Monday, January 31, 2005

jungle bash 'em up

Jungle took over Monday at The News Room this week, at the hands of DJ NuSkool, SvS, and Steady.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

mark farina at velvet

While folks were getting their party on in Kansas City, I made the trek out to St Louis and Velvet for a special performance by Mark Farina and an exclusive extended 3 hours set.  Supporting cast included Trevor Matthews, Don Tinsley, Astro Boy, and Jim K.  It was quite a night and a packed house!


essential saturdays on the twenty-ninth

Whilst Kabal was upside down with Astro & Glyde, this growing weekly kept pace with a solid party at the hands of at the Grand Emporium resident  DJ Steve Thorell.

photos by eric

astro & glyde returns

Astro & Glyde returned to Kabal again, but I was out of town for this one.  With resident Ataxic upstairs, it looks like Shaun had a really fun night all around.

photos by shaun

Friday, January 28, 2005

propaganda on the twenty-eighth

It must have been a wild and crazy night at Jilly's on Broadway, with the amount of photos collected there.  It was definitely a full house and everyone looked like they were having a great time to beats provided by Kabal resident Paul De Matteo, and regular residents Mike Dileo and Brent Scholz.

photos by shaun

Saturday, January 22, 2005

xlr8 - work your body

A fun night in Springfield, featuring Tom Newman, DJ Sonik, NoLo, Meagy, eZe, Pornstar, along with Bizar & Goldchild.  Cannot recall who did the photos for this event.  May have been Kent, who was following the 417 krewe down there.


photos by unknown

when worlds collide

While it was business as usual for all of the drinking age folks over at Kabal and Grand Emporium, another big show for the kidz landed in the upstairs of the Uptown with 4 rooms of fun for all. 

On the DeepFix Stage featuring Hipp-e, The Simply Soul syndicate, Matthew Brian, Mike Powell, and Alan Alda.  The AOC Stage featured Trevor Lamont, Xan Lucero & Atom Bryce, KC Jackson, Johnny Tremayne, Daniel Palmer, and DJ Aldrin  The Syde-Sho Stage featured DJ DMX, Offtrack, Sydeburnz & Tim Hjersted, Synnister, Blue, & Spynz. While the Psunami Stage featured Qzen, SpinStyles & cQuence, Mike McGrath & Ben Fuller, Mike Conway, and ALASKA.

a night of florida breaks with dj fixx & dj c-vaughn

Kourtney stood in for this event, while others were engaged elsewhere around town.  Put on by 96.5 The Buzz, Liquid Buzz featuring DJ Fixx and local radio personality and DJ, C-Vaughn.  It looks like local Bobby Duracell may have played for a minute too at what looks like another fun show at Kabal.

all photos by kourtney

essential saturdays on the twenty-second

Another brief but interesting view from Eric of the regular weekly event, Essential Saturdays with DJ Steve Thorell at the Grand Emporium.

all photos by eric

Friday, January 21, 2005

peanut butter wolf

A good friend hit me up to run out to Lawrence to check out a show featuring Peanut Butter Wolf with special guest Sounds Good.  There was nothing else going on, and I had not yet had the chance to catch this act live, so we headed out for what turned out to be a fantastic show.