solaris july 2005 techno

Solaris ~ Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Blipped Out – Unknown - BLIP004
I feel like after waking up I just had my cup of java. To bad the coffee was laced with angel dust, cause nuttin' got me up and goin' like this track. Hard and minimal just like your local pusher/pimp likes it. Just don’t try to sell it to him you’ll be invading his turf.

Schranz – Unknown - SCHRANZ028
The time of hard techno is here! This single side sisters of mercy remix is by far a go getter! What can I say the second pick and I already have a need for some blood pressure medication. Even a good pacemaker to make sure that my roommate can weather out this one!

Carnage - Darc Marc vs. Andreas Kremer - CARNAGE11
You know all the little creatures have left the forest due to the earthquakes being constructed when people dance to this. Just please break cadence so we don’t put a hole in the earth.

Purples - Andre Walter - PURPLES008
A bit less intense than your ordinary lobotomy, but who needs one of them everyday? I just hope the hospital has room for all the new patience they will be getting from this one!

E.L.P. – Joykit - ELP11007
A nice track here! I mean nice and chill with a progressive build. I tell you some people have been putting in overtime in the studio lately! I hope they are getting their proper union breaks.

What now? How many things can I say about this that you shouldn’t already know? Its like someone took me back to Miami and I was at Tronic Treatment all over again. Make sure you stock up on Tums, because techno has been known to make your ulcers flare up.

Beast Music - Lars Klein - BEAST001
What is the sign of the beast? Well I may not know that but this man may very well be the Anti-Christ. Take this track and get it blessed before you play it. Otherwise you might have to have a mass exorcism after your set! Beware this wax can kill!

Incharge – Marco V - IC002
Hooked on music and drum lines? Then this is your one fix that needs tamed. Please whatever you do stay away from the fire! Remember wax melts! After hearing this you will want to cool your heels, well not me, this stuff gets my blood flowing and lets me know that there really is a god out there looking after me.

Domestic Minimal Noise - Marco Carola - DMN04
I listened to this track and wanted it on here, then I looked at the producer and well, why am I not surprised? This thing is as sweet falling into the plush red carpet and having your local dealer get you a taxi to the hospital. Give him a tip because we like the comedown in a controlled environment.

Arms – Various - ARMS06
The Lies are Like Wishes EP. Now if I had a wish it is to have a top twenty this month, but for now I will make due with giving you, my faithful, a nice choice for last. I feel like I should be hanging upside down on a girder 50 floors up on a construction site to do this one justice. And who needs safety equipment? We like it raw, slightly abusive, and possibly dangerous. Take your time, not all of us are hard as nails.


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