Tuesday, January 31, 2006

event photos jan.06

Flyers for events photographed in January 2006 appear below.

A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that.

The Record Bar
Kansas City, MO
photos by chris

cQuence, Cold Front, and residents Milo and J.Fortune
The Hangout
Kansas City, MO
photos by jen

Bill Pile & Paul DeMatteo
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

Shadowrunner with residents DJoe & Fool
Kansas City, MO

Aldrin and Arrythmia, with resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

David Scuba with residents Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo, Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

DJ Two Heavy
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & joe

EdenFlux with resident Jon NuSkool
The News Room
Kansas City, MO

Catacomb with residents Milo and J.Fortune
The Hangout
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & jen

Bucho, Jon NuSkool, MCD, Amjanda, Mr_Nuro
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO

DJ Two Heavy
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO

Steve Smooth with residents Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo, and Ataixc
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

DJoe & Fool
Kansas City, MO

DJ Heather, Pat Nice, and Uriah West
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

Jon Jon & Shawna, Chris D, and residents Jack & Jill
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO

Brak vs AC Slater, John Bas vs Galvatron, JT vs Gogo13, Dali vs Soren, Senseone vs OneSelf, HowHard vs White Rabbit, RXM vs Big Ears, 303 Anarchy vs Joel Tweeks vs Integrity vs The Germ, DZA vs DJ Truth, Nocturnal w/ MC Carlnation vs Psylensa w/ MC ACV Jinx, Shaded Intellekt w/ MC Nemesis vs Mizeyesis, FatJo vs Fliss, Ohm vs Anthony Vinylhead
Remote Lounge
New York City, NY
photos by senseone

Dave Audé, with residents Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo, and Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Gabriel & Dresden, Ready, Karizma
Club Europe
St Louis, MO
photos by brian

Jon NuSkool, True, and others
An Apartment
Kansas City, MO
photos by joe

DJoe, Fool, and phocas lounge
Kansas City, MO

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

shadowrunner january 2006 trance

True blessings have been presented to us yet once again. Open your eyes to the wonders that befall us these days. The real honor of friends, family, and loved ones are the special bonds we all share. They are greatest gifts we have and need to cherish everyday. The holidays might be recently past but I invite you to revel on and to share that positive energy with others as we continue to celebrate into the late hours of the nights. It is with the greatest of sincerity that I wish well to all and that all may find peace and serenity this season.
It has been my wish to bring to you each month some of the culture that I have been immersed in for years. I am going to keep up some of the relevant sites each month and will touch on some of the current happenings with the people and events in the trance and progressive communities.


Founded and based mostly in the United States, ETN is a primarily a trance and progressive streaming site with lots of extra content. Time slots are allotted to many well-known and respected trance & progressive DJs and producers such as: Airwave, Mark Norman, Yves Deruyter, and Gabriel & Dresden. If you have no clue as to whom these producers are, its ok. There are many links next to their bios that you can check out for yourselves. With so many extras like articles, full DJ and live pa sets in downloadable formats (mp3 & wav.), chat rooms, and forums, ETN is an integral part of the trance culture. Please check it out and have fun streaming.


This is one of the better Trance E-zines out there. It is complete with articles, links, pics, bios, and pretty much everything but music to download. I think that, next to the great news and articles, its very updated links to producers and DJ's is one of the best reasons to visit this site. You will be able to surf the web to so many places in the Trance realm. And what better place to start than with one of my all time faves, Mr. Digweed.


If you haven't heard of this man, it is good to see you finally came out of your coma. Welcome to the year 2006. There is so much this man has done for the electronic music culture I wouldn't dare to do a short synopsis of his career. Just visit his site and listen to his archived Kiss FM radio shows, or watch his videos. This man is legend all over the world, and with good reason.

Drew Nichols - Mare Di Voci - Toes In The Sand

Early in a set I like to chill out with some of the more beautiful progressive stuff. There is an original mix but let me suggest the breaks mix. This Breaks Remix has sensual feeling that uplifts and tickles the spirit within.
John Dahlback - Nothing Is For Real (Mark Knight Remix) - Toolroom Records & TraxxI'll tell the truth, this is from a house label but DIZZAMN!!!! This mutha is DUURRTY!!! If you like your progressive on the dark and nasty side, this remix is set to cause you a real hurting. Sultry bass lines growling while a sexy vocal vibrates through an psuedo-electro melody. Calling all freaks to the dance floor for this one.

