shadowrunner june 2005 trance

by DJ Shadowrunner ~ Welcome a new reviewer! DJ Shadowrunner out of Kansas City. It's taken a little while to find someone willing to do it, but he has graciously offered his time up to give us a bit of Trance. I'm still not quite sure about the connection with waffles though. Without further adieu, here's DJ Shadowrunner's picks for this month, in no particular order.

Medway - The Bassline Track 2005 (Luke Chable + Jiva Rmxs) - Release Records - REL025
One side massive progressive groove with prime time written all over it. Echoed and phazed to give that "gonna get naughty" feel in full effect. Flip for the breakbeat street feel.
Sucker DJs - Banrock (Paul Rogers Remix) , Kinky Vinyl, KINK030
This one uses funk to drive home a vocal groover. Natural sounding rhyhtm guitar, bass, and drums sustain the real deal feel. A vocoded vocal acompanied with a light electro percussion mixes well with it all.

Marco V - More Than A Life Away (DJ Preach Remix), In Charge - IC001
Dark and gritty grinding along in a techy industrial sludge. A distorted vocal barks out like an intruder alarm. If you wanna get dirty this double a side come in two varieties: Original (HARD), & DJ Preach Remix (HARDER).

Ant & DDR - Acid Techno... All The Time, Stay Up Forever - SUF79
If George W. Bush is still looking for weapons of mass destruction.... give him this 4 track pressing of whoopass. Stay Up Forever stays true to form with their trademark hard and fast style packed full of distorted 303's ripping through the harmonies. Careful, this is designed to destroy dancefloors with no mercy for the weak!!!!!!

Punk Floyd - Stella Artois Overdrive/ (b.side) High As A Kite, Wah Wah - WAHWAH012
Whatever they used to create this stuff has got to be still hot and smoking in the aftermath. Grungey synths lay down a maniacal decending melody while furious percussions fly and arpeggiated mad 303's sweep in and out of the madness. More energy than a 4 yr old tweekin on a suger high.

Benz & MD - Spiagia /(b.side) Tainted - Baroque - BARQ044
This duo from Canada have some of the most atmospheric sounding grooves. Beautiful and deep sweeping movements with long emotional breaks give these tracks a sensual feel.

Signal Runners - Backfire (Activa + Verny vs 8 Wonders Rmxs) - Somatic Sense - SOMATIC012
If you ever wonder what they play across the pond(Europe), this would be a great example of energetic epic trance that some of the big DJs use to
motivate crowds.

Mercurio - Music /(b.side) Box - Vapour - VR12043
A hauntingly deep echoed vocal pushes through oscillating synths as the percussion switches from breaks to 4/4 and back again. Please check your skills before attempting to mix. Flip for a more tribal inspired groove that lays it down thick in a 4/4 funk.

Armin vs M.I.K.E. - Intruder /(b.side) Pound, Armind - ARMD1009
Intruder is a serious builder. It seems the longer you play it the more alarms you set off. This one bangs along and the synths get more agressive up to the break. Things might seem tame in the break but just wait, all hell breaks loose again. I hope you can escape with your life and the top secret plans. Pound is more of a traditional melodic epic tune that chugs away and
then echos into the night.

MOS - Elektrify (Subsky Remix), Pissed Off Recordings - POR 001
Low growling basslines and trippy echoed bells resonating with a hint of electo-percussion float you off to a fluffy cloud where Care Bears and Candy Kids are giving out free hugs. More of the deep ethereal trance that dreams are made of.


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