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Flyers for events photographed in November 2006 appear below. A link to the associated photo album appears beneath that. 11.04.2006 Chi Town Beatdown featuring Paul Anthony, Greg "2 Hype", Zeek Dante's Nightclub St Louis, MO photos by brian 11.10.2006 The Funky African Tour '06 featuring Blackliquid, Jon NuSkool, Shadowrunner Grand Emporium Kansas City, MO photos by todd, aaron, joe, shaun 11.18.2006 Dirty South Funkadelic featuring Mayhem, E-Dub, J.Fortune, cQuence & Mike Conway w/ MC Alaska, Spider Bigger Balanca's Kansas City, MO photos by aaron 11.18.2006 Essential Saturdays featuring Steve Thorell & Eric Sheridan Grand Emporium Kansas City, MO photos by eric 11.18.2006 Skybox Saturdays featuring Jimmy van M, Paul DeMatteo, Ataxic Skybox Kansas City, MO 11.22.2006 Cranberry Grooves with a Taste of Chicago featuring Charles Levi, Starscream, G

shadowrunner trance in your pants

I've been away too long and I'm glad to be back in time to be here for our change into autumn. The weather might be cooling off but the decks are remaining hot as ever. The electronic music culture is out there waiting to welcome you to a brave new world if, your up for a little excitement. Let me show you a few places that I know that can get you started in the right direction. Whether it is the music or the culture, TUNE IN, TURN ON, AND DROP VINYL!!!! Welcome to Candyland for the soul. Home (Vocal Mix) - E-Craig - Reset Records Massive driving trance that breaks down into a ENYA vocal, and then right back at it again. Absolutely, F@cking genius!!!! If you don't know Enya's breathy celtic singing style, you are lost in a bad place with little hope of redemption. The cast of the Lord of the Rings will have to take on another quest to save your ass from the darkness which has beset you. Direct Dizko (Sander Van Doorn Remix) - Unknown - Konverted Agressive poun

mega scum

Justin Kleinfeld ~ Novermber 21, 2006 - Fresh off his killer run as the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed DJs ARE ALIVE project, DJ / Producer The Scumfrog will soon release his long awaited new mix CD – “Mega Scum.” This album is an attempt to inject a feeling of freshness and fun into the increasingly stale DJ Mix market. From the outrageous – if not scary – cover art to the spanking new and exclusive tracks, Mega Scum is a whole lot of fun from top to bottom. “Mega Scum” is packed to the hilt with a number of exclusive tracks, including The Scumfrog’s own "Durty Extra" and his remix of The Simple Minds new single “Different World” (not available commercially in the US) Another MEGA exclusive is White Leppard’s “Come Save Me;” the hot collaboration between influential members of the NYC nightlife scene (including Gaby Dershin from Astro & Glyde, Swamy - the modern day version of Michael Alig - and The Scumfrog). A true exclusive, the White Leppard boys a

choose noise

Justin Kleinfeld ~ November 21, 2006 - NYC - Hybrid need little introduction in the world of electronic dance music; Mike Truman and Chris Healings have been writing, producing, touring and DJing all over the globe for the best part of a decade and have amassed nearly 250 productions to date. However, you really haven’t heard anything yet! Brace yourself for I Choose Noise, Hybrid’s third and most complete artist album to date. Nothing quite matches up to the sheer beauty and complexity of Hybrid’s I Choose Noise. Healings and Truman have long been known as one of the most technically adept production outfits in the industry and it’s personified on the new record. A heavy breakbeat backbone is supported by sublime sounds of the 36-piece Seattle Orchestra and a score co-written by white hot Hollywood composer Harry Gregson-Williams. Rock legend Perry Farrell stopped by and lent his voice to the epic “Dogstar,” and even brought his Porno For Pyros mate Peter Distephano along t

halliwell air

Mike Zelazek ~ A stroll down the Queensway from the gleaming Bullring and fire-bombed Dubliner bar will lead you to one of Birmingham, England’s, greasier superclubs—Air. On a typical Saturday day eve, the queue starts growing beneath the Industrial Revolution era arches and squishy, chip-littered sidewalks much later than an anticipated Eddie Halliwell night. In preparation for the new national hero of hard house and hard dance, club-goers in Birmingham must squeeze by Air’s edgy security staff into an Amazonian atmosphere with steam machines creating rain clouds on the lower level. By the 1:30 a.m. headliner set, everyone in the club is moist to some degree. While the comparative lateness makes Plump DJs after party less attractive to a foreigner, the group attitude and energy is evocative of advice avidly taken from the Human Traffic “screaming kettle” pep talk. Upon the national brand of the weekend warrior ethos, Halliwell has increased the brightness of his own spot

