phantom 45 full circle

premier artist group ~ That's right, you heard it here first - the Chi-town legend, Phantom 45 (Suburban Bass, Strictly Hype, Surge Recordings) is coming "Full Circle" .... to tour the U.S. with a crate full of anthems (pulled from the years 1992 to 2000) to be churned together to create a night that only this Super Sharp Shooter can bring.

Phantom 45 has long been a staple in the American drum-n-bass scene. In it from day one, he has been stockpiling mega anthems that can not be contained any more -- tunes like Valley of the Shadows, labels like SUBURBAN BASS, MOVING SHADOW, GANJA, RAM,V .. all the tunes that have been denied for way to long.

Tired of hearing the same old drum&bass? Remember a time when it was fresh, rollin, soulful and banging? Remember Renagade Snares by OMNI TRIO? DJ SS-- Rollers Convention-- ? M-BEAT -- Incredible --? Or a track called FIRE?? a song that made you put your lighters in the air!! Well gear up for a mega-rewind ... On the music is the man - PHANTOM 45 on his "Full Circle" Tour dropping tunes with more dust on them than your high school year book. He's digging elbow deep into the crates and panning old school gold. This tour is not to be missed!!!


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