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Ok all you bass heads, its that time again for your monthly dose of breaks reviews and this month I decided to go a bit further then just your ordinary singles reviews. This month and in future months I will not only be reviewing a few hot singles for the dj's out there, but also other breaks genre topics such as radio shows, events, mix cd's, web-sites etc. The breaks community is an extremely large one that extends all across the globe and encompasses many different styles going all the way back to the late 50's and early 60's with early funk and the roots of hip-hop which would later evolve into the various forms of music we now call break beats. So it really isn't fair to just sit back and write reviews for a few singles that truly only represent a very narrow portion of what breakbeat truly is. So with that in mind, here we go.

The Flash Mash - Sirius Satellite Radio - Every Saturday night from 6-9pm Eastern USA - Channel 61, Boombox, The Home of the Breaks
Remember Grandmaster Flash? Those of you who were breakin and taggin back in the early 80's and late 70's will remember him. He is considered the Godfather of hip-hop, and the creator of breakbeat music. Flash has been around so long now, and has accomplished so much in the past 30 years, that its a wonder that something like this show didn't come around much sooner, although we didn't have Satellite Radio up till not to long ago, so I guess it makes sense. Anyways, the Flash Mash is Grandmaster Flashs' show every Saturday night on Boombox 61. The Flash mixes it up for three hours straight blending old school disco, with old school breaks, house, new breaks, and various forms of dance music classics and soon to be classics. One hour of listening to his show and you will not only give your ears a proper eargasm, but you will learn more about the roots of modern dance music. It's one thing to read an article, but its another thing to hear the music being played. Every week I tune into his show to hear what sort of crazy track he will drop next, cuz with the Flash you just never know. Sometimes it is something that you know, and many times its a very obscure b-side single that never made it to top-40 radio, but was smashing the dance floors in its day. For those of you breaks heads wondering where exactly the Plump Dj's found that latest sample on the newest single, theirs about a 100% chance that the Flash has the original 12 inch single and when that new Plump Dj's single makes it big in the dance community, you can bet that the Flash will be dropping the original and he will damn sure let you know about it. Catch the Flash Mash every Saturday Night from 6-9pm on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 61. For those of you who don't have Sirius yet, head over to Sirius.com and check out their three day free internet trial. But wait till later in the week, otherwise your three days will expire before The Flash Mash on Saturday night.

Kreecha (Janatah Dj's, Liverpool, England) - Kreecha Kuts II mixed cd
You like bass, and breaks, and wicked scratching on top of more bass, breaks, and wicked scratching? Well then you will love Kreechas 2nd installment of Kreecha Kuts. Coming out of Liverpool, this young dj star has been making a name for himself tearing up the England breaks scene with his wicked style of mixing and popular radio shows on NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk and iBreaks.co.uk. Kreecha sent me this mix cd for play on my radio show, Frosted Breaks, and even though the show aired a couple weeks ago, I'm still jamming out to this cd. Containing tracks from the Freestylers, the Plump Dj's, Friendly, Blim and more, your sure to start shaking your ass every time the bass hits the speakers. To download this mix just click on the following link, http://www.djgrum.com/Assets/Kreecha_Kutz_II.mp3

Ever since breaksworld.com shut down three years ago, the nu skool breaks community has been struggling with finding a good home on the internet for their music outlet and discussion. Some went over to Nuskoolbreaks.co.uk (which is a fantastic site in its own right) and some went to other various web sites from around the globe. Recently however a newer site has been popping up on many a breaks head radar. Bijoubreaks.com is the USA's home for breakbeats. With music reviews, charts, downloads, events, and more, Bijoubreaks.com has made a solid place for itself in the global breaks community. Visit them online at www.bijoubreaks.com.

Friendly - The Bump and Grind - Fat! (Dj Single)
Friendly has been steadily climbing the charts in the breaks community with every new single he puts out. Originally from Australia, this young breaks producer has been making his home in London as of late, and it has really worked out for him. His latest single has been receiving play from some of the best breaks dj's and producers in the world to include The Plump Dj's, Kreecha, AWE Soundsystem, JDS, as well as Dj Prato and myself. The Bump and Grind is a dope ass track that is full of energy and pumping bass lines, as well as a sweet UK style funk that is sure to make the bodys move on the dance floor. Pick it up at your local retailer or internet shop.

The Plump Dj's - The Rub Off (Album Sampler from Saturday Night Lotion) - Finger Licken (Dj Single)
Only my 2nd month of reviews and already i have my 2nd Plump Djs review. When you have a duo such as the Plump Djs constantly pumping out hot new releases its a wonder you don't see more dj's writing reviews and playing their music. The Rub Off is one of their latest tracks to come out on a Finger Licken 12”. This song very much reminds me of Electric Disco (released in 98) in the fact that it combines that funky UK breaks sound with that glitchy acid house sound. This is one of those tracks that dj's from both genres will be claiming, since The Rub Off contains all the elements of breaks and nearly all the elements of house. The kick drum gives you the constant four to the floor sound at many points in the song, but yet it changes up just enough to be considered still a breaks track. The Plumps have always been fantastic at doing these sort of cross genre type songs. The bass line in The Rub Off is very deep and chugging while the acid synth lines crank out a glitchy type sound that is so amazing in its placement, even a few of the lighter techno dj's might be grabbing up this track. Regardless of your style, breaks, house, techno, it wont matter, your dance floor will thank you for this song. Its well worth the import price.

Thats it kids. See ya next month.


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