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forward by DJ Girl ~ photos by S Smith & J Casper ~ This months slammin’ new selection comes from DJ Aldrin. This is a gentleman who has so many talents it’s really hard to keep up with all of them. He has a natural ear for music of any kind. You give him a musical instrument and he will play it. When he writes music, plays music, talks about music it just flows right through him. He is blessed with a talent that is going to take him many places. He has so much ambition, endurance, integrity and strives to make all of his dreams come true no matter how big they are because there is no dream too big for this guy.

Tracklisting, In Phocas - Vol 1 - April 2005:

The Possession - Aldrin (Intro) (Aldrin/Dieselboy/Clint Mansell/Kronos Quartet)
I used the Theme from Requiem of a Dream here with some slices of an Intro from Dieselboys Album DJ Mag available for download only on Dieselboy’s web site. I think it nicely sets the tone for a serious collision of Drum and Bass with vocals and melody you are about to experience while eerily raising the hair off the back of your neck! Suddenly the first track starts and you can’t keep the chills off your back as you leave your chair and fly out of this dimension and into another world.

Trust Me VIP - Roni Size
As things get slowly going A Happy Track that seems to get the party going no matter where or when you play it begins. I like the way the song progresses and changes it worked really well to flow into the next track with. It’s quite basic but needs nothing more. You have to trust the DJ to lead you safely through the next hour as Aldrin safely will do for you.

Smash Somethin - DEIBC (Featuring REDMAN)
I’ve always like the original version of this song from Redman as well as the operatic symphony song on this track too. I first heard it on the Romeo and Juliet movie done with Leonardo D’Caprio but I don’t know what the exact name of this Operatic tune is. Still a very rough track here makes its Way through your speakers and leaves nothing much remaining. As it softly blends into the next track you can feel that something is different now and you must find out what it is.

Ringside - Silent Witness (D.Braine) DSC14 Records 2004
The Roughness continues as the hardcore vibe brings you into a phase known as Silent Witness. You are ringside now at the greatest show on earth now there is nothing you can do but blackout.

Blackout - Hybrid (Kirsty Hawkshaw/Mike Truman/Chris Healings) Y4K Sampler Part 2 Strings Performed by the Hermitage orchestra St. Petersburg &vocals By Kirsty Hawkshaw
Wow what can be said about this beautiful track except that it’s not originally a Drum and Bass tune. I felt that this song when sped up to D&B Speed Fit perfectly into the spot between your ringside seat and your launch through this next dimension. Close your eyes and envision a Beautiful Animated body guiding you out of your blackout and across the horizon.

MoonRaker - Kaoss/Karl K./Jae Kennedy Human Imprint Recordings
Finally you have a sense of where we are going as you fly out of the lush environment of Hybrid and back into the war zone beneath the clouds. Look out for the bass blasts flying ever so close to your ears but it’s going to be OK there’s a clearing up ahead.

No More - Roni Size (Featuring Beverly Knight and Dynamite MC)
A beautiful voice breaks through the madness and brings forth a message to ponder. It’s time to look back on all we’ve been through and finally drop the game. No More put it put it put it down. Now it’s time to party.

Studio 54 - Kaoss/Karl K./Jae Kennedy Human Imprint Recordings
The Party gets going inside Studio 54. This nicely arranged track takes us through the door and into the party then into the room upstairs with the Japanese ladies and then back downstairs for the party again. There is nothing more to do than leave the party to find another one.

Opticon - Dieselboy and Technical Itch (M.Caro/D.Higgins)
On your journey to the next party you come across the Opticon. What the Opticon can do is cause you to stop completely and forget what it is you were doing in the first place. The jungle grows around you and fills your ears with tribal rhythm but alas you remember your on a journey to where it’s party time and Aldrin is gonna give you what you want.

Bump and Grind – Roni Size (Featuring SweetPea)
As this track blends in it opens the door to the next party. The speed and bass come back with a vengeance and bring you out of the muck and across the bridge into the place we have been going all along.

Invid – Dieselboy (Twisted Anger Remix)
This Song Contains the Deepest bass line I’ve ever heard on a D&B Track But the drum track can get a little annoying so I spiced up this tune with an overlay of my favorite 80’s single from Pat Benetar. So we learn on our journey that we take time out of the party to pursue love but it makes us out of breath.
Love is A Battlefield – Pat Benetar
We are young, heartache to heartache we stand No promises, no demands Love is a battlefield We are strong, no one can tell us we're wrong Searchin' our hearts for so long, both of us knowing Love is a battlefield.

Out Of Breath – Roni Size (Featuring Rahzel)
After the joy of love and being left out of breath you can feel like there is no energy to go on in you but once again the heart pounding rhythm comes back and you feel something giving you the power to move IT IS THE BEAT. It is the Music in YOU

TRACK 13 – Music In Me – DJ Rap (Featuring Harland / Danny C. Remix)
Wrapping the ride into a ball of energy we come to the place where the bass is in your face but using the mace will make you see a trace around the only race. So you’ve forgot your case it’s sitting in your space as you start again the chase, lets get back to the pace.

Pursuit – Silent Witness (D.Braine) DSC14 Records 2004
The pursuit continues all the way down the roads of your inner thought with this pulse throbbing invasion of Chaos It’s time to finally say goodbye as we feel the fog lifting and see the remaining fields of destruction. The part in which we have now been playing is a direct result of the choices we have made before hence so alas with the right ones the demon can finally leave the mind to its former glory and restore the joy that has been hidden for so long.

The Exorcism – Aldrin (Outro) (Aldrin/ Clint Mansell/Kronos Quartet)
The dramatic conclusion of this apocalyptic clash of titans comes only after the dread has disappeared. You hear the echo of the drums leaving the dream world and the Symphony plays on finally you are back in your chair where you were only seconds ago but something is different. An Hour has passed to your perception of only minutes. Where have you really been?................ 2 B Continued in Volume 2

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