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event photos jul.05

Flyers for events photographed in November 2005 appear below.  

A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that.

Raoul Belmans and Luke Sardello
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Outside Tent - DJ Muggs, Josh Wink, Aaron Liberator, Scott Henry, Anabolic Frolic, DJ Tatiana, and DJ Moon  /  Main Room - D.A.V.E. The Drummer, DJ Micro, D:Fuse, Frankie Bones, Superstar DJ Keoki, Michael Myers, and Prophet  /  House Room - Miles Maeda, Pete Moss, DJ Heather, Ken from E.C.B., John Trepp, Future Funk, and J Leroy  /  Jungle Room - DJ Starscream, Shimon, Marcus Intalex, Welcome to the Violence Tour featuring Hive and Gridlock, Swarm featuring Mason and DStar along with Thrust, Force, Gogo 13, Shaded Intelect, and MCs Armanni, Sharpness, Illy MC, and Crash Overide  /  Hardcord Room - Rob Gee, Lenny Dee, Delta 9, Venom, Einstein, DJ Sanz One vs The Manchild, C.O.A., DJ Candy Kid, and Joey Hardcore  /  Fountain Lounge - Dr Octo-Pussy and Mighty Mike Saga, Sykopath, Integrity, Mr. Matt, and DJ Dank.
Somewhere in New York
photos by senseone

Andy Caldwell, with DJ Ataxic upstairs
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

The Simply Soul Syndicate, upstairs with DJ Shad
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

Steve Thorell & Bill Pile
The Point
Kansas City, MO

Jack & Jill with residents Paul DeMatteo, Brent Scholz, Mike Dileo
Jilly's on Broadway
Kansas City, MO

Sandra Collins, with residents Paul DeMatteo and Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

07.08 - 07.10.2005
The Four-Four Main Stage, sponsored by Damn Mgmt, Temporal Rhythm, Republik and featured two huge live performances from Rabbit In The Moon with VJ Tek, as well as Astral Projection, as well as John '00' Fleming, Donald Glaude, Superstar DJ Keoki, Matt Hardwick, Chris Liberator, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Hatiras, Accuface, and Josh "The Funky 1", Jelo, The Beat Freakers, Kenny Glasgow, Deko-ze, OS/2, Dr. Trance, Walter Rosati, Steve Venom, Phantasm, Android, Kamikazi, Peter Ivals, Drag N Fly, Bratan, and The Lamberts.  /  The Bassline Main Stage, sponsored by Destiny, Circle Management, Numb, and Bomb Management featured Mix Master Mike of The Beastie Boys (San Francisco, USA - Beastie Boys, Invisible Skratch Pickles), as well as DJ Hype, Mampi Swift, Ed Rush, Shy Fx, Reid Speed, Freaky Flow, Czech, MC GQ, MC Rhymetyme, IC3, SCAM, Capital J, Mystical Influence, Marcus Visionary, Ryan Ruckus, Everfresh, Prime, Slip & Slide, OriginalVIBE, X-Khalibur, Crash, D-Syfa, Dave Saddler, D Monic, Marty McFly, Tasc, Red Turtle, Miss Michie, MC Caddy Cad, MC JD, MC Bandit, MC Trajady, M.C.P., and MC LAL  /  The HardSound Stage on Friday night featured DJ Unknown, Robbie Long, Tyrant, E.N.D, DJ Glow, DJ Gobstoppa, Lou Cabrasi, Milo, Psyklone, Scoots, Tyco, Virus, MC E.N.D, MC Gobstoppa, MC Rukkus, and  MC ROC, presented by Goodfellaz Crew.  /  Saturday Night, Big Kahuna Entertainment and Terror Inc brought Omar Santana, Buzz Fuzz, Sam Punk, Dominik, Mark Grimace vs Mannik, Unabomber, Belladonnakillz, EXT, Rex Manning, Lady Bass, Opel, Hardtripp vs. Lairdriver, Bacchus, Sydney Flashback, and Alpha-Ghetti
Orangeville Fairgrounds
Ontario, Canada
photos by shaun & nate

DJ Two Heavy
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO

featuring James Zabiela
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO

SvS, Arrythmia, and others with resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City, MO
photos by sarahB

Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Lady Tribe, Skizm, Tony Markham, Nyx, Control Freeks, and Shadowrunner
KC Convention Center
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & shaun

Joel and Bryan's Naked Loft Party
Jack & Jill, SaraPlease, Nick Steady
A Loft
Kansas City, MO
photos by joel

Steve Thorell & Eric Sheridan
Grand Emporium
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

Ali Shaheed Muhammad with residents Paul DeMatteo & Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & shaun

Miss Hawaiian Tropic Model Search 2005 Week 1
and resident DJs Steve Thorell & Bill Pile
Westport Beach Club
Kansas City, MO

Ben Fuller, Nick Steady, and resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City, MO
photos by sarahB

Paul DeMatteo, Brent Scholz, Mike Dileo
Jilly's on Broadway
Kasnas City, MO

Simply Soul Syndicate
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

featuring Bryan Cox & Kid Icarus, cVaughn, Aether, Tony Markham, DJason, Johnny Tremayne
Granada Theater
Lawrence, KS
photos by laura

Victor R, with Paul DMatteo, Ray Peña, and PDP
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

SvS, Nick Steady, Mr_Nuro, and Manders
A House
Gladstone, MO
photos by sarahB

Miss Hawaiian Tropic Model Search 2005 Week 2
and resident DJs Steve Thorell & Bill Pile
Westport Beach Club
Kansas City, MO

DJ Two Heavy
Empire Room
Kansas City, MO

Arrhythmia and resident cQuence
Cup & Saucer
Kansas City, MO
photos by sarahB

 Scott Henry, Scott Richmond, Kookane, DJ Delirium, Gonzo, Mth I-S vs The Germ in the Main Room   /  The D&B/Hardcore Room showcased Mason, The Personal Nightmare Tour with Krazy Glue, Force, Pinky & Da Brain; The Dream Team featuring Mike Charles, Skrilla, Thoc, and Kapalm; Kaos Theory featuring Psylense, Moxilla, Playin Manits, Dynasty, Spark-1 & MC ?Jinx?, MC Crash Override, and MC Precious  /  The Chill-Out lounge featured Brian Paste, JD Funk, Dave Mars, Unity, Trust vs Loxias, and FatJo
The Wave
 New Paltz, NY
photos by senseone