DJ Fire - Medieval - Progrez

If you are a high-tech Super Villain looking for some really cool theme music, this is your joint. Dark and bubbling baselines with echoed guitar playing a haunting melody over panned out hissing sweeps. I'll spin this one while you destroy the forces of the good and righteous.

Mojado - El Matador - Magik Muzik

Sometimes you just have to drive home your point hard. This Tech Tribal masterpiece gives the shuffle beat a run for its money. With Tribal percussions pounding away filling the measures with conga madness, it's hard not to catch the fever for some Latin flavored spiciness. Just shake it hard, and what’s left over is what god gave ya!!!!

Bedrock - Santiago (Parallel Sound Edit)- Bedrock Records

Mr. Digweeds label keeps pumpin them out, and we keep buying them. Romantic synthlines whisk you away to a divine daydream. All you have to do is close your eyes and let the DJ take control. This one and the Bedrock's St. James Mix really capture an alluring vibe and ride it out.

solaris january 2006 techno

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Working Vinyl - Greg Nothill - WV021

Only something this hard can come from this label. It has everything from the pounding sledgehammer crushing your skull, to the nail biting sounds that keep you convulsing long after your soul has left for higher ground.

Inflicted - Robert Natus - INFLICTED005

Leave it to Robert to keep things real. This wax does just that. Hard as nails and leaving no survivors. I feel as though abducted by aliens. To bad Santa did not leave this one in my stocking.

Temper - Michael Burkat - TEMPER012

This thing is nuts! I mean like the nut you can play with outside! Chalked full of nice minimal grooves that would lull any mere mortal. It is a bit drummy but far less than I am accustomed to. Keep you ear peeled. This track has real potential!

Schranz – Unknown - SCHRANZ043

A great tech house feel to this one! I always love that Schranz shite. It makes me feel like I almost have a soul. We all almost do, don’t we? Unless you have a lien upon it or what not, but that is not any reason to buy this. It won’t get you out of that debt, but might keep you from forgetting you are alive.

Cardiac Arrest – Various - CARDIAC003

If any of you are like me then after this holiday season you are biting at the bit to get out and dance, or just biting at the bit in anticipation of spring and the warmer clime. Either way this wax helps get those gears going and motors revving for that time. But be careful you don’t want to be found wanting…do you?

brent crampton january 2006 house

Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment.

John Larner - The Funky Hand - Guesthouse
A straight funkin' house party, Larner shows that his skills can shine just as brightly away from the collaboration with Slater Hogan. This Indianapolis-native has always blended house to form an acid, funk, jazz and hip hop soiree, but in this release, it's all about the funk. Celebratory piano lines, swinging disco melodies and singing horns is among what you'll find on this three-tracker. But it's the Chuck Daniels remix, with glitchy cords and dance floor intensity, takes the focal point.

Lawnchair Generals - The Great Escape - Viva

Even though this three-tracker came out in 2001, there's evidently been a re-release, or a dusted box from the Viva basement recovered. Back on the market, make sure to pick up this plate if you passed it around the first time. Peter Christianson and Carlos Mendoza from Seattle have lit up many dance floors since their first release, and somehow, the main track, "Word Part II" still shuffles with the same interest as when I first heard it. The "Sweet Nothing" track and subsequent dub travel through deep landscapes to create a melodic and hypnotizing groove. All around, a solid package.

Manoo - The Roots - Real Tone

African rhythms and chants, listening to this rootsy EP for too long of a time might make you go into a shamanic trance. Having collaborated with Francois A., Manoo's deep, abstract and triablistic sound will be carried on to the more discerning dance floor.

Ron Trent - Italian Foods Dub Life 2 - Atal

Finally, a seven-inch release! I don't know about you, but I don't come across to many new releases of this size. Ron Trent brings it to dub, and I'm talking, real dub. A space-case showcase of echoing melodies and presumably a rasta speaking of "de earth," this two-tracker is reminiscent of misted mornings and new beginnings.

