shadowrunner may 2006 trance reviews

Summer is right around the corner and its time for my harder picks for the season. Festival and parties are gonna need some of the hottest new tracks to power prime time. Give these a spin and know that you will be responsible for many undulating bodies on the dance floor.Brownsville Station - Interflow - KYR Records

Dark psychotic pulsations drive home an eerie groove that lifts into an atmospheric breakdown and then builds right back into a mad driving tech terror. Put this one in your pipe and smoke it.

F-16 (Original Mix) - Simon Patterson - 2 Play Records

Your mission plan includes delivering records of mass destruction to targeted dancefloors everywhere. With this vinyl payload you will be destroying the kiddies with eardrum piercing acid synthlines and bunker busting beats. Drop this smart bomb and head back to bass.

Stargazing (Sebastian Brandts Funky Business Mix) - Selu Vibra - Somatic Sense Recordings

Do you ever feel like beating up something small cute and furry? If you do then Somatic Sense has your muppet beating jam right here!!! Drop this and BEAT THE STUFFINGS OUT OF THEM!!!!

Because We Can - Lostep - Global Underground

The use of electro is highly effective in identifying and confusing the clueless clubbers. The uninitiated will stand still stupified while the cool kids eat this stuff up. In thier stunned state they will turn and leave the dance floor. Thus, clearing a little more room for the cool kids to dance. Effective, Simple, Trust Electro!!!!!

Poison - Love Machine - Coldharbour Recordings

Hypnotic thumping delayed synths thrust out of very big speakers. Close your eyes and take the daydream express to La La Land. Echoed pads float over big beats and you find an etherial getaway on the dance floor. Its ok No One is watching, Dance your ass off!!!


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