kansas city dance best of 2004

by todd ~ If you want a club night or a party that is top notch and not just another DJ-N-A-Box playing the latest tracks that pollute the airwaves day after day (and sometimes hour after hour), you don't have to look to hard to find what you need in Kansas City. You do have to dig a little sometimes, but mostly you just have to be willing to pull away from the norm a little bit.

Seriously, this past year, Kansas City has played host to some of the finest mixers and producers in the industry, both nationally and internationally. Not only that, some of the local DJ talent in Kansas City is as good (and sometimes better) than the talent that they open up for.

With so many things to take in to consideration, I decided to just keep it simple and do Best Party and Best Nights out in KC... so without further adieu, I give you my picks for the Best of Kansas City Dance 2004

Best KC Party: Chaos Theory

The party of the year in Kansas City has to have been Chaos Theory v2.0: The Anomaly on June 12, 2004 at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, MO. I believe this party was probably the most memorable event of the year, with over 20 DJs on 3 stages. Everyone turned out for this event. Though Richard Humpty Vission was a bit of a flop, Nigel Richards most certainly made up for it. I wonder if we'll see a return to chaos this summer?

Best Sunday Night: Beach Club Sundays

Sunday night, you could just wind down, stay home and recover, that is... unless it's summer time, then you really should beat a path to the Westport Beach Club. This weekly that was hosted by local DJs, Steve Thorell & billpile, provided some of the best beatz absolutely Free. An while you were there sippin' on your cocktail, if you were feeling particular frisky, you could always go stumble around in the sand and play little volleyball!

Best Monday Night: BLO - Because Monday's Don't Have to Suck

After a crappy Monday, the best place to go let loose a little has to have been The Empire Room's "BLO: Because Monday's Don't Have to Suck" with DJ 2Heavy. There always an interesting mix of House, HipHop, Trance & Techno and with $1 drinks, this place can get pretty wild sometimes.

Best Tuesday Night: Ritmo

Tuesdays have always been a strange day, but earlier this year, Ritmo Tuesday, a weekly DnB and Jungle night at Kabal was the place to be. I haven't found a single thing to top the dedication that these guys put in to making the weekly possible.

Best Wednesday Night: Wednesday Perk

Undeniably the best place (maybe the only place) in the River Market to get a great cup of Mocha with a splash of Frangelico to go with your beatz, is The Cup & Saucer. Every Wednesday they play host to some of the best local and regional DJ talent at the Wednesday Perk!

Best Thursday Night: Jonathan Ramsey @ Harling's Upstairs.

You don't want to completely drown yourself in electronica do you? Right... so, in looking for some bordering on the unusual, the best thing that I have found to do on a Thursday this year, is to go down to Harling's Upstairs in Westport and bang on the table to various renditions of Irish folks tunes, as well as some recognizable classics, all at the hand of Jonathan Ramsey! And yes... people do sometimes dance there, so it does qualify.

Best Friday Night: TIE
Fridays are Back & Frisky

I just couldn't make up my mind on this one, so I split it out. For the best in local KC House, it's "Fridays are Back" with DJs Steve Thorell & billpile at The Point. These guys take the basement of this little venue (a lot like Gramma's basement) and turn it inside out every week. You might even say it's a House party every Friday night. On the other hand, if you are looking for big names, Frisky at Kabal is definitely the place to be on Friday night. Nearly every week is a showcase of regional and national talent.

Best Saturday Night: Kabal

Kabal shines through again the next day as well. Every Saturday, Kabal with the help of U:Move, plays host to some of the best recognizable national and international talent that you won't find anywhere else.

Best Photograph: To Be Determined...

If you weren't aware, we have been running a bit of a photo contest. The deadline for submission is January 5, 2005. Only one photo per person per event will be accepted. The photo must have been taken at an event in 2004. Check the photo contest gallery for more information and to see the current contestants. The winner of the photo contest will be announced in the next issue of phocas. Be sure to drop in on the photo contest gallery and cast your vote now!


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