” The full tracklisting for the mix CD set includes
  1. Signalrunner “3000 Miles Away”
  2. Randy Katana “Pleasure Island”
  3. E-Craig “Call It A Day
  4. K90 “Red Snapper”
  5. Marco V “False Light”
  6. Randy Katana “Play It Loud”
  7. Marcel Woods “Advanced”
  8. Fred Baker vs. Greg Nash “Electro Shock”
  9. Blanco Diablo “Absolute Control”
  10. Solid Globe “Blackwood”
  11. Judge Jules “Keep Me Running”
  12. Paul Van Dyk “The Other Side” (Martin Roth Dub)
  13. Dogzilla “Without You”
  14. JamX & De Leon “Keep It That Way” (DJ Gert Remix)
  15. Matt Darey feat. Izzy “Eternity”
  16. Judge Jules & Michael Woods feat. Marcella Woods “So Special”
The full tracklisting for the 12-song original artist album set Proven Worldwide includes…
  1. Alma Fe
  2. Ordinary Day
  3. So Special
  4. Keeps On Slipping
  5. Without Love
  6. Puesta Del Sol
  7. The Night You Kept Me Warm
  8. Diversion
  9. Keep Me Running
  10. Requiem For Rascals
  11. The Serpent
  12. Rumble
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1 800 bankrupt

Justin Kleinfeld ~ On May 2, Nettwerk / 71 Recordings will release 1-800-Bankrupt, the new album from singer / songwriter Marykate O’Neil. This glorious sophomore effort follows up Marykate’s critically acclaimed self-titled solo debut and reveals a gifted talent that’s hard not to fall in love with. 1-800-Bankrupt was co-produced by Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo; Beulah; Joseph Arthur; Sleater Kinney) and Jill Sobule, who also co-wrote and performs on several songs. The record also features guest performances from Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), James Haggerty (Josh Rouse), Mickey Grimm (Butterfly Boucher), Brad Jones, Jim Boggia and Rob Burger (Rufus Wainright).

Prior to life as a NYC-based solo artist, Marykate was the singer/songwriter/guitarist for Boston indie-poppers Piewackit,who inked a deal with IRS Records (R.E.M., The Police, The Go-Go's) and gigged alongside the likes of Elliot Smith, Mary Lou Lord, Lois, and Ida. With the release of her solo debut, critics were comparing Marykate’s talent to some of the most revered artists in the world: An Astrid Gilberto meets Elvis Costello breeding experiment, a female George Harrison, a Carole King in the Brill building tradition; a Copotesque storyteller and a genre unto herself. Completely funded by Marykate, the album took off on quality alone and managed to peak at number 8 on the CMJ top 200 radio airplay chart while also garnering fantastic reviews, including 4-stars in Rolling Stone.

1-800-Bankrupt expands on the sound that first brought Marykate all the great attention. The songwriting is both more intricate and grand in scale and the production and instrumentation is tightly wound. There are a number of tracks that will grab your attention from the first listen: “Stay,” Susan Fingerle,” “Past All The Stars,” “A.d.d” and “I Sleep With My Clothes On” are particularly striking and we can honestly say that this is a rare instance where everything simply “clicks.” This album is pure magic from start to finish and we think it will leave a lasting impression in your mind.

Marykate O’Neil is a versatile live performer who plays as both a solo artist and with her band, The Bohmas. She’ll be celebrating the release of her new CD with a month long residency every Thursday evening at The Living Room in NYC.

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sissy down under

Justin Kleinfeld ~ image courtesy of Global Underground ~ Somewhere in a recording studio in Toronto, Canada, David Trusz and Johanne Williams are waking to the sound of a click track. They are using the heat generated by vintage synthesizers to keep warm, and the warm glow of three computer screens to guide their way. Their skin is pale from a lack of sunlight and their retinas have Pro Tools waveforms permanently burned in. Entrenched in a throwback operation of sorts, Trusz and Williams represent Canada's latest electronic music export, Sissy, and they are on a mission to fight the digital revolution. Sissy's debut album, All Under, is set for release this spring, licensed to GU Music.