The Main Stage had BT performing a Live Laptop Symphony, along with Junkie XL, Bad Boy Bill, and Steve Smooth, with local support from The Control Freeks and Sydeburnz, and a special performance by  VJ Nexus.  /  The Jungle Room featured Dieselboy, MC J-Messinian, and Hive, with are regional and local support from Plan 9, Oshae, GC, Konsept, and Arrhythmia.  /  The Midwest Room featured Nevin & Sir Thomas, Wes Luker, Dave McRoberts, Drumaddic, and Stretch, with local support from Johnny Scott and Jared Maib.  /  In yet a fourth VIP Room, Trevor Lamont teamed up with Sam-Me, Chocolate Troy with Trevor Matthews, with regional and local support from Steve Thorell, Brent Crampton, and Manders.
Uptown Theater
Kansas City, MO
photos by todd & shaun

Kansas City, MO

Steve Thorell & Eric Sheridan
Grand Emporium
Kansas City, MO

Dave Scuba with residents Paul DeMatteo & Ataxic
Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub
Kansas City, MO
photos by shaun

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Friday, July 01, 2005

shadowrunner on decks

by Jay ~ In 1989, Shadowrunner awoke to a new rhythm of life found in late nights, all types of different souls and redemption in the dark pulsating arenas of clubs and house parties. Strange new experiences made him more aware of the power of music and how it affects the intellect and alters emotions. This was the start of a long artistic journey of one man for a life in the electronic music culture.

Pizzazz dance club, and later The Power Plant in Lawrence, KS was his first experience working lighting and sound. From August of 89 to February 91, he did lighting for the clubs and house parties as well as started to learn the technical aspects of spinning. These jobs taught him the valuable lesson of creating enjoyable atmospheres with minimal lighting and varied styles of electronic music. It was easy to be accepted into this new group of people, living with the music and being responsible in this community. Attitudes were focused on the exploration of new music and always creating an appropriate vibe to promote the underground sounds.

Fortune smiled on him early on in 1995 when he co-founded a promotions group, “Gawdawful Productions“, which would play a role in helping to cultivate the electronic music scene in Kansas City and elsewhere. His many efforts in this partnership would help produce and manage a handful of larger scale parties, promotions for numerous other events, and weekly house parties and club events. Bringing in such artists as Heather Heart, Adam X, DRC, as well as, showcasing many local and regional talents too.

However, after Gawdawful, he still was content to promote artists and produce parties. As a partner in the label, he represented a group of DJ’s and composers, all talented in their own right, under Nexstrand Records (1997). After a year and a half the partnership dissolves with two releases under their belts.

Finding a passion for his companion’s work and truth in their undertakings, he progressed onto the next level. He opted, after toiling in the background for years, to take a stab at the limelight. Thus, in January of 1999, he devoted himself to his love of the music. Mixing seemed to come easy to him. The many years of studying the technical aspects of music and mixing helped to hasten his skills. Within 3 months, he had his first headlining gig at a smaller club event, and within 6 months, he started headlining at larger events and nightspots regularly.

In the late summer of 1999, Shadowrunner befriended some of the region’s best organizers of the Midwest’s electronic music culture, Nothing made him prouder than being a SyQuiL dj, and helping out with the site. Pappy (Patrick Adams), the owner of the site, contributed so much to the local and regional scene and gave so much exposure to many people and events.

In the summer of 2001, he started a rotation of the regional bars playing regularly at Tragos, The Omni, The Millennium, XO, and with Rj Bass at the Hurricane (a popular club in KC), as well as, keeping up a good schedule of out of town gigs.

Long after he established himself, he continued his journey into the realm of musical immersion by purchasing a Roland MC 505. After gaining competency with this, he pursued the dream further with the Roland SP 808 EX and signed with a local enthusiast group, Goblin Market (2002).

September of 2003 Shadowrunner was approached to assist in the technical operations of an emerging new nightclub in Kansas City. Chakra was a new nightspot with a comfortable approach to clubbing in KC. Shadowrunner took the position of lighting and sound coordinator. Over the course of the next year, he took on many responsibilities (bookings, promotions, staging, bar tending, managerial support, remodeler, and resident disc jockey).

Early 2005: Shadowrunner joins forces with Syde-Sho, KC Collective, and He is very anxious to bring his talents to these respected collectives of artists.

His latest CD was in preparation for a spot at Midwest Freakfest in Murphysboro, Illinois. Aurora Sanctum is a collection of some of his recent favorites. He had the early morning set that shut down the stage and welcomed in the dawn.

Click HERE to have a listen now!

Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender (Tiesto Rmx) - Nettwork, US
Ridgewalkers feat. El - Find (Original Mix) - Baroque, UK
Yunus & Subsky - Erotic Sumo - Red Flag Collective, US
Dousk– Mute - Bedrock, UK
Perry O'Neil– Arise - Electronic Elements, Belgium
Avatar - The Haze (Greed Rmx) - SogChrome, UK
Yellow Blackbeard - Superfly (Greed Rmx) - Sogchrome, UK
Parallel Sound - Beyond Your Soul - Hope Recordings, UK
Girl Nobody - Why Am I Alone (Wrecked Angle Rmx) - Release Elements, Canada

What Shadowrunner says this about his CD:

I made this CD to get a feel of a morning set. Sometimes when your senses have been assaulted all night long, it’s nice to kick back and relax to a pretty set. Originally, I was scheduled for an hour set, so the CD was made to be about sixty minutes to practice the programming or general flow of tracks.

The first couple of tracks I keep it vocal and beautiful to lure in the people. Then the next pair of tracks I take them to a dark sensual place and let them relax for a bit. Starting about the fifth track I drift towards an uplifting synth driven movement. This gets the energy flowing and opens the way for the next two tracks. They are more of a rock inspired pair of club tracks that drive hard and don’t let up. Nearing the end of the CD I go a bit breaky with a neo-techy from Hope. This starts to wind it down enough to end it out with a punk vocal break track that pulls back and ends it all.

For more information just eMail DJ Shadowrunner directly!

solaris july 2005 techno

Solaris ~ Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Blipped Out – Unknown - BLIP004
I feel like after waking up I just had my cup of java. To bad the coffee was laced with angel dust, cause nuttin' got me up and goin' like this track. Hard and minimal just like your local pusher/pimp likes it. Just don’t try to sell it to him you’ll be invading his turf.

Schranz – Unknown - SCHRANZ028
The time of hard techno is here! This single side sisters of mercy remix is by far a go getter! What can I say the second pick and I already have a need for some blood pressure medication. Even a good pacemaker to make sure that my roommate can weather out this one!

Carnage - Darc Marc vs. Andreas Kremer - CARNAGE11
You know all the little creatures have left the forest due to the earthquakes being constructed when people dance to this. Just please break cadence so we don’t put a hole in the earth.

Purples - Andre Walter - PURPLES008
A bit less intense than your ordinary lobotomy, but who needs one of them everyday? I just hope the hospital has room for all the new patience they will be getting from this one!

E.L.P. – Joykit - ELP11007
A nice track here! I mean nice and chill with a progressive build. I tell you some people have been putting in overtime in the studio lately! I hope they are getting their proper union breaks.

