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Starting back in early '98, he started out as DJ Mojo, but soon changed it to Synnister after coming across music equipment with the mojo name. Cutting his teeth on Funky Breaks, Progressive Breaks, House, and Speed Garage (back when the term first came out), DJ Synnister has making people dance since day one.

Having moved to Kansas City in 2000, DJ Synnister has tried hard to play a key role in the development of the scene. After getting the chance to do so by joining back in 2001, DJ Synnister has helped in promoting several of the greater Kansas City area's top and even beginning dj's around
the country.

DJ Synnister has had several weekly events, and has played with several head-lining DJ's such as: Keoki, Christopher Lawrence, Doc Martin, Nigel Richards, DJ Micro, George Acosta, DJ Craze, Danny The Wildchild, Thomas Sahs, Jonene & GryphonMuppetFucker, DJ Spree, DJ P, The Jungle Brothers, Dieselboy, Green Velvet, DJ Icey, DJ Rap, Alex Peace, Dirty Ol' Frank, Woody McBride, Pleasurehead, Trevor Lamont, DMX, Slater Hogan, Bryan Cox, Kid Icarus, Rick West.

"The Harder They Come..." is the latest installment of this talented DJ. Using several Chicago House tracks and combining them with Tech-House, and Techno. To listen to this mix is to agree to throwing your body into a groove that will knock your socks off, and come out the other end like a wadded up piece of newspaper.

The Harder They Come... Tracklisting:
  1. Power 2005 - Snap
  2. Marcilinho Cic (Budai & Vic Rmx)- Bombsick Criminals
  3. Tribute - Jackal
  4. Balance - DJ Mary
  5. From Below - Paul Mac
  6. Hometown (Hertz Rmx) - Darren Kay
  7. Rough Cabaret (Vienna Version) - Alenia
  8. Pumping (Work Out Mix) - Flash
  9. This Is House Music (Instrumental) - CZR & Alex peace
  10. U Vibes - Umberto Carmignani
  11. Dirty Tones - DJ Preach & Olivier Giacomotto
  12. Audio Tribe (House Mix) - Raoul Zerna
  13. Black Sunday - Ortin Cam
  14. Douglas Track - Kobaya
  15. Odat - Joff Roach
  16. What A Feeling (Feat. Sebastian Lemah) - DJ Preach & Marco G
  17. 1500 TC Scan - WJ Henze
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