solaris january 2006 techno

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Working Vinyl - Greg Nothill - WV021

Only something this hard can come from this label. It has everything from the pounding sledgehammer crushing your skull, to the nail biting sounds that keep you convulsing long after your soul has left for higher ground.

Inflicted - Robert Natus - INFLICTED005

Leave it to Robert to keep things real. This wax does just that. Hard as nails and leaving no survivors. I feel as though abducted by aliens. To bad Santa did not leave this one in my stocking.

Temper - Michael Burkat - TEMPER012

This thing is nuts! I mean like the nut you can play with outside! Chalked full of nice minimal grooves that would lull any mere mortal. It is a bit drummy but far less than I am accustomed to. Keep you ear peeled. This track has real potential!

Schranz – Unknown - SCHRANZ043

A great tech house feel to this one! I always love that Schranz shite. It makes me feel like I almost have a soul. We all almost do, don’t we? Unless you have a lien upon it or what not, but that is not any reason to buy this. It won’t get you out of that debt, but might keep you from forgetting you are alive.

Cardiac Arrest – Various - CARDIAC003

If any of you are like me then after this holiday season you are biting at the bit to get out and dance, or just biting at the bit in anticipation of spring and the warmer clime. Either way this wax helps get those gears going and motors revving for that time. But be careful you don’t want to be found wanting…do you?


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