rj bass june 2005 breakbeat

by RJ Bass ~ Rj Bass is one of Kansas City's foremost authorities on break beat music. Coming originally from Florida he has been spinning since 1995 and has played with some of the biggest dj's in the world. A former record reviewer for Breaksworld.com he and his new DJ partner Paul Prato will soon be launching their own web site dedicated to all breaks broken, entitled FrostedBreaks.com, as well as an internet broadcast show with the same name.

Dylan Rhymes - Nightbreed - Kingsize Records
Dylan Rhymes is one of those artists that you either love or hate. In my case, I love him and Nightbreed is one of the reasons why. Nightbreed is a dark yet powerful breaks track that envelopes a sort of hip-hop feel while still retaining all of its edm qualities. Hard hitting bass lines with distinct and clear mid and high range freqs combined with piercing synths and a mean vocal make Nightbreed a fantastic addition to any break dj's collection and to Meat Katies Kingsize label.

Beauty School - Beatbox Baby - TCR
What do you get when you combine a little bit of EMF with the singer from Fluke and then throw in one half of JDS for fun? You get Beauty School, the latest, greatest group of artists to come out of the TCR record label in London. Their first single “Beatbox Baby” is a cross genre tech house meets break beats that sounds similar to Shiny Disco Balls but with allot more energy. Beatbox Baby has proven itself to be a dance floor smash with its extremely powerful vocals, well-placed guitar riffs, and driving bass line. This is a complete fist in the air, pounding for more track that is guaranteed to leave your dance floor begging for more.

Plump Dj's - Get Kinky - Finger Licken Records
London’s godfathers of Funky Breaks have done it again. This time they come at us with a techy, funky, almost acid like breaks track with a small and simple yet powerful female vocal sample that screams sex to your dance floor. Sweet little acid lines run through this track like a warm knife through butta. Combined with loud and powerful hitting drums, Get Kinky is another dance floor smash that will accompany your set very nicely.

Soho Jo - I like Synthesizers (Friendly and Jo re-shuffle) - Fat
Until I heard this song I had never heard of Soho Jo before and now I am searching the net trying to find anything I can from this unique artist. “I like Synthesizers” is a very nice breaks meets 80's synth pop track that in many ways has the feel of a late 90's big room hard trance track - only without all the cheese. As the title suggests, this song is full of well-placed and powerful synthesizers. The synthesized vocal lines also play an important role in bringing out the whole feel of the track. All the elements combined give the listener a dark, but still happy sort of feel that will have them doing the liquid grooves in style.

Atomic Hooligan - Just Once More - Botchit
This is the break anthem of the summer. Atomic Hooligan has delivered yet again with another dance floor smash. It’s very rare to hear a track these days with loud and long snare build-ups without being very cheesy, but the Atomic Hooligan has done it. “Just Once More” has a very smooth bass line combined with very nice glitchy acid lines and perfect kick and snare drums to make this song a dance floor favorite. The song constantly brings you up and down with your emotions, feeling all high and full of energy at one point, and then feeling down low and ready to relax before it hits you again. Regardless of your particular style or preference in the breaks genre, Just Once More will be a very welcome addition to your collection.


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