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intro by Brent Crampton ~ Photo by Shawn Patrick ~ Dj and Producer extrodinaire Kaoss, aka plan9 has been on the edge of the midwest DnB scene since it's inception. His record label, Cymbalism Recordings has done better than anyone could have expected. "It's way bigger," according to part owner and public relations agent Shawn Patrick, "than we ever thought. And when they find out we're from Omaha, they are surprised." And they should be surprised considering Cymbalism has signed artists such as Pish Posh from New York, formerly of Jungle Sky, Contour from Finland and Greg Packer from Australia to name a few. Not to mention they have three record distributors putting their tracks on an international market. Cymbalism's next release is scheduled to come out in a few weeks with music by their roster artist, "oS." The record will be available on their web site, or through any major online electronic music record store.

Here is the skinny on the unreleased tracks that Koass has been spinning.

Nightbreed - Pack of Wolves (Pendulum rmx) - Ram recordings El Hornet and Co load up the samples from the original, toss them in their dancefloor blender and pour out another assault with the lethal pendulum signature crowd mover full of surprises from the 1/2 tempo intro to the rough and tough buildup and roaring bassline . . . essential!

Contour - Moving Higher (Greg Packer remix) - Cymbalism.limited (dubplate) - It's hard to pick the best out of the 4 versions of this tune, but the Greg Packer remix totally does it for me personally. His use of filters and sweeps and the monster bassdrive set this track apart. This remix is great for those who like it rough and those who like to roll it out . Huge tune and coming soon to a turntable near you in 2005!

Static + Regula - Destruct Sequence - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) hailing from perth come two new figures in the dnb scene and they're not holding back on anything beat wise. "Destruct Sequence" sounds like the stepchild of cause 4 concern, surprising bass switches and drum patterns make this first outing for the australia crew a definate ear catcher. this is a deep, deep tune.

Pendulum - Masochist - Breakbeat Kaos recordings if you haven't heard this one, you've been living under a rock. the adventurous intro takes you onto the trail with pendulum then suddenly . . . The attack! The drop from hell on this one, insane bass line, vicious drums and bass - plus animal sounds . . .I mean, how much more jungle can you get??

oS - 808 - Cymbalism Recordings following months of anticipation and after full support from the likes of dj clever (offshore recording) and psidream (DSCI4, renegade hardware) , " 808" finally drops at the end of september. If you've heard it, you know how powerful it is. Beautiful work from New York's best kept secret . . . as close as you could get to Photek without having him produce it himself. for those of you who appreciate drum n bass . . . this is a must buy.

Kind of Zero - Oslo - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) one of our best kept secrets, Ukranian producer kind of zero brings us this vocal stomper! Every time this tune breaks down I get asked who it is. The vocal is catchy and the sneaky drop leading to the big bass line and steppy drums makes this tune another dance floor consumer.

Submorphics - Stereo 72 - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) - The submorphics crew are the new liquid kings of drum n bass . . . or soon will be. "stereo 72", in my personal opinion, ranks right up there with the likes of high contrast and marcus intalex. Fans of the hosptial and creative source sound will flock to this one, scheduled for 2005 release on cymbalism - essential business here.

Duo Infernale - Postive Vibes - Nemcron Recordings (dub) - With the recent surge of ragga reflourishing the scene, Duo Infernale don't hesitate to use it to bring the business. Don't let the intelligent intro fool you, the second the drop and air horns sound, It'll be hard to control your body from moving - major tune here.

Rawtee + C-Kwens - Robotech - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) - The Florida boy wonder and partner c-kwens come thru on this reece filled chomper for future release on Cymbalism in 2005! Heavy, heavy duty business here, big bass lines, tearin drums, upfront and in your face drum n bass!

Plan9 + Extract - Epidemic - Cymbalism Recordings (dub) myself under the plan9 alias and partner extract have been hard at work with original tunes lately, this one finished up this week comes just in time for halloween with its "Dawn of the Dead" samples. The haunting breakdown and filtered drumwork lead up to the massive drop and huge basslines for another Cymbalism original aimed towards the dancefloor.


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