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intro by Brent Crampton ~ photo by Darcie H ~ Travis is an ambitious dj of the Iowa house music scene. He's the founder of Motivated Music Recordings which has released the mix series " Motivated" by Travis. Travis plays a wide range of house music from the deep stuff all the way to the banging tech house tracks. He's gone on a New Zealand tour and frequently dj's Iowa events. Check out his web site at http:// and order a free copy of one of his mix cd's.

"Calinda" Laurent Wolf (Ritmo-Dynamic) - I haven't heard a bad remix of this song yet! This track has a great mix of well done vocals and kicking bass line, and has become resident in my crate this summer.

"Mochico C" Mochico - I got a shipment of wax about an hour before I left for New Zealand, so I didn't have a chance to even listen to this track before I layed it down at Centro in Auckland! Great tribal track to get people moving!

Can't Loose" DJ Vitamin D - Sweet, sweet vocals with a pounding beat that won't quit! Available on Nine Records.

"Yours Is Yours" A&A (Solmatic) - Dave Armstrong and Christian Alvarez, along with Red Eye and DJ DLG, weigh in with a heavily funked up house track that resurfaced in my collection after a few months. The original and the remixes have been heating up dj crates worldwide.

"Pistol Whip" High Caliber (Olive) - A great balance of house/techno and high energy beats from this production duo! The entire Illegally Download This Album release is packed full of dirty house/techno flavor!

"Challenge For Sark" Dr Kucho (Disc Doctor) - I admit it...I pretty much play this record for the Tron samples. Fortunately, it has a funky bass line, and you can dance to it!

"Fascinated" David Garcia & Jay Walker (IHR) - This track just plain rocks!

"You Will (Miss Me)" Pique & Nique - Another dirty house track, with a piano drop that gets me everytime.

"Fuck The Drink" The Floorfillerz (Colorecordings) - Ultra funky with a tech edge, off the Tracks For Your Box: Session One release.

"Paradise" Stevie Wonder - This Poolboy release is remix perfection!


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