What now? How many things can I say about this that you shouldn’t already know? Its like someone took me back to Miami and I was at Tronic Treatment all over again. Make sure you stock up on Tums, because techno has been known to make your ulcers flare up.

Beast Music - Lars Klein - BEAST001
What is the sign of the beast? Well I may not know that but this man may very well be the Anti-Christ. Take this track and get it blessed before you play it. Otherwise you might have to have a mass exorcism after your set! Beware this wax can kill!

Incharge – Marco V - IC002
Hooked on music and drum lines? Then this is your one fix that needs tamed. Please whatever you do stay away from the fire! Remember wax melts! After hearing this you will want to cool your heels, well not me, this stuff gets my blood flowing and lets me know that there really is a god out there looking after me.

Domestic Minimal Noise - Marco Carola - DMN04
I listened to this track and wanted it on here, then I looked at the producer and well, why am I not surprised? This thing is as sweet falling into the plush red carpet and having your local dealer get you a taxi to the hospital. Give him a tip because we like the comedown in a controlled environment.

Arms – Various - ARMS06
The Lies are Like Wishes EP. Now if I had a wish it is to have a top twenty this month, but for now I will make due with giving you, my faithful, a nice choice for last. I feel like I should be hanging upside down on a girder 50 floors up on a construction site to do this one justice. And who needs safety equipment? We like it raw, slightly abusive, and possibly dangerous. Take your time, not all of us are hard as nails.

shadowrunner july 2005 trance

DJ Shadowrunner  ~ With over fifteen years experience in the local and regional electronic music scene, DJ Shadowrunner has been a promoter, producer, DJ , as well as, provider of sound and lighting for clubs and events. Through the years he has gained quite the ear for the music that will inspire and move the crowds. Check out his monthly picks in the genre of Trance, and enjoy the music of the night.

Orchid - Space Design - Silver Planet - SILVER068X
This new three track offering from Orchid has its' own distinctive flight plans for each track. 1. Atmospheric, soft sensual floating pads and melodic keys whisk you through cirrus clouds as echoed breaks signify your eminent gentle decent back to the dance floor. 2. Sub-orbital, a more powerful progressive breaks hovers in between the two levels with much of the same that fueled the first track. 3. Orbital, this one has the 4/4 proggy energy to go higher and faster, and as you break your ascent into the heavens arpeggiated synths are broadcast back to mission control. Let them know you'll be up here for a while.

Mike Foyle Presents Statica - For Your Eyes (Orkan Blushes Remix), <b-side> Space Guitar (Ljungqvist Remix) - Electronic Elements - ELEL025
Passionate guitars weep over an echoed breathy female vocal. Slow melodic pads warm the measures for the steamy percussive groove that ensues. Naughty naughty!!

Terry Grant Feat. Jennifer Home - I'll Kill You (John Debo Remix) - Bedrock - BED59
I have to warn you this track is arousing and steamy almost to the point of erotic. Deep soulful guitars hook you while the wanton vocals pull you into its hot embrace. If you want your audience to feel dirty and lustful, drop this and see what happens.

Dj Vincenzo - Tough Enough, <B-side> Smash - Bonzai - BM2005193
Hi I'm Dj Shadowrunner and I'm a synth-a-holic, (the usual unimpressed reply) hi shadowrunner. I was well on my way to sobriety then I heard these two from Dj Vincenzo and I fell off the wagon. With 150 proof synth driven epicness, it’s going to take some time for everyone to recover after these have been dropped.

Ljungqvist - Explanations, <B-side> Society - Bonzai Trance Progressive - BTP1092005
If there is a formula to BTP's success, trust me when I say, Ljungqvist has refined it to its most potent yet. Take a dose of their uplifting strings and take a flight of imagination.

Gabriel & Dresden - Portobello, <B-side> Serendipity - Organized Nature - ORGN002
This is a no brainer. Gabriel & Dresden = Quality!!! Portobello drives the arpeggiators low and fast so that when it hits the changes, look out for the swirling pads and synths. As for Serendipity, if you like a sinister feel with nasty breakdown, this ones for the smooth criminal in you.

Benz & MD - Unconditional, <B-side> Mar Del Plata (Dousk Remix) - Aurium - AURIUM006
These Canadians are world renowned and revered for their ethereal style of trance. Their latest addition is no different. Floaty echoed melodies with inspiring rhythms merge tightly with such sophisticated percussions.

Jonathan Lisle OS_0.2 (LP) - <Trafik featuring Rachel Lamb - Surrender (Habersham & Blake Potter Remix)> - <B-side: Steiger - Ghost Sector (Original Mix)> - Bedrock - BEDOS02LP1
Ghost Sector's baseline floats dark and deep while strings, flutes, and chopped up pads all take turns at pushing the major movements in the piece. Surrender (also on Global Underground) nails the dark groove with extreme prejudice. Rachel Lamb's vocals will haunt you with her breathy echoed style. This is a double A side that needs to dropped in prime time.

LIQUID SOUL - Go Reality - Iboga - IBOGA29
Progressive and Psy-Trance fuse to take you on a trip long since forgotten. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let go of your conscious mind. These infectious Goa-esque grooves are your ticket to the next subconscious roller coaster ride. Please, keep your hands and feet inside of the hallucinations, PLEASE!

JAY WAVE - Samsara (Christian Cambas Remix) - Sog Liquid - SOGLQ030
Envision soft breaky rhythms circling the depths below while elevated melodies embed themselves in the hook. Sometimes it’s better to take the auto pilot off, do some aerobatics, take in the scenery, and enjoy the ride.

svs july 2005 jungle-dnb

Originally from Long Island, NY, SVS has been playing around in Kansas City since mid-2000, playing different types of music over that time and finally settling on Jungle & DnB and pushing the limits of that since. Here's his picks for the month!

Bad Company Presents: Bad Taste LP: Promo: Bad Company BCP007LP
This is an amazing 4 pack with artist like Noisia, The Upbeats, Body & Soul, Teebee, & Chase. The LP is jam packed with BC bass lines and is definitely more geared for the darker crowd. The show stealer of this pack has to be State of Mind's 'Different Strokes'. Be on the look out for this sometime in July.

Adam F Presents: Drum & Bass Warfare LP: Kaoss Recordings: KAOS001LP
This LP by far does not sell short. With works and remixes Dillinja, Mickey Finn, & J Majik you'd think that would be enough. Add some of the top rap artist such as Capone & Noreaga, Pharoahe Monch, even one by M.O.P. and it's no wonder this double pack is getting so much play. When worlds collide at their best.

Audio [Resonant Evil]: The Warrior & The Serpent/Nostrama: G2 Recordins: G2020
Resonant Evil is back at it again with their rendition of The Warrior & The Serpant.
Classic vocals intertwine with today's hardest bass line. This EP is enough to make the dead come back to life. Nostrama is hard hitting and every ounce of pure evil.

