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event photos apr.05

Flyers for events photographed in April 2005 appear below.   A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 04.02.2005 My Life Remixed CD Release Party featuring DJ P, Pete Bones, EBON and residents Bill Pile, Paul DeMatteo, Ataxic Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO 04.05.2005 True Tuesdays featuring Jack & Jill and resident DJ True Balanca's Kansas City, MO 04.06.2005 Wednesday Perk - Jungle Mash-Up featuring Nick Steady, SvS, and residents SvS & cQuence Cup & Saucer Kansas City, MO photos by sarahB 04.07.2005 Videodrome 5 featuring Cari Lekebusch, Tactic and resident Ataxic Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO 04.08.2005 Virus featuring  Terry Mullan, DJ Dara, Alan Paul, Johnny Tremayne, Sydeburnz, and Superstar DJ Lee The Last Call Lawrence, KS photos by joe 04.08.2005 Inertia featuring Konsept, Tim Hjersted, Andrew Boie, B

on decks with dj aldrin

forward by DJ Girl ~ photos by S Smith & J Casper ~ This months slammin’ new selection comes from DJ Aldrin. This is a gentleman who has so many talents it’s really hard to keep up with all of them. He has a natural ear for music of any kind. You give him a musical instrument and he will play it. When he writes music, plays music, talks about music it just flows right through him. He is blessed with a talent that is going to take him many places. He has so much ambition, endurance, integrity and strives to make all of his dreams come true no matter how big they are because there is no dream too big for this guy. Tracklisting, In Phocas - Vol 1 - April 2005: The Possession - Aldrin (Intro) (Aldrin/Dieselboy/Clint Mansell/Kronos Quartet) I used the Theme from Requiem of a Dream here with some slices of an Intro from Dieselboys Album DJ Mag available for download only on Dieselboy’s web site. I think it nicely sets the tone for a serious collision of Drum and Bass with vocals a

solaris april 2005 techno

Intro & Photo by todd ~ Local KC Techno DJ, Solaris is back once again with his picks for some of the hardest and rawest Techno beats for the new year. Always looking for ways to push the limit of your Techno experience, check out these tracks and, courtesy of DJ Solaris. HEROES - GLENN WILSON - HEROES06 Glen pulled it out again! A nice track indeed. A bit on the down tempo side, but when you bang it all day you always need a track that lets them pesky lungs breath. ABSTRACT - SVEN WITTEKIND, KAOZ, SEEMA - ABSTRACT001 Hard as nails. Someone give me a hammer to them out of my head. This wax reminds me of the time I gave my little brother a nail gun to play cowboys with. Don’t worry the doc said it would only hurt a little. HOLZPLATTEN - MARCUS STORK & ERIC PRYDZ - HOLZPLATTEN078 A real nice chill record here. I love a good piece of techno that makes you want to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Even if you are doing it from that padded room on a thorazine drip. SHAKE

crampton april 2005 house

by Brent Crampton ~ Whether it be funky and deep, bompty and quirky, or just click-click beepy – this is your monthly house music source for what’s hot and churning on the dance floors at the moment. And with the Winter Music Conference just behind us, so many great choons are now on the market. Matthew Bandy - Man of Soul EP - Blue Iguana Starting off Blue Iguana’s first release (scheduled to come out within a month), things are on the right tack – nice and deep. With future releases and remixes by Jay-J, Halo and Demarkus Lewis, Blue Iguana is promising label for the deeper side of house. On this release, Matthew Bandy from Limestone Recordings is really coming out swinging with these great tracks. The main cut, “Man of Soul,” is a breezy track with a funk-fueled base line. The top feature in the song is the trumpet timing throughout the track. With light keys and a subtle flute in the background, this 10 minute groove gives you plenty of time to layer up your mixing or just sit

interview with eclypz

interview & photos by todd ~ I'm not going to spend a lot of time with a lengthy, profound intro with this DJ. I'm just gonna let him speak for himself below. But I will say, that John Stone, aka DJ Eclypz has been there from the beginning and has stuck to his Breakbeat Gunz like none other in Kansas City. If it's a broken beat your looking for, this man has the records from then and now to stir you up and make you do a headspin or three. So, without further adieu.. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself? (where you're from, what you play, how long you've been playin ... and that sort of thing... if you weren't born & raised here... give us a little background. I was born and raised in the Lenexa/Overland Park/Olathe area, and have lived in the KC area all my life. Nothing really exceptional about location, basically your average suburbanite who hated catholic elementary school and loved public high school. I went on to study graphic de