Creating music and lyrics based on pure, raw emotion, Sissy exploit the best of new school technology, while leaning heavily on older gear and instruments for their unique character and color. Moogs and Oberheims rumble, tape delay machines echo into oblivion while vocals weave in, out, through, under, and above. Dark, moody foundations serve Williams’ distinctive vocal and clever songwriting, nowhere more evident than the album's first single, "I See You", an eerie, prog/electro driver slowed down 20 bpm. “In The Dark”, one of the album's more floor friendly cuts, features a blacker than black bassline, glorious retro synths, and a serenely twisted vocal. The tracks are versatile – gentle enough for a chic lounge, yet sinister enough for the dirtiest of electro clubs. Impossible to categorize, All Under is the product of a duo inspired by 80's synth bands, early US Hip Hop, UK Trip Hop, and the current crop of breaks and progressive producers.

As a solo artist, David Trusz has released several singles across many of the world's most respected electronic labels, while as a remixer has lent his sound to Groove Armada, Trafik and The Spoons. Johanne Williams has appeared as a vocalist on several commercial releases on labels in the UK and the US, and has spent the last year preparing material for Sissy's debut. With smart and sophisticated electronic music making noise across the globe, the timing of All Under appears to be perfect. Sissy look forward to a year of touring, video production, and the continued accumulation of vintage weapons.
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speaker junkies tekno punk

Shelli Andranigian ~ Orange County, CA - The Speaker Junkies, aka the live Trance/Techno duo of Tekno Tom (Synths, Key-Tar, Sequencing) and Rezn Tokes (Synths, Drum Machines, Vocals, Tweeking), have a number of upcoming performances to help promote the release of their second album Tekno Punk on Southern California indie label AcropolisRPM. The record will have a national audience through MDI Distribution.

They will share the bill with DJ Irene for Cinco de Mayo on the legendary Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Speaker Junkies headline a rave the following Saturday at The Alexandria Hotel on May 13th and are back at the venue for "Unity" on Saturday, June 17th.

Next month, an in-store and performance at DVS Records in San Diego along with a club performance at Rhythm Lounge that night is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th. They will also be performing this summer on "The Groove Cruise" with DJ's Donald Glaude, Scooter and Lavelle. The Royal Caribbean Cruise will depart from Los Angeles on July 21st and is enroute to Mexico, returning on July 24th.

An electronic music artist armed with keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines and no turntables, Speaker Junkies were discovered by AcropolisRPM's founder Daniel Park (aka DJ Daniel) in the late 1990's while performing at a local rave. The marketing campaign and ensuing national buzz after the release of Speaker Junkies debut CD Decibel Therapy in 2003 attracted MDI, who signed them to a national distribution deal for Tekno Punk and the record’s single releases.

Speaker Junkies’ name has graced television screens across America on an Apple iPod commercial as one of the artists on the hip listening device. Their debut single “Drifting” was showcased in an ESPN college football commercial. And their 2004 single “Interlusion / Stand-Up” (include on Tekno Punk) has currently been in rotation with world renown DJ’s such as Lisa Lashes, BK, Jon Bishop, DJ Irene and Tommy Lee.

Thirteen of the 15 tracks on Tekno Punk were entirely written, produced and performed by Speaker Junkies. Icon Underground appears on two cuts, while Molly Mahoney aka Miss Mo (who has sung on Broadway!) is the vocalist on three of the songs. The first two singles, which include a remake of Berlin's hit "The Metro" (with vocals by Miss Mo), and a catchy original track, “Tekno Slut,” will be available commercially on vinyl April 25th through MDI. Both songs are getting airplay on college radio and online radio outlets such as Groove Radio, KUCI 88.9, Trance Addict and Orbital Grooves.

