january 2006 editor note

I decided to play around with one of the photos that I took at the Donkey Show last week and ended up with this month's cover. The photo itself was cutting room garbage, but with a little modification, it turned out kinda interesting.

This shot of me, with Andrea Johnson of Laughing Bubble Entertainment, was taken just before phocas.net's 4th anniversary party, earlier last month. It really turned out to be quite an event. Manders warmed it up nice and Blackliquid rocked a packed and diverse house full at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub. It was definitely a fun-filled night for everyone that was there. Santa even showed up!

The following weekend D:Fuse tore things up at Kabal with even more drums than before and a guitarist. It will be interesting to see what he brings with him next time!

I rediscovered the Donkey Show at the end of December. Wow! What a lot of fun. I think my favorite part of that show was Kelihans, an Irish Celtic rock-ish sort of band. Whatever it is, it was great. Joe and I were even bangin our glasses like we used to at Harlings!

One of the most significant things to happen this month though, was the beginning of the first regular Drum & Bass night in Kansas City. Titled "Fourmation" it is held on the first 3 Fridays of every month at upstairs at The Hangout in midTown. Be sure to go check it out!

New Years turned out to be up in the air though. Shaun covered the best club event in Kansas City, Astro & Glyde at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub and I went. I was tied to Kansas City for the weekend, so I decided to just pop in from place to place, letting my camera have the night off, while taking a moment to enjoy New Year's Eve. Meanwhile in St Louis, Chris, PDP & Rooster were headed for the Champagne Supernova, put on by Disco Productions.

Finally... I want to say thanks... for 4 really fun years. I am forever looking forward and I'll tell you, there are some really special things that are being planned for 2006... just 4 u... so be on the lookout and I'll see you on the dance floor!


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