Big Bud Presents: Fear Of Flying LP Sampler: Sound Trax: FILM008
This is a very nice transition pack. With the ragga beat of 'Children of Jah' to the
down tempo mc'ing of "Just Can't Hold Me Down' feat. Dan Markus. 'How I Make My Gs" is a nice hip hop beat but is bestly carried by the vocals of G Rhymes. Two splifs up on another Big Bud classic in the works.

Black Sun Empire & Concord Dawn: Driving Insane LP Sampler: Black Sun Empire: BSELP001SAM
All I have to say is it's about time these two power houses got together and did something dark. The Sun VIP has an amazing first break into this massive pile of bass. Need only to mention the speeding drum clashes. The flip side of the LP is a nice dark roller. Very fast paced with a nasty high pitched synth line Lets hope this isn't the last we see of this style from these two camps.

crampton july 2005 house

Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment. And with the Winter Music Conference just behind us, so many great choons are now on the market.

Fred Everything – Area DJ 2005 Smartbar: June – 2020Vision/Lazy Days

Courtesy of Brad Owen of Smartbar, I was passed some Smartbar exclusive cuts. As Owen described to me, they’ll get tracks from various DJs that play in the internationally recognized house club in Chicago, so they’ll press them to vinyl and pass them out as give-aways. With two Fred Everything cuts, this plate hosts smooth melodies, grooving percussion and round-about base lines. “That thang” has Heather’s sexy spoken word vocal sampled throughout the track with jazz keys. Side B hosts the “Friday” track that recently has been gaining much acclaim. This time though, it’s the Lazy Dub version. With the same funky guitar riff and base line, you’ll be pleased at its dance floor appeal.

Andy Caldwell – May - Area DJ 2005 Smartbar Record Series

With his beautiful electro sound that Caldwell has been developing over the past few years, “Brand New Day” is executed with that 80’s house feel, compelling female vocals and pop-esque melodies. “Don’t You Love Me” gets a bit more nasty, breaking it down with an edgy base line and broken-beat feel. “Pushin” is falling straight to an old school vibe with Hacienda-garage-style guitar riffs and beautiful vocals by Gine Rene. All these tracks are will be released on Caldwell’s forthcoming release.

Jesse Outlaw feat. Bernard Harris – Love You So – Eargasmic

Take subtle melodies, soulful vocals, New York style percussion, and you’ve just spelled out Jesse Outlaw’s style. Packed with a main mix, acapella, instrumental and dub version of the track, you’ll find plenty of DJ tools that break technical boundaries as well as emotional confines. While Harris’s voice is gifted, I prefer the less-is-more dub track that makes a great deep house-layering track.

Da Sunlounge – Freak Show – Myna Music

Blue notes and cascading
With a high production quality, the base lines hit clear, hard and punchy. Adding funkified sampled vocal stabs, guitar strumming and George Clinton style synths, the “Freak Show” track brings out the foot-stomping. Bringing out the clubbin’ sampled jazz house, “Dressed in Blue” just makes the world drag on and on.

DJ Sneak – House of OM – OM

If you checked out the widely distributed house CD mixed, you’ll know the funkiness of the CD is enough to make you wanna dye your hair with purple, blue and green stripes. Does that make sense? Perhaps no, but no sense is to be had for not buying this album. The double-packed unmixed-vinyl cuts are jam full of eight different tracks. Covering the get-down grooves of boompty, quirk, acid, funk, bits of jazz and jack with producers such as Jason Hodges, No Asembly Firm, JT Donaldson and Johnny Fiasco, the LP is all dance floor friendly. I was expecting a bit more high-energy house from Sneak, but his music selection is tasteful. Just make sure your sound system has plenty of support on the lower end of things.

Gene Farris – Da Number 8 – Industry

Bringing an acid track to the international bay front of house music, Farris briefly steps away from his soulful, cool & melodic production persona in the EP, to connect to his Chicago roots through acid. Adding a male vocal, the track takes on a feel of rock electronic dance that The Faint pumps out. If that sound floats your boat, check the track out. I’m sure there’s a crowd out there that will respond. As for me, I’ll let Farris ride out his experimental tip, while awaiting ashore for his next release.

Kings of Tomorrow – Another Day – Defected

Taking on that UK Ben Watt feel to house music, Another Day is bringing another track to the impressive catalogue at Defected. The Fanatix mix takes the cake when it comes to the sugar-filled frosting melody, sprinkled with light female vocals and candles burning to the light-acid-jazz Rhodes keys occurring around the last bite of the track. Light, deep and beautifully crafted, the bakery located across the Atlantic Ocean by the name of Kings of Tomorrow brings the musicality to a mouth near you.

Niko Bellotto – My Definition – Tangent Beats

Starting off with two mundane acid-electro-ish track, I almost passed this one by. But pulling up my crate-digging instincts, I took the patience upon me to check out the other tracks. Then I came across a dub base line with spacey chords, Afro-Caribbean percussion and a scatting saxophone line. At this point I’m hooked, but then I was reeled in when the last cut brought out that funky-base line guitar, jumpin’ jazz and floating flute house feel.

rj bass july 2005 breakbeats

Ok all you bass heads, its that time again for your monthly dose of breaks reviews and this month I decided to go a bit further then just your ordinary singles reviews. This month and in future months I will not only be reviewing a few hot singles for the dj's out there, but also other breaks genre topics such as radio shows, events, mix cd's, web-sites etc. The breaks community is an extremely large one that extends all across the globe and encompasses many different styles going all the way back to the late 50's and early 60's with early funk and the roots of hip-hop which would later evolve into the various forms of music we now call break beats. So it really isn't fair to just sit back and write reviews for a few singles that truly only represent a very narrow portion of what breakbeat truly is. So with that in mind, here we go.

The Flash Mash - Sirius Satellite Radio - Every Saturday night from 6-9pm Eastern USA - Channel 61, Boombox, The Home of the Breaks
Remember Grandmaster Flash? Those of you who were breakin and taggin back in the early 80's and late 70's will remember him. He is considered the Godfather of hip-hop, and the creator of breakbeat music. Flash has been around so long now, and has accomplished so much in the past 30 years, that its a wonder that something like this show didn't come around much sooner, although we didn't have Satellite Radio up till not to long ago, so I guess it makes sense. Anyways, the Flash Mash is Grandmaster Flashs' show every Saturday night on Boombox 61. The Flash mixes it up for three hours straight blending old school disco, with old school breaks, house, new breaks, and various forms of dance music classics and soon to be classics. One hour of listening to his show and you will not only give your ears a proper eargasm, but you will learn more about the roots of modern dance music. It's one thing to read an article, but its another thing to hear the music being played. Every week I tune into his show to hear what sort of crazy track he will drop next, cuz with the Flash you just never know. Sometimes it is something that you know, and many times its a very obscure b-side single that never made it to top-40 radio, but was smashing the dance floors in its day. For those of you breaks heads wondering where exactly the Plump Dj's found that latest sample on the newest single, theirs about a 100% chance that the Flash has the original 12 inch single and when that new Plump Dj's single makes it big in the dance community, you can bet that the Flash will be dropping the original and he will damn sure let you know about it. Catch the Flash Mash every Saturday Night from 6-9pm on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 61. For those of you who don't have Sirius yet, head over to and check out their three day free internet trial. But wait till later in the week, otherwise your three days will expire before The Flash Mash on Saturday night.