Tokyo Black Star - Beyond The Future - Sonar Kollektiv

Always been a bloggering fan of Rich Medina, who is highlighted in this two-tracker. With his suave spoken word, deep, socially challenging and honestly introspective look, the melodies are subsequently on the deep tip as well. With the BPM slowed down to more of a 118 range, the melodies take on an 80's garage flair. Mature and reminiscent of disco, you'll find this track being played during the early nights of Sonotheque in Chicago, or perhaps on a chill-out CD.

Various - Midnight Hustle - Detour

We got Bryan Jones, Scud Bloom and Pat Nice sharing a three-tracker with us. Paying homage to our locality, I must say Pat's track, which takes up all of side A, is what made me pick up this track. This track, "Didn't You Know," has all his usual sampled vocal and slapping rhythms and bass action, but (considering it's on Detour) Pat very nicely takes it a bit deep. Haven't heard that from him for quite some time.

Joey Youngman - Joey's Waffle House EP - Fetish

Maple syrup, flour, butter - these are all things that are delicious. But what's more tasty is Joey's new three tracker on his label, Fetish. The main track, "Bless My Soul" is thick, chunky and a bit dark. Eery, bouncing clips, big bass with a jazzy piano make this one for the big floors. And while on the flipside, "Friends 'Til The End" is alright and everything, it's the track, "Submission" that keeps me on my knees, continually falling under Youngman's command to buy his releases. With a shuffling beat, the kick drums double up in some spots to provide the rhythm, a sax line comes up in spurts, and a woman repeats, "let the music take control."

The Sound Republic - When I Get Paid - DAE

Straight from Chicago from John Mork and Frankie J., the original cut's a bit dry with a thick funk bass line, quirky bleeps and a trouble adolescent brotha' movie clip sample talking about getting some new sneeks. The Wes remix brings a swing edge to it with ragtime piano samples and a hip swaying bass line. Chris Grant's disco edit has a star-studded, floating 1970's melody, with charmed chimes and soaring horns. Add in some scatting in the breakdown, and this remix is a solid package. But, John Larner steal's the show with his serious get down blip and click remix.

Peej - Becoming Cosmic - DIY

Doing it himself, Peej comes out with what may be another classic from this tried and true UK producer. Four soaring tracks that will take you to outer space. Four cinematic dance floor crushers that definitely have that cosmic air to them. Reminiscent of a black female vocal I've heard some place else, the theme is made explicit with the sample, "I am the universe, the sun is my mother and the moon is my father."

synnister on decks

Starting back in early '98, he started out as DJ Mojo, but soon changed it to Synnister after coming across music equipment with the mojo name. Cutting his teeth on Funky Breaks, Progressive Breaks, House, and Speed Garage (back when the term first came out), DJ Synnister has making people dance since day one.

Having moved to Kansas City in 2000, DJ Synnister has tried hard to play a key role in the development of the scene. After getting the chance to do so by joining Syde-sho.com back in 2001, DJ Synnister has helped in promoting several of the greater Kansas City area's top and even beginning dj's around
the country.

DJ Synnister has had several weekly events, and has played with several head-lining DJ's such as: Keoki, Christopher Lawrence, Doc Martin, Nigel Richards, DJ Micro, George Acosta, DJ Craze, Danny The Wildchild, Thomas Sahs, Jonene & GryphonMuppetFucker, DJ Spree, DJ P, The Jungle Brothers, Dieselboy, Green Velvet, DJ Icey, DJ Rap, Alex Peace, Dirty Ol' Frank, Woody McBride, Pleasurehead, Trevor Lamont, DMX, Slater Hogan, Bryan Cox, Kid Icarus, Rick West.

"The Harder They Come..." is the latest installment of this talented DJ. Using several Chicago House tracks and combining them with Tech-House, and Techno. To listen to this mix is to agree to throwing your body into a groove that will knock your socks off, and come out the other end like a wadded up piece of newspaper.

