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event photos jan.06

Flyers for events photographed in January 2006 appear below. A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 01.05.2006 Nice Up the Dance featuring unknown The Record Bar Kansas City, MO photos by chris 01.06.2006 Fourmation featuring cQuence, Cold Front, and residents Milo and J.Fortune The Hangout Kansas City, MO photos by jen 01.07.2006 u:Move Saturdays featuring Bill Pile & Paul DeMatteo Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO 01.10.2006 PHATuesdays featuring Shadowrunner with residents DJoe & Fool Balanca's Kansas City, MO 01.11.2006 Wednesday Perk featuring Aldrin and Arrythmia, with resident cQuence Cup & Saucer Kansas City, MO photos by joe 01.14.2006 Women of Reveal Fashion Model Search featuring David Scuba with residents Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo, Ataxic Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO photos by shaun 0

shadowrunner january 2006 trance

True blessings have been presented to us yet once again. Open your eyes to the wonders that befall us these days. The real honor of friends, family, and loved ones are the special bonds we all share. They are greatest gifts we have and need to cherish everyday. The holidays might be recently past but I invite you to revel on and to share that positive energy with others as we continue to celebrate into the late hours of the nights. It is with the greatest of sincerity that I wish well to all and that all may find peace and serenity this season. It has been my wish to bring to you each month some of the culture that I have been immersed in for years. I am going to keep up some of the relevant sites each month and will touch on some of the current happenings with the people and events in the trance and progressive communities. ETN.FM Founded and based mostly in the United States, ETN is a primarily a trance and progressive streaming site with lots of extra content. Time slots are al

solaris january 2006 techno

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews. Working Vinyl - Greg Nothill - WV021 Only something this hard can come from this label. It has everything from the pounding sledgehammer crushing your skull, to the nail biting sounds that keep you convulsing long after your soul has left for higher ground. Inflicted - Robert Natus - INFLICTED005 Leave it to Robert to keep things real. This wax does just that. Hard as nails and leaving no survivors. I feel as though abducted by aliens. To bad Santa did not leave this one in my stocking. Temper - Michael Burkat - TEMPER012 This thing is nuts! I mean like the nut you can play with outside! Chalked full of nice minimal grooves that would lull any mere mortal. It is a bit drumm

brent crampton january 2006 house

Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment. John Larner - The Funky Hand - Guesthouse A straight funkin' house party, Larner shows that his skills can shine just as brightly away from the collaboration with Slater Hogan. This Indianapolis-native has always blended house to form an acid, funk, jazz and hip hop soiree, but in this release, it's all about the funk. Celebratory piano lines, swinging disco melodies and singing horns is among what you'll find on this three-tracker. But it's the Chuck Daniels remix, with glitchy cords and dance floor intensity, takes the focal point. Lawnchair Generals - The Great Escape - Viva Even though this three-tracker came out in 2001, there's evidently been a re-release, or a dusted box from the Viva basement recovered. Back on the market, make sure to pick up this plate if you passed it ar

synnister on decks

Starting back in early '98, he started out as DJ Mojo, but soon changed it to Synnister after coming across music equipment with the mojo name. Cutting his teeth on Funky Breaks, Progressive Breaks, House, and Speed Garage (back when the term first came out), DJ Synnister has making people dance since day one. Having moved to Kansas City in 2000, DJ Synnister has tried hard to play a key role in the development of the scene. After getting the chance to do so by joining back in 2001, DJ Synnister has helped in promoting several of the greater Kansas City area's top and even beginning dj's around the country. DJ Synnister has had several weekly events, and has played with several head-lining DJ's such as: Keoki, Christopher Lawrence, Doc Martin, Nigel Richards, DJ Micro, George Acosta, DJ Craze, Danny The Wildchild, Thomas Sahs, Jonene & GryphonMuppetFucker, DJ Spree, DJ P, The Jungle Brothers, Dieselboy, Green Velvet, DJ Icey, DJ Rap, Alex Peace,


( (Justin Kleinfeld) Thanks to his hectic DJ schedule, original music productions and remixes, Exacta is one of the fastest growing talents on the New York City house music scene and a name to watch out for in 2006. Recognizing his talents behind the decks, Erick Morillo invited Exacta to be a resident DJ at Pacha NY and booked him for a slot on the club’s much anticipated Grand Opening night. In addition to his multiple residencies, he has also been confirmed to DJ at Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve party at NYC’s Cipriani. Exacta pumps his signature fusion of funky House music at residencies at Crobar NY, Pink Elephant, and Gypsy Tea After Hours in New York City. Exacta is one of the few artists in the industry who not only writes his own lyrics but also produces his own original tracks. As a result, no two Exacta records ever sound alike. Each track captures a raw New York City vibe from the man who has controlled the decks at almost every New York City hotspot and mega clubs