Kreecha (Janatah Dj's, Liverpool, England) - Kreecha Kuts II mixed cd
You like bass, and breaks, and wicked scratching on top of more bass, breaks, and wicked scratching? Well then you will love Kreechas 2nd installment of Kreecha Kuts. Coming out of Liverpool, this young dj star has been making a name for himself tearing up the England breaks scene with his wicked style of mixing and popular radio shows on and Kreecha sent me this mix cd for play on my radio show, Frosted Breaks, and even though the show aired a couple weeks ago, I'm still jamming out to this cd. Containing tracks from the Freestylers, the Plump Dj's, Friendly, Blim and more, your sure to start shaking your ass every time the bass hits the speakers. To download this mix just click on the following link,
Ever since shut down three years ago, the nu skool breaks community has been struggling with finding a good home on the internet for their music outlet and discussion. Some went over to (which is a fantastic site in its own right) and some went to other various web sites from around the globe. Recently however a newer site has been popping up on many a breaks head radar. is the USA's home for breakbeats. With music reviews, charts, downloads, events, and more, has made a solid place for itself in the global breaks community. Visit them online at

Friendly - The Bump and Grind - Fat! (Dj Single)
Friendly has been steadily climbing the charts in the breaks community with every new single he puts out. Originally from Australia, this young breaks producer has been making his home in London as of late, and it has really worked out for him. His latest single has been receiving play from some of the best breaks dj's and producers in the world to include The Plump Dj's, Kreecha, AWE Soundsystem, JDS, as well as Dj Prato and myself. The Bump and Grind is a dope ass track that is full of energy and pumping bass lines, as well as a sweet UK style funk that is sure to make the bodys move on the dance floor. Pick it up at your local retailer or internet shop.

The Plump Dj's - The Rub Off (Album Sampler from Saturday Night Lotion) - Finger Licken (Dj Single)
Only my 2nd month of reviews and already i have my 2nd Plump Djs review. When you have a duo such as the Plump Djs constantly pumping out hot new releases its a wonder you don't see more dj's writing reviews and playing their music. The Rub Off is one of their latest tracks to come out on a Finger Licken 12”. This song very much reminds me of Electric Disco (released in 98) in the fact that it combines that funky UK breaks sound with that glitchy acid house sound. This is one of those tracks that dj's from both genres will be claiming, since The Rub Off contains all the elements of breaks and nearly all the elements of house. The kick drum gives you the constant four to the floor sound at many points in the song, but yet it changes up just enough to be considered still a breaks track. The Plumps have always been fantastic at doing these sort of cross genre type songs. The bass line in The Rub Off is very deep and chugging while the acid synth lines crank out a glitchy type sound that is so amazing in its placement, even a few of the lighter techno dj's might be grabbing up this track. Regardless of your style, breaks, house, techno, it wont matter, your dance floor will thank you for this song. Its well worth the import price.

Thats it kids. See ya next month.

balance 007 album release tour

Betty Kang, PlexiPR ~ Fresh off the heels of his new mix album Balance007, a 3xCD and 2x12" vinyl album from the acclaimed Balance CD series from Australia's EQ Recordings, DJ/producer Chris Fortier continues his trek along his U.S. and international tour dates.

On Balance007, Chris Fortier’s brings together a long career in electronic dance music to emerge with an evolved album featuring the minimal, mechanic sounds of a DJ whose tech-laden side is in force. The album features various tracks from established artists such as Carl Craig, Rabbit in the Moon, Hardfloor, Bent, Slam, and Agoria, as well as obscure electro cuts mined from obscurity. His reputation as a skillful deft mixer is prevalent here with ultra smooth transitions including his own re-edits that create a “crushing symphony” across 3xCDs. (

Currently on his summer 2005 tour, Chris Fortier continues to travel to every corner of the globe with a heady arsenal of underground tunes that propel the dance floor into action. Shortly following his US and European tour dates this summer, Chris will venture to the Far East (China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Singapore) before returning to continue the Autumn leg of his U.S. tour.

Currently residing in New York City, Chris’s long 15 year trajectory as a highly successful label and record pool owner, DJ, producer, and remixer has all influenced the impact of dance music in America. His roots can be traced to the early nineties in Orlando, Florida, where he was spotted by DJ Icey and quickly heralded by Kimball Collins as resident at the infamous Aahz nightclub. These visionary and legendary nights served as a platform to bring Sasha and John Digweed to America for the first time, and establish the early “progressive” sound that would become synonymous with clubbers and DJs alike for years to come. Steeped in a background of learning his craft through long sets at his various residencies during his days in Central Florida and later at Twilo in New York, Chris is a veteran DJ who has learnt his craft the long and hard way with perseverance and a true passion achieving hard-won respect.

In 1999, Chris together with partner Neil Kolo remixed Delerium “Silence” featuring Sarah McLachlan vocals which became an instant underground sensation with over 1,000,000 copies sold worldwide! Also as head of Fade Records, one of America’s consistently superior imprints, Chris has overseen a string of successful releases since 1995 and has continued to produce his own dancefloor hits like ‘Whateveritis’ and utilized the label to nurture new talent like Steve Porter and Icelandic band Funk Harmony Park. Most recently, under Chris’ leadership the Balance Record Pool was recently awarded the Best Record Pool award at the 2005 International Dance Music Awards (IDMA).

The year 2005 will be another milestone in the long career of an undisputed dance floor doyen who ultimately delivers with Balance007 and across dancefloors globally.

