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event photos jun.05

Flyers for events photographed in June 2005 appear below.   A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 06.04.2005 Alive with Pride in '05 featuring Funky Green Dogs, Kimberly Locke, Jim Verraros, Sabrina Johnston, Inaya Day, and Josh Zuckerman Liberty Memorial Kansas City, MO photos by sarahB 06.04.2005 u:Move Saturdays featuring Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo, Ataxic Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO photos by joe 06.04.2005 Lizard Lounge featuring George Acosta, Snow White, Mann Dogg, Love Lizard Lounge Dallas, TX 06.09.2005 The Hurricane featuring Phunk Junkeez The Hurricane Kansas City, MO photos by shaun 06.11.2005 We Love Saturdays featuring Brett Leeth & Shawn PJs Manhattan, KS photos by viss 06.11.2005 Miakoda Web Launch & Gemini Birthday Bash featuring K-Swing, Joc Max Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO pho

sonar on decks

by Sonar ~ compiled by Brent Crampton ~ photo courtesy of DJ Sonar ~ Matthew J. Rissi, aka DJ Sonar’s fascination with rhythm and music began at an early age after his father had given him a dual tape deck and a stereo for his tenth birthday. Matthew was immediately addicted to the sounds of synthesizers and drum machines, and couldn't resist the temptations of wanting to be on a dance floor. Through hip hop culture, Sonar was introduced to the rave scene in Arizona. Shortly after this discovery, Matthew and his family moved to Iowa. He began DJing on his own in ‘97 and completely focused all of his efforts on establishing an understanding what it takes to become an avid performer. He would find himself traveling all over the eastern part of the country to watch internationally respected DJs work their magic behind turntables for crowds of people up into the thousands. He was in love - in love with techno, the environment that it provided, the feeling that it gave him, and the

shadowrunner june 2005 trance

by DJ Shadowrunner ~ Welcome a new reviewer! DJ Shadowrunner out of Kansas City. It's taken a little while to find someone willing to do it, but he has graciously offered his time up to give us a bit of Trance. I'm still not quite sure about the connection with waffles though. Without further adieu, here's DJ Shadowrunner's picks for this month, in no particular order. Medway - The Bassline Track 2005 (Luke Chable + Jiva Rmxs) - Release Records - REL025 One side massive progressive groove with prime time written all over it. Echoed and phazed to give that "gonna get naughty" feel in full effect. Flip for the breakbeat street feel. Sucker DJs - Banrock (Paul Rogers Remix) , Kinky Vinyl, KINK030 This one uses funk to drive home a vocal groover. Natural sounding rhyhtm guitar, bass, and drums sustain the real deal feel. A vocoded vocal acompanied with a light electro percussion mixes well with it all. Marco V - More Than A Life Away (DJ Preach Remix), In C

solaris june 2005 techno

by DJ Solaris ~ Local KC Techno DJ, Solaris is back once again with his picks for some of the hardest and rawest Techno beats for the new year. Always looking for ways to push the limit of your Techno experience, check out these tracks and, courtesy of DJ Solaris. Teknic Records - Jeff Amadeaus vs Ganez - TEKNIC02 Nice tracks here the first is a nice opener with the reverse is a nail driver. Drums and effects galore. It defiantly makes me feel like I want to go 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, just as long as I have ear protection. Cluster - Mobile Dogwash - CLUSTER73 This label never surprises, it keeps me feeling young knowing that there is a bit of consistency with techno. Granted it is hard as nails, and I think it will never change. But once you get through to the plutonium core you will be able to create your own nuclear device out of old pinball machine parts….keep this for yourself! Stealth - Alex Calver & Mark Maitland - STEALTH003 Alex C never fails to impress! This

svs june 2005 jungle dnb

by SvS ~ Originally from Long Island, NY, SVS has been playing around in Kansas City since mid-2000, playing different types of music over that time and finally settling on Jungle & DnB and pushing the limits of that since. Here's his picks for the month! Calyx Presents :: No Turning Back LP :: Moving Shadow :: ASHADOW33L Along with remix and original work by Dom & Roland, Hive, and Gridlock this LP 4 pack is at the top of the list. This classic Moving Shadow album is packed with grissly bass lines that claw at you on top of intense melody. With a show stopper like Hive and Gridlocks remix of "Are You Ready" this double pack should be on everyone's hot list. Dylan / Mason :: Falling Away / Suicidal Life :: White Label Ltd Edition :: THRASH001 Dylan and Mason take on already bass heavy sounds of rock group Korn. The breakdown on this one is sure to have everyone banging their heads. The break is very nice, hard drum and bass lines with the vocals to follo

crampton june 2005 house

by Brent Crampton ~ Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment. And with the Winter Music Conference just behind us, so many great choons are now on the market. Various – WMC 2005 Promo – Mesilla Valley Madness Starting off with a DJ Spun & Mystic Bill mix of “No Love,” the track takes on an atmospheric electro house feel with a sampled diva. Grey’s “Why Guess,” was the track that stuck out the most to me. With quirky stabs and a cool melody, this four-to-the-floor track brings a sub base line that carries the spoken word of Simone Salloum. Bringing the hollowed out funk feel courtesy of Mes’ “Uncle Bernie,” of course Mes samples the comedian Uncle Bernie, teaching us not to be afraid of the word “MF.” And while “MF is about expression,” Mes is expressing his dance floor sensibilities with his light percussion and looped keys. Bringing the Mesi