Emphasis tracks/future singles on Tekno Punk include "Attack," which features the rapper from Icon Underground, "Leap of Faith," with vocals by Miss Mo and "Detonator."

Tekno Punk will be in stores nationwide on AcropolisRPM through MDI on April 25th, 2006. The commercial vinyl containing the first two singles ("The Metro" and ”Tekno Slut”) will also be available on that date.

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summer music conference temple

Betty Kang ~ San Francisco, CA - Unfortunately there will be no Loveparade San Francisco this year due to the decision by the Berlin parent organization to focus on the rebirth of their event for 2006.

In it's place the Summer Music Conference was just announced (SMC), the first ever digital music focused event on the West Coast, in San Francisco. This inaugural event will build on the momentum started by Loveparade San Francisco and continue to grow annually. The SMC mission is to bring together professionals in digital music, media, and technology, to generate new opportunities, create synergies and identify trends for the future.

"Our intention is to bring in the most interesting, creative, irresistible presenters and vendors from around the world, giving our target market a chance to learn and share ideas that exists nowhere else,” said Jennifer Manger, founder and CEO, SMC. “San Francisco is the only city in America that is a hub of both digital music and cutting-edge technology, and is the natural setting to host a next-generation event like this.”

The Summer Music Conference will consist of two days of digital music technology exhibits and panel discussions with four days/nights of festivities. The opening networking dinner will be held on Wednesday, September 27th at SupperClub. On Thursday, September 28th & Friday, September 29th SMC will feature two venues offering panel discussions and exhibits on the most cutting edge technology, industry developers, pioneers and trendsetters. The conference will culminate on Saturday, September 30th with the Summer Music Conference Festival event taking place in the heart of San Francisco at Civic Center Plaza, offering 4 stages of music and all genres welcome. The SMC will have the latest updates & information posted on their web site.

SMC is excited to announce Temple as one of the two venues participating in SMC. Temple is the newest 20,000 square foot venue in San Francisco featuring the only Martin sound system on the West Coast, state of the art visuals and world class cuisine - opening in early summer 2006.

In addition to the conference and festival, expect hundreds of events featuring some of the best talent the world has to offer. For those interested in planning an event during SMC 2006, please contact SMC directly and they will be happy to support you though their extensive network of contacts based in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

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cattaneo sky lounge

Nathan McWaters ~ Austin, TX - 04.07.06 - I won’t lie to you: I got to this gig late. Not just a little late, mind, but a lotta late. As in, the doors to Sky, one of my favorite Austin clubs, opened at 2100, but yours truly didn’t walk through those doors with a VIP bracelet on his arm until 2230, well after things had begun cooking inside. There’s a long and dramatic story behind that which I will spare you, but needless to say I was already torqued off and looking to start having some nice hard progressive soothe the inner beast, who despises being late to anywhere. I expected Hernan Cattaneo to provide precisely that: dirty, hard, dark prog.

As you can plainly see, the initial billing for this event was much different than what actually happened. To make a long story short, Sean Carnahan had to bow out for reasons unknown, and Matthias replaced him. DJ DZ, Sky’s resident, politely stepped aside for the other surprise of the evening. More to follow about that.

The first thing I noticed was that Dave Molina and Matthias were behind the decks at the same time, something I certainly did not expect from the report of the timeslots for the openers prior to Hernan. Dave and Matthias were dropping sick track after sick track of some proggy-minimal-ish tunes to nigh-perfection, and I’d already missed half of their set. Unfortunately for them, the Legion of the Dead were in force at Sky, because those hosers were too interested in watching King Kong instead. I admit I was a little upset by what seemed to me to be a waste of good tracks on a group of deadbeats, but as time went on people began gravitating towards the floor and basking in what Matthias and Dave were radiating. So for the last, say, fifteen or twenty minutes, there was life in Sky as the two tag-teamed people away from the plasma TVs and the bars and onto the floor.