The Harder They Come... Tracklisting:
  1. Power 2005 - Snap
  2. Marcilinho Cic (Budai & Vic Rmx)- Bombsick Criminals
  3. Tribute - Jackal
  4. Balance - DJ Mary
  5. From Below - Paul Mac
  6. Hometown (Hertz Rmx) - Darren Kay
  7. Rough Cabaret (Vienna Version) - Alenia
  8. Pumping (Work Out Mix) - Flash
  9. This Is House Music (Instrumental) - CZR & Alex peace
  10. U Vibes - Umberto Carmignani
  11. Dirty Tones - DJ Preach & Olivier Giacomotto
  12. Audio Tribe (House Mix) - Raoul Zerna
  13. Black Sunday - Ortin Cam
  14. Douglas Track - Kobaya
  15. Odat - Joff Roach
  16. What A Feeling (Feat. Sebastian Lemah) - DJ Preach & Marco G
  17. 1500 TC Scan - WJ Henze
For more information, visit his web site at DJSynnister.com



(Justin Kleinfeld) Thanks to his hectic DJ schedule, original music productions and remixes, Exacta is one of the fastest growing talents on the New York City house music scene and a name to watch out for in 2006.

Recognizing his talents behind the decks, Erick Morillo invited Exacta to be a resident DJ at Pacha NY and booked him for a slot on the club’s much anticipated Grand Opening night. In addition to his multiple residencies, he has also been confirmed to DJ at Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve party at NYC’s Cipriani. Exacta pumps his signature fusion of funky House music at residencies at Crobar NY, Pink Elephant, and Gypsy Tea After Hours in New York City.

Exacta is one of the few artists in the industry who not only writes his own lyrics but also produces his own original tracks. As a result, no two Exacta records ever sound alike. Each track captures a raw New York City vibe from the man who has controlled the decks at almost every New York City hotspot and mega clubs around the world. Already stirring a big buzz on the UK's Essential Mix and with Roger Sanchez, Deep Dish and Saeed Younan, is the debut release on his own Compulsive Music – Exacta’s reworking of House classic "Pride (A Deeper Love)”. Exacta has also become a mainstay on Erick Morillo’s Subliminal Records where he has released the hits “The Beat Is Inside You” featuring Sandy B and “Flippin.” January 16, 2006 will see the release of his latest Subliminal bomb, “Shake My Soul.” On the remix front, Exacta has recently been commissioned by Peter Rauhofer’s Star 69 Records to remix Suzanne Palmer’s “Keep The Faith” and Cevin Fisher’s “Love You Some More;” and Nervous Records to remix Kim English’s “My Destiny”.

With Exacta’s time already filled up with top DJ gigs and his production work, you would think he barely has free time for anything else. However, Exacta is also working around the clock on the development of his Compulsive Music label. Set to launch in January 2006, Compulsive Music is a digital e-label that delivers fresh, cutting-edge House music and the lifestyle that it encompasses. Compulsive Music is a technologically advanced platform showcasing rising and established names in House music from every corner of the globe.
For the more information on Exacta check out DJExacta.comCompulsiveMusic.com or RephlektorInk.com.

free cock rock

(Justin Kleinfeld) Cock Rock Disco records is proud to present to you a free MP3 compilation by the artists at Cock Rock Disco! But we know you are asking yourself, "why should I download this?" Because it contains almost 60 minutes of the best new music, some text about each of the artists and 2 printable covers for your home collection, uh, and it's FREE! Wait, did we say new music? No, we meant absolutely fantastic new music ranging from Gameboy deathmetal, to alt-noise-Hip-Hop, to breakcore, to italio disco, to thrash-composition. Trust us, there's something for everyone here.