rj bass june 2005 breakbeat

by RJ Bass ~ Rj Bass is one of Kansas City's foremost authorities on break beat music. Coming originally from Florida he has been spinning since 1995 and has played with some of the biggest dj's in the world. A former record reviewer for he and his new DJ partner Paul Prato will soon be launching their own web site dedicated to all breaks broken, entitled, as well as an internet broadcast show with the same name. Dylan Rhymes - Nightbreed - Kingsize Records Dylan Rhymes is one of those artists that you either love or hate. In my case, I love him and Nightbreed is one of the reasons why. Nightbreed is a dark yet powerful breaks track that envelopes a sort of hip-hop feel while still retaining all of its edm qualities. Hard hitting bass lines with distinct and clear mid and high range freqs combined with piercing synths and a mean vocal make Nightbreed a fantastic addition to any break dj's collection and to Meat Katies Kingsize label. B

miami heat craze

Betty Kang ~ Winning isn't everything, it’s the only thing. Three-time DMC World champion DJ Craze would probably agree. On his latest mix album Miami Heat, genius turntablist Craze serves up 24-tracks of drum & bass and turntablism all sliced together to create an album that is greater than the sum of all its parts. Before DJ Craze starts a busy summer festival schedule, he will also be starting a new residency at long-awaiting nightclub Nocturnal in downtown Miami starting Friday, May 20th. Other confirmed Nocturnal dates include May 27th & June 3rd. To turntablist obsessives, DJ Craze is a genuine scratch pervert, mixing up styles like a wiki wiki whirlwind, who won his last DMC crown with a set that included Mobb Deep, Common, Electro and Jungle. But you've gotta carry plenty vinyl to be a turntablist - and those bags get heavy. Now Craze is embracing technology and he gets down with Final Scratch so he can have his whole collection at hand and still get down wi

micro tech mix 5

Betty Kang ~ DJ Micro is one of the most respected performers on the U.S. trance circuit and a true veteran of the East Coast club scene. He is constantly pushing himself with his non-stop touring and nearly annual album release schedule for his devoted fan base. His latest mix compilation entry Tech-Mix 5 represents the night’s peak hours with hypnotic anthems & energetic moments that fade into melodramatic hooks. It is a full-on high energy combination of hard-edged trance creating a sonic soundtrack that will keep the party at full throttle. The mixed album includes exclusive remixes of D:Fuse featuring Jes from Motorcycle “Everything With You,” Paul Van Dyk darlings Second Sun join the dancefloor onslaught with “The Spell” from their debut LP and exclusive tracks by Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden)“Alive,” Ferry Corsten & Shelly Harland”Holding On,” Joshua Ryan“Blueness,” and a DJ Micro original production “The World Around Me.” Micro's journey began in 1992 a

transplant part 3

Miss Michaela ~ by Brent Crampton ~ From acres of farmland to miles of skyscrapers - the majority of our readers lay somewhere in between. And with magazines such as XLR8R and URB talking about all the rage in London, Chicago, Miami or Germany – it makes a DJ wonder, “What if I moved to these places?” And what would happen if you moved? Would you make a name for yourself or would you just become another DJ standing in line, waiting for the next crap gig? The Transplant mini-series will explore those concerns by asking the people who have already done it. From rural areas to citified hysteria – this interview may answer your questions. This month brings us Miss Michaela - a former KC resident that, like Pat Nice, has followed her aspirations to Chicago. Determined to blaze her own musical path, Michaela’s determination has in turn been a creative outlet that has gained her steady momentum in the birthplace of house music. Here is her story . . . Tell me a little about your sto

interfuse 2005

by Andrea Johnson ~ photos by LuckyBrent ~ Interfuse was started in April 2004 by a group of Midwest Burners who noticed a need for a community event to bring the Burning Man principals to the central Midwest. 186 people from 14 different states showed up for the event, bringing art, theme camps and a sense of community with them. This year, for InterFuse 2005, over 360 people from all over America converged at the Ozark Avalon Campgrounds on May 13-15th. I attended InterFuse with seven of my good friends after finding the information posted on the Interfuse web site. Our ThemeCamp was “BubbleMania”, since I am known in some circles as the Laughing Bubble Chick. The name InterFuse means “To pour or spread between or among”. “Fuse” means, “to become liquefied from the heat. To become mixed or united by or as if by melting together.” The “F” in “Fuse” is capitalized because “Fuse” also signifies a small fire that prepares the way for a larger fire. Arriving in the early afterno

middle of know where

story & photos by Sarah Bates ~ By Friday afternoon I was so ready to leave town I couldn’t even sit still. I counted down the hours in my cubical until it was finally time to hit the road. My boyfriend and I loaded up the car with all our new camping gear, lots of food and beverages and finally we were watching the city fade in the rear view mirror. While the flyer for the party said Omaha, Nebraska, it was actually about an hour outside of Omaha, a good four hour drive from home. With my love for outdoor parties, and it being the first outdoor of the summer, it was well worth the drive. I was looking forward to a three day weekend of lounging in the sun, hanging out with some party kids, and taking in some dope beats. We got lost, but thanks to some interesting locals we eventually found the place. The name "Knowwhere" suited the venue well. The party was held on a good chunk of land in the middle of rural Nebraska, and about 6 miles out on a gravel road. The plac