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Shelli Andranigian ~ Orange County, CA - The Speaker Junkies, aka the live Trance/Techno duo of Tekno Tom (Synths, Key-Tar, Sequencing) and Rezn Tokes (Synths, Drum Machines, Vocals, Tweeking), have a number of upcoming performances to help promote the release of their second album Tekno Punk on Southern California indie label AcropolisRPM. The record will have a national audience through MDI Distribution.

They will share the bill with DJ Irene for Cinco de Mayo on the legendary Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Speaker Junkies headline a rave the following Saturday at The Alexandria Hotel on May 13th and are back at the venue for "Unity" on Saturday, June 17th.

Next month, an in-store and performance at DVS Records in San Diego along with a club performance at Rhythm Lounge that night is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th. They will also be performing this summer on "The Groove Cruise" with DJ's Donald Glaude, Scooter and Lavelle. The Royal Caribbean Cruise will depart from Los Angeles on July 21st and is enroute to Mexico, returning on July 24th.

An electronic music artist armed with keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines and no turntables, Speaker Junkies were discovered by AcropolisRPM's founder Daniel Park (aka DJ Daniel) in the late 1990's while performing at a local rave. The marketing campaign and ensuing national buzz after the release of Speaker Junkies debut CD Decibel Therapy in 2003 attracted MDI, who signed them to a national distribution deal for Tekno Punk and the record’s single releases.

Speaker Junkies’ name has graced television screens across America on an Apple iPod commercial as one of the artists on the hip listening device. Their debut single “Drifting” was showcased in an ESPN college football commercial. And their 2004 single “Interlusion / Stand-Up” (include on Tekno Punk) has currently been in rotation with world renown DJ’s such as Lisa Lashes, BK, Jon Bishop, DJ Irene and Tommy Lee.

Thirteen of the 15 tracks on Tekno Punk were entirely written, produced and performed by Speaker Junkies. Icon Underground appears on two cuts, while Molly Mahoney aka Miss Mo (who has sung on Broadway!) is the vocalist on three of the songs. The first two singles, which include a remake of Berlin's hit "The Metro" (with vocals by Miss Mo), and a catchy original track, “Tekno Slut,” will be available commercially on vinyl April 25th through MDI. Both songs are getting airplay on college radio and online radio outlets such as Groove Radio, KUCI 88.9, Trance Addict and Orbital Grooves.

Emphasis tracks/future singles on Tekno Punk include "Attack," which features the rapper from Icon Underground, "Leap of Faith," with vocals by Miss Mo and "Detonator."

Tekno Punk will be in stores nationwide on AcropolisRPM through MDI on April 25th, 2006. The commercial vinyl containing the first two singles ("The Metro" and ”Tekno Slut”) will also be available on that date.

For more informatio just check out www.speakerjunkies.com!


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