Click Here to Download ZIP File - Total run time: 57:02
  1. Food For Animals - Elephants 01:45
  2. About - Think Niles Drink 03:32
  3. Duran Duran Duran - Ralez 04:27
  4. Dev/Null - Scary 03:57
  5. Next Life - Red Stone 02:02
  6. Stunt Rock - I've Really Lost It Because This S**t Is Starting To Sound Like Washed-Up, Half-Assed Fatboy Slim Ripoff With A Twelve Year Old's Sense Of Humor. 01:50
  7. Slepcy - With Charles Bukowski On The Ride 05:23
  8. Audiogarde - Mardi Gras 04:27
  9. Don Augusto - The House Denominator Factor 02:53
  10. Drumcorps - Saddest 01:17
  11. Vorpal - Gymnopedie_v1.01 03:17
  12. Terminal 11 - Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern 03:41
  13. Doormouse - Dizzay 03:14
  14. Pisstank – Punching…Til It Bleeds 04:49
  15. The Assdroids - Stravinsky's "Rite Of Spring" Cover Song (Rehearsal Version) 10:31
For more information, visit CockRockDisco.com or RephlektorInk.com

chasm remix project

(Justin Kleinfeld) Commencement of work on an exciting new Ryuichi Sakamoto remix project was announced in December. An all-star team of electronic producers are currently busy in their studios remixing tracks from Ryuichi Sakamoto's critically acclaimed studio album "Chasm." Artists currently working on mixes include Keigo Oyamada (a/k/a Cornelius), Chris Brann (Ananda Project, Wamdue Project, P'Tahh), Richard Devine, Taylor Deupree, Mr. Anonymous, and Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto), to name a few. More remixers will be revealed in January, so stay tuned for some BIG announcements!

Ryuichi Sakamoto can't wait to hear the results: "Making Chasm was very important to me personally, because it was my first release of original music in sometime. This remix project is equally important, because we have really assembled a sort of "dream team" of artists to work with the material. The finished mixes are starting to come back in, so it's an exciting time!"

The untitled remix project is Executive Produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto, and co-produced by Norika Sora, Evan Balmer, Justin Kleinfeld & Eric Giambertone. The project is slated for a spring 2006 release on Sakamoto's KAB America label.

For the more information check out SiteSakamoto.com or RephlektorInk.com.

a prolific interview

Chris Hudson ~ graphic courtesy of Foulplay Records.com ~ With the release of their 6th 12"- Metaphase, “Winter in May"/Kompressah,"Devil's Tricks", Foul Play Records are quickly emerging as one of the fastest rising U.S. based drum and bass labels. The release features 2 very progressive tracks, and two non-skip scratch grooves, which are a nice tool and a valuable edition. Also crossing over into hip hop, FPR continues to blur lines while putting out cutting edge music.

Prolific is the brain behind the operation, tablist, and a true soldier.

So tell me, what are your roots?

Prolific: That’s a hard question to answer b/c I come from so many different musical backgrounds. I guess for rock it would have been old school Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer just really hard thrash metal. I remember being a young teen spending hours learning Cliff Burton bass solos, so most of my roots come from really fast aggressive music. I didn’t even get into hip hop and DnB until my mid teenage years.
Hip Hop came before jungle, I assume, right?

Yeah I always was a fan of dope hip hop tablism bboyism. Drum and bass was just something that came along and grabbed on and wouldn’t let go.

When did DnB come into the picture?

Man I as like 15 this dude just moved to my hometown from L.A. threw me one of R.A.W 's first DNB tapes. I knew then that I would be pursuing that genre as a listener and then as a dj.

Where was your hometown?

I grew up most of my life in Fort Walton Beach, FL. It’s a hidden paradise that not many people know about. Beaches are unexplainable it’s like the 10th best place to live says money magazine. I did spend a couple of years in New Orleans when Disco Donnie’s parties were first popping off. That was a crazy back then. Everybody was coming through there and the parties were insane.

Were you there while the feds were trying to prosocute him?

Actually the night that happened I received a call from this girl I was talking to and she said she got through the front door and then the shakedown. She told me not to show up b/c of the hassle. It was the Hong Kong Fooey party. Things were kind of never was the same after that.

So after N.O., you went back to Florida?

Yeah, by then I was traveling playing shows in a lot of different places. So I basically just lived there during the week working and traveling on the weekend doing shows.

Did you start out as a tablist, or did you spin jungle?

It' funny man I started out just scratching and juggling I didn’t learn to mix until I wanted to play out and you have to be able to blend. So I started mixing hip hop and DNB.

And that's when the bookings started to get regular?

For sure. Promoters always like having tablist at DnB parties’ b/c it get the place hype. Always good to switch it up and try to keep it fresh.