Chris Fortier ‘Balance007’ Summer 2005 Tour Dates

June 15 - Albuquerque, USA @ The Pulse
June 17 - Los Angeles, USA @ King King
June 24 - New York City @ Sullivan Room
June 25 - San Francisco, USA @ 111 Minna
July 01 - Boston, USA @ Rise
July 02 - Washington DC @ Andalu
July 03 - Pittsburgh, USA @ Sanctuary
July 07 - Mexico City, Mexico @ Alcanto
July 08 - Queratara, Mexico @ Fore Play
July 09 - Guadalajara, Mexico @ Club Euro
July 15 - Madrid, Spain @ Coppelia 101
July 16 - Fragma Huesca, Spain @ Monegros Desert Festival
July 21 - Indianapolis, USA @ Evolving
July 22 - Milwaukee, USA (TBC)
July 23 - Seattle, USA @ Trinity
July 29 - Atlanta, USA @ The Mark
July 30 - Miami Beach, USA @ Nocturnal

About the BALANCE compilation series…

Australian Melbourne based EQ’s Balance compilation series is a success story for many reasons. There are few, if any, Australian labels that can boast such an internationally reputed series. Slowly gaining on the heels of the Global Underground series, Balance serves as a flagship for the progressive movement, although the acclaimed offerings from recent Balance contributors Phil K, James Holden and Chris Fortier have made fans of progressive use the word in its widest possible context. “Part of the reason I agreed to do the mix was because I really liked where the series was going, especially Phil K’s and James Holden’s mixes,” explains Fortier. “I really liked that it had created its own identity now. And I liked the fact that I could still do whatever I wanted to do, and still contribute to the defining nature of the series as opposed to being part of a series that everyone already has a definition for.” (INPRESS – Terry Goldfain)

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porterhouse 2005

by Betty Kang, PlexiPR ~ Steve Porter began his beefy assault on dance floors with his inaugural Porterhouse party at the State nightclub, Winter Music Conference 2005 - to a rousing crowd that clamored for more even after the last beat dropped. Since then he has continued on his HOMEGROWN debut artist album tour in over 30+ US cities, bringing his Porterhouse brand of “no rules, no borders” approach to dance music across the Americas.

This summer, Steve Porter will kick off 3 new quarterly residencies across North America with a few more cities pending. Each Porterhouse event will feature elaborate decorations, stunning visuals, live performances and of course, cutting-edge Porterhouse music. Steve will actually kick off with a few select dates with superstar DJ Sasha on his Fundacion NYC US tour. In a recent interview, Sasha recalls Steve’s “great energy,” a trait that Steve brought to his guest slot at Sasha’s Fundacion party at Avalon Hollywood (April 2005) and continues to bring along with his “infectious house music” in his own DJ sets and Porterhouse parties.

This is just the precursor to the upcoming Porterhouse EP due out in November 2005 and a new mix compilation Porterhouse in January 2006. This will be eagerly anticipated, especially after his debut artist album HOMEGROWN has already garnered such high praise as the “future of dance music” (BPM MAGAZINE) and as an “infectious new sound that blends elements of funk, techno, retro-electro, trance and progressive house.” (INNERPHASENY.COM) The album release will be supported by a full U.S. & world tour with the Porterhouse experience going on the road featuring elaborate decorations, stunning visuals, live performances and of course, cutting-edge Porterhouse music. Steve will also hand pick guest artists to be featured during the Porterhouse nights including long-term collaborators (Agent 001, HDS & Bons, Joe Mama) and international guests DJs.

This Boston transplant and adopted New Yorker is the son of a famous scientist and as such, Steve was always somewhat of a prodigy. With the support of his mom (she baked the apple pie on the cover of the HOMEGROWN album) and strong mentoring network (Chris Fortier, John Digweed, Sasha), his talents have manifested into a successful musical production and DJing career. This one-time high school prom DJ and wedding mobile disc jockey has artfully amassed a musical arsenal of over 50 original productions and 30 remixes (including Amber, Iio and Andrea Britton remixes) and is now playing alongside one of the world’s most revered DJs and is quickly coming into his own limelight. In contrast to his humble persona, Steve continues to stand at the helm of the dance floor enthralling clubbers globally.

Get ready for your next helping of Porterhouse coming to a city near you!


(** New Quarterly Residencies)

July 01 - Ottawa @ Canada Day Festival - Surface Nightclub with Seb Fontaine, Bad Boy Bill
July 03 - New York City @ Cielo with James Zabiela – Renaissance presents Utilities
July 09 - Miami @ Club Space - main room and terrace
July 10 - Jacksonville, Florida @ Blue Room
July 16 - Hamptons, NY @ Star Room
July 20 - Madeira Island, Portugal @ Galo Pool
July 22 - Boston @ Avalon - Porterhouse residency launch with Eli Wilkie **
July 23 - Guadalara, Mexico @ Bosse
July 25 - Ibiza @ Penelope
July 29 - San Francisco @ Mezzanine - Porterhouse residency launch with Eli Wilkie **
July 30 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic @ Abacus
August 5 - Rimini, Italy @ Cubadust Club
August 6 - Riccione, Italy @ Peter Pan
August 10 - Amsterdam @ TBA
August 11 - Ibiza @ TBA
August 13 - Dublin, Ireland @ The Vault
August 19 - London, England @ Turnmills with Tall Paul
August 20 - Birmingham, England @ Godskitchen with Paolo Mojo, Tom Neville & Ferry Corsten
August 22 - Ibiza @ Penelope
August 26 - Melbourne @ Private Function
August 27 - Sydney @ Sweetchilli
Sept 1 - Sydney @ TBA
Sept 2 - Adelaide @ Fabric
Sept 3 - Canberra @ TBA
Sept 10 - Prague, Czech Republic @ Club Mecca
Sept 16 - Montreal @ Stereo - Porterhouse launch party **
Sept 30 - Tokyo, Japan @ WOMB

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suck my deck

by Betty Kang, PlexiPR ~ The Bugged Out DJ series Suck My Deck returns with the boss of the increasingly prolific Crosstown Rebels imprint and purveyor of the critically acclaimed Rebel Futurism compilations, Damian Lazarus.

Damian’s Suck My Deck selection is a top-notch mix by this all round hedonist, “dance floor DJ extraordinaire and keeper of the funk.” There are some album exclusives (Freaks “Tweekers” and Border Community wonder boy James Holden’s track “Lump”). There are some forthcoming treats from Crosstown Rebels (Pier Bucci / Matt Tollfrey & Craig Sylvester). There are some huge dance floor moments with Trentemoller, Issakidis, and the massive Superpitcher remix of M83. And there are some real surprises including Ricardo Villalobos’ criminally overlooked mix of Thomas Dolby and even the The Stranglers. While Damian brings his party aesthetic across the globe this summer, this soundtrack will be one of the summer’s essential electronic must-haves.

Damian Lazarus is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting DJ’s on the scene today with a sound that’s all about forward thinking electronic music and the more twisted hours of the morning. His faultless musical selection has picked up props around the world and most recently, Damian’s after hours DJing sessions at the Winter Music Conference were one of this year’s highlights. He constantly delivers a fresh and unique sound best described as dirty & deep, electro house - a rebel sound designed for lovers of late night madness, future dance floor classics and cutting edge new ideas. Elsewhere, his DJing antics have taken him to such respected spaces as Bugged Out! in London, Zouk in Singapore, Rex in Paris, Circo Loco at DC-10 in Ibiza, plus DJing tours to Australia, Mexico, the United States, and a host of other dirty & sweaty underground parties around the world.