cerrone by bob sinclar

Justin Kleinfeld ~ From behind his drum set, he set the disco beat in America and Europe, becoming the first French disco superstar and giving rise to Modern-day artists like Daft Punk, Groove Armada and Bob Sinclar – all who have sampled his work. We now present you with Cerrone’s greatest tracks mixed together by one of today’s hottest dance music talents. New York – French Producer Cerrone is one of the originators of disco. In 1976, his epic “Love In C Minor” became a breakout hit, selling more than 3 million copies worldwide. His follow-up release “Supernature” was another smash and went on to sell 8 million copies. In total, Cerrone has sold over 30 million records worldwide. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Cerrone’s top productions and his role in igniting the global dance phenomenon, Recall Records will reissue this artists most celebrated albums – “Love In C Minor,” “The Golden Touch,” “Cerrone’s Paradise,” “Cerrone 3” and “Hysteria.” In addition to these vital re

biscayne bay bang

Betty Kang ~ November 11, 2006 - Miami - The Southeast's newest diverse music event-returns to Miami's Bicentennial Park Saturday, November 11. The event's promoters Haddad Productions are pleased to announce Duran Duran, Daft Punk, Tiesto, Gnarls Barkley, Modest Mouse, Common, Thievery Corporation, Kinky, Los Amigos Invisiblies and more than 50 bands and DJs on 5 different stages for the day-long fete. The U.K. mega-group Duran Duran's appearance at BANG! is a special live-performance engagement they are making in the midst of recording a new album. Duran Duran is one of the most successful British bands with a career celebrating 25 years of continuous chart success and more than 70 million records sold. French electronica duo Daft Punk's stunning new live show-cum-space ship has been hailed as the must-see act of the year after their first US appearance in eight years at Coachella 2006. Other new additions to BANG! include: Common, Roger Sanchez, Kinky,

hypnotic africa hi-fi

Brent Crampton ~ Interview with Sonia Hassan & Ron Trenty ~  Club culture beyond the cocktail: Africa Hi-Fi "This music is a higher form of communication; when it is channeled and used properly, when the sound is correct and the energies (of the people) in the room are vibrating together . . . that's when it all happens." This is music according to Ron Trent, co-creator and resident DJ at Africa Hi-Fi. "Yes," replied Sonia Hassan, the 'harmonious' host and fellow co-creator of the night. "Emitting that energy, the DJ has it, and they're spreading it - that's the vibration bringing all into one." Relating the DJ and dancers as the priest and congregation, while sitting in a high-rise apartment in downtown Chicago, Trent went on to say, "That's why the DJ as god thing is garbage, because we (the DJ) are connected to that dancefloor." Hassan and Trent: two people with a clear purpose, coming together to make a d

soul aid soul system

Brent Crampton ~  November 11 - 2006 - Omaha, NE - Within a single generation AIDS has reached pandemic proportions globally. There are now over 40 million people living with AIDS. Of the 13.2 million children who have been left behind in the wake of AIDS, 95% are in Africa alone, and every 14 seconds another child is faced with losing his or her parent and taking on adult responsibilities because of AIDS. In response to this, is on a soul mission as we present, Soul Aid: A Benefit, which will take place on Nov. 11th, from 7 p.m. – 1 a.m. at The Omaha Press Club (scroll down for directions and parking info). A celebration of culture for a cause, Soul Aid will feature live saxophone, percussion, keys and dee jay combined in the national headlining jazz-house ensemble known as Soul System ( Opening act will be Brent Crampton, alongside a rare appearance by LJ Munz, with host Jay 'Rhythm Souldier' Kline. Proceeds will


(Originally published in the "on decks" column of the December 2005 issue of Scroll down, read and listen.) Hailing from London, Iheanyi (Ike) Ngwaba aka Blackliquid, came to Los Angeles armed with 16 years DJ experience and 12 years of production. His intention was to spend as much time with the best of the best talent in the United States writing, producing and DJing. After a quick six years, he accomplished that goal and established a solid reputation as a one of LA's best House DJs, Entertainers & Producers, playing right alongside of the biggest names in the industry. Only recently, he finished a remix for  DJ Colette's "Hypnotized"  and I had the rare opportunity to preview that track. It is definitely hot! It just so happens that this particular track has also been released on the new compilation CD, "Femme Fatales". In addition,he has new EP, entitled "The BlackLiquid EP" that is very near release on  Mag

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