So what producers are on the Foul Play roster at this time?

For DnB we have Kompressah, Metaphase, Sighnature, Dirty Verrison, Craveone, and Hellabent....and for Tablism/Hip Hop, we have Dj Klever of the Allies, Dj Immortal>Faderballistix and myself.

You just signed Sighnature, right?

Yeah he has some fresh sounds and Ideas he just needs to be pointed in the right direction. When he has something come out on wax I know a Lot of people will be diggin it. Also Sabac from Nonphixion is going to be featured on a future hip hop 12" and DnB RMX.

Nice, how did that happen?

My boy Hadji that runs Urban Dwellars, one of the illest clothing company's of all time came up with Sabac. He linked us up. Critical and Madness already were working on a collab w/ Sabac so we did one for Foul Play w/ Klever cutting the hook. Its gonna be Foul Play's premiere hip hop 12". Shortly after we will feature the DNB RMX, that’s gonna be hot that’s for sure.

And when will that be hitting?

I would say the hip hop single will hit Fatbeats end of Jan or early Feb. I would expect the DnB version to be hitting around WMC.

So what factors come into play when you're thinking about putting out a tune?

Lots of things. We try to put concepts into motion have a different sound that people can still vibe to and respect. That’s part of it. We here at Foul Play like super fast wicked drum edits. Another factor is lots of precious space cabbage that’s elevates the mind state. But more importantly just putting out a tune that when people hear it especially for the first time will go look at the label to see who it is or ask what that was tune you dropped. Just pleasing the listeners with a unique sound.

So with all of the American talent that's getting out there and even searched out by overseas producers to put on their labels, do see American DnB getting the respect it deserves??

I'll be honest; we sell a lot of units in France and Germany. Our stores that carry our products in the UK sell decent just don’t have a distro in the UK like we do in other countries so it’s tough to move units there besides the handful of sites/shops that sell our product. But look us Americans still get love I mean look at Evol Intent they have done something with everybody and came up quick. Shows that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. If you have skills people will support you.

3rd degree burn

David Goth ~ photos by todd, David Goth, & Shaun Williams ~ Fire is something that can provoke some of the most primal of responses to the human animal. Even seeing the word sends neurons flashing reminding the brain of all its attributes. At its most mundane, fire is light and heat produced through chemical reaction between fuel and oxygen. That simple and dramatic process has made an impression on humanity, due to its destructive nature, its utility and something else that you only get by focusing your attention to the impact on your senses. You see the flickering light, you may feel the heat, perhaps smell and hear it. Fire has long been used in ritual and symbolism. Fire even goes beyond an instinctive respect for it, but also into emotion.

3rd Degree Burn is a group of fire performers that tap into those feelings by performing both fire spinning (also known as "poi"), and breathing fire. Poi is an art related to juggling using balls on ropes, but with fire poi replacing the balls with wicks soaked in fuel and lit. In performances, fire breathing is incredibly dramatic with a bright flash of light, and often times the audience can feel the heat from a safe distance.
They generally use hard driving music to accompany their performances. I've known members of 3rd Degree Burn for a few years, usually from having the fortune of being good friends with their friends when they're over for a party. Each time I've seen them perform, they've always left an impression that won't be forgotten. I got a chance to talk with members as their outdoor 'season' was winding down, and get some of their perspectives on what they do.

The four members of 3rd Degree Burn are Aaron, Kaalin, Ravenfire and Scary Carrie. They each have their own unique style in performance, and all work hard to improve their technical skill with the tools of their trade and the artistry of their performance. Each of them are highly safety minded, and they always have someone watching with a blanket to douse any uncontrolled flames while others are performing. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they're able to accomplish with their already evident talents.

