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event photos oct.04

Flyers for events photographed in October 2004 appear below. A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 10.01.2004 Chicago Forever CD Release Party featuring Roy Davis Jr Chakra Kansas City, MO 10.01.2004 Frisky featuring Q-Burns Abstract Message & Simply Soul Syndicate Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO 10.02.2004 Gladfest Parade North Oak Trafficway Gladstone, MO 10.02.2004 Kinetic featuring Ryan Rushing, Breakbotix, Marcus Shadden, 4Star & Sigma, Policy, Dagan, Drumloc, and DoublePlay Chakra Kansas City, MO photos by joe & jason 10.02.2004 Kabal Saturdays featuring Randall Jones, Paul DeMatteo & Ataxic Kabal Restaurant & Nightclub Kansas City, MO photos by joe 10.04.2004 Seraphim Shock Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club Kansas City, MO 10.05.2004 High Society Album Release Tour featuring High Contrast & Mike McG

on decks october 2004

Here's what I have received this month on CD. Get me a copy of yours and we will have a listen and post a thought or three up here. Eventually, we may even create some sort of rating system or something. Until then, this is what's on the street this month! Eclypz - oldschoolClassics Vol 8 contact: Exactly what the title says. Also says, "recorded on Lo-Fi cassette (1996) resurrected from the bottom of my tape bin" Tim Hjersted - Dancing Life contact: House. Kind of Progressive, kind of Trancy, pretty good. Tim Hjersted - Live @ Where It's At 2004 contact: As good as it was then, I'm sure. Mas.One - Primal Essentials (Pt.1-Milk) contact: Mmmmm... Techno. Very nice indeed. Mas.One - Live @ Dance Rituals (06.04.04 - 1 to 2 am) contact: Again, just as good as it was then. Alan Paul - Live @ Dance Rituals (06.04.04 - 12 to 1 am) contact: R

superstar dj lee charts

intro by Brent Crampton ~ photo by Misha ~ Superstar DJ Lee has been rockin' tha dancefloor since early 95. Over the years he has performed with the likes of Bad Boy Bill, Joey Beltram, DJ Icey, Angel Alanis, and countless other world renown DJ's. His 5 year stint as the DJ in the band, George Zip, gave him the chance to play alongside such national acts as The Kottonmouth Kings, 2SkinneeJ's and Ziggy Marley. Considered one of the main players in the introduction to dance music culture in Omaha, Lee has continued to be on top of his game while keeping modest about his music and his life. Lee currently holds residency at Omaha's 415 where he, along with Myth, book DJ's for Omaha's premiere underground house club. Here's what has been rocking the Omaha scene lately. Deep Sensation - Somehow, Somewhere (There's a Soul Heaven - ITH records) - Tight male vocals over a smoothed out bass line, this track is essential for any house DJ. The Beginners Feat

kaoss aka plan9 charts

intro by Brent Crampton ~ Photo by Shawn Patrick ~ Dj and Producer extrodinaire Kaoss, aka plan9 has been on the edge of the midwest DnB scene since it's inception. His record label, Cymbalism Recordings has done better than anyone could have expected. "It's way bigger," according to part owner and public relations agent Shawn Patrick, "than we ever thought. And when they find out we're from Omaha, they are surprised." And they should be surprised considering Cymbalism has signed artists such as Pish Posh from New York, formerly of Jungle Sky, Contour from Finland and Greg Packer from Australia to name a few. Not to mention they have three record distributors putting their tracks on an international market. Cymbalism's next release is scheduled to come out in a few weeks with music by their roster artist, "oS." The record will be available on their web site, or through any major online electronic music record store. Here is the skinny o

hardrive charts

photos & bio courtesy of ~ Dj Hardrive was inspired by the electronic music scene back in 1991 when he attended his first event in San Francisco. He realized his passion for the music was stronger than anything he has ever felt before. It wasn’t till 1996 that he picked up his first pair of turntables and started learning how to mix. He has now been djing ever since and pursuing all of his goals in the electronic music scene. By 1999, Dj Hardrive was playing almost every party in the South Florida and spinning at out of state events as well. Spinning with some of the world's best talent like; Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Sasha & Digweed, Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Fat Boy Slim, Rabbit in the Moon, Crystal Method, and so many more. Around the year 2000 Dj Hardrive realized that the music he loved so much (techno, hard dance, and psy trance) was not represented enough in South Florida. He wanted to see the scene expand and grow with people being opened minded to all

travis fleetwood charts

intro by Brent Crampton ~ photo by Darcie H ~ Travis is an ambitious dj of the Iowa house music scene. He's the founder of Motivated Music Recordings which has released the mix series " Motivated" by Travis. Travis plays a wide range of house music from the deep stuff all the way to the banging tech house tracks. He's gone on a New Zealand tour and frequently dj's Iowa events. Check out his web site at http:// and order a free copy of one of his mix cd's. "Calinda" Laurent Wolf (Ritmo-Dynamic) - I haven't heard a bad remix of this song yet! This track has a great mix of well done vocals and kicking bass line, and has become resident in my crate this summer. "Mochico C" Mochico - I got a shipment of wax about an hour before I left for New Zealand, so I didn't have a chance to even listen to this track before I layed it down at Centro in Auckland! Great tribal track to get people moving! Can't Loose


interview & photos by todd ~ Originally from Long Island, NY, SVS has been playing around in Kansas City since mid-2000, playing different types of music over that time and finally settling on Jungle & DnB and pushing the limits of that since. Mike has never been one for a lot of words, but I thought that it was high time that I sat down and found out a little more about where he's been and where he's going. First I had to figure out who I was going to talk to, because for the longest time, I thought this guy was about three different people. I knew Lingo and I had heard of the DJ SVS and then there was Mike. So, SVS? Where did that nickname come from? I used to be really in to Mad Magazine and the whole Spy vs Spy. Listening to you speak, it's hard to believe you're from Long Island. You have no accent at all really. No. I adapted pretty fast. I came out in December of 1999. I think I was about 20. I got a lot of people telling me that I talked weird

general malice

an interview by phelyne ~ photos by N20 / Freeburning / Digital Bombing ~ This month the heavyweight known as General Malice stepped up to the plate to answer a few questions about his career as one of the most up and coming worldwide innovators of the new ragga jungle sound. This cat is originally from Minneapolis and has lived all over the country including Chicago, New York and LA. With several releases out on labels like Big Cat and N20, its hard to miss this up and comer when you look in the ragga section. Being a huge fan of him myself, I wanted to know how he sees the world and his career. Who and what do you currently represent? Why? N2O Recordings , Big Cat Recs. , Junglistic Pressure the meanest , rawest , jungle sound around. spent a lot of time paying my dues to represent what i do. We take a lot of pride in our work, and dedicate ourselves to it. You have been successfully putting out tracks for several years. How old were you when your first record sold out and ho


photos by todd, kourtney, with additional photos courtesy of Fevah Record, Tribal Vision, Hardrive, Nate, RaverKittie It has been a long time in the works, but it is finally coming together. With numerous complications arising, there was a lot of doubt at first that this event would really even happen at all. Finally, last week, the "all clear" was signaled and we moved forward with previously stalled preparations. For the main stage of this event, you will be witness to a night of good solid Techno. At times it will be a bit Housey, sometimes in your face, hard and fast. The DJs performing at this event are some of the finest that the Central MidWest has to offer and they are determined to give you what you need. In stark contrast, if the beat becomes too much, you'll be able to drop by the Chill Lounge and take a moment to collect yourself, regroup and just relax for a minute. This room will also play hose to some of the finest in their genre, as well. Without