shadowrunner july 2005 trance

DJ Shadowrunner  ~ With over fifteen years experience in the local and regional electronic music scene, DJ Shadowrunner has been a promoter, producer, DJ , as well as, provider of sound and lighting for clubs and events. Through the years he has gained quite the ear for the music that will inspire and move the crowds. Check out his monthly picks in the genre of Trance, and enjoy the music of the night.

Orchid - Space Design - Silver Planet - SILVER068X
This new three track offering from Orchid has its' own distinctive flight plans for each track. 1. Atmospheric, soft sensual floating pads and melodic keys whisk you through cirrus clouds as echoed breaks signify your eminent gentle decent back to the dance floor. 2. Sub-orbital, a more powerful progressive breaks hovers in between the two levels with much of the same that fueled the first track. 3. Orbital, this one has the 4/4 proggy energy to go higher and faster, and as you break your ascent into the heavens arpeggiated synths are broadcast back to mission control. Let them know you'll be up here for a while.

Mike Foyle Presents Statica - For Your Eyes (Orkan Blushes Remix), <b-side> Space Guitar (Ljungqvist Remix) - Electronic Elements - ELEL025
Passionate guitars weep over an echoed breathy female vocal. Slow melodic pads warm the measures for the steamy percussive groove that ensues. Naughty naughty!!

Terry Grant Feat. Jennifer Home - I'll Kill You (John Debo Remix) - Bedrock - BED59
I have to warn you this track is arousing and steamy almost to the point of erotic. Deep soulful guitars hook you while the wanton vocals pull you into its hot embrace. If you want your audience to feel dirty and lustful, drop this and see what happens.

Dj Vincenzo - Tough Enough, <B-side> Smash - Bonzai - BM2005193
Hi I'm Dj Shadowrunner and I'm a synth-a-holic, (the usual unimpressed reply) hi shadowrunner. I was well on my way to sobriety then I heard these two from Dj Vincenzo and I fell off the wagon. With 150 proof synth driven epicness, it’s going to take some time for everyone to recover after these have been dropped.

Ljungqvist - Explanations, <B-side> Society - Bonzai Trance Progressive - BTP1092005
If there is a formula to BTP's success, trust me when I say, Ljungqvist has refined it to its most potent yet. Take a dose of their uplifting strings and take a flight of imagination.

Gabriel & Dresden - Portobello, <B-side> Serendipity - Organized Nature - ORGN002
This is a no brainer. Gabriel & Dresden = Quality!!! Portobello drives the arpeggiators low and fast so that when it hits the changes, look out for the swirling pads and synths. As for Serendipity, if you like a sinister feel with nasty breakdown, this ones for the smooth criminal in you.

Benz & MD - Unconditional, <B-side> Mar Del Plata (Dousk Remix) - Aurium - AURIUM006
These Canadians are world renowned and revered for their ethereal style of trance. Their latest addition is no different. Floaty echoed melodies with inspiring rhythms merge tightly with such sophisticated percussions.

Jonathan Lisle OS_0.2 (LP) - <Trafik featuring Rachel Lamb - Surrender (Habersham & Blake Potter Remix)> - <B-side: Steiger - Ghost Sector (Original Mix)> - Bedrock - BEDOS02LP1
Ghost Sector's baseline floats dark and deep while strings, flutes, and chopped up pads all take turns at pushing the major movements in the piece. Surrender (also on Global Underground) nails the dark groove with extreme prejudice. Rachel Lamb's vocals will haunt you with her breathy echoed style. This is a double A side that needs to dropped in prime time.

LIQUID SOUL - Go Reality - Iboga - IBOGA29
Progressive and Psy-Trance fuse to take you on a trip long since forgotten. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let go of your conscious mind. These infectious Goa-esque grooves are your ticket to the next subconscious roller coaster ride. Please, keep your hands and feet inside of the hallucinations, PLEASE!

JAY WAVE - Samsara (Christian Cambas Remix) - Sog Liquid - SOGLQ030
Envision soft breaky rhythms circling the depths below while elevated melodies embed themselves in the hook. Sometimes it’s better to take the auto pilot off, do some aerobatics, take in the scenery, and enjoy the ride.


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