According to their web site, Aaron is one of the originating members of 3rd Degree Burn. He started off his creative outlet in the music world with live performance, production and recording, but discovered fire performance in 2001. He's also the primary developer of the group's web site. Aaron is one of the members that have started experimenting with fire breathing, stilt walking and other performance arts related to fire. Tall and decked out in black, Aaron cuts an impressive physical presence even before the flames start flying.  When I wasn't exclusively watching the group perform, I spent most of my time assaulting Aaron with questions about the basics of what they do and have done. Kaalin seems to have focused at this point as the group's main fire breather. Kaalin is also impressive, and audiences seem greatly drawn to the incredibly flashy fire art that he practices. He began his learning process 8 years ago, and explains how observant they and other fire artists are when they're watching the competition perform, so that they can learn from each other. Wearing combat gear and a top hat, spewing yards-long jets of flame, he's hard to miss.

I didn't get a chance to talk with Ravenfire, so he'll have to remain an enigma for me beyond what his bio says on their web site. He was the typical kid setting fire to gas poured in driveway cracks, which of course led him to dancing with fire. From seeing him spin fire, I get the feeling that Ravenfire approaches fire performance from more of a dance angle than some.

Scary Carrie may be known by many regional readers by word of mouth from the other line of business that she works with as a creative endeavor. She's been tattooing professionally for nine years (click here to check out her portfolio), and playing with fire for three. Since Carrie is creatively inspired in multiple areas, I directed extra questions about herself personally. In addition to her tattooing, Carrie will oil paint on any promising surface she can get her hands on. She also creates many of the tools that she uses in performance, and even built her own ant farm because none of them that you could buy were big enough for her! Some of her other creations (like a skirt made from tractor inner tubes) sound like they would be great for public display, and I hope that happens soon.

3rd Degree Burn spends the winter months on hiatus from performance because snow and ice are not conducive to safe use of fire, and outdoor venues in the cold are harder to come by. It's about equally difficult to find an indoor venue anytime big enough to allow performers to use open flame. Their down time is spent using unlit poi, and high tech LED lit glow stick equivalents to practice. Kaalin tells me that waiting for the spring thaw is like when you know you have presents waiting for you to open on a certain date. They're just sitting there waiting for you to get out and have fun with.

All of the members of 3rd Degree Burn have been great to talk with and have great stories to share. It's been interesting to talk with them about their plans and the places that they'd like to be performing. They'd like to travel with the Jim Rose Circus, and I could easily see them literally and figuratively warming up an audience for San Francisco's Survival Research Labs, or German industrial pioneers Einsturzende Neubauten. They all want to reach new technical and artistic heights and have justifiable pride in their skills and accomplishments. They are regular performers outside Kansas City's nationally famous haunted houses, and in mid-October, 3rd Degree Burn performed at Union Station for the Priests of Pallas Ball. One can only hope that the significant impressions that they left in their wake there leads to even bigger and better things.

When I asked them if there was anyone else that they felt performed at their level nationally, they gave their opinion that aside from a few other people locally that they've worked with in the past, no other group closely compares. I think that with that kind of confidence, with or without other creative collaborators, they're poised to succeed in sharing their talents with even bigger audiences. I hope that everyone reading this gets a chance to witness this very memorable experience of 3rd Degree Burn.
For more information check out their web site, 3rdDegreeBurn.net.

best of 2005

The number of events this year diminished, but the quality didn't suffer in the least and the talent that came through the MidWest was amazing at times. Here's a breakdown of the best events that we witnessed in 2005!

Best Overall ~ World Electronic Music Festival ~ July 8 - July 10, 2005
Orangeville Fairgrounds ~ Orangeville, Ontario ~ Canada

Mid-July is probably the best time to be in Canada and if you want to party with some of the biggest names in the industry, WEMF is the place to be. Talent from all levels and all over the globe make this one truly spectacular event. We were proud to be a media sponsor for this truly massive event and look forward to returning in '06.

Best in the US ~ Ultra Music Festival 7 ~ March 6, 2005

Bayfront Park ~ Miami, FL

Ultra is always a good party and this year was no different. It's kind of like the inverse to Canada in mid-July. Miami in March is beautiful and a party at BayFront Park makes the day even better, with stages in every direction and a massive collection of local, regional, national and international talent at every turn.

MidWest's Best ~ MidWest Freakfest: Underground Sound ~ June 17 - June 19, 2005
Shawnee Saltpeter Cave ~ Murphysboro, IL

Taking the MidWest by storm, Disco Productions steamed up the river from New Orleans to give a us some of the best in regional and national talent, tucked away in the woods of southern Illinois! Production Groups from all over the MidWest came together as one, putting up stages and helping in the preparations of what was to be one good and long weekend.