Bugged Out began as a weekly party in Manchester in 1994 and grew to be a seminal, international clubbing tour de force throughout the UK and beyond. Once referred to as “the UK's primo alternative dance extravaganza” by The FACE, Bugged Out have consistently been at the forefront of the underground dance movement. Forever championing what is cutting-edge and exciting, they have played a big part in jump starting the careers of Tiga, Miss Kittin, Felix Da Housecat, Ivan Smagghe and many others on the UK scene. In 2000, Bugged Out Recordings was launched to reflect the sound of the club and also a series of compilations: ‘Bugged Out with Felix Da Housecat and Justin Robertson’ (2000 Virgin), ‘Viva Bugged Out by Jon Carter’ (2002 Virgin), ‘A Bugged Out Mix by Felix Da Housecat’ (2003 React), ‘A Bugged Out Mix by Erol Alkan’ (2005 Resist), the inaugural ‘Suck My Deck by Ivan Smagghe’ (2004 React) and now their latest ‘Suck My Deck by Damian Lazarus’ (July 2005 Resist).

Damian Lazarus Tour Dates

June 30 - Toronto, CA @ Boa
July 01 - Denver, CO @ Vinyl
July 02 - Los Angeles, CA @ Roam
July 06 - New York, NY @ Canal Room
July 08 - Chicago, IL @ Sound Bar
July 09 - Tampa, FL @ Hyde Park Cafe
July 16 - Ten Days Off, Ghent, Belgium
July 23 - Lovebox Festival, London
July 39 - Arene de Nime Festival, France
August 01 - Circoloco, DC10, Ibiza
August 06 - Freezer, Benicassim, Valencia
August 09 - Rebels @ Electrosplash, Valencia
August 12 - Empire, Middlesborough, UK
August 20 - Rebels @ Watergate, Berlin
September 03 - Clorofillia, Bari, Italy
September 22 - Haoman 17, Tel Aviv
September 30 - Kiosk, Lille, France

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greece across borders

by Betty Kang, PlexiPR ~ Dave Seaman's highly acclaimed Audio Therapy label is proud to announce the launch of a brand new album series entitled 'Across Borders'. The unmixed compilation will include exclusive tracks and will be available on three formats (CD, 2 x 12" and digital downloads). The album focuses on the very best production talent from a single country or region. The album boasts a unique claim as it is the first time artists and producers have had a consolidated format to showcase their work. Consequently, the series will be a welcome addition to Audio Therapy's already burgeoning catalogue.

First up in the series is Greece, a country rich in production talent with the likes of Nikola Gala’s Perasma project signing to Ministry of Sound and Dousk gaining releases on John Digweed’s Bedrock label. The Audio Therapy imprint already has a history of supporting Greek artists with releases from Stel & Good Newz and remixes from Christian Cambas and Kosmas Epsilon. This, alongside Dave Seaman’s frequent touring and popularity in the region, made Greece the obvious choice for the first release of the series.

Label head honcho Dave Seaman says “The amount of music I am given whilst out performing constantly amazes me. Being a DJ and running a label makes me an obvious target for producers to pass on their material. Sometimes, after a weekend of gigs, I have almost an albums worth of quality releases. A lot of the guys involved have already had some big releases on the worlds key labels like Bedrock and Yoshitoshi, we just wanted to unite all of them together on one album to show just how much of a current hotbed Greece is for quality material and talented producers. There are many other areas and countries that are really producing some outstanding music. We hope to turn our attention to these as the series progresses”.

The album features exclusive tracks for the album project from Christian Cambas, Dousk, G Pal, Jose Zamora, Kosmas Epsilon alongside Nick & John Dalagelis, Nikola Gala, Phatjack,Stel & Good Newz, Tonedepth and Viton.

Tour dates will be taking place in Greece throughout July to promote and launch the series in Greece. Also on the horizon is the new off shoot label ‘Therapy Music’ which will allow Dave and co. to sign and develop new artists as well as one off singles. The first single on the label was released in May 2005 and is titled “Little Soul” by Stel & Good Newz. The track can be heard on the upcoming Renaissance presents Therapy Sessions Volume 2 – Dave Seaman & Luke Chable compilation out now on Renaissance / Thrive Records.

‘Across Borders - Greece’ Tracklisting

G Pal & Anna Maria X – Within
Dousk – Bummer
Viton & KST – Yes, I See
Phatjak – Supermarket
Christian Cambas - Paramount
Tonedepth – Everything
V-Sag ft Ilias T - I Wasn’t Impressed Enough
Stel & Good Newz – Exactly What You Wanted
Nick & John Dalagelis – Quiet (Steve Is Listening)
Kosmas Epsilon – Ill Ssa

Summer 2005 Tour Dates

June 02 - Musika Club Curitiba, Brazil
June 03 - Santiago, Chile
June 04 - Brahma Beats Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 09 - Next Club Panama
June 10 - Bogota, Colombia
June 11 - Vertigo Club Costa Rica
July 7 - Patra, Greece
July 8 - Athens, Greece
July 9 - Thessaloniki @ Dance Stage Halkidiki, Greece
July 22 - Katarini @ Aqua Nova Katerini, Greece

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james zabiela utilities

by Betty Kang, PlexiPR ~ Sasha protégé James Zabiela (pronunciation: zah-bEE-la) continues to prove he is at the forefront of modern DJing with this eagerly anticipated follow-up to ALiVE, devoting one disc to the much publicized Ableton technology, mixed entirely off computer; whilst he goes totally live on the second, using 3 CD decks, samplers and EFX units. What results is a techy, bleepy and funky rendition of computerized soul.

A debate is raging within the world of dance music – what is the future of DJing? Three partisan camps have emerged: vinyl, CD and totally digital, using computer technology. In short, the modern DJ has more options as to how to mix than ever before. Quite remarkable when you consider but 5 short years ago, 3 decks were considered a novelty. Along the way there have been defining moments in this development; an outstanding example was 2004’s ALiVE album (Renaissance/System Recordings) by James Zabiela, the compilation being the first to truly highlight just what can be done using 3 Pioneer CDJ 1000s (the CD equivalent of a turntable) and an EFX unit. It even came with a short CD-Rom film demonstrating the totally live trickery that was employed.