At 2300, some guy in a green hat and white T-shirt strolled up onto the DJ booth with Dave and Matthias, and my confusion began to grow. It was way too early for Hernan Cattaneo, and this cat was obviously not Argentinian or possessing of Hernan’s hair. I had zero clue as to whom this person was, but Matthias turned the decks over to him without blinking and it came to my attention that the DJ roster had changed significantly from what we were told it would be.

So this guy puts the headphones on, and then the sickness just gets insane. After about ten minutes, I ask Dave who this guy is, because he’s crazy good. Definitely not a run-of-the-mill walk-in. Dave patiently explains to me that he’s Randall Jones.

Randall Jones, as in Tigerhook’s Randall Jones. The same Randall Jones who had a track appear on Renaissance: The Masters Vol.2. For a surprise, he was definitely worth it. I don’t really know what to call what he was dropping on us; it was almost an electro-progressive house blend with a good helping of breaks thrown in. Point is that his set was twick and sisted and someone should have recorded it. Randall smashed the entire club into a semi-psychotic frenzy, and while he was playing Hernan showed up. Now, I told myself I wasn’t going to compare this gig to Ferry Corsten’s from back in March (same venue), but I’m going to have to, if only to bring to light the vast differences between the two, and it begins with public relations. Hernan tiptoed through the crowd with one guy as his entourage, unlike Ferry who rolled with three or four guys clearing the way for him. Hernan slipped up, chatted with Randall for a brief moment or two, smiled as Randall warped and twisted the tunes as he saw fit, and was clearly getting off on it, and then Hernan did something I didn’t think I’d ever see a major DJ do:

He went into the crowd and mingled. Half an hour before he’s supposed to do his thing and he was out on the floor signing stuff, shaking hands, and taking pictures with people. Ferry had waited until after his set to do that, and he never mingled. It was neat from a “peon worshipping at the image of the master” perspective.
Randall wasn’t stopping, and even when Hernan cames back to the booth at 0100, he was in no hurry to assume control. After a little puttering and chatting, Randall turned over the tables to the strident howls of a very appreciative audience and Hernan proceeded to take the club to an entirely different place: the Dark Side.

Hernan proved full well why Renaissance called his series “The Masters”. That man can thrash a club. Very different energy than Ferry Corsten; where Ferry was almost brutal, Hernan was subtle, and where Ferry was chill, Hernan dropped bombs. Those who were there were putty for his grooves for the next two hours.  Hernan crushed the club until about 0300, and then did an encore with the house lights on and blazing; people who shouldn’t have been half-naked were waving their shirts in his face and chanting the soccer “Ole’ Ole’” thing, and it looked to me like he was just eating it up. I don’t think he broke a sweat the whole time, either.

Word on the street is that Hernan called Sky’s owner the following afternoon and said that the Austin gig was the best one he had done yet on his current tour. He may just say that about all the venues he plays, I don’t know, but he made us all believe it anyway. Look for Hernan Cattaneo – Renaissance presents Sequential 2 x CD and Download, due for release on 09May2006, and you may just catch a piece of what he served Sky.

midwest annual goa experience 3

Ian Harris ~ Forty-five miles south of Iowa City was expected to be the place to be during the last weekend of April. An estimated 300 people traveled everywhere from Arizona to New York to make it to the Midwest Annual Goa Experience.

The venue was beautiful. It was just outside the small, rural town of Peru, Iowa. There were ten acres of camping space circling a steep hill, where the two stages (psytrance and electronic dance) were set. The opening ceremony got the music pumping a little after 8:30 P.M. on Friday night. At almost the exact same time, the rain began to fall and it wouldn't quit until the wee hours of Monday morning.

After several hours of nonstop precipitation, the trails leading to the stages became mudslides. There really was no safe route to reach the music at that point, but people continued to climb. Unlike the weather, the music was to die for. The repetitive bass lines persuaded everyone to take their shoes off and dance in the woods and become one with nature.

