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by Betty Kang, PlexiPR ~ Dave Seaman's highly acclaimed Audio Therapy label is proud to announce the launch of a brand new album series entitled 'Across Borders'. The unmixed compilation will include exclusive tracks and will be available on three formats (CD, 2 x 12" and digital downloads). The album focuses on the very best production talent from a single country or region. The album boasts a unique claim as it is the first time artists and producers have had a consolidated format to showcase their work. Consequently, the series will be a welcome addition to Audio Therapy's already burgeoning catalogue.

First up in the series is Greece, a country rich in production talent with the likes of Nikola Gala’s Perasma project signing to Ministry of Sound and Dousk gaining releases on John Digweed’s Bedrock label. The Audio Therapy imprint already has a history of supporting Greek artists with releases from Stel & Good Newz and remixes from Christian Cambas and Kosmas Epsilon. This, alongside Dave Seaman’s frequent touring and popularity in the region, made Greece the obvious choice for the first release of the series.

Label head honcho Dave Seaman says “The amount of music I am given whilst out performing constantly amazes me. Being a DJ and running a label makes me an obvious target for producers to pass on their material. Sometimes, after a weekend of gigs, I have almost an albums worth of quality releases. A lot of the guys involved have already had some big releases on the worlds key labels like Bedrock and Yoshitoshi, we just wanted to unite all of them together on one album to show just how much of a current hotbed Greece is for quality material and talented producers. There are many other areas and countries that are really producing some outstanding music. We hope to turn our attention to these as the series progresses”.

The album features exclusive tracks for the album project from Christian Cambas, Dousk, G Pal, Jose Zamora, Kosmas Epsilon alongside Nick & John Dalagelis, Nikola Gala, Phatjack,Stel & Good Newz, Tonedepth and Viton.

Tour dates will be taking place in Greece throughout July to promote and launch the series in Greece. Also on the horizon is the new off shoot label ‘Therapy Music’ which will allow Dave and co. to sign and develop new artists as well as one off singles. The first single on the label was released in May 2005 and is titled “Little Soul” by Stel & Good Newz. The track can be heard on the upcoming Renaissance presents Therapy Sessions Volume 2 – Dave Seaman & Luke Chable compilation out now on Renaissance / Thrive Records.

‘Across Borders - Greece’ Tracklisting

G Pal & Anna Maria X – Within
Dousk – Bummer
Viton & KST – Yes, I See
Phatjak – Supermarket
Christian Cambas - Paramount
Tonedepth – Everything
V-Sag ft Ilias T - I Wasn’t Impressed Enough
Stel & Good Newz – Exactly What You Wanted
Nick & John Dalagelis – Quiet (Steve Is Listening)
Kosmas Epsilon – Ill Ssa

Summer 2005 Tour Dates

June 02 - Musika Club Curitiba, Brazil
June 03 - Santiago, Chile
June 04 - Brahma Beats Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 09 - Next Club Panama
June 10 - Bogota, Colombia
June 11 - Vertigo Club Costa Rica
July 7 - Patra, Greece
July 8 - Athens, Greece
July 9 - Thessaloniki @ Dance Stage Halkidiki, Greece
July 22 - Katarini @ Aqua Nova Katerini, Greece

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