free cock rock

(Justin Kleinfeld) Cock Rock Disco records is proud to present to you a free MP3 compilation by the artists at Cock Rock Disco! But we know you are asking yourself, "why should I download this?" Because it contains almost 60 minutes of the best new music, some text about each of the artists and 2 printable covers for your home collection, uh, and it's FREE! Wait, did we say new music? No, we meant absolutely fantastic new music ranging from Gameboy deathmetal, to alt-noise-Hip-Hop, to breakcore, to italio disco, to thrash-composition. Trust us, there's something for everyone here. Click Here to Download ZIP File - Total run time: 57:02 Food For Animals - Elephants 01:45 About - Think Niles Drink 03:32 Duran Duran Duran - Ralez 04:27 Dev/Null - Scary 03:57 Next Life - Red Stone 02:02 Stunt Rock - I've Really Lost It Because This S**t Is Starting To Sound Like Washed-Up, Half-Assed Fatboy Slim Ripoff With A Twelve Year Old's Sense Of Humor. 01:50 S

chasm remix project

(Justin Kleinfeld) Commencement of work on an exciting new Ryuichi Sakamoto remix project was announced in December. An all-star team of electronic producers are currently busy in their studios remixing tracks from Ryuichi Sakamoto's critically acclaimed studio album "Chasm." Artists currently working on mixes include Keigo Oyamada (a/k/a Cornelius), Chris Brann (Ananda Project, Wamdue Project, P'Tahh), Richard Devine, Taylor Deupree, Mr. Anonymous, and Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto), to name a few. More remixers will be revealed in January, so stay tuned for some BIG announcements! Ryuichi Sakamoto can't wait to hear the results: "Making Chasm was very important to me personally, because it was my first release of original music in sometime. This remix project is equally important, because we have really assembled a sort of "dream team" of artists to work with the material. The finished mixes are starting to come back in, so it's an exciting

a prolific interview

Chris Hudson ~ graphic courtesy of Foulplay ~  With the release of their 6th 12"- Metaphase, “Winter in May"/Kompressah,"Devil's Tricks", Foul Play Records are quickly emerging as one of the fastest rising U.S. based drum and bass labels. The release features 2 very progressive tracks, and two non-skip scratch grooves, which are a nice tool and a valuable edition. Also crossing over into hip hop, FPR continues to blur lines while putting out cutting edge music. Prolific is the brain behind the operation, tablist, and a true soldier. So tell me, what are your roots? Prolific: That’s a hard question to answer b/c I come from so many different musical backgrounds. I guess for rock it would have been old school Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer just really hard thrash metal. I remember being a young teen spending hours learning Cliff Burton bass solos, so most of my roots come from really fast aggressive music. I didn’t even get into hip hop and Dn

3rd degree burn

David Goth ~  photos by todd, David Goth, & Shaun Williams ~  Fire is something that can provoke some of the most primal of responses to the human animal. Even seeing the word sends neurons flashing reminding the brain of all its attributes. At its most mundane, fire is light and heat produced through chemical reaction between fuel and oxygen. That simple and dramatic process has made an impression on humanity, due to its destructive nature, its utility and something else that you only get by focusing your attention to the impact on your senses. You see the flickering light, you may feel the heat, perhaps smell and hear it. Fire has long been used in ritual and symbolism. Fire even goes beyond an instinctive respect for it, but also into emotion. 3rd Degree Burn is a group of fire performers that tap into those feelings by performing both fire spinning (also known as "poi"), and breathing fire. Poi is an art related to juggling using balls on ropes, but with fire po

best of 2005

The number of events this year diminished, but the quality didn't suffer in the least and the talent that came through the MidWest was amazing at times. Here's a breakdown of the best events that we witnessed in 2005! Best Overall ~ World Electronic Music Festival ~ July 8 - July 10, 2005 Orangeville Fairgrounds ~ Orangeville, Ontario ~ Canada Mid-July is probably the best time to be in Canada and if you want to party with some of the biggest names in the industry, WEMF is the place to be. Talent from all levels and all over the globe make this one truly spectacular event. We were proud to be a media sponsor for this truly massive event and look forward to returning in '06. Best in the US ~ Ultra Music Festival 7 ~ March 6, 2005 Bayfront Park ~ Miami, FL Ultra is always a good party and this year was no different. It's kind of like the inverse to Canada in mid-July. Miami in March is beautiful and a party at BayFront Park makes the d

january 2006 editor note

I decided to play around with one of the photos that I took at the Donkey Show last week and ended up with this month's cover. The photo itself was cutting room garbage, but with a little modification, it turned out kinda interesting. This shot of me, with Andrea Johnson of Laughing Bubble Entertainment, was taken just before's 4th anniversary party, earlier last month. It really turned out to be quite an event. Manders warmed it up nice and Blackliquid rocked a packed and diverse house full at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub. It was definitely a fun-filled night for everyone that was there. Santa even showed up! The following weekend D:Fuse tore things up at Kabal with even more drums than before and a guitarist. It will be interesting to see what he brings with him next time! I rediscovered the Donkey Show at the end of December. Wow! What a lot of fun. I think my favorite part of that show was Kelihans, an Irish Celtic rock-ish sort of band. Whate

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