The psytrance stage attracted somewhere around 80% of the crowd. There was a large fire between the two stages to accommodate the dropping temperatures. The decorations added to the overall effect of the goa experience. However, these were not circumstances anyone wanted to be caught camping in. The rain took over half of the tents as victims and a lot of people went home early just because the forecast said the weather was only going to get worse. Several people danced and screamed the night away, and in the morning, there was no sunrise to do yoga to, only more clouds and more rain.

Personally, I was very inspired by the crowd that never left the top of the hill. The fire dancers did their thing even in the pouring rain. Some people truly mastered the art of release as they left their tents and belongings behind to be flooded with water and invaded by ticks.

The second day the overall effect of the experience seemed to be lessened as more and more people packed up their things and headed for home. However, Saturday night was an admirable one. Even though the rain nearly prohibited the fire from burning, several hippies sat in a circle around the fire and sang songs. Many people, soaking wet and freezing cold, refused to stop dancing. It was, from an observer's point of view, something that can't be found in a typical sample of any population.

When Sunday morning came, the music started to die down along with the crowd and the mud was so thick there were literally dozens of shoes left in the mud with no one coming back for them.

Overall, I think that nothing went as it was planned to. There were supposed to be rituals being performed, but the rain refused to halt. Going along with that, I think the appeal to emotion was much unexpected as well. For those who stayed, it was worth the grueling conditions.

barcelona proton sessions

Nathan McWaters ~ Austin, TX - 04.22.06 - This is one of those gigs a person just tends to blunder into. I wasn’t initially supposed to be in Austin (or even in Texas, for that matter) for this Texas-born and bred installment of Proton Sessions – The Sound, mixed and recorded live at a less-than-famous and reasonably-new venue in downtown Austin called Barcelona, but circumstances bearing to the call of duty halted my weekend adventure to Wichita, KS dead in its tracks, so on literally less than twelve hours’ planning, I decided to treat myself and support one of my longtime favorite Texas DJs. It gets pretty hard to not develop complimentary attachments to local talent when you’ve streamed them over a DSL NiprNet connection in Fallujah, and in 2004, Lance Cashion’s The Sound was a staple of sanity for me. I owed, I had to be there.

Barcelona is a new club for me except for the reputations of those who have spun there in the past (Kaskade, James Zabiela, and DJ Rap have been through there), and aside from a glance at Google Maps, I didn’t really have the time or patience to print a map or even write down the address. Logic in Austin is that if its address has “6th St.” in it, it should be easy to find. Barcelona defied that logic for almost an hour and a half, its freshness in the region plainly evident by the lack of listing in the phone book’s business pages or on 411 Information. If any Austin club should ever be nominated for being “Most Underground”, my vote would have to go to Barcelona; God couldn’t find that place unless He knew precisely where to look, or at least had the right side of 6th St. and the building number. This lost lamb thanks Dave McGlothlin for answering his phone at 2200 and hooking a brother up with some quick ten-digit grid coordinates from 551 miles away.

Barcelona resident Toddy B was the opener, and from what I was hearing as I walked in, things weren’t going so hot. It’s not that what he was playing was bad, just that no one except folks who were obviously regulars to his style was feeling it. He had apparently begun with an electro-tech set that just wasn’t getting people out of their seats or away from the bar, and I began to wonder if he was just holding back as a means of hyping up Lance. That changed about ten minutes later, when Toddy started pulling out vinyl to back up the CDJs and his entire set changed into a progressive tech/house-filled bonanza. Almost like magic, the floor was filled with people who were seriously digging his sound, and in spite of his assurance to me later in the evening that he spent most of the first half of his set fighting with the sound system and sounding like shit, I still think he was just holding back until the pre-Lance Cashion crowd rode in. Austin seems to like prog house, though, so go figure.