Kansas City's Best 

Best Event Over All 

Chaos Theory v3.0: The Catalyst ~ July 29, 2005
The Uptown Theater ~ Kansas City, MO

The third installment of the Chaos Theory series of events came a little late this year, but with no less punch than it's predecessors. With 3 floors of talent, some of which had never been seen in Kansas City, it definitely ranked as the biggest party Kansas City would see all year.

Best Monday Night

BLO! @ The Empire Room

Kansas City, MO If you wanna dance, it's the only place to go on a Monday night. Though in the last year, they have played progressively more and more HipHop, DJ Two Heavy still manages to slip in some House here and there.

Best Tuesday Night

PHATuesdays @ Balanca's

Yea, I'm picking our own night. It's a turned into a cool little night. DJ Fool, recently moved from Lincoln, NE heads up the night, and DJ OE closes it out. In addition, it is the only night in Kansas City with open decks for all those aspiring to play outside of their bedroom a little more regularly. Be sure to bring your own needles and records. They also have a pool table, darts, and food til 2 am.

Best Wednesday Night

The Wednesday Perk @ The Cup & Saucer
This little spot continues to be the best place to see EDM talent up close and personal in Kansas City and is still going strong after nearly 4 years.

Best Friday Night

Green @ Jilly's on Broadway
Hosted by the DJ duo, Jack & Jill. is definitely the hot spot for local house talent on Friday nights in Kansas City.

Best Saturday Night

u:Move Saturdays @ Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
This is still hands down the best dine & dance experience in Kansas City. Nearly every Friday and Saturday features regional, national and internationally known talent in House & Trance.
Best Sunday Night

DJ Two Heavy @ The Point

I have only had an opportunity to visit once or twice, but it was really cool little gig and is still going strong.
Overall, I think probably one of the best things I discovered in KC this year was The Donkey Show. First, in early February, I got a small taste of it at The Fahrenheit and kept meaning to come back and catch the whole act. It was finally near the end of December that I got the chance to catch up to it again (they had held 3 other events in the meantime) Donkey Show 10 is definitely a great little variety show, well worth the time and money. It's always a good time and there's always a little something for everyone in it. Be sure to check it out some time!

january 2006 editor note

I decided to play around with one of the photos that I took at the Donkey Show last week and ended up with this month's cover. The photo itself was cutting room garbage, but with a little modification, it turned out kinda interesting.

This shot of me, with Andrea Johnson of Laughing Bubble Entertainment, was taken just before phocas.net's 4th anniversary party, earlier last month. It really turned out to be quite an event. Manders warmed it up nice and Blackliquid rocked a packed and diverse house full at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub. It was definitely a fun-filled night for everyone that was there. Santa even showed up!

The following weekend D:Fuse tore things up at Kabal with even more drums than before and a guitarist. It will be interesting to see what he brings with him next time!

I rediscovered the Donkey Show at the end of December. Wow! What a lot of fun. I think my favorite part of that show was Kelihans, an Irish Celtic rock-ish sort of band. Whatever it is, it was great. Joe and I were even bangin our glasses like we used to at Harlings!

One of the most significant things to happen this month though, was the beginning of the first regular Drum & Bass night in Kansas City. Titled "Fourmation" it is held on the first 3 Fridays of every month at upstairs at The Hangout in midTown. Be sure to go check it out!

New Years turned out to be up in the air though. Shaun covered the best club event in Kansas City, Astro & Glyde at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub and I went. I was tied to Kansas City for the weekend, so I decided to just pop in from place to place, letting my camera have the night off, while taking a moment to enjoy New Year's Eve. Meanwhile in St Louis, Chris, PDP & Rooster were headed for the Champagne Supernova, put on by Disco Productions.

Finally... I want to say thanks... for 4 really fun years. I am forever looking forward and I'll tell you, there are some really special things that are being planned for 2006... just 4 u... so be on the lookout and I'll see you on the dance floor!

january 2006 issue