caffeine music and arts festival 2005

story & photos by Joe Hensen ~ What's the kind of party that makes you drive 10 hours just to go? A party that has AK1200, Icey, Richard Humpty Vission, Dieselboy and Micro as it's headliners. That's right. Ultra Concerts and Triad Dragons pulled together these five major DJs to bring you Caffeine. Nestled right next to the Colorado Mountains, this dance party was located in Littleton, Colorado, right outside Denver.

The drive through the blandness of Kansas was worth it. We arrived at the party after a quick rest at the local Marriott Hotel. After parking the car down the street (no parking left at the venue), we came to the Line. It was about 100 yards long! We waited in the Colorado cold for an hour and a half, but knew already that this was going to be a party to remember.

Once through the door (and into the warmth!), I found myself in a sea of people. The lights and sound were amazing. The venue was at Fat City Entertainment Center; a local indoor fun park. There was a huge mini golf course, an immense arcade, skate rink (main room), concession area (second room), front entry area (third room), giant jungle gym (closed!), and a bowling alley (also closed off).

Finding myself drawn to the main room, I stood in awe at the amount of people that were there. There was easily a few thousand people in there dancing to Dieselboy. The lights, the sound...THIS WAS A PARTY!

The whole night flew by. I only noticed a few bad things. It was hot on the dance floor, they needed to lay off the smoke machine, and at some areas it was hard to move about freely. There were just a lot of people there. There was lots of concessions to be bought: candy, shirts, cds, glow sticks, etc. All the DJs were amazing. Dieselboy set the mood even though I heard from more than one person that his set would have been better without the MC. Icey kept the crowd going with some awesome breaks. Richard Humpty Vission made everyone shake their groove thang...then it was time. Micro was up. He should have been arrested. He straight up stole the show. The crowd was screaming, people were dancing, and I was right in the middle of it! Even made a video of his set. He had me going like no other.

All in all the party was great. Saw a lot of cats from Kansas City out there. I met a lot of new people and heard some awe inspiring music. Caffeine just proves that sometimes you need to travel ten hours to be blown away. Be sure to check out the pictures from the party!


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