Toddy kept things bouncing until 2330, when Lance was due in for a promised round of 2345 shots at bar #1 before his midnight start time, but Lance didn’t appear at 2330, or 2345, or even at 2400. Undeterred, Toddy continued spinning on the fly, switching between vinyl and CDJs without flaw and dropping some pretty nasty remixes on the crowd in the process, made one or two complimentary apologies for Lance’s tardiness (rumor has it he was ticketed for speeding while coming down from Ft. Worth, hence the delay), and when Lance finally arrived at 0010, he was immediately forgiven. Toddy didn’t officially turn over the tables until 0030 or so, giving Lance time to settle in and get his setup ready.

With his own home-crafted selection of tunes and a pair of Pioneer CDJ800s, Proton Sessions - The Sound came into being before an already-hyped up audience that had, in the intervening hour and a half, swelled to fill Barcelona to its 150-person capacity. More would flood in as the night progressed. Lance Cashion is known for being one of those DJs whose sets are very hard to pigeonhole into genres. This was notoriously accurate. He did some prog trance, some prog house, some tech house, some almost ambient trance, and wrapped it all together into almost two hours of artistry. The first half was far more chill than how Toddy had left it, and no one seemed to mind, but at about the 38-minute mark Lance started dropping some seriously unique tracks, with a good dose of European blend that the whole club devoured with relish. The groove was so fierce that Lance made it look easy, casually smoking Parliament Lights seemingly without noticing one fight almost break out just to the left of the DJ booth, not to mention the impromptu stripshow happening over by bar #2, hosted by a bunch of guys in bathrobes and sandals. Leave it to Austin to have a crowd that could have easily come from a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, or have just gotten out of class at UT and gone out for a night on 6th Street and found a free cover club. It didn’t matter; Lance made them all eat out of his hand. I need to carry around a dwarf who’s a savant for track IDs, just because I would love to know the names of some of the Proton exclusive mixes he was unloading on Barcelona. I suspect a tracklisting will appear at some point, and I will rejoice.

After a relentless second half of beats that were sicker than leprosy, the lights came on, and Lance dropped the most requested track of the night: The Church - “Under the Milky Way (Lance Cashion Remix)” as his encore. 200 people in a basement were all on their feet, and you would have had to have been a corpse to not have felt it.

Barcelona had to close up shop by that point, though I sensed the crowd wasn’t ready to let things go just then, but that’s the way it goes. All things must come to an end, even a session of The Sound, and this was no exception, but darn if I didn’t have enough of a buzz to make the drive back up to Fort Hood and stay up into the wee hours of dawn. I was stone sober for this one, too, so take that to the bank.

electro techno disco popsicle 2006

Mike Zelazek ~ San Francisco, CA - 04.01.06 - A warm wind welled off the Pacific carrying with it butterfly children from around the Golden State to the center of the hilly city for a colossal affair known, in short, as Popsicle. This year’s frozen confection was served en masse by Skills, a DJ workshop and local fixture as an authority on all things electronica. Bill Graham Civic Auditorium played host to the three-ring circus whose headliners drew a sold-out crowd of nearly ten-thousand.

The senior-citizen ticket takers did not appear to have their interests piqued by the Kandi Kids wearing hand-crafted Gizmo (the Mogwai) and Sponge Bob backpacks, technophiles totting guillotined mannequin heads, and human cartoons sporting Goofy Gloves. Possibly it was the hurriedness of the front-door scene and unearthly draw of the oculus of light above the main stage with its figurative arms of sound outstretched to embrace the throngs who witnessed it. Jumbo-trons and fifty-foot tall speaker towers flanked the performers and their go-go dancing brigade. On the floor, cold-cathode emblazoned Michelin Men danced alongside Stanford’s finest frosh as Perry O’Neil warmed up the crowd on heavy and playful house remixed and spun almost like NRG.

