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True blessings have been presented to us yet once again. Open your eyes to the wonders that befall us these days. The real honor of friends, family, and loved ones are the special bonds we all share. They are greatest gifts we have and need to cherish everyday. The holidays might be recently past but I invite you to revel on and to share that positive energy with others as we continue to celebrate into the late hours of the nights. It is with the greatest of sincerity that I wish well to all and that all may find peace and serenity this season.
It has been my wish to bring to you each month some of the culture that I have been immersed in for years. I am going to keep up some of the relevant sites each month and will touch on some of the current happenings with the people and events in the trance and progressive communities.


Founded and based mostly in the United States, ETN is a primarily a trance and progressive streaming site with lots of extra content. Time slots are allotted to many well-known and respected trance & progressive DJs and producers such as: Airwave, Mark Norman, Yves Deruyter, and Gabriel & Dresden. If you have no clue as to whom these producers are, its ok. There are many links next to their bios that you can check out for yourselves. With so many extras like articles, full DJ and live pa sets in downloadable formats (mp3 & wav.), chat rooms, and forums, ETN is an integral part of the trance culture. Please check it out and have fun streaming.


This is one of the better Trance E-zines out there. It is complete with articles, links, pics, bios, and pretty much everything but music to download. I think that, next to the great news and articles, its very updated links to producers and DJ's is one of the best reasons to visit this site. You will be able to surf the web to so many places in the Trance realm. And what better place to start than with one of my all time faves, Mr. Digweed.

If you haven't heard of this man, it is good to see you finally came out of your coma. Welcome to the year 2006. There is so much this man has done for the electronic music culture I wouldn't dare to do a short synopsis of his career. Just visit his site and listen to his archived Kiss FM radio shows, or watch his videos. This man is legend all over the world, and with good reason.

Drew Nichols - Mare Di Voci - Toes In The Sand

Early in a set I like to chill out with some of the more beautiful progressive stuff. There is an original mix but let me suggest the breaks mix. This Breaks Remix has sensual feeling that uplifts and tickles the spirit within.
John Dahlback - Nothing Is For Real (Mark Knight Remix) - Toolroom Records & TraxxI'll tell the truth, this is from a house label but DIZZAMN!!!! This mutha is DUURRTY!!! If you like your progressive on the dark and nasty side, this remix is set to cause you a real hurting. Sultry bass lines growling while a sexy vocal vibrates through an psuedo-electro melody. Calling all freaks to the dance floor for this one.

DJ Fire - Medieval - Progrez

If you are a high-tech Super Villain looking for some really cool theme music, this is your joint. Dark and bubbling baselines with echoed guitar playing a haunting melody over panned out hissing sweeps. I'll spin this one while you destroy the forces of the good and righteous.

Mojado - El Matador - Magik Muzik

Sometimes you just have to drive home your point hard. This Tech Tribal masterpiece gives the shuffle beat a run for its money. With Tribal percussions pounding away filling the measures with conga madness, it's hard not to catch the fever for some Latin flavored spiciness. Just shake it hard, and what’s left over is what god gave ya!!!!

Bedrock - Santiago (Parallel Sound Edit)- Bedrock Records

Mr. Digweeds label keeps pumpin them out, and we keep buying them. Romantic synthlines whisk you away to a divine daydream. All you have to do is close your eyes and let the DJ take control. This one and the Bedrock's St. James Mix really capture an alluring vibe and ride it out.


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