An evolving collective took phocas.net to the different level for a couple of years.  It was a huge amount of fun, but difficult to sustain, coupled with a more social aspect emerging on the internet.

MySpace was at the top of their game, with Friendster on the rise.  Both would be overshadowed by Facebook, destined to become a sort of Wal Mart of the internet.

The timing of  it all could not have been more perfect either. Digital cameras were becoming more affordable and thus, more prevalent.

We had some good stories from aspiring writers and photographers, mostly from KC, and a few points beyond.  Their contributions will always be appreciated.  Below are the covers from those issues that ran from February 2005 through December 2006

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underground sound 3 - thre freaks come out

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miss hawaiian tropic international model search 2003 kc finals