Rank 1 and Signum’s unspoken decision to spread their own wings and pantomime “flying” every few minutes during the airy parts of their trance sets became a bit cliché beyond three take-offs. However, when their hands did land on the disks before them, the crowd responded accordingly by putting their feet down—hard. And the two set an intimidating pace for the post-midnight action throughout the venue that Blank & Jones did not drop.

The upper levels of the arena provide a resting place or opportunity voyeur if not ready to join the happy horde, and about fifteen-hundred people found comparative release in the side stage auditoria. In the jungle room, Colonel MC’s sweaty, carrot-coloured dreads were plastered to his head after hours on stage, never slowing the spitting of rhymes that flowed almost effortlessly from his lips to the ears of the b-boys and poi-ists in back. Ed Rush preceded Optical in a blistering two hours of syncopation from whence the likes of which many first-time ravers said they had never seen nor imagined they would hear.

The West Wing’s house room’s lasers diced through the patron-generated smoke as Kaskade and Richard (now “Humpty”-less) Vission DJ-ed to please San Fran’s clubbier musical tastes near peak time. Towards Doc Martin’s set, the room unfortunately began to reek as if Old Man Graham himself had been entombed there without an airtight seal. Thus began the evening’s closure, and by the early hours of the morning, human wreckage littered not only that room, but all the peachy-plaster corridors. Those departing exchanged genuine pleasantries with the SFPD, redressed to cover their PLUR tattoos, and headed home having partaken in a successful first massive of the season.

For more information on Skill DJ Workshop, go to For upcoming SF events, go

may 2006 editor note

This month's cover comes from out in San Francisco. Mike Zelezak got this one while at Electro Techno Disco Popsicle. That event was just huge. And they are planning more like it. I definitely want to try and make it out there soon, especially after reading the bit this month on Summer Music Conference.

The shot for this column was one that Joe of everyone that stayed for the final beat at the last night of the Wednesday Perk at The Cup & Saucer in Kansas City, MO. After a decision by the owners to close their doors, a four-year tradition ended suddenly and unexpectedly. In this little room in Kansas City's River Market District, DJ cQuence with the help of others along the way, hosted guest Turntablists, both local and from around the country. Consequently, this cozy, unassuming little coffee shop quickly became a staple of the Electronic Music Culture in Kansas City and to me, will always be one of the best nights ever.

Everyone contributed some great glimpses of what's going on this month. We brought a new writer on board, Nathan McWaters with insight into a couple of events he had the opportunity to catch in Austin. Joe spent some time out of town this past month, first shooting with Brian in Springfield at Terminal Groove and then running up to Minneapolis with Andrew for some shots at Dreamscape. Brian also sent us some pix from a few shows in St Louis, such as Julius Papp, and is planning to cover more events in the coming months.

For me, I dropped in a couple of places I hadn't been to in awhile this month, like The Grand Emporium and Empire Room. In fact, the one time I should have had my camera with me, I didn't. One Friday at The Empire Room, I was stunned and caught without camera, as I witnessed guest DJ Shadowrunner holding the dance floor in the palm of his hand. Stirring up some wicked Trance, the packed house was eating it up when I walked in. We're not talking about cheesball anthems, though there was one or two that got kinda close. It was just good solid Trance.

The month ended solid too in Kansas City. Psidream, who was featured in last month's issue made an appearance at Fourmation to a good crowd at The Hangout. The very next night Green Velvet played to a full house, and DJ P again the next week at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub. At Balanca's the very same night the , AmJanda (of Jack & Jill), Nick Steady & Mage were causing a stir among the locals with a great little crowd of their own!

Spring has only just sprung and the events are popping up almost as quick as the dandelions. We've already got a full month scheduled for our little Tuesday weekly at Balanca's and are in planning process on a couple of other things. In the meantime, some of the upcoming events that are being planned here in Kansas City, the MidWest, as well as across the country are gonna blow you away. Next month's issue might even be a couple days late because of one such event, in a land not-so-far-away.

see ya on the dance floor!

may 2006 issue