brent crampton january 2006 house

Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment.

John Larner - The Funky Hand - Guesthouse
A straight funkin' house party, Larner shows that his skills can shine just as brightly away from the collaboration with Slater Hogan. This Indianapolis-native has always blended house to form an acid, funk, jazz and hip hop soiree, but in this release, it's all about the funk. Celebratory piano lines, swinging disco melodies and singing horns is among what you'll find on this three-tracker. But it's the Chuck Daniels remix, with glitchy cords and dance floor intensity, takes the focal point.

Lawnchair Generals - The Great Escape - Viva

Even though this three-tracker came out in 2001, there's evidently been a re-release, or a dusted box from the Viva basement recovered. Back on the market, make sure to pick up this plate if you passed it around the first time. Peter Christianson and Carlos Mendoza from Seattle have lit up many dance floors since their first release, and somehow, the main track, "Word Part II" still shuffles with the same interest as when I first heard it. The "Sweet Nothing" track and subsequent dub travel through deep landscapes to create a melodic and hypnotizing groove. All around, a solid package.

Manoo - The Roots - Real Tone

African rhythms and chants, listening to this rootsy EP for too long of a time might make you go into a shamanic trance. Having collaborated with Francois A., Manoo's deep, abstract and triablistic sound will be carried on to the more discerning dance floor.

Ron Trent - Italian Foods Dub Life 2 - Atal

Finally, a seven-inch release! I don't know about you, but I don't come across to many new releases of this size. Ron Trent brings it to dub, and I'm talking, real dub. A space-case showcase of echoing melodies and presumably a rasta speaking of "de earth," this two-tracker is reminiscent of misted mornings and new beginnings.

Tokyo Black Star - Beyond The Future - Sonar Kollektiv

Always been a bloggering fan of Rich Medina, who is highlighted in this two-tracker. With his suave spoken word, deep, socially challenging and honestly introspective look, the melodies are subsequently on the deep tip as well. With the BPM slowed down to more of a 118 range, the melodies take on an 80's garage flair. Mature and reminiscent of disco, you'll find this track being played during the early nights of Sonotheque in Chicago, or perhaps on a chill-out CD.

Various - Midnight Hustle - Detour

We got Bryan Jones, Scud Bloom and Pat Nice sharing a three-tracker with us. Paying homage to our locality, I must say Pat's track, which takes up all of side A, is what made me pick up this track. This track, "Didn't You Know," has all his usual sampled vocal and slapping rhythms and bass action, but (considering it's on Detour) Pat very nicely takes it a bit deep. Haven't heard that from him for quite some time.

Joey Youngman - Joey's Waffle House EP - Fetish

Maple syrup, flour, butter - these are all things that are delicious. But what's more tasty is Joey's new three tracker on his label, Fetish. The main track, "Bless My Soul" is thick, chunky and a bit dark. Eery, bouncing clips, big bass with a jazzy piano make this one for the big floors. And while on the flipside, "Friends 'Til The End" is alright and everything, it's the track, "Submission" that keeps me on my knees, continually falling under Youngman's command to buy his releases. With a shuffling beat, the kick drums double up in some spots to provide the rhythm, a sax line comes up in spurts, and a woman repeats, "let the music take control."

The Sound Republic - When I Get Paid - DAE

Straight from Chicago from John Mork and Frankie J., the original cut's a bit dry with a thick funk bass line, quirky bleeps and a trouble adolescent brotha' movie clip sample talking about getting some new sneeks. The Wes remix brings a swing edge to it with ragtime piano samples and a hip swaying bass line. Chris Grant's disco edit has a star-studded, floating 1970's melody, with charmed chimes and soaring horns. Add in some scatting in the breakdown, and this remix is a solid package. But, John Larner steal's the show with his serious get down blip and click remix.

Peej - Becoming Cosmic - DIY

Doing it himself, Peej comes out with what may be another classic from this tried and true UK producer. Four soaring tracks that will take you to outer space. Four cinematic dance floor crushers that definitely have that cosmic air to them. Reminiscent of a black female vocal I've heard some place else, the theme is made explicit with the sample, "I am the universe, the sun is my mother and the moon is my father."


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