A year on and James Zabiela once again joins forces with Renaissance for the follow-up. Given his well-documented love and support of the CDJs, you’d think that a further homage to the joys of CD mixology would be in order, but in part you’d be wrong. James explains, “Since ‘ALiVE’ there has been a huge leap in computer software. Things are continuing to move forward at a rapid speed. I therefore felt it was really important I made of use of all these technologies – or Utilities (hence the name) – available.” Aware of the long-running debate over formats, James hit upon his own unique idea to separate the technologies and let people draw their own conclusions. Utilities two discs therefore come as disc 1 - ‘Computed’ and disc 2 - ‘Recorded’. As the names suggest, one uses the much publicized Ableton technology and has been programmed entirely on computer, whilst the other makes a welcome return to last year’s format of CDJs, samplers and an EFX unit recorded live. “With this format on the album I’ve employed all the Utilities as I wanted to,” elaborates James, “But it has also allowed me to lay down what is essentially a musical debate. For the first time on one album, by comparing both discs, people can draw their own conclusions as to what system they prefer.”

But let’s not forget that beyond the mixing techniques James distinct musical style remains at the heart of the album. The album showcases James’ growing ability to bridge the experimental and club worlds, and it embodies a sound that presents a dancefloor take on techy and minimal progressive house, with just enough breaks to keep the funk oozing in and futuristic sci-fi elements that may just induce its own robophobia. In a further move to distinguish the follow-up, he also chose Utilities to be the platform to showcase his very first foray into the world of original production. The result is two incredible cuts – ‘Robophobia’ and ‘EyeAMComputer’ which are currently causing mayhem on dancefloors round the world and are available on the The Utilities EP [SINGLE] out now. Beyond his own productions James draws on a host of current talent, including the previously unavailable Kriece remix of Aphex Twin’s seminal ‘Windowlicker’ and tracks and remixes from Infusion, Buick Project, Trentemoller, Lee Coombs, Montero and many more.

James Zabiela ‘Utilities’ Album Release Tour

June 03 - Zouk, K.L.
June 04 - Park 97, Shanghai
June 10 - Loop, Taipei
June 11 - Womb, Tokyo
June 16 - Beijing
June 17 - M2, Seoul
June 18 - Zouk, Singapore
June 25 - Renaissance 'Utilities' CD Launch @ The Cross London
June 30 - Sun Set Club, Charlotte, NC
July 01 - Nation, Washington, DC
July 02 - Space, Miami
July 03 - Cielo (w/ Steve Porter), NYC
July 08 - Soundbar (w/ Damian Lazarus), Chicago
July 09 - Paradise Lounge, San Francisco

July 13 - Tantra, Calgary
July 14 - The Church, Denver
July 15 - Seven, Dallas
July 16 - Avalon Hollywood, LA
July 22 - Renaissance @ Dance Tuning Kiskunhalas
July 23 - Flort The Club Siofok
July 26 - Jul Dagopi @ Glam Puerto Banus
July 29 - Jul Godskitchen Global Gathering Stratford Upon Avon
July 30 - Renaissance @The Cross London
Aug 13 - Renaissance V Time Flies @ Solus Cardiff
Aug 20 - Club Q, Zurich
Aug 25 - Fundacion With Sasha At Space Ibiza
Aug 27 - Get Loaded Glasgow
Aug 28 - South West Four London
Aug 28 - Tribal Gathering Warehouse Party Manchester
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hiphop n hotwings

by Chris Milbourn ~ photos by Courtney Milbourn & todd ~ As a student by day for nine months of the year, or as a part time employee granted an off day next Monday, you must be looking for some kind of fun after your parents drag you out to church or you mow the lawn. There's a place downtown on 9th street that's calling your name. Welcome to The Peanut, dubbed "Hip Hop and Hot Wings" on Sunday nights.

The Pitch described this friendly establishment as one of the only places in Kansas City with drink specials on Sunday evenings. This is an all ages congregation with no cover, folks. And to you suburban people, quit believing that just because you live outside city limits you can't enjoy a fresh breath of culture in the company of the scary skyscrapers, and that you must confine yourself to Side Pockets, or Patty O'Quigley's.

I went to The Peanut for the first time on the Sunday before Memorial Day, and was taken aback by the sheer amount of people mingling in this "hole in the wall" bar, as my sister described it. The smell of hot sauce was permeating, and the dishes being carried to various patrons looked delicious. The deal of the day however, was their two dollar bottles, so you know I had to get an import.

The music passing through the airwaves and the age demographic of the occupancy instantly made me feel as though I was in the midst of like-minded individuals. If you're into any kind of local music, and hip hop in particular, you'll no doubt run into many faces you've seen in crowds and on stages elsewhere.

The Cosigners (KC's version of The Roots), Dante Everglade and AJ2 are the resident performers and DJ's on these Sunday nights, but not limited to DJ Attaxic, Clandestine, DJ Flotilla, Dan Matic and rising star Johnny Quest.

I went back seven days later, expecting the crowd to be smaller after Memorial Day weekend, but was pleasantly surprised to find the place was just as I'd left it.

A healthy amount of attractive people on both sides of the gender line always make for quite adventuresome potential, which is notoriously rare in the underground hip hop scene as compared to say, the dance scene. When you finally arrive at the address (418 West 9th Street) you may find yourself idling in your vehicle while fire jugglers put on a show in the middle of the street.

On Sunday, June 12 I treated my sister to The Peanut on her birthday. We decided to each bring a camera, as she's an accomplished photographer and I a journalist. In fact, she provided the photo for this story. We both were a tad nervous about bringing our cameras in and looking like dorks. Little did we know that we were in for a rare treat, one that many other people would capture on film just as we.

I couldn't have brought her on a better night. I'd heard of a guy named Joc Max before, but didn't understand before that night what he had done by producing songs for the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Pharahoe Monch and Common. And yes, he's straight out of the "City of Fountains."

This guy went about his turntablism in a professional manner, looking to the crowd only a handful of times, while the rest of us sat with our jaws to the floor watching him do things with records that most DJ's could only dream of. Ninety-five percent of the records he played I couldn't identify, or had never even heard before.

Joc held the attention of more than a few hovering around the DJ booth for hours. As someone who's dreamt of DJ'ing since '97, I honestly felt as though I was in school listening to a lecture pour from the speakers.

One half of Kansas City's historic graffiti tag-team (no pun intended) Gear & Scribe, was in attendance, painting on a canvas. Gear and his partner have painted many of those wacked-out walls in Westport and inside the El Torreon, among many other buildings. Gear happily let me look through his scrapbook of art.

The Peanut is a curiously charming spot; many of those in attendance on Sunday nights seem to be friends with each other, and each time I go I find myself chopping it up with someone new. There are a few tables and stools, but actually finding vacant spaces like these to chill at is a task in itself. Patrons outnumber the seating capacity by at least two to one. This problem has been aided by the recent re-opening of an upstairs floor, where the Cosigners typically play, and freestyle sessions erupt on the spot.

I asked my sister in between sips of a neon-green colored margarita "Isn't it great to be sitting in the front row, but then see people through your peripheral vision bobbing their heads along with you?" She just smiled widely and nodded cheerfully. The Peanut reminds us this summer that the weekend isn't over until you hit the snooze button on your alarm Monday.