transplant part 1

Matthew Bandy ~ by Brent Crampton ~ From acres of farmland to miles of skyscrapers - the majority of our readers lay somewhere in between. And with magazines such as XLR8R and URB talking about all the rage in London, Chicago, Miami or Germany – it makes a DJ wonder, “What if I moved to these places?” And what would happen if you moved? Would you make a name for yourself or would you just become another DJ standing in line, waiting for the next crap gig? The Transplant mini-series will explore those concerns by asking the people who have already done it. From rural areas to citified hysteria – this interview may answer your questions. This month we have Denver transplant, Matthew Bandy. Bandy formerly lived in Lexington, Kentucky but made the move in December of 2003. In the early 90’s, Bandy was introduced to house music through the Midwest rave scene. By the time the late 90’s came about, Bandy was throwing his own events under the production guise of AlienSquad. Having brought

human after all

Daft Punk Tells Us Again, How It's Gonna Be ~ by Michael Bradshaw ~ image courtesy of  ~  Every few years, we in the electronic dance community receive a message upon high. This message, generated in the form of ticks, squeals and thumps, is handed down from the Parisian super-duo Daft Punk. Comprised of two individuals who according to their public persona, are, in fact, more machine than man; Daft Punk has been the torch-barer for dance floor junkies for more than a decade. One can track the audible ebbing from each of their albums through commercial and underground movements ad nauseam. Their latest release, Human After All, is the latest communiqué from these heavenly bodies. So prepare ye producers: the new way has arrived. Human After All, with all its ingenuity and ambition, is a pretty typical release for Daft Punk. These legendary producers make tracks for the dance floor, not the radio. Although they’ve experienced some commercial success with hits like

one with chaos

by Brent Crampton ~ photos by todd ~ Many people eventually find themselves in the “early 20-something” category where the weekends are spent out and about in celebration without a cause. Then one day your peers get too busy with their full-time career and soon-to-be marriage. The carefree party lifestyle slowly recedes away as long days and early nights soon take sway. When your friends move on to the “next phase” – what’s a person to do? While some move on from the party life to make a living, others such as Lee Burgess, earn a living off of partying. When it comes to his professional career, Burgess quite literally makes a profit from other people partying. As The Talent Buyer’s Assistant for Clear Channel in Kansas City, Burgess has enjoyed being part of the process of bringing in a wide variety of shows and concerts to the Lawrence and Kansas City area. Oddly enough, it isn’t those acts of goodwill to the entertainment industry that Burgess is most known for. Events by the n

caffeine music and arts festival 2005

story & photos by Joe Hensen ~ What's the kind of party that makes you drive 10 hours just to go? A party that has AK1200, Icey, Richard Humpty Vission, Dieselboy and Micro as it's headliners. That's right. Ultra Concerts and Triad Dragons pulled together these five major DJs to bring you Caffeine. Nestled right next to the Colorado Mountains, this dance party was located in Littleton, Colorado, right outside Denver. The drive through the blandness of Kansas was worth it. We arrived at the party after a quick rest at the local Marriott Hotel. After parking the car down the street (no parking left at the venue), we came to the Line. It was about 100 yards long! We waited in the Colorado cold for an hour and a half, but knew already that this was going to be a party to remember. Once through the door (and into the warmth!), I found myself in a sea of people. The lights and sound were amazing. The venue was at Fat City Entertainment Center; a local indoor fun park. T

april 2005 editor note

Wow! This month's "on decks" starts off nice enough, but I mean... it's hard not to like Roni Size, eh? Check it out! This month's cover goes to Joe. It's a shot he took while at Caffeine Music and Arts Festival 2005 in Denver just this past month. From the sounds of things, they definitely had a party goin on out there. A few people guessed at 5000! I really wish I could have gone myself, but I was in the middle of moving, bah! It completely absorbed my life and two weeks later, continues to. I'm still digging out. I really should start out-sorting photos of me as I go through them. It's a bit hard sometimes to find one. On the other hand, I do get a chance to go back through all the photos from the month again, which is always kind of cool. The one for this column this month was taken by Shaun at the Derrick Carter event, recently at Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub. It was good to see John again. It seems sometimes that too much time pass

april 2005 issue

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