Saturday, July 30, 2005

kabal pimps n hoes

Another night of Pimps & Hoes, featuring Dave Scuba, with local support from resident Paul DeMatteo and DJ Ataxic.

by shaun

essential saturdays on the thirtieth

Another wild night with DJ Steve Thorell & Eric Sheridan at Essential Saturdays!


vivace on the thirtieth

A brief visit to Vivace before heading to points beyond.

Friday, July 29, 2005

chaos theory v3.0 - the catalyst

The third version of this popular event featured four rooms of fun for all, and some of the best music and dancing money can buy.

The Main Stage had BT performing a Live Laptop Symphony, along with Junkie XL, Bad Boy Bill, and Steve Smooth, with local support from The Control Freeks and Sydeburnz, and a special performance by  VJ Nexus, all on the main stage.

The Jungle Room featured Dieselboy, MC J-Messinian, and Hive, with are regional and local support from Plan 9, Oshae, GC, Konsept, and Arrhythmia.

The Midwest Room featured Nevin & Sir Thomas, Wes Luker, Dave McRoberts, Drumaddic, and Stretch, with local support from Johnny Scott and Jared Maib.

In yet a fourth VIP Room, Trevor Lamont teamed up with Sam-Me, Chocolate Troy with Trevor Matthews, with regional and local support from Steve Thorell, Brent Crampton, and Manders.

by todd & shaun

journey off earth

A full night at The Wave with Scott Henry, Scott Richmond, Kookane, DJ Delirium, Gonzo, Mth I-S vs The Germ in the Main Room  

The D&B/Hardcore Room showcased Mason, The Personal Nightmare Tour with Krazy Glue, Force, Pinky & Da Brain; The Dream Team featuring Mike Charles, Skrilla, Thoc, and Kapalm; Kaos Theory featuring Psylense, Moxilla, Playin Manits, Dynasty, Spark-1 & MC ?Jinx?, MC Crash Override, and MC Precious.

The Chill-Out lounge featured Brian Paste, JD Funk, Dave Mars, Unity, Trust vs Loxias, and FatJo.

by chris

Monday, July 25, 2005

midsummer's night dream pajama party

DJ Two Heavy hosted another round of the Pajama Party madness at the Empire Room.  It was every bit as fun as the last round, though not quite as many participants in the theme for the night.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

miss hawaiian tropic model search 2005 week 2

This second round featured a few more contestants, though the field remained narrow.  DJs Steve Thorell & Bill Pile served up the background tracks, as part of their regular weekly Rehab, along with Shotgun Jackson annoncing.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

svs & steady birthday

A little birthday bash for local DJs SvS and Steady

by sarahB

surreal chicago presents...

Surreal out of Chicago took over for Kabal, hosting their regular resident Victor R, with local support from Kabal resident Paul DeMatteo, as well as DJ Ray Peña